Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 39 (Recap)

kakashi: Ye Hua gets to take his Qian Qian to his home in this episode and he is so excited about it ... and nervous at the same time. Things are a bit awkward between them nowadays. No wonder, with a High God like Mo Yuan looming.
JoAnne: He's like a teenage boy, our Ye Hua.  It's cute.

Episode 39

Li Jing, oh Li Jing ... you hurt Bai Qian badly and you don't do that to this woman without paying for it. She will not forgive him, of course! She tells him it's like this, anyway: he only wants things he does not have. Once he possesses them, he no longer cherishes them. I guess he does not agree, because he calls her the love of his life, crying - but she has long since moved on.
This is so unappealing, Li Jing.
As a goodbye, she says: "You are indeed the only man that I wholeheartedly loved in all my 140'000 years". But now, too much time has passed - there is no way back. Bye, bye, Li Jing.
I feel so impatient with him at this point.  Enough with the moping, already!
I think it's a reaction to her "the only man I wholeheartedly loved" when Ye Hua (he eavesdropped?) says right after: "They were clearly such sweet words. But how come they sounded so heartbreaking coming from you?" Poor Ye Hua.
Li Jing's angst makes me want to kick him, but Ye Hua's angst is still cute.  Look at the poor guy, so stressed!
While Bai Qian and Ye Hua cloud jump to heaven, Zhe Yan comes by the Fox Den to visit the High Goddess. When he finds out she isn't there anymore, he asks Mi Gu to take him to see Mo Yuan. His "Zhen Zhen" went grocery shopping for him by the way and the old meanie disses Bai Zhen's cooking skills, duh! Not sure what Zhe Yan is doing with Mo Yuan, but look at cutie 4th bro coming over that bridge soon after! He bought ... wine (not in the mood for cooking after all, I guess). Zhe Yan says it must certainly be inferior to his (I am sure that's true) and anyway, he has no time to drink - he needs to head back to Peach Blossom Valley to fetch a few things. He thought of a way to save the West Sea's eldest prince!
I wonder if these guys are here to serve as a foil for the unhappy marriage in the Ghost Kingdom and the awkward newness of our Heavenly couple?  They're so llike a comfortably married couple of many years!
After going home to look something up in his medical texts, Zhe Yan travels to Kunlun Mountain and stares at the scenery. In fact, he has come to fetch his Fuxi Zither. This is getting more and more mysterious! There is a faint trace of divine energy bubbling up from the base of the mountain after a very long time of inactivity, he observes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Up above, Zhe Yan is welcomed by Second Disciple: He, too, is a cutie, returned to the school to take care of Mo Yuan's cranes.
He's no Sixteenth, though.
Qian Qian and Ye Hua have arrived in the Heavens and our Fox Queen is clearly curious and a bit excited to be here. He, too, seems excited and is eagerly waiting for her reactions. The first thing she says though is how strange it is that there are no guards and it's overall empty. Ye Hua explains that "The Supreme Venerable Sovereign" began a sermon today and he assumes everyone went there. Ohhh .... does that mean you guys are all alone? He also flatters her intellect by saying she should go debate with Mr. Venerable Sovereign, seeing how well-versed in Taoism she is herself. Hmm, she likes it.
She's actually pretty shallow - worries about what others think, holds a grudge, lazy...
They arrive at his palace and he has such a pleased smile on his cute handsome face, I meeeeelt. She notices that it's really dim inside his palace. Dummy; he did it because of you! He pulls her close and then lifts her into his arms - to carry her over the threshold. Well, to poof-carry her in. 
I wish Su Jin had been there to see it.
It's so romantic .... *swoons a little*. He says he did it to prevent a commotion though - had they walked in, everybody would have been alerted. Oh Qian Qian ... are you a bit shy around him all of a sudden? And Ye Hua! Is it true you are not working on your official documents because of this visit? They're both a bit nervous, like high-schoolers on their first date!
So performing magic in the kingdom gets no notice but walking does...okay.
She asks to stay in Riceballs Qingyun Hall while she is here, but as we well know, he has already made other arrangements for her. Things definitely are a bit awkward between the two, they used to be so at ease down in the Fox Realm and in the Mortal Realm! Not up here though. I guess she feels vulnerable up here? She mentions Mo Yuan all of a sudden and he quickly says: "Nobody else will know". Way to cut a conversation short, buddy.
Ah, Mo Yuan.  The comatose elephant in the room.
He walks her to the Hall of Beautiful Youth (Su Jin has a fit when she hears about this, hehe) - and she comments on the beautiful Peach Trees. It's the first year they're blooming, he says, after 300 years. Once inside the hall, she feels uneasy and uncomfortable, but she does not say anything. All the while, Ye Hua searches her face. Is he afraid she might remember? When Nai Nai brings tea and sees her, she squees in delight. Su Su is back, Su Su is back! Bia Qian is so confused... Ye Hua explains that this is Bai Qian and that Nai Nai must serve her.
He really needs to consider giving people information before they get the shock of their lives, not after.
Ye Hua leaves to fetch A-Li and Bai Qian has a word with Nai Nai about Ye Hua's mortal woman (she is quite curious about her, but Nai Nai doesn't say much). When A-Li screams "Mother" when he comes in, Nai Nai is shocked and drops a tray full of peach blossom branches. Bai Qian thinks it's because it's hard for her to see her, a mere stepmother, be so familiar with this child.
That might be mostly true.
I don't know whether that is it, but it makes Bai Qian uncomfortable. When A-Li demands a hug from her, she denies it to him out of consideration for Nai Nai and tells him to get his hug from Ye Hua. Haha, Bai Qian. Don't be mean!
