Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 27 (Recap)

kakashi: We see Ye Hua struggle with his loss, oh so much. And we see him act on his contempt for Su Jin, finally.

Episode 27

Dijun - who is clearly unwell - tells everyone to put the burning Soul Gathering Lamp in front of Ye Hua's bed for three days and guard it well. 
I'm just realizing that Ye Hua spends a lot of his screen time in bed. Have you noticed that too?
In Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Wood, Bai Qian remembers her and Ye Hua's vows. It must hurt so much... she drinks the amnesia potion and then lies down to sleep and forget.
I get why SuSu couldn't really understand his reasoning - and I'm not saying that Ye Hua couldn't have done a better job - but wouldn't you think that as Bai Qian, she'd have more perspective on what was going on up there?
In the Nine Heavens, Ye Hua dreams of Su Su, telling him that there will no longer be a Su Su of Mount Junji of the Far East. She says "when I wake up from the dream, I will forget everything in the dream". As she dissolves, Ye Hua wakes up (reluctantly, it seems). The Lamp has done its trick.
I doubt that Ye Hua will appreciate it.
Outside, the Heavenly Father has a moment of truth (not the first and hopefully not the last) when he tells 3rd Uncle he has been too strict with Ye Hua. 14 hours a day he made him study from the moment he could sit up straight. the little one couldn't even understand what was going on, all he wanted was his mommy. He was denied love and friends and the only person he wanted to love when he had become an adult was taken from him. How pitiful.
So you'll change now, eh? And maybe punish Su Jin? No? You'll stay the same jerk you always were? Then why bother with the self-reflection, old man?
The Fox Queen and King have arrived at Zhe Yan's. And BQ's 4th brother, but he basically lives there anyway. They pity her and what she had to go through to become high goddess (not knowing the details). Zhe Yan tells them she'll be alright thanks to the potion - plus, he healed her eyes. They will remain highly sensitive to light though. They agree on a story to tell her: she was injured in the battle against Qing Cang and then fell into a deep sleep. As for her eyes, she had a dormant birth defect that was activated when she was hurt.
Zhe Yan sends the Fox King to fetch white silk for her eyes at the Yellow Springs. Bai Zhen later asks Zhe Yan why his parents always do what he tells them to do and it turns out the Phoenix Immortal was the one who fell in love with the Fox Queen first. But she didn't want him. Haha. He battled with the Fox King and in the process found out that they should become friends. Also, when Bai Zhen was one, he tried everything to give Zhe Yan a kiss. Get a room, you two!
Awwww, 4th Brother was always a love!
In the Nine Heavens, a deeply distressed Consort Le Xu suggests to Ye Hua he should drink an amnesia potion to get over his broken heart. But he does not want to forget his Su Su.
Besides, how would he explain the baby?
Bai Qian wakes up and realizes her eyes aren't okay - the bright light is hurting her and she cannot see well. 4th Bro presents her with the dormant illness-lie and hands her a slip of white silk. It's magical! It will regulate the brightness of light for her. Excellent stuff.
4th Bro also tells her about how she slept for many years after her battle with Qing Cang ... and informs her she has become a High Goddess. She ascended in her sleep! How lucky she is! As if.
I feel bad that they lie to her, but she doesn't want to remember so it's not like they have much choice.
With a start, she remembers something! Yup, her Shifu. No heart blood for many years! Oh no, I hope the corpse is still, you know, beautiful! Yup, it is. It seems he didn't even need her blood! And Zhe Yan says it looks like Mo Yuan might wake up soon. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. What will she do with two equally beautiful men in her life?!
I have a list of things.
In the Fox Den, a distressed Mi Gu tells Bai Qian about how Fengjiu was beaten by her father and hasn't stopped drinking since. Well, the little fox princess is extremely lovesick and drinks to forget. Happens to the best of us, honey. Fine, Bai Qian offers to sort things out for her if possible and 4th Brother gladly leaves with Zhe Yan. He doesn't understand women. Yes, we don't understand ourselves either, sometimes.
It's not like you men are a walk in the park, you know.
Ye Hua is up - and it seems someone (must be the Heavenly Idiot) thinks it's a good idea to press ahead with his other wedding. Yes, the one to Su Jin. On his mind is this though: finding Mo Yuan. Why? Because Si Yin hid his master's body. That must mean he has a way to bring him back. He wants to find him and Mo Yuan in order to bring Su Su back! Oh my. Are you not missing a crucial thing here though? A body?
Mere details.
Si Ming, quite eager to help this sad Crown Prince of theirs, says he knows someone who might know something about Si Yin: Bai Fengjiu! Ye Hua gets ready to leave for Qing Qiu immediately. When a surprised Uncle Three asks whether he has forgotten that he is getting married to Su Jin today he says "Am I? I forgot". *enthusiastic clapping*
And he still goes to the Fox Den, that made me laugh pretty hard. Fuck you, Su Jin.
