Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 40 (Recap)

kakashi: Xian Nu finds Yan Zhi and Dijung and Fengjiu bore me to death.

Episode 40

Bai Qian is lost. Haha, she doesn't know where her Hall is? Ye Hua is attentive though and walks her back. All the way back. This isn't only about bringing her back safely, is it. 
I expect him to ask about her comfort, offer to test the softness of her bed linen, maybe dim her candles, hang her robes. Suggest a massage, perhaps, then invoke the reciprocation clause.
No... he has a question for her. Why did she ask the Princess to return to the Eastern Sea? Well ... Bai Qian says he also wanted her gone, didn't he? Is that the only reason? Ye Hua asks. Bai Qian is confused and confesses she doesn't know what to say. He says it's like he expected ... and Bai Qian quickly adds even if it can't be that calculating princess, she hasn't forgotten, she will find him some young pretty consorts! Ouch. NOT what he meant. 
Wow. I'm not sure how you make High Goddess-level cultivation and be this clueless about things. Eve Dijun understands emotion, whether he feels it or not.
He now regrets having asked her his question ... and he admits that he called her into his study because he wanted her to get jealous. Now though he must realize that she was not. He steps closer. "In your heart, I have no standing", he says. Is there only room for one person in there? How long will she keep waiting for him? She: "?????".
I do think it's hilarious that he's so jealous of a man who, it's becoming increasingly clear, she has never even thought of as a man.
After this, Bai Qian has troubles finding sleep. Ye Hua's words haunt her.
She can't stay this dumb much longer or I'll lose patience. I'm afraid of what all y'all will do to me if I start trashing Bai Qian, but I won't be able to stop myself.
Great, great pleasure I take in Su Jin's break down after the scene in Ye Hua's study. Now she finally understands why Ye Hua is so infatuated with the old woman from Qing Qiu! She looks exactly like Su Su! Tremble, worm.
*singing* Suuuuuu Jin, you're always losin', you'll never move in, to Ye Hua's heaaaaaaart! You and your dumb maid, will never get laid, and always from him, you'll live apaaaaaaaaaaart!
Somebody else has issues dealing with his reality: Li Jing! He mopes at the pond he first met Si Yin at and even sees a mirage of her in the water. He jumps in to be with her and almost drowns himself. Almost.
Christ on a bicycle.
Some sense of duty kicks in and he remembers that millions of people still depend on him, the Ghost King.  
Indeed, now more than ever! When he's back in his palace, he gets words that Xuan Nu has fled and his brother Li Yuan is dead. He orders his head to be cut off and displayed outside Grand Ziming Palace for seven days. The body is to be burned. One of his aides cautions against such a move, the generals and the populace will be displeased, but Li Jing knows: his brother's death will bring great catastrophe to the Ghost Realm and the rest of the world. This is the most merciful he can be.
The guy is dead, so mercy is irrelevant. Why piss off the populace?
*singing* Li Jing, Li Jing, you've sort of lost your zing! This moping's not the thing to win us oooooover! Please go back and do that thing, where you're hot as flames blazing - and we promise we'll stop calling you a pooooooser
He orders men to search for Yan Zhi, urgently - and kill Xuan Nu on the spot when they find her. Her body is to be brought back to the Ghost Realm though because he wants to be buried next to her when he dies.
Why the fuck ever?
The soldiers transform into demonic birds and scare everyone, including Xuan Nu ... they don't see her though. She doubles her efforts to find her sister-in-law and indeed does find her soon after, thanks to the jade stone that glows hot when she gets closer. 
Madame Gruesome and her dead baby, Bitty Bones.
Sixteenth is still there (and we see that Yan Zhi smiles at him very fondly, though she still thinks he is just an ordinary mortal) but he doesn't recognize Xuan Nu (remember, she looks different from before!). By the way, has he become a constable? He guides Xuan Nu into the house and has her wait while he fetches Yan Zhi. When the Princess is in front of her, she reveals herself as Xuan Nu (see Sixteenth facial expression below!)
