Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 36 (Recap)

kakashi: This episode is a complete dud in the beginning (mortal Dijun, bleh) and kicks major ass in the end. Bai Qian is fierce when she protects what she loves. I adore her.
JoAnne: I love that an innocuous little hand-held fan kicks ass, too.

Episode 36

Su Jin is sweet-talking Miao Qing after hearing what she did down in the mortal realm, telling her they'll smooth things over with a wedding (hers and Ye Hua's, Su Jin is implying) - but she has long realized this maid messed up big time when she tried to push Bai Qian into the water and kill her. Oh gawd, this Water Princess is an idiot. Su Jin will sacrifice her like a lamb when she gets the chance.
I'm not going to lose any sleep over that.
Mortal Dijun is very much in love with "Lady Chen" after she has pulled him out of the water. That was quick! Good! Move on! Fengjiu (still under the stupid curse) sobs her eyes out and begs him "not to leave her". Come on, he doesn't even look sick.
I really don't want to be here with these two, it's uninteresting to the point of being unpleasant.
Haha, right then, the sun sets and Fengjiu becomes "normal". She realizes she is embarrassing herself again. I do wonder why she continues with this shit if she realizes this?! The Emperor, aflame, bestows a new, made-up title on her: "Pure Consort". This screencap is for the shippers - I know you're out there (also, his comment when his Empress complains about the title: "Is it rare for things in my harem to not follow proper etiquette" - haha).
Well, I don't think she has a choice about continuing. She did the stupid spell. I don't even understand why.
Should have read the 4440904 comments yesterday (episode 35). It was discussed there. At length
Bai Qian is about to head to her niece (since she's normal now) when Yuan Zhen stops her. He wants to discuss something with her and that something is a (the subs said it!) "sealed soul-bell". It doesn't look at all like bell though but like a miniature roc bird. He says that "he put it on Xiao Guai Guai". Bai Qian says the one in his hand already has an owner. The bell or the bird? Anyway, he can't keep it, he has to give it back. The bird cries "No, High God, No!", but only she can hear it.
I so don't get it that I have to laugh. WTF, drama, WTF! Who, why, how, what?! 
I remember the bird, but not the bird talking. I must have blocked it from my memory.
Bai Qian promises she will talk to the bird's master so that Yuan Zhen can keep it when Ye Hua and Si Ming appear above the palace wall (they snuck out of the Peach festival again!!). It looks like this.
No one ever did it before and no one will ever do it again, but okay, whatever. Float on, dudes.
The maid faints, Yuan Zhen is deeply impressed and Ye Hua is here to see his wife and chastise this boy for holding her hands. Actually, Si Ming came because Dijun's fate was slightly altered through Bai Qian's interference and he needs Fengjiu's help with it. They get themselves an earth god guide (cause Bai Qian has no clue where to go) and stroll over to Fengjiu's palace.
I guess no poofing in the Mortal Realm.
They talk and talk and talks and here is the short version: Dijun has already fallen for Fengjiu now and she has to "play the part". Which is: make him a fool in love her and then squash his heart (following a special Si Ming script she'll get then). Ahahahaaaa. Can't wait.
It's so stupid. He's doing a trial so she can experience love but his trial requires pain so the one who is there just so that she can love him has to hurt him because her way of loving him is to give him what he wants and apparently he wants to be hurt? What the fuck EVER.
The Emperor comes to see her then and our visitors quickly make an exit, but not before breaking Fengjiu's Two Lives Curse. Glad we're over that. The Emperor is trying his best to get her to come to bed with him, but it's not working out all that well. She's afraid of the consequences, especially if her daddy finds out. The Emperor is kind of surprised he has forgotten all about how they met and about the wedding night (duh), so he proposes to marry her again! Like the commoners do. Awwwww. Good, then she can have sexy-sexy with him.
Oh so she's there to experience love but without actually experiencing anything. Okay. (I bet Caitlyn likes Dijun's sexy bedroom eyes in this GIF.)
Here come the sexy times. I even made gifs for this couple! *pats herself on back*
I thought Dilraba was pretty when she was sweet and pink but wow, look at her as a woman in red, deeply in love, just about to get her some nooky.  
Ye Hua and Si Ming are back at the Peach Festival and it looks like they just quickly went to the toilet together - anyway! Ye Hua has long since realized Si Ming is lying through his teeth about this whole Dijun thing and our Star Lord confirms it. Truth is, Dijun is doing this so that Fengjiu can love him at least for a short while down there and he can love her back. Sadly, Dijun knows that in their real lives, they are not meant to be. "Nothing will come out of it", is what Si Ming says.
He wrote them one of THOSE melos.
Bai Qian can finally return to her beloved Fox Kingdom, but alas! She finds a bedazzled and bewitched Mi Gu and quickly finds out what has happened with Xuan Nu once she removes the enchantment. Without losing a second, she gets her Kunlun Fan out of the lake and heads off. Poor Mi Gu is left behind with a lot or remorse but for once, he isn't stupid when he decides to go alert the Crown Prince.
