Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 42 (Recap)

kakashi: Is it really true what they're saying? Mo Yuan is returning?! *starts epic happy dance*
Oh, and before I forget myself: Su Jin. Watch her be squashed like a bug by Bai Qian's awesome pettiness. 
JoAnne: I live for these moments, I really do.

Episode 42

Le Xu is a bit worried - has her son really fallen for Qing Qiu's Bai Qian or does he see her as "that mortal"? Su Su has a name, you bitch! Ye Hua: "Mother, you worry too much". His wife is Bai Qian. And he never saw her as anyone else. Hehe. Heheheheheeee. 
Suck eggs, Mom.
Le Xu strongly suggests Su Jin should visit this High Goddess as Ye Hua's side consort (proper etiquette!). Ye Hua does NOT like to hear that Su Jin has already tried to visit. But he is really handsome, here is a picture!
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the little curls at his temples? I love them. I would stroke them. That's also a spot I like to kiss, as it happens. Well, just below there, where you can feel the pulse in your temples.
Outside Zichen Hall, Bai Qian arrives - she wants to see A-Li! When Ye Hua's two aides tell her who is inside (they're a bit nervous about a potential meeting, aren't they!), she backs away ... seconds before Mother and Side Consort exit. Bai Qian watches them from the shadows and doesn't seem happy at all (maybe because Lu Xe talks about how she wants to see Su Jin pregnant?). Feeling the Su Jin hate, Bai Qian? Me too!
We hates her, we does. I can't wait for Bai Qian to put her in her place.
Zhe Yan and Bi Fang have arrived at the Western Sea Crystal Palace. Bai Zhen comes too and after discussing how strange this whole illness affair is, 4th Bro is shown into the room by Die Feng. You know what I find really strange? That shell-bed.  
See the red coral thing in the foreground, there? Every time I saw that I thought it was a red Christmas tree.
Anyway, Zhe Yan declares he has a way to save this prince. You keep repeating yourself, Old Phoenix, but never mind. He says to the joyful Water King that he will go fetch an emissary who will nurse the prince's health - all will be well! After sending everybody out, Zhe Yan makes out with 4th Bro ... haha, GOTCHA! No, he finally tells him what's really going on! Mo Yuan IS IN DA HOUSE! He needs someone else's celestial aura to survive though and and that someone else is 1st Prince of the Western Sea. Incredible!!
And THEN they make out in celebration! Right on the weird shell bed! Haha, GOTCHA again!
So this is "him, but not him", his feeble spirit is in that body, slooowly, slowly recuperating. And as Zhe Yan contemplates all that has happened since his War God brother disappeared, Mo Yuan suddenly hiccups! It's a power surge!
At Kunlun, his sword awakens. No, not THAT sword, JoAnne.
Ha you startled me! And anyway, it most certainly was that sword. They used a real sword as a metaphor. Wow, imagine the morning wood after 70'000 years...
And for reasons not entirely clear to me, Ye Hua is in great pain all of a sudden, as if pierced by a sword himself. Of course, he tells nobody. I think this is proof that desk jobs are really bad for you!
Craft services served chicken a little past its prime and Mark threw up in character so they left it in.
And again, since we love to see him suffer:
And Bai Qian has dreams of Ninth dying and her Master disappearing into the Bell at Ruoshui.
Down below, Zhe Yan declares he will go fetch Bai Qian (ah! As emissary!) but Bai Zhen holds him back. Yes, this is her master, the man she fed blood to for 70'000 years. But! There is Ye Hua to consider. Now that Mo Yuan is not just a dead body but is actually coming back, he should be informed. Especially since he knows that Bai Qian fed this man blood for 70'000 years. Bai Zhen: let me hug you.
These gossipy men, though. Like girls in a bathroom talking about someone at the dance.
Ye Hua is still quite poorly, but of course, Zhe Yan is an important visitor, so he interrupts his healing meditation to see him. Zhe Yan is not one to beat around the bush. "Mo Yuan will soon be awake", he tells the Crown Prince. Who barely reacts to this, to Zhe Yan's surprise. But we know the Crown Prince much better than Zhe Yan and we see how devastated he is, under his cool exterior. Okay, when Zhe Yan said "soon" he meant 7'000-8'000 years.
A lot could happen.
Because Zhe Yan is Zhe Yan and Zhe Yan is an old meanie, he tells Ye Hua about how surprised Bai Qian was when she first saw Mo Yuan at Kunlun. Because he looked like a "pretty boy" and not at all like she had imagined a War God. Gaaaaaaaah, somebody hold me! I miss Mo Yuan so much! Look at that faint smile!!!
He was so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute. Just imagining him and Ye Hua in the same room together, it's too much.
After that bit of nostalgia, Zhe Yan goes on with his other favorite topic: has Ye Hua ever thought he might be Mo Yuan? He mistook him for him. And he was confused up until last night. Of course, Ye Hua says "no" again, he is NOT Mo Yuan and indeed, he is NOT. Zhe Yan has tortured Ye Hua enough and declares he will not go get Bai Qian. Ye Hua quickly stalls him - is there a way to revive High God Mo Yuan sooner? It's been Qian Qian's wish for the past 70'000 years after all and he wants her to get her wish.
Oh you dear, dear boy ..... TT______________TT
And yes, of course there's a way: The Soul Gathering Lamp.
This is love. *sighs*
Meanwhile, Bai Qian is still struggling with anger issues. First, she wants to go see A-Li (she misses him and I'm sure he misses her too), but then, she turns around and doesn't go. "He is after all not my child", she says. People will judge her again. Ye Hua! See what you did??! So, she already is in a somewhat foul mood when Su Jin comes in to pay her respects. Ohhhhhh *starts rubbing hands in glee but has to stop since she cannot continue writing otherwise* Su Jin curtsies...
