Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花 - Episode 49 (Recap)

kakashi: Mo Yuan, Mo Yuan, MO YUAN!!!! (Sorry, Ye Hua, Mo Yuan fangirl here)
JoAnne: One glance and I was all 'oooh but the facial hair, oh yes, I remember!'

Episode 49

Bai Qian has indeed gone to Qing Qiu, to mobilize the Fox Family's support for an early wedding (among other things because she wants to help him survive the fires of karma). Her 2nd bro asks the question we're all interested in: "What about Mo Yuan?" Bai Qian says: "Once a mentor, a father for life". And a bit later: "Ye Hua is the only man on my mind." Ouuuuuch. Okay, I don't mind, I will just claim him for myself. Ye Hua is too young and energetic, I think he'd wear me out within a week.
Die happy, though. So very happy.  And just... mellow, and birds singing, and blue skies, and completely at peace with the world.
Bai Qian says her goodbyes and leaves. Her brothers talk about that "side consort" (they still can't get their head around that harem-thing) when she walks in again: She forgot something important! She cannot stay on as Queen of Qing Qiu when she marries into the Heavens. All her brothers already have a throne, which only leaves: Fengjiu! I'm not as much a fan of this idea as 4th Bro is.
She's so flighty, and her head only holds Dijun. How can she rule a kingdom? Does this mean sadness up ahead? Will she finally give him up and be the sad lonely queen?
While Zhe Yan sadly thinks of his "brother" Mo Yuan when he hears the wedding between Bai Qian and Ye Hua will be held soon, Su Jin - who got tasked to coordinate the wedding preparations - hears about Ye Hua's mortal trial. Meknows she's planning something again. >.<
But omg, I love it. Please plan the wedding for the man you'll never see naked, Su Jin. And while you do it, please consider the wedding night, and Ye Hua's desire for a family, and his obvious joy in his bride, who is not you. And if you will, remember that if you do anything wrong, Ye Hua has no problem stabbing you in your heart.
After telling her niece Cheng Yu wants to speak with her, Bai Qian goes back to the Heavens (all the rainbow wedding deco is up already!) and straight to find Ye Hua. He has positioned Tian Shu outside his palace, who leads Bai Qian in the direction of the Lotus Pond. As they walk along, Bai Qian touches the handrail and one of the Lotus ornaments ... and has a Su Su flashback. Oh no.
Do not tell me she remembers everything standing at the actual alter on her wedding day. That is too cruel.
She has little time to wonder or dwell on the sudden panic she's feeling, onward she is led, through quite dense fog, which Ye Hua has arranged just for her. Ah, it's a surprise "party"! He has gathered all the deities of heaven to welcome her.
Some party. There's not even punch. Plus it looked like it came from a bad dream.
Everyone is so delighted about this couple! Even more so when A-Li comes running to greet his parents.
It can't be denied, they're an adorable family.
Ye Hua, by the way, is very clearly thinking about one thing and one thing only. I do wonder how these hormones are affecting his performance with "official matters".
In meetings he's always talking about being really firm and how important it is to nail things down, but like any good negotiator, he also understands that both sides need to be satisfied in the end. 
Sadly, he has bad news for Qian Qian: they cannot get married on the 2nd September, he has to withstand an unscripted heavenly trial in the mortal realm. 60 years for him, 60 days for her. Well, what can she do? She starts thinking about new wedding dates ... October is great too, she says. And then, she gets jealous and forbids him to marry a mortal during his trial. No betrayals - or else.
Okay considering her firmness on this point maybe they should write down exactly what constitutes betrayal.
Damn, this makes me anxious. Not so Ye Hua, he asks what she will do if he DOES get involved with a mortal? She'll snatch him back to Qing Qiu and lock him up in her Fox Den, she says, where he could only look at her all day. In that case, he wants to be snatched away right now, he replies.
Tie him up, Qian Qian. Tie him right to that bed.
It's a deal, then. Once his mortal trial is done, Bai Qian wants Ye Hua to come look for her in Qing Qiu right away. They won't worry about wedding rituals, they'll go by Qing Qiu's customs. I wonder what they are, but I'm sure it involves sex. Anyway, Ye Hua doesn't seem to care at all, as long as he gets exactly that, sex.
It seems like a perfectly fine plan to me.
4th Bro helps to smuggle Fengjiu out of the cave so her father won't notice (he even put up a shield to prevent her from leaving) and she goes straight to the Heavens to see what urgent message Cheng Yu has for her. Bai Zhen on the other hand goes to where Zhe Yan is: the Western Sea! They check on the 1st prince's hitchhiker ... and he's gone! Mo Yuan is in his own body. YEEEESSSSSSS!
I'd be more excited if I were less certain that he's going to get his feelings hurt...
Die Feng rushes back to Kunlun, the Zhe-Zhen couple back to Qing Qiu - the excitement is great! But up in the Heavens, Bai Qian and Ye Hua says goodbye ... poor babies. Before they part, she gives him the Soul Jade. He quickly takes it; he fears Li Jing might use it as an excuse to go looking for his "A-Yin" otherwise, as Bai Qian suggests. Then, she leaves and he looks after her, apprehensively. 
All the disciples are back at Kunlun - and the Kunlun Mountain Bell tolls, announcing Mo Yuan's return. It is heard in all the realms. Everybody knows ... Mo Yuan has returned.
Who rings the bells, though? Who?
Mo Yuan's devine and hot energy. 
As Bai Qian rushes to the cave, Ye Hua drinks the amnesia potion from the River of Oblivion. The last thing Ye Hua thinks about is her words to him, about coming to find her right away when he's done with the trial. Bye, Ye Hua.
Ooooh, I had forgotten about this!!!
Bai Qian is at the cave - and hesitates. She wants to magick herself back to Si Yin, but Zhe Yan just laughs at her. Did she think her disguise fooled someone as powerful as Mo Yuan? He kept quiet because of her parents. Okay, no more excuses ... time to check on the hottest teacher in the universe. Helllloooooo, facial hair. 
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo Yuan
I'm kinda glad Ye Hua is not witnessing this. Or Mo Yuan's words when he says: "My little Seventeenth looks lovely in this form too."
Time for another round of 'Clueless About Love", yay!
We are reminded that Mr. Ex Ghost Lord will soon be able to break out of the Bell now and then, we're in the Fox Den, where Mi Gu serves tea. Mo Yuan asks whether someone who looks identical to him has appeared while he was asleep? Oh yes INDEED. Zhe Yan tells him his "little disciple" knows him quite well - but Bai Qian is really shy about it.
Look at him, with that perfect amount of scruff and a touch of skin showing....sigh...
Finally, she tells Mo Yuan that the man who looks identical to him is her fiancé. The Crown Prince of the Celestial Tribe. Ye Hua. Oh no. Oh noooo, poor Mo Yuan. He says in his quiet way: "Seventeenth ... my twin brother is snatched away by you just like that". What he seems to mean is: my seventeenth, my twin brother snatched you away just like that. 
He's so good about it, right from the start. Poor sweetheart.
Hey, I read a bunch of fanfic yesterday, like this one, I'm good
Wait a second ..... twin brother?! Please explain! So, before Heavenly Father passed away, he gave Mo Yuan the Golden Lotus. Which wasn't a plant but a fetus! When the Four Pillars of Heaven and Earth collapsed, Mo Yuan's mother almost had a miscarriage. She went into labor, but instead of giving birth to twins, she could only manage to keep the elder, Mo Yuan, alive. Heavenly Father felt guilty, so he gave half of his power to create that Golden Lotus fetus that Mo Yuan nurtured for millennia in the Lotus Pond at Kunlun. Okay, them being twins explains a lot.
Yeah, but the whole 'here, rest in this houseplant for a while' aspect of it is kind of weird, too.
Mo Yuan wants to meet his twin immediately, but Bai Qian tells him a) he must go meditate to regain his old form and b) Ye Hua is currently in the mortal realm. She also lets him know that Kunlun is no longer what it used to be, but she doesn't know how many days Second has cleaned the place! I gladly notice that Mo Yuan does not care too much about how clean Kunlun is. He wants to go there. Now.
Of course he doesn't, he just wants to be at home! There's always tomorrow when it comes to bitching about dust bunnies. Or dealing with them, for that matter.
Smile alert. SMILE ALERT.
Up in the Heavens, Fengjiu hears from Cheng Yu about Dijun's destined calamity. Thinking he is soon going to vanish into nothingness, Fengjiu frantically searches, then finds the old god ... and hugs him close. She'll never leave him again before he dies.
If my first reaction is 'Oh for the love of all that is holy, not THIS again...' think how Dijun must feel with her actually hanging off his neck.


