Rants and Weekly Raves #134 (RAWR)

kakashi: Even Van Gogh drew peach blossoms!
SakiVI: will anyone notice anything non-peach?
JoAnne: Well, we do. Notice things that are non-peach. Is that not enough?
I think you might be the only other one who does.
That's only temporary, though.
Anyway, I'm just waiting for Fighter of the Destiny with my baby, and Friend to Jaehyo, Luhan (Squee!).
Trotwood: I feel guilty because I feel as though I need to be the spokesperson for the 5 people on the planet not watching Peach (I will this summer!), but I'm not watching much right now because of end of semester crazy.


Rebel: Thief of the People 

Not enough Honey Lee.  Good Chunhyang joke, though, this past week.


Not really feeling it. I was curious about the time travel, but suddenly, I'm not. Maybe because there aren't any clues how it happened. 
Want to start but no time. 

I enjoy it. Choi Jin Hyuk plays what my grandparents would have called 'a big galoot'; he's not dumb but he's really out of his element with all the new technology and he misses and worries about his wife desperately. His maknae-now-Chief knows who he is, and we learn that he lives next door to the weird professor who may or may not be his daughter. That kid in the car chase? Is the kid that was accused of killing dogs in the earlier period. (I don't think it was him.) He's tied up in this time travel business too, somehow.

The Liar and His Lover 

I'm not quite sure how it's happening, but this is becoming addictive. Everyone is struggling to be who and what they want, everyone is real because no one is perfectly good or perfectly bad, the music is enjoyable, and every week, I remain curious about what comes next. Not because it's such a hard thing to predict - it isn't - but because they make watching it unfold sufficiently entertaining. I'll get my shocks and mysteries from another drama. This one is comfort food.


So, so good, this show. The Evils showed themselves early, and are luckily not that dumb, so there will be a strong tussle between them and our sort-of-good guys. Ms Evil will die, I think, probably out of love for Mr. Evil. She's married to our antihero, and is openly cheating on him with Mr Evil. Antihero was pretty funny when he told Mr Evil to have her home before midnight because her mother nags
Still waiting for time and energy to start this
I'm sad that kakashi isn't watching this. I think she and I would enjoy it together.
Me, too.
I might be able to catch up over Easter! 
I really like this - our heroine is smart and strong and capable and I love watching Dimples squirm.

Ms. Perfect/The Perfect Wife 

Dropped it. Am so happy!
I'm still keeping up with this more out of curiosity than liking. I love Jae-Bok, and I want her to ditch all these crazy people and go rent a house with her fantastic (non-perfect) friends. If they try to salvage her marriage to that loser husband of hers, I will flip a table.
Oh, I so do NOT want her back with him. I want her to have a fling with Sung Joon, at the very least. And her friends are awesome, aren't they? They make me laugh so much!

Radiant Office 

Dropped it. 
Thinking about doing that. I didn't see this week's episodes yet, but that will be the decider.

Queen of Mystery (New) 

Probably it's really amazing or something, and I just don't get it.
I enjoyed this - the idea of this Gangnam housewife, married to a prosecutor no less, secretly wanting nothing more than to be a cop?  It's cute.  I like how she helps the local chief (who is way too young for his job!) solve crimes, and I like how she meets the crazy dog detective, plus it's fun watching him be very suspicious of her and then very curious about her.  I like the leads, I love the actor who plays the villain, I like the set up, and I like the look.
This looks fun, and I want to start but is it going to be yet another show with a woman who has a horrible husband? First ep, we don't see husband only her MIL who she has to lie to do anything she wants. I was feeling done when found out that she put him through school but they all see her as the loser. Sigh.

Father, I'll Take Care of You 

All caught up and wow, a lot has happened. The whole family has found out that Sung Joon is really Lee Sang Woo, the Revenger's little brother, but they didn't find out until everyone was pretty much ruined. I thought Hyun Woo would scale back on his evil plans once he found out his brother was alive but nope, that actually inspired him to do more. Dong Hee is being held prisoner by Mi Joo's evil Dad now that he knows she's really his niece, too. I really couldn't dislike two families more, wow. At this point the only two who seem at all worth a damn are Small and Tall.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 

Lots of action this week for our pretty crimefighting babies - Bong Soonie accidentally hurts an innocent bystander and loses her power.  Min Hyuk is predictably awesome about everything because he's just awesome like that, but even her mom comes through with some advice and understanding.  Gook Du chases Hot 'n Evil to his death but of course a good villain isn't going out like that, and why would Bong Soon lose her powers if not to test everyone up against a life and death threat?  (Plus it gives us a Hot 'n Evil makeover which makes him Even Hotter 'n More Evil.) There are things I cannot fathom about this show like that weird monk, but at the core, this story of Bong Soon and Min Hyuk is pretty damn good.