Yes, let's just treat A Li like a potato and ignore his feelings, shall we?
A-Li has the perfect explanation for this though: she must be expecting another baby! He saw that in the books Cheng Yu gave him. A madam was with child and her family would not allow her to hold another child from another family as to not disturb the fetus. Ooookay, little one, what books have you been reading?! (Ye Hua seems quite amused though) And ... are you not all from the same family?
But he doesn't know that.
A-Li is not in the least jealous of a new baby, the opposite! He wants a sibling so that he is no longer the youngest. Oh yes, this is EXACTLY what Ye Hua likes to think about all day and night. And ... cold shower from Qian Qian.
I think I need a turn in that shower.
They head to the Chicken Soup Bath together next (Bai Qian makes a comment as to how many maids would lead the way for her if she were his wife - it's 10, and she says she feels her rank would actually decrease that way, pffft... but it's 24 once they become Heavenly Lord and Empress. That, she likes!) She is particularly happy to learn that there is fruit wine at the bath - and when Ye Hua gives her fairly strict instructions about how much A-Li can have, she comments on how hard it must have been on Ye Hua to be A-Li's father and mother.
Yes, let's hear it for his conscientious parenting.  He's done a great job being mother and father to the boy, after making his mother so miserable she had to disappear.
He sweetly smiles at this and takes the fan from her - it requires a poem, he says, and leaves. He has work. It's her and A-Li, then ... and soon only her, because she doesn't stop A-Li from drinking fruit wine and he passes out. Nai Nai wants to call the Medicine King, but Bai Qian says it's no biggie. Just let him sleep, he'll be back to normal in about six hours. And stop pampering him so much.
Her attitude toward this is both hilarious and horrifying. I hope Ye Hua lights her ass up.
In his study, while looking at the fan and marveling at the fact that Bai Qian still likes peach blossoms, Ye Hua is hopeful. He feels that there is affection between them, now, maybe not as deep as what she had with Mo Yuan, but she is the only woman he ever loved and the only one he wants. He is willing to wait for her. Wait for her to forget Mo Yuan and truly fall in love with him.
While you're pining away like a school boy, Ye Hua, your true love is getting your kid so drunk he passes out.
Su Jin starts her next evil plan. She tells Miao Qing it's her last chance today - and has her presented with a soup, a "restorative tonic". She also has her maid give her an aphrodisiac to put in. Because: "if he has intimate relations with you, he will bear the responsibility." How would you know, virgin? She adds that Miao Qing is safe from his anger, since she is A-Li's savior. Plus, naturally, Su Jin will protect her. Miao Qing is officially the dumbest character in this drama.
How does she even remember to breathe, so dumb.
She indeed offers Ye Hua the soup - but he ain't stupid. He sees right through Miao Qing's act (she claims she is leaving for the Eastern Sea today, so this is a farewell present) - and there is something else, isn't there. Her little stunt down in the mortal realm, when she tried to push Bai Qian into the water! It is a very grave crime. And she risks being permanently reborn as an animal for (trying to) harm a high goddess!
And yet Su Jing goes free, ugh.
She is on her knees, crying in no time and he further interrogates her on the aphrodisiac and who gave it to him ... when Su Jin comes running. She has a nose for such things (and those maids TALK)! Miao Qiang was just about to spill all the beans. Su Jin does what Su Jin does: she lies and presents herself as saint who stands up for Miao Qing, throwing her to the wolves at the same time.
Just let me scratch her eyes out, please.  Oh wait, they belong to Bai Qian. DAMN.
Bai Qian appears outside. She had a maid lead her to Ye Hua's study and she hears ... a lady. She thinks she stumbled upon "someone else's amusement in a lady's chambers" and thinks that Ye Hua is young and vigorous and quite naturally would want to have a good time with the pretty maids after spending so much time with dull reports. She turns to go - when he calls out to her to come in.
They're so ridiculously uncertain of each other. Well, she is ridiculous, because he adores her. He probably has just cause.
She complies - now curious what a maid he would like looks like. He pretends there aren't two sobbing women on his floor and hands her the fan. When Su Jin turns her head - the shock!! - Bai Qian thinks - and says! - how beautiful her eyes are. Thinking Su Jin is a maid, she concludes she is not worthy of them. Ha!
What sort of maid dresses like that and wears jewelry like that? Still, how much do I love that she dismisses Su Jin out of hand :)
Ye Hua has her step in front of the two women and throws Miao Qing out of the palace. Addressing Su Jin next, he suggests she should follow the Princess, her gooood friend, and marry someone at the Eastern Sea to stay close with her. Ahahahaaaaaaaaa, cold. Miao Qing begs him to let her stay and Qian Qian turns away, feeling super uncomfortable about this situation. Thinking this woman might be her last chance, Miao Qing grabs her by the robe.
Oh, this might be good.
Okay, forced like this, Bai Qian has something to say: This isn't Miao Qing's fault only. Ye Hua knew she had feelings for him and still let her stay in the Heavens. She must have thought he is just slow to make his move, being a man of honor. And he should not have believed a woman in love when she said she'd just be content to be his maid! Still, Bai Qian tells her to leave and return to the Eastern Seas. Ye Hua doesn't look particularly thrilled - it seems he expected something else from Bai Qian. But it is the final word indeed. Bye, bye Miao Qing.
See ya, wouldn't want to be ya. And Ye Hua, word to the wise: Bai Qian isn't going to let you off easy, ever.


