Rants and Weekly Raves #133 (RAWR)

JoAnne: It rained all week and work was a bit stressful. Instead of dramas, it seems I slept.
kakashi: No drop of rain here, but lots of sunshine and lots of real life stuff. Instead of watching stuff, I'm still busy recapping. Peach Blossom Madness is the last drama I will recap at a crazy schedule like this. Never again!
Trotwood: this week has been exhausting, ending with a threat of snow, which tho didn't materialize in the amount forecasted was enough of a pall to mess up plans. Happy April Fools! Still, I'm feeling the loss of Chief Kim quite keenly. I'll repeat here what I said on twitter-I want another fun drama with people older than my kids. In drama world it's like we can have fun and love only in teen years and in our 20s, you disappear once you get married, and then you're 35 and your life turns into the Defendant.
SakiVI: I would like some snow.  


Rebel: Thief of the People 

I decided to focus on catching up with the smaller gaps I have, much the way financial advisors tell you to wrap up the smaller bills first so you can focus bigger chunks on the larger bills more quickly

Ms. Perfect/Perfect Wife 

Dropped it. Felt like it was doing my head in.
I got caught up completely and I love it. Eun Hee's target is actually Jae Bok's husband, that useless waste of skin...she loved him before he ever even met Jae Bok and all of this is actually a plot to get him back. She is totally nuts but her mom is even MORE nuts, if that's possible...and scared of her. I can't wait to find out why, and why the brother Bryan is such a mystery. And Na Mi isn't dead, so that's good .
I'm warning this show, if they try to have a redemption arc for Eun Hee, I'm going to flip a table. She has already done enough to Jae Bok's kids (let alone the daughter of her Jae Bok's friend) to make me want to watch her cry and cry and cry forever in her padded cell. She is like those stalker 2nd leads in every high school drama grown up with money. Yeesh. And really I have no sympathy because the guy she has been stalking all these years is Jae Bok's loser husband though I'm holding out hope that he was once cool enough to really deserve the devotion of these two women who are both (even though one is crazy) out of his league.
He is not worth all this hassle. And that is yet another reason to drop this show. 
It's true.  But this guy here might just be. Sung Joonie is doing a good job in this one!

The Liar and His Lover 

This is better than I expected and I plan to watch the whole thing, but it's one of those dramas you'll forget pretty quickly, I think.

Whisper (New)

So far, so good. And yes, I want the romance. 
I'm in the middle of the first episode and I like it, I like it a lot. I wonder if Kakashi has seen yet? She was looking forward to this.
Not a second of it. Cause Peach. But I will watch.
I'll probably start this one after the setup is done and the revenge starts. So tell me when they get together to start taking people out.
Umm, now. The crime happened in the first episode and she has lost her job and her fiance, plus her dad is in prison for a murder he didn't commit. In the second episode she has begun manipulating Dimples and we start seeing how complicated the web is.

Chief Kim (It's Really the Finale Now)

I wasn't expecting to like this show as much as I did. I wasn't expecting to be touched by this show as much as I was. I wasn't expecting to feel so satisfied but then so sorry to see everyone go as much as I am. I'm really glad they didn't play up the romance and payed more with the different groupings like this one.
There were so many great pairings and lots of team building and bonding and suffering in their show, but what it really showed was how important friendship is to a person and how feeling supported can really turn a person's life around. Of course, we see this in the main character--played with the perfect combo of manic and pathos by Namgunn Min--but we also see this in plenty of side characters and not just in the most obvious (and controversial) Yul. We see this in Nam Ho, Jae Joon, and most importantly, Min Hyuk who took down his own father out of love but also out of a recognition that he didn't have to be like his father but could be better than his father. We even had interesting bromance in the villain camp.

There is a hint at the possibility of another season at the end, but I'd be afraid that they wouldn't be able to do all of this again

Radiant Office 

Dropped it. So boring, and the heroine is annoying.
I'm still watching but I'm not 100% engaged, that's for sure. It's a poor man's Misaeng with cancer.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

Small/Tall, I miss you. But no one else. I think your turn is this week, though.
This feels like a never-ending drama
It's 50 episodes and unlike SOME countries, they don't try to air it all in a week and kill people.

