Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 47 (Recap)

kakashi: Bai Qian finds out what Ye Hua did for Mo Yuan: that was quick! She is both horrified and extremely grateful. Maybe he is too weak to worry too much about Mo Yuan as a rival? In any case, he is clearly very happy to have her near him. 
JoAnne: I think his skin is even better when he's lying down. That's crazy, right? It is.

Episode 47

The Zhe-Zhan couple is happily enjoying their peach loveliness when Tian Shu appears and conveys that Heavenly Asshat requires Zhe Yan's presence in the Nine Heavens asap, to save a person. Zhe Yan quickly concludes it must be Ye Hua, and Ye Hua it is! Once again, Zhe Yan saves him from the brink of death. The Old Phoenix is almost amused when he realizes that Ye Hua has used up all his cultivation for that elixir. 
He's a birdbrain.
It was a very close call, but Ye Hua only wants to know one thing: has Zhe Yan given Qian Qian the elixir? He gets a scolding for only thinking about that and risking his valuable life. Also, how many millennia will it take for him to get enough power to take over as the Ruler of the Heavens now? But he just smiles. He is happy it all worked out exactly the way he planned it. True, this must be a first for him.
PLUS he got laid.
Thanks to the Soul Jade, Die Yong wakes up! He finds Bai Qian sleeping at his bedside and hilariously mistakes her concern for romantic interest (another one who reads too many mortal plays, it seems!). He politely informs her that he does not want to marry her though - she is not his type. He suggests she should go after the Crown Prince, who, so he has heard, seems interested in her. Why is she even devoting so much time to him? True, why the heck? Bai Qian rudely grabs the Soul Jade from the prince's chest and leaves without further ado. 
He just woke up! How does he know all the gossip already?
Die Feng (cuuuute smile) is not surprised his brother would mistake her care for love, since he has no experience.
Translation: he's a major nerd and obviously a virgin. This is the first time a girl has so much as LOOKED at him.
A bit later, Die Feng fetches Bai Qian from her room - time to do some soul-searching magic to check on Shifu's spirit! What Bai Qian discovers inside Die Yong is a shock to her. A very powerful aura, worth tens of thousands of years of cultivation is now nursing Mo Yuan. And that aura is not Zhe Yan's. It's a power that's fierce but steady, calm and yet majestic. It's Ye Hua's!!! I think she is so surprised she lets her guard down and even gets a bit wounded by that force.
She and Die Yong have something in common. I'll let you think about what that might be.
You've been duped, Bai Qian. "Why would he keep this from me?" she asks in horror and almost cries. She runs straight to the Nine Heavens and is let into Xiwu Palace ... after Ye Hua had time to dress and to instruct his maid to lie that he has been busy with official matters.
I know all we got see was him adjusting his sleeves, no bare chest... but we DID get a hair flip, at least.
Does he really think he can fool her? It's almost funny how he sits at his little table, pretending very hard that nothing is amiss.
I think by now we've firmly established that Ye Hua is not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.
He notices the blood on her knuckles, when she wiped her mouth earlier. It's from soul-searching magic, she tells him. You are SO BUSTED, Ye Hua.
Don't touch the arm! He just waxed it, you'll get finger prints all over.
Instead of directly telling him what a big fat idiot though incredibly brave man he is, she asks what those four mystical beasts guarding the fungal grass look like. He just smiles. Okay, she confronts him about being the one who made that elixir. And: "How much cultivation have you got left?" Another sweet, sweet smile. Hm, so he does know how to use his charms now, does he.
I.. what? Yes.
"Alright, I did make it", he admits. When he gets up, she notices his lifeless arm. He tells her he passed by the fungal grass island by chance, remembered she needed it, and got her some blades. As for the beasts, he adds, "they don't look pretty". If they had looked prettier, he would have gotten her one as a pet.
Here's a big pink asshole, Bai Qian. Let's see if Su Jin fits inside.
She isn't even remotely fooled by his attempts to appear cheerful. She also remembers the state her father was in after battling those beasts. Again, she asks how much cultivation he used up. And why he had Zhe Yan lie to her. Ye Hua pretends he never told Zhe Yan to lie. Stop it already :((
Ahhhhhh, when he smiles it's just ridiculous how much I want to cover his face with kisses. I am eternally frustrated that Bai Qian doesn't do that.
