Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 12 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 12

Written by Miniorchid (with inserts by kakashi)
Edits by kakashi & JoAnne

As Ye Hua made his way through the fragrant peach trees to Zhe Yan’s hut, his mind was full of Bai Qian. He had come to get contraceptive peaches for her. This morning, he had noticed she had none left and had gathered from her behavior that she had not yet realized. Because he knew how important they were to her, he thought he would quickly replace them so that she would not get worried.

No, Ye Hua wasn’t at all pleased that she took those peaches, but he wanted her to be happy. In truth, he had waited patiently for hundreds of years, but she showed no sign of wanting to have another child with him. She was outright reluctant to discuss it and changed the topic every time he brought it up. She even turned a deaf ear to A-Li’s pleas for a sibling. For 300 years, Ye Hua had acted as father and mother to A-Li. Ye Hua could not help it, but it was his strongest wish to be a father again, this time with Bai Qian by his side. He knew that the lost experience could never be recovered, but he believed they could build new memories for their future.

Ye Hua was still daydreaming about a growing family with Bai Qian when suddenly, he was hit by a blast of energy that slammed him against a peach blossom tree. Before he could collect his senses, he was assaulted by an unknown woman who tried to force her tongue into his mouth while tearing at his clothes. Ye Hua was about to push her away when another high energy blast threw both him and the unknown woman into the pond.

He knew that was the Kunlun Fan - Bai Qian had arrived too.

Next, he was pulled out of the pond by Bai Qian’s magic and positioned neatly at the foot of a tree. Flustered and wet, Ye Hua tried to make sense of this strange situation. Bai Qian was in a defensive stance with her back to him, Kunlun Fan ready. In front of her, also dripping wet, was a tall, beautiful woman.

“How dare you touch my man, you demon witch!” Bai Qian challenged her.

Ah, this seemed to be Mo Yuan’s Demon Queen, this time with clothes. Ye Hua had no eyes for her though, only for his wife. He had never seen her act so defensively and jealous. Bai Qian had called him ”her man”! He quite liked it.

“Qian Qian…”, he tried to get her attention, seeking to defuse this situation, but Bai Qian would not have it.

“Do not speak, you let her touch you!” she said, without even looking at him. She was obviously very upset and Ye Hua decided to stay quiet for now and dry his clothes with magic.

“I only touched him a little, it’s not like he’s some virgin,” the Demon Queen said haughtily.

The tall woman stared at Ye Hua with a slightly confused expression on her face. He immediately understood, because he was accustomed to this look, that she was trying to figure out why he looked so much like Mo Yuan.

“You tore at his clothes, you savage demon!” Bai Qian turned increasingly red with fury, a well known personality trait of the Fox Tribe. Ye Hua, who loved everything about Bai Qian without question, decided he liked this new shade of her very much.

“I see I got the wrong man,” the Demon Queen said. “I didn’t know the bastard had a son.”

Frowning at the word ‘son’, Ye Hua wondered if her conclusion should offend or amuse him.

“Bastard? Who are you calling bastard!” Bai Qian was getting more and more furious and her anger seemed to prevent her from realizing what was more than obvious - this was simply a misunderstanding, one to laugh about.

The Demon Queen was thinking hard. “Bai daughter,” she then said, awestruck, “you Foxes do not frown upon a woman being with both father and son at the same time?”

Bai Qian blasted her again with her fan. The Demon Queen dodged the attack easily and flew to the top of a peach blossom tree. To Ye Hua, it looked like she, too, wanted no fight, but then, the Demon Goddess made the mistake of continuing to talk about audacious things: “If you bed both father and son, how do you make sure they don’t get jealous and kill each other?”

In her fury, Bai Qian flew up to another tree, turned her fan into her battle sword, and aimed it straight at the Demon Queen. “Demon Witch, I will make you bleed for your insults!”

The two women engaged in battle, making it rain peach blossoms everywhere.

As he stood there watching, Ye