Strong Woman, Do Bong Soon

Oh, we like this. We like this a lot. We like this very, very, very, very much. We do. We love this, in fact. Love it to BITS. But really, only this part, the romance part. Well, and the part where she learns to channel her super power and he helps her with that and treats her like a normal person and she helps him as much as he helps her and they're equals with different strengths. That part. We love that part. We love that part so much. And also how hot Hyung Sik has become, along with being so beautiful and funny and sweet and heartbreaking and cute, and that part when he gets angry and all of a sudden sounds like a man and not a boy. And also because Park Bo Young is just the cutest thing ever and acts her butt off, that part is good too, and so is the part where Cartilege and Secretary Gong are sort of a couple, and the gangster is now a monk. What is with that weird monk at the temple, by the way? I feel like I should know who he is. FINE I am curious about the creepy hot serial kidnapper, too. I like all of it, I guess. Just not really her mom .

Tunnel (New) 

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I watched Signal and liked it a lot but somehow this one is a more emotional connection for me, because Choi Jin Hyuk is not communicating with the future - he's IN the future, and he desperately wants to get back to his time, to his bride. Obviously, Cutie Soo's lieutenant is the baby from the past who spent so much time at the police station after his mother died. Now the maknae is the boss, too. And his landlord must be the coffee shop lady...so many people still around. Where is his wife? Where is the baby he didn't even know was coming, yet? Is she the weird professor? They also spent enough time on that kid in the car chase that he's got to be someone important to the story, too, but who is he? So many question s!
I didn't realize any of these connections. I don't really care that much. At this point, I'm watching to find out how he time-traveled and how he will get back, and for Goth professor.  

Father is Strange

This is a bad show. There is not a single interesting storyline. However, I do like Lee Joon's character in it, so for now, until it gets too annoying to continue, I will watch his scenes, especially where he babies his pet turtle. But I do not understand how the intern sister is so stupid and tactless and shouty all the time. If this is her modus operandi, I'm not surprised she never kept a job before this.
Dammit, besides Joonie she was about all I liked. I haven't seen this week yet.

Not Korea

Mark Chao Fan Club 

Is he eating a peach?
It's an apple. Stands for SIN.

Yan Da's Second Chance

The modern version of Ice Fantasy is totally stylish. That's what surprises me the most. The rest? Just as crazy. 
Yep, it's fun!  

Because Love 

Again haven't even looked for subs...sorry Jerry!

The Magicians 

Watching now since I'm only two episodes behind; Q is going to die if he doesn't get Alice the Niffin out of him, and Julia is now the cheeriest psychopath the world has ever seen. She and Penny and Katie (that's her name, right, Penny's girl who got kicked out?) they have found Reynard's son and he's a US Senator who has no idea that magic exists. That probably won't last long. But the best part is that in Fillory, where they face war with the neighbors- in the form of a duel between kings - Elliot, Margo, and Fen are doing a full-on Broadway song-and-dance performance of One Day More from Les Mis and it's really good. Also, Elliot gets more handsome every week. The opposing side's response: I'm confused. Is the duel not today? His second: I loved that show.  Update:  Okay, Alice is free and I've gone from loathing Julia to being shamed into having some sympathy for her.  I have a feeling Margo and Elliot have a bumpy ride coming...


Is back, but I haven't seen yet.  I'm looking forward to it, though.

The Walking Dead (Season 7 Finale)

Oh.My.God.  That was good.  I did NOT expect the Garbage People twist, and while I could tell early on what Sasha was going to do, I completely forgot about The Kingdom and The Hilltop people coming!  It was very tense, very exciting, an excellent season ender. I love that Sasha's end is off camera, too.  It seemed respectful, somehow.  I'd say I can't wait for Season 8, but in the meantime I'll have Fear the Walking Dead to keep me busy.  That should be starting soon!

Harlots (New)

This looks fun...

Legion (New)

This is marathon material, but I did a lot of sleeping this weekend.  Look at how Mark looks at me when I say that.  *blushing*