Never directly answering her, he tells her not to worry, since he was born with more cultivation than most deities anyway and got quite a lot from the Heavenly Lord after he almost died (the first time). Because she continues probing him, he admits the beast Taowu bit him. But of course, it's "not serious at all". She understands he is lying so that she won't feel bad, but that is clearly not working, even though she now starts lying to him too, about how relieved she is.
You're doing it wrong! You don't lie TO each other, you lie ON each other.
He then tells her she should return to the West Sea, to make sure that prince is doing okay. She realizes he wants to get rid of her because he cannot put on this strong front for much longer. So she says goodbye - and as soon as she is out of the room, Ye Hua has a very bad coughing fit. That she hears, of course, since she is barely out of there. Ye Hua should not even have gotten up, we learn after he basically collapses on his bed. You silly, silly man.
Why would anyone expect any privacy. Walls are made of paper or carvings. Does it never get cold?
She runs straight to Peach Blossom Woods and hears from her 4th Brother that Zhe Yan is working somewhere in the woods, always a sign that he is feeling very guilty. I wouldn't call downing peach blossom wine working, but guilty he is - after a bit of pressure from Bai Qian, Zhe Yan admits to lying. He calls Ye Hua a "prudent planner". His plans are fine, as far as they go, which is about 5 minutes in the future. But anyway, he did impress on her about that lamp (three nights! Not a minute shorter!) to make sure she wouldn't go anywhere else during that time. He then reported to the Heavenly Lord that the divine fungal grass is too evil to exist, listing a great many reasons. The Heavenly Lord knows nothing of the true purpose of Ye Hua's trip and nothing about where his grandson truly lost all his power - he believes it was the beasts.
Bai Qian also hears about the loss of his arm before Zhe Yan made him a new one ... one that will probably function again in tens of thousands of years. Zhe Yan also tells her that all his elite cultivation is gone. It's a shock, it really is... She asks, a bit rhetorically, I guess, why Ye Hua would be so silly ... and Zhe Yan explains that he regards himself as her future husband, who is willing to repay her debts to Mo Yuan. And apparently, the Crown Prince knows Bai Qian really well, about not wanting to owe favors etc.
You're marrying a fool, Bai Qian. But he is cute and he does love you, so you have that at least.
Zhe Yan suggests she should just let him recuperate, but she cannot just leave him alone. She wants to stay by his side! And since he is going to such great length to lie about his condition, she will just play along. Yeah, let's see how long that will fool him, haha. Zhe Yan gives her some elixirs for enhancing the spirit and the essence before they part. Oh, can I get one too?
Is your essence diluted these days, Kakashi?
This time, she materializes inside Ye Hua's study - he is surprised to see her. She stares. Because he looks nice, she claims. Hmmm, he actually does. But he's a little bit shy too; it's the middle of the night after all.
And he's only wearing 1 of his usual ten layers of clothing...
She says it's all fine with the Western Prince, she came to look after him. Oh. Ye Hua LIKES that.  
Show us how much like it, Ye Hua.
She thinks it's better if she squeezes in with Riceball, since Ye Hua should get some rest tonight. Uhm, no? Even with almost no cultivation left, Ye Hua can do the "lights out!" trick. Well done.
Has he mastered the one-handed de-robe yet?
After pulling the blanket away from her, Ye Hua asks Bai Qian whether she wants to sleep on the edge without a blanket or whether she'd prefer to lie in his arms under the blanket.
She should lie on the other side, that way it won't matter if her head is heavy - his wooden arm can't go to sleep.
Her solution: both on the edge under the blanket. Ah, did she mean like this? *snuggle, snuggle* He turns more serious quite quickly though - he has of course realized that she knows everything by now. Beats, arm, elixir. He also talks about how she does not like to owe favors... is he still thinking she is repaying him?
Ohhh, Ye Hua. Sweet, horny, stupid Ye Hua.
He wakes at night, because he's overcome by weakness / a coughing-fit. He tries to suppress it for her sake, even runs outside ... where he spits a load of blood. Bai Qian's reflex is to go out and help him, but they still have this "I pretend I don't know even though you know that I know"-thing going on, so she stays in bed, tense and worrying. By the way, they mentioned it before, it never gets dark up in the Heavens. No wonder they're all so weird, they probably all have massive insomnia!
I know what cures sleeplessness...