Dramatically, it's a shame we all know Cheng Yu misunderstood what the two men spoke about in the forest - if the drama had made us believe Dijun is about to die, I would have cared.
A little, yeah. But mostly it would just have been relief that the long misery was over. It's not that I dislike them, at all. I've just been beaten down by the nothingness of it all.

So, Ye Hua and Mo Yuan are twins! That was unexpected. Who looks better though? I totally dig the open hair and facial hair look. And that blue bathrobe thing? Damn. He is mighty fine.
The blue bathrobe thing, yes. All of it, who am I kidding. Hurry hurry we need brotherly reunion.

And mighty sad. You snooze, you lose. We already told you so, many, many recaps ago, dear Shifu. I'm a bit heartbroken for you, Mo Yuan. That said, I don't think you ever stood a chance. She daddy-zoned you and we all heard it. Still, I am glad there is fanfiction about the two of you. I'll write some about you and me, but it's only for us two.
Yeah, it's not about the fact that Ye Hua exists, is that she never thought of you at all as a man, Mo Yuan. It's okay, I know who you are. And don't need to write things down, either...

What is that? Ah, Ye Hua. Yes. Poor boy. A whole lifetime away from his one true love, probably not knowing why his heart aches so much.
Knowing Ye Hua, it's not the only reason he's uncomfortable.