Poor little Tree Spirit, it's not your fault.
Die Feng just reported to Ye Hua that he found out that all the victims of the demonic puppet soldiers were high immortals - and Ye Hua concludes instantly that it must be because of that sick ghost child. He knows of another case in the ancient times when immortals were turned into elixir and fed to a sick child by a crazy mother. Vicious magic! But apparently, it helped. Anyway, this is nothing Li Jing would do, everyone agrees, so it has to be his Queen.
A man who can make a mental leap like this within seconds, but still couldn't figure out that blinding his girlfriend would make her hate him.
3rd Uncle wants to alert his father, but Ye Hua holds him back. They need to investigate first before they start a war. Good thinking. But you don't know where your Qian Qian is, do you! She's at Grand Ziming Palace and finds the road to it unguarded. I'd say someone is waiting for you, Fox Queen!
Oh, this will be good.
Okay, now Ye Hua DOES know, because Mi Gu told him what happened. He doesn't poof though and frankly, it takes him AGES to get there, but more about this later. Anyway, Bai Qian has approaches the entrance and fights against the guards there. It's a beautiful fight sequence! There are a LOT of demonic soldiers though. Li Jing, who is riding somewhere in the Ghost Forest, sees the lightning in the sky and recognizes it for the Kunlun Fan. He doubles back immediately!
I wonder if he's going to have to choose a woman...
Bai Qian gets wounded .. not that that slows her down. Soon, she is facing Xuan Nu, who thinks this is the end of Bai Qian. Obsessively, she keeps repeating that she will be the only one left in the world with this face.
This girl's brains are scrambled. I guess nine months with a dead fetus will do that to you, though. (Actually it should poison and kill you but whatever.)
Me thinks not, dear. Bai Qian turns the Fan into a sword and takes it inside.
Only ... the reflection from one of the swords blinds her and Xuan Nu, who is observing everything carefully, realizes she has sensitive eyes. She lights the chandelier and Bai Qian's silk activates! One of Xuan Nu's generals cuts it off though and Bai Qian is wounded more. It doesn't look good and she seems to weaken.
Paving the way for Li Jing to rescue her, I am betting.
Xuan Nu now turns her face into Bai Qian's - again, she tells Bai Qian this is it and she will die. Bai Qian smirks and says she can kill everyone in this room even with her eyes closed if need be. She indeed kills all the soldiers, but when she throws her Fan/Sword at Yuan Nu, that woman uses Mo Yuan and A-Li's bodies as a shield! Oh, and Ye Hua gets there. About time.
Oh, he will kick some ASS, Ye Hua will. No one messes with Riceball.
She scolds him for being so late. Right you are, woman! He apologizes and then takes care of the bright lights. Then he asks who injured her... you are too late, man. She took care of it herself. The only one still alive is Xuan Nu. (He also says "He is your son too!" when she tells him that woman took "his son". Awwww)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, now's not the TIME, Ye Hua.
Now, he says my favorite line in this episode: "Do you want to take care of it yourself or do you want me to help you?" *swoooooooooooon* Of course, Bai Qian will finish this herself. Alas though, her final strike is interrupted by Li Jing, who thinks that woman in his wife's clothes is A-Yin. What an idiot.
I liked that too. Very modern of you Ye Hua!
Xuan Nu is seriously trying to get her husband to support her crazy idea to turn Mo Yuan into an elixir! What does she want A-Li for by the way? Bai Qian informs her that her master's body is too much for her weak child to handle - she fed him her heart's blood for 70'000 years. Ye Hua does not particularly like to hear this, it seems ... but this is bigger than his jealousy. It's about war and peace. He gives Li Jin two options: deal with this "privately" and punish his wife severely himself ("pull the limbs of and the skin your queen"); or go "public" and Ye Hua will unleash the Celestial Army on him, for threatening Mo Yuan, a highly respected God; for hurting Bai Qian, the future Empress; and for kidnapping A-Li, the future ruler.
Poor Li Jing. He's not having a good day.
He never has any
Ye Hua is speaking calmly, but he is very clearly absolutely furious. Li Jing asks for mercy and Ye Hua turns to Bai Qian and asks: "Qian Qian, do you think we should show mercy?" I don't think mercy is on the menu today but Xuan Nu makes everything worse by implying that Bai Qian and her master ...
I loved the dual role here - Yang Mi as Xuan Nu was a lot of fun. That girl was CRAZY.
Ye Hua says: "Qian Qian said her face looks like yours ... but I don't see any similarities at all."
Speaking of appearances ... Bai Qian steps forward and says no more misuse of her appearance. And she takes Xuan Nu's ability to look like her away.
Well if you could DO that, why didn't ....fuck it. Never mind.
Bai Qian collapses into Ye Hua's arms after this.
And Xuan Nu goes completely insane and blinds herself because she does not want to see her altered face.
And absolutely no one cared about her pain, at all.


