Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 3 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 3

written by kakashi 
Edited by JoAnne 
Mo Yuan drew a sharp breath. Impossible! Shao Wan was dead. He had killed her. He had seen her burn and her screams had haunted him for hundreds of years until he managed to forget by sheer willpower.

Behind him, his disciples came running. Die Feng was the first to reach him, and he visibly relaxed when he saw that Mo Yuan was unharmed. Still, he and the other students flocked around their Master, swords unsheathed, no doubt prepared to protect him from whatever calamity might still be coming. Kunlun Mountain continued to shake, but Mo Yuan knew that the main onslaught had passed and that the ominous rumbling in the bowels of the mountain was just the dragon bone settling down again.

Ye Hua and Bai Qian materialized on the terrace in a whiff of white smoke, looking extremely alarmed. Mo Yuan quickly signaled them that everything was fine, but the worry did not leave their faces.

Bai Qian ran to him and grabbed his hand. “Shifu, are you alright?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes, Seventeenth, I am,” he responded - and realized immediately that it was wrong to call her that. She was no longer his disciple. She was the future Heavenly Empress.

Ye Hua was close behind her but said nothing. They shared a link, the two brothers, through which they could feel each other’s pain - and it seemed other strong emotions. Ye Hua had probably mistaken Mo Yuan's shock for something more severe. The Master of Kunlun Mountains appreciated the Crown Prince’s obvious concern; he was constantly worried about Ye Hua’s well-being too. Fate had not been kind to his lost twin and it was not unlikely she had other trials in store for him. It certainly seemed she had more in store for Mo Yuan.

His younger brother stepped closer and Mo Yuan pulled his hand away from Si Yin's.
“It doesn’t look like you will be getting married today, older Brother,” Ye Hua remarked drily.
Mo Yuan looked at the cloud of dust on the horizon. Indeed, the pathway to Kunlun was most likely blocked.

He wasn't sure whether to thank or curse Fate. 


"Mo Yuan,” Shao Wan hissed. Angry tears shot into her eyes. She felt an urge to kill.

“My Queen,” Fong Hung stammered, “you’ve caused trouble.”

What, already? She raised her eyebrows questioningly. This sounded interesting. She pushed the awareness of Mo Yuan’s towering presence away. Something to deal with later.

“Coincidentally, today is the God of War’s wedding day,” Fong Hung exclaimed. He had waited to break this to her until she had eaten - he knew all too well what an empty stomach did to her.

Shao Wan sniggered. That block of ice was getting married? Some poor woman was being played by Fate. Mo Yuan had always been unpleasant, that murderous git, but now, he was also old, if not ancient. It was well known that male Celestials lost all sexual desire with age and their always miserable wives grew even more miserable as a result. Certainly not a problem Demons had.

“How nice,” she giggled, “How big is his harem?”

To her surprise, Fong Hung explained it was Mo Yuan's first marriage. Huh. She counted the years. She had been a bit over 170’000 when he killed her. She slept for 190’000 years. That meant that Mo Yuan was roughly 360’000 years old. And he was getting married for the first time? How strange. Wasn't it normal to have many, many children to form a whole clan at that age?

Fong Hung told her: “Ancestor, I buried you at the bottom of Jingmei mountain. When you woke up just now, the force of your power caused an immense landslide. Huge boulders block the road that Mo Yuan’s bridal carriage party was using...”

Excited, she asked: “Did it kill her?”

Fong Hung shook his head: “No, not that. It’s just that stones fell on their path, and it has become impossible to take this road to Kunlun. It will soon be past the auspicious time. You know with the Heaven Tribe, when they get married, the time must be auspicious - all the more important with someone of such high status.”

Shao Wan furrowed her brow. Nobody had died, so why make such a fuss?

Fong Hung's face betrayed fear: “Ancestor, because you woke up, you made the wedding of the oldest Heaven Clan member a total mess. You really live up to our clan’s motto. The next auspicious time for them to get married will be in 700 years. I don't know what he'll do!”

Shao Wan was truly delighted. All her anger was gone and she didn’t even mind her ugly yellow gown anymore. “You are right. I do live up to our clan’s motto: We will always be at odds with the Heaven Clan! This is the law, my only law.”

Exhilarated by her success, she left the cave she had slept in for so many years. She wanted more. Never again would she let a Celestial bastard get the better of her.

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