I keep stopping to shiver and hug myself. I cannot wait. I cannot wait!
... and brags about taking care of A-Li ALL NIGHT. She really is an expert in this kind of insult-brag. She calls Bai Qian "Jie Jie". Bai Qian goes into full bitch mode and pleasurably dresses down Su Jin for a) not coming to pay her respects sooner and b) not greeting her properly and formally. Su Jin is too dumb to see what's coming her way and continues talking about A-Li and the Crown Prince and how much Ye Hua loved the mortal woman (that's her old trick, pretending to be thick as thieves with them, plus, she is trying to make Bai Qian jealous), but Bai Qian is not Su Su. She smiles to herself - she understands the insult. Su Jin means to say she only won Ye Hua's affection because she resembles A-Li's mother.
Oh, we will not have this. No, we will not.
But you do not fuck with Bai Qian, Su Jin. She tells her it's not advisable to be too smart as a deity, and when Su Jin says she doesn't understand, Bai Qian grounds her for a few days. To reflect. Plus, keep kneeling and listen: In the future, she wants to be greeted according to the rites of Qing Qiu. For a Fox formal greeting, one must get bathed and changed three days in advance, refrain from eating meat, and burn incense. Three days later, there is three times kneeling and nine times kowtow. And finally: she feels uncomfortable being called Older Sister. Su Jin is to call her High Goddess from now on, as is proper.
Take that, you lowly worm.
It is confirmed in a short exchange between Nai Nai and Bai Qian right after the Su Jin dress down that Bai Qian strongly suspected Su Jin is to blame for Su Su's demise. She then hears all the details about what happened from Nai Nai, including Ye Hua's attempt to kill Su Jin (and it is here we hear that the Heavenly Lord intervened) and that Ye Hua only sees that woman as a container for Su Su's eyeballs. I think Bai Qian is quite impressed with Ye Hua after this.
Wouldn't you be? Although I'm a also little impressed that Su Jin would think she could win the love of a man who tried to kill her because she hurt the woman he did love. Or maybe not impressed. Maybe I'm amazed.
Zhe Yan approaches now - he witnessed part of the Su Jin dress-down from outside and decided to take a short walk - and is quite amused by how riled up Bai Qian is. The Queen admits that she really doesn't like Ye Hua's side consort; she is acting too smart. Why is he here? With a side-glance, Zhe Yan sends Nai Nai away and then reveals: Mo Yuan will soon return! For realz! "Mo Yuan never disappoints. That is one true man". Oh, YUM, yes.
Indeed he IS. And he's going to wake up with 70'000 years of energy. Take a moment to consider that, ladies. I know I have. I mean, Ye Hua can barely keep his pants on after 300 years.
There is no holding Bai Qian in the Heavens when she learns Mo Yuan needs her help to return sooner. Instead of saying a proper goodbye, Bai Qian writes Ye Hua a letter. You're a coward, Fox Queen. You should have expressed your grievances and made up. The letter is very formal and it breaks Ye Hua's already broken heart even more. She is leaving him like this?
Baby boy, she doesn't mean forever. You don't know that, do you.
From 3rd Uncle, Ye Hua hears that his annoying female cousin is throwing things around in the throne room - she wants to be punished and sent to Dijun for a trial! Quite to everyone's surprise, Ye Hua lets her go.
Maybe Si Ming will write a story where she gets eaten by wolves or something.
Inevitably, we're in the mortal realm after this. It's heartbreak time! AGAIN. An opportunity arises when the little Crown Prince comes by and shows Fengjiu the Cloud Clearing Fan he received from his "Shifu"! Awwwww, it seems she has completely forgiven the Snake, our Bai Qian? He taps it against his hand and the fan starts growing scarily. They both fall over a stool and end up lying on top of each other. Kind of. Very clearly an affair, all the other stupid consorts shout.
We don't care, drama.  
The Emperor is alerted but he gets very angry to hear such slander. If it happens again, he will sentence people to death, he shouts. Learning that his Fengjiu is in the dungeons, he rushes to her rescue. Si Ming is veeeery happy about how things have turned out - until Fengjiu cannot say what she should say: that she has an affair with Yuan Zhen.
Because it's STUPID. It's a stupid story, Si Ming, and she has integrity, and she's not doing your stupid, stupid, stupid story.


Dijun trial: please be over soon.
Please be over now. Did I say now? I meant yesterday. Please be over yesterday.

Su Jin: You've got it coming. Never before have I loved a petty, touchy character as much as I love Bai Qian. Su Jin presses ALL the wrong buttons and I can't wait for more.
I dream of Su Jin taking her on in public with fake sweetness and Bai Qian just leveling her.

Ye Hua: You want to be a Noble Idiot for your Qian Qian now? I really think you need a group hug. From all of us. But what can you do, you love this woman more than life itself and you would do anything, ANYTHING to make her happy. If Mo Yuan awaking makes her happy, you will make sure Mo Yuan awakes sooner.
I don't think that's being a Noble Idiot, though. He's not making a decision for her, really. I mean he is, but not that way. He's not withholding the information and making a unilateral decision to stop with her in favor of Mo Yuan - that'd be noble idiocy, right? He's just doing what he can to give her what he knows she uwants... but what I love about him is that even believing as he does, he will continue to show her his feelings and try to convince her to choose him.
Okay, just an Idiot (with Capital I) then.