I luff him. I luff him so much! He's so cute and sweet and nice and loyal.
Yan Zhi sends Sixteenth out of the room - revealing that she can actually speak - and then asks to see the baby!
Get ready, girlfriend. Is it a bundle of bones by now?
Of course, she immediately recognizes that the child is lifeless. It's not even breathing! And we see the baby's face for the first time (I was so glad it doesn't look like a corpse!). Apparently, it's not even a boy, but a girl! Yan Zhi is so very sorry about all this ... the baby has not lived at all and Xuan Nu seems unable to accept that.
It...sort of looks like Li Jing. It's the eyebrows, I think.
Xuan Nu goes on and on about how she will find a way to wake her son up. Sixteenth has eavesdropped and is quite intrigued by the turn of events. Oh, but then, he suddenly realizes he might be in danger if Yan Zhi heals Xuan Nu's eyes! She would recognize him.
There's only one solution, Sixteenth. You must kill her.
But ... Xuan Nu's eyes can't be saved. It looked like she used Crimson Hellfire, right, to harm herself? She claims that Li Jing killed Li Yuan - and that he wounded her eyes when she tried to prevent him.
Lying liar who LIES!! Li Jing is a whiny little bitch of a crybaby but he didn't hurt you! I shout at the screen as I realize he spent years doing nothing but.
Yan Zhi is very moved by this - but at least, she has Sixteenth there to comfort her. He, too, is clearly very smitten with this woman, but doesn't quite know what to do with his feelings. 
I can give you some hints, Sixteenth.
In the Ghost Realm, things are not going well. Indeed, there is unrest among the people because of the public display of Li Yuan's head. In addition, there are rumors that the former Ghost Lord will be returning! Half of the Ghost generals think that's a good thing - they'd rather fight to the death then crawl in the dirt in front of the Celestial Tribe.
Why not strike a happy medium, then? Why's it gotta be all or nothing with you violent types?
Cut to the mortal realm ... oh well. The consorts are bitching about the Emperor's infatuation with the Pure Consort Chen. Their main beef is a potential child, which could mean succession issues. Fengjiu is still lovey-dovey and not a millimeter closer to hurting mortal Dijun as she should. Si Ming comes by again and this time, he wants her to create issues for the Noble Consort (that Taoist nun), as per his story. The end game: "You must make Dijun hate women and be thoroughly disappointed". Oh wait, I think I get this now? So that he will not have lingering feelings later, maybe?
Ah, but he's not that simple a guy, is he?
Okay, Fengjiu goes and meets the Noble Consort (whom she likes immediately, a lot). She then pretends that she has been poisoned ... and it looks like it was the Noble Consort to everyone (jealousy, Crown Prince related). However, when Dijun asks her directly who it was, Fengjiu cannot lie about this, the good soul. She claims her illness is because she went swimming in the cold. He is very relieved she wouldn't talk badly about his former big love, who knows no evil. Dijun and her are as much in love as before after this, if not more.  
So that's a big fat fail, then.
From Si Ming, she asks another two years after this and he grants them to her. He's a bit of a softie, isn't he. More lovey-dovey from Dijun and Fengjiu. She puts her whole heart into this. And more. She makes him promise that no matter what, he will not forget the two years to come.
Why can't they just live out his mortal life together? Or she could just disappear! Disappear and leave him to wonder where she is for the rest of his life. That would work. Or she could fake dying from a disease, or make it look like a roc carried her off, or a dozen other things. Si Ming you SUCK at this!
That night, Xuan Nu sneaks into Yan Zhi's room, to kill her (a bit reluctantly, at least). Sixteenth intervenes! And Xuan Nu finally recognizes him - and scoffs at him, a Celestial, protecting the Ghost Princess. He on the other tells her he is sparing her because she is pitiful - but no more moves against Yan Zhi, or else!
Yay Sixteenth! Yay Sixteenth! Bricka bracka firecracka, sis boom bah! Sixteenth, Sixteenth, rah rah rah!


Yay: Sixteenth, Xuan Nu and Yan Zhi.
Nay: Dijun and Fengjiu.
And not Ye Hua and Bai Qian!
I probably don't need to mention that I had alcohol with dinner, do I.