Ye Hua materializes outside the Fox Den. Ohhhhhh. He must be a bit nervous about potentially running into his future wife? Or does he not care. Mi Gu comes out to greet him and then hurries in to tell the ladies about the high born guest outside. Fengjiu reacts allergically to this news: she calls him unfaithful and heartless. True, that's the version of him she got to know/hear about in the Heavens. This is also the moment Bai Qian learns of the wedding arrangement between them. Ouuups. Looks like 4th Bro left out a few things.
First things first, right?
Bai Qian realizes this one will be hard to get out of and she tells Mi Gu to tell the Crown Prince to leave. She doesn't want to see him! Only ... he hasn't even come for her, Mi Gu says. Haha. This is just weird. Fengjiu, whom he asked for, thinks she might have come to teach her a lesson for his Dijun-loving cousin (pfft). But when she goes out to meet him, he just asks about Si Yin and she lies about knowing nothing about his whereabouts. Ye Hua disappears, all disappointed - and Fengjiu is left wondering what that was all about.
Wouldn't you think they'd have some kind of messaging service? An owl or something? Save a lot of cloud hopping.
Su Jin is getting ready for her big day! Finally, she's where she always wanted to be. Feeling a bit anxious though ... maybe Ye Hua will mind that she was his Grandpa's consort first? Uhm, woman .... that's probably NOT what's on his mind right now?
The depth of her cluelessness is just astounding.
He isn't even thinking of her for a second, actually. His two (brave) aides think it's necessary to tell him Su Jin's carriage is almost at his palace - and is he not going to change? The look he gives them :D As he walks out, he tells them to change all the red candles in the palace, they hurt his eyes.
He's not going to give her one thing, is he? Everywhere she turns she will know he doesn't want her and doesn't care about this.
The bride appears outside Ye Hua's palace - and he is waiting for her! Never have I seen a more unwelcoming back though. And yet, Su Jin smiles happily. She is delulu. In a flashback to where they were really young, we see that he never spoke to her. Not once.
Which makes her obsession even more crazy, wow.
She walks towards him, now crying tears of joy ... she curtsies and calls him husband ... and he summons his sword and stabs her in the chest. Oh YES.
Without a single word.
Ye Hua is the MAN, OMG this is awesome.
Even when she asks "why?!"
Look at his FACE.
It's glorious.
It is pretty much the single best thing I have ever seen in a drama. When those doors shut in her face? I thought I would pass out from the joy.
Back to the important things! Ye Hua contemplates what he has left of Su Su. The copper mirrors, the Kunlun Fan, the blindfold. He picks up the fan, thinking hard. In the meantime, Bai Qian has arrived at Kunlun! She has come to return the bottle of wine she once stole. She reminisces about her time at Kunlun - and suddenly remembers her Jade Purity Fan of Kunlun. That very moment, it disappears from Ye Hua's hand.
*thinking hard about my million dollars*
It must have been summoned by his owner, he concludes! (it did) Straight to Kunlun he goes. They miss each other by seconds. The empty, dusty school just depresses him.
I wonder does he remember being there?
After Ye Hua returns to the Heavens the Heavenly Lord tells him he is married to Su Jin if he wants it or not, it's his decree - and Ye Hua says he must accept the decree, but he doesn't care about where this woman lives in his palace, but his own and the Hall of Beautiful Youth are off bounds. When he gets back, that horrible maid of Su Jin's cries on his doorstep and says Su Jin has a way to bring back Su Su - he has to come talk to her. Ugh.
I'm taking deep calming breaths. It's not working.


A slow episode, with many very beautiful scenes though. I particularly liked the way Ye Hua and Bai Qian scenes were intercut in the beginning. He refuses to drink the amnesia potion while Bai Qian pours it down her throat first chance she gets. He is wrecked by pain (not by choice, he never wanted to wake up after Zhuxian) while she starts a new life. Because his "betrayal" hurts her so much, she tells herself that all he was was a heavenly trial, and those, you can forget. But he who knows he has not betrayed, but brutally failed her wants to punish himself.
Well, he needs to buck up, because he's got a baby to take care of.

An obvious favorite scene in this episode is the stabbing of course. That he made basically no sound, just glared at her so full of hate and contempt, that made it even better. She isn't even worth talking to. She is the lowest of the low and he makes no secret about it. Not that it will help. She will try until the day she dies.
Can that be soon, please?

My second favorite scene was at the school - it's brief, but it's the second near-miss between them in this episode and it was so moody and beautiful. I don't mind if they do not immediately reconnect - I like how each of them has to find their way in their "new" lives after Su Su disappeared.
At the very least, he's got some maturing to do - it was his impulsive emotions that put them in that spot. I know that he won't have that obstacle to overcome with Bai Qian but he needs time to reflect, repair, plot Su Jin's death...