When he returns to bed (furtively checking whether she is still asleep) she turns around and hugs him, like she used to as Su Su. It's the sweetest thing, really, and most certainly the best thing she can do for him right now. 
Remember how happy he was back in that little hut? Sneaky little snake.
Ah, but there is trouble elsewhere ... the heaven above the Bell lights up with the old Ghost Lord's crimson hellfire cloud! Is it because Yan Zhi tries to use the divine fungal grass? Forbidden, it's forbidden! She, too, pours all her cultivation into this elixir, but even after that, the elixir is only half finished. Li Jing knows the only place they can fix this is at Kunlun: It's Mo Yuan's elixir cauldron! Li Jing has his sister locked up so that she can't run to Kunlun Mountains, but she escapes anyway, with baby.
Has he even held the little zombie baby at this point?
Su Jin gets word about how Bai Qian snuck into Zichen Hall at night. Yes, Su Jin. Someone is enjoying that delicious man. Nekkid, too. Sucks to be you, Su Jin. But our eternal virgin seems more outraged at how easily Bai Qian keeps breaking Celestial rules. She comes to the conclusion that the High Goddess belittles her. Uh-huh. But! Su Jin declares she has discovered her ultimate weakness, which happens to be Su Jin's weakness too: love. Love for Ye Hua. She will talk to Bai Qian about Su Su. CAN'T WAIT.
How is breaking Celestial rules an insult to Su Jin, the least important person in the entire universe? She is irrelevant to everyone. No one cares. Period. Well, except for that weird maid.  
Our sweet couple wakes up (I guess it's morning, though if it never gets dark, what is morning?) and she asks him whether he has slept well - he has, with her by his side. When she says she misses Riceball, he informs her he has already sent Jia Yun to fetch him. Awwwww.
Family naps? Why would you ever get out of bed with that face to look at? And you know, it's not even really the face, handsome as it is. It's the look in his eyes. How could you ever stop looking at eyes that look back at you with that expression?
Oh gawd, they're so sweet. This is after she told him she's impressed by how good a father he is - sending A-Li away so he won't see him injured like this.
Make another baby. Double the goodness.
Just sweet. And - not at all boring, by the way.
In fact, we beg for more. They could actually spend the episode lying there sleeping, and I would just watch. Happily.
At Sacred Mountain, A-Li and Cheng Yu are slogging sugar cane in masses. Well, especially him. All for his mummy! Cheng Yu becomes aware of Dijun and the Lord of Numinous Treasures not far ahead - and decides to eavesdrop. The two men talk about the ancient gods and the heavenly calamities that made them fall into the realm of nothingness. Treasure Lord asks Dijun whether he has already experience such a calamity, and Dijun says yes, sir! "The punishment of one's heart". Our Lady Cheng Yu misunderstands this for some reason and now thinks Dijun is in mortal danger of, well, becoming nothing.
I've missed Cheng Yu. She has the playfulness of FengJiu without the tears.
A-Li is quite worried when he hears this because his mother will also one day have to experience a heavenly calamity! He wants to return as quickly as possible to see her.
Little pumpkin. I mean riceball. He's so squishable. I bet they loved him on set.


Ye Hua did stop thinking and talking about Mo Yuan in this episode. But what is he thinking about why Bai Qian came to see him, obviously concerned? There were these few lines about her not wanting to owe favors when he snuggles up to her, so I fear he might still believe she has come once again to "repay his kindness"? He is so weak, he seems to care very little about it though. He takes what he can get and it looks like being close to her is like a healing elixir.
It soothes him. Maybe if he relaxes he'll start seeing things more clearly?

Their attempts to keep things from each other were rather clumsy. She immediately knew he was badly hurt, he immediately realized she knew about everything. And yet, they tried to be considerate of each other. The one tries to pretend it's all fine, the other, who knows exactly it's not fine, pretends not to know but to believe that the other is fine. It could be called stupid, but it was not at all so. It touched me. So futile, but such a clear sign of how much the other means to them. Even if both know it's a lie, it is meant to give the other an opportunity to smile and be happy.
I think there's something to be said for allowing yourself to be honest with the person you love... but there's also definite recuperative value in 'fake it til you make it' so... I'm torn. The effort of pretending to be okay could be spent better elsewhere, but I fear I would probably put on the same brave face.

Actually, this is probably the episode with the most Ye Hua smiles.
I wonder if there's a fanvid compilation of Ye Hua smiles.