Father is Strange 

I'm sorry, Joonie, but I needed time with the Giant Puppy this week. I'll catch up with you soon.

Chicago Typewriter (New)

Wow, there is a lot going on here. It almost feels a little out of control spinning in so many directions, but by the end of the second episode you can sort of see a path forward. We have mysteries and what seem like betrayals in both past and present, and a central trio who appear in both: two of whom having been having visions of that other time and one who seems like he might know more than the others. The supernatural stuff is weirdly done, sort of jokingly except for when it's not, and I hope that settles down soon. I think, like most anything Yoo Ah In chooses, that this is an ambitious plot. I am very curious to see how it goes.

Not Korea

Icy Hot or Not? 

I'm fine with the first three episodes. Which is a good thing since I'm recapping.
I'm having a good time too, but I think my enjoyment is substantially snarkier than yours because I never really connected emotionally with the characters in their first foray. This IS better done, though.
Wait, what? Three episodes are subbed?! How did I miss this! (That's a rhetorical question)

Mark Chao Fan Club 

I think no one has jobs anymore, maybe. All they do is comment, all day and all night. I can't keep up, but I do drop in from time to time.
I'm not even watching, and I check the numbers of comments. How do you guys follow up to a 1,000 comments?
I can't speak for Kakashi, but I don't even try. I drop in now and then, but that's all. They're having a ball in there, though. They have vocabulary, rules, goals...it's nuts.
I try to read as many comments as I can, but lately, I've been a bit too busy. And once you drop out and have 300-400 to catch up too .... tough :D I also love my job and it would be a shame to loose it because of Mark Chao. I have started "Black & White" though and it's pretty good. 
Source: Dramapanda 

The Magicians 

Julia and Q go to the underworld thanks to a dragon, someone is playing tricks on the castle in Fillory, the cats' out of the bag as far as Julia's deal with the fairies and Elliot is not pleased at all. Julia does something nice for Q even though she doesn't have that bit of her soul that makes her human. Reynard's son doesn't seem at all interested in using his magical abilities and joins Penny et al to fight him. 

The Get Down (Part 2) 

on whom?
Bronx in the late 70s/early 80s - a trippy show about the birth of hip hop.  I liked the six episodes that came out last year very much.

Across the Ocean to See You (New)

I liked the first episode - all it does is set up our two leads in their different worlds and then explode them, but that's fine - get the backstory out of the way fast.  They haven't met yet, but I hope that happens next episode.  I liked the leads and they're pretty to watch, so as long as the story doesn't have a lot of repetition I think it will be decent. If I understand the premise they meet through work but become friends and then fall in love, always a premise I enjoy.
And on the other side of the spectrum, after watching episode 2, I went meh, and dropped it. Pity, because I really thought I'd enjoy it.
I haven't watched episode 2 yet, but we'll see.


I thought this was old.
Newly subbed. And our Zhang Ruo Yun is in it.
Tried first episode, and meh. If I have time, I'll try another episode, but really, there are so many other things to do.
I had heard it dragged a bit, so I'm willing to check it out but don't have a ton of interest.

Dr. Qin (New)

Newly subbed. 
Yes! Four episodes are currently available and I inhaled them. It's easy - they're not very long and have a certain potato chip-y quality. Think Bones, the tv show, but less technical. Very enjoyable. Zhang Ruo Yun is very different from WKE emperor here, Qin is less rawr but still catches your eye. I love his new assistant Da Bao; she's cute in a tomboy way, smart, competent, confident, funny, and has a super power of sorts. The third in our Scooby Gang is the cop, Lin Tao, who is all of the above but doesn't have a super power. Like Qin, he's young for his position of authority but he got there by skill. There's a mystery of the week and doesn't yet appear to be any overarching plot. Crimes are inventively gruesome and production value is pretty high, the acting feels easy and smooth and the cameraderie between the three feels real. What more could you want?
I keep hearing it's gory, and I don't want to touch it as a result. I don't like shows where people get chopped up.
It's pretty gory, yep. Maybe 5% of the time.
Can someone please rip the subs??! I keep waiting for this to appear, you know, elsewhere. But it doesn't. I've seen all of it raw, but there are a few question marks :))

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (Newish)

Such a stupid title.  
Isn't it? I watched the first 3 episodes, which equates to about an hour. Plucky girl meets rich boy under less than ideal circumstances, is orphaned that same day but through the magic of drama, she's adopted into the family of the rich man who will receive her mother's kidney. Yes, of course, it's that boy's family. He isn't Gu Jun Pyo by any means, but he doesn't want anyone knowing they're connected, either. That's about as far as I got. Not sure if I'll ever go farther. It's all very been there/done that, but I kept hearing how charismatic the male lead is so I wanted to check it out. Not so charismatic thus far, honestly.