One of those busy episodes again, with many things happening! Li Jing finally kicked to the curb! Mo Yuan waking up! Ye Hua getting to show his beloved his home ... it was cute when he was all excited and boyish and she noticed (and liked) it. Him taking heart - there is something between them, not least shown by her obvious confusion around him - and he will wait! She will forget Mo Yuan in time. I know one guy who won't be pleased when Mo Yuan wakes up...
While I, on the other hand, cannot wait.

The dynamic between them is different, now that they are in the Heavens. This is Ye Hua's dominion and he has all the power here. I am not entirely sure what Ye Hua wanted when he called Bai Qian into the room at the end - but I am sure he did not want to be scolded by her. But! He used this opportunity to put Su Jin in her place before his (future) wife - once again saying "I only have one wife and one consort", giving Bai Qian all the power and taking it all away from Su Jin.
Now THAT is an aphrodisiac.

Bai Qian was uncomfortable in that room (I would have been too), but she was not apparently jealous when she thought he was with another woman. What is she feeling? I think she still cannot see herself with a man that young - love between them, for her, seems like an alien concept. But she is feeling something. She notices him. She thinks of him. Him as her husband - that has become a reality and she is seeing her future in these terms.
Because she tells herself she can't possibly love him due to the age difference, she tells herself all this ridiculously logical, cool-headed things about his perceived interest in other woman.  If she honestly didn't care, she wouldn't need to say anything, even to herself.

And last but not least there was Bai Qian's indifference towards A-Li's drunken state. We all know this won't go down well, don't we. Bai Qian's unmotherly "he'll wake up in time, don't fret" is like the exact opposite of what parenting under Ye Hua has been like. I think Bai Qian is actually right, the little one is completely pampered. The opposite of what Ye Hua had to go through as a child - and maybe he is indeed a bit too sheltered? Let's see what Ye Hua says when he finds out what happened to A-Li...
He might be overly pampered but come ON.  Her response was not appropriate.  Once he didn't wake up as she expected, she should have taken some action.