The beginning of this episode was horrible and again, a hot-editing mess, but as soon as that shit was done, things got interesting again. I loved every bit about that fight between Bai Qian and the Demon soldiers, the contrast between their black armor and her flowy turquoise dress was just so beautiful! And again, Yang Mi does a lot of the moves herself, I'm impressed.
Yes, I like her. There are times when maybe her acting is a little wooden, but when I think that she stars in this, playing several different roles within the story, plus produced it, plus runs an agency that obviously has a knack for choosing talented actors, and then you see her hanging out in BTS and she seems likable, too? This a woman with a lot on the ball.

Ye Hua was pretty much useless and seriously, WHERE WAS HE?! Let's just say it is the editors fault, because once again, you messed up, whoever you are. Ye Hua made up for it though with his quiet fuming and that line every angry woman wants to hear from her man: "Do you want to take care of it yourself or do you want me to help you?" He is a feminist dream come true, this,  man. 
He's come a long way from the guy who wanted to make all the decisions for Su Su.

Obviously, that Xuan Nu stuff is a bit confusing and even though I think the actress (actresses!) did a marvelous job, it ultimately makes no sense. Either Xuan Nu looks like Bai Qian or she looks like Xuan Nu. We've seen her looking like Xuan Nu for 98% of her screentime, which frankly means this whole "don't take away my loooooks" thing at the end doesn't work. If she hates her face so much, she should have blinded herself ages ago.
Agreed. It also felt like she ramped up the crazy super fast.

That aside, many goodies in the end. And an angry Ye Hua. An angry and soon very jealous Ye Hua. Mo Yuan is back and he rocks that long hair too. Our boy will have a hard time with this. Nobody has fed him heartblood for 70'000 years.
Oh, I hope we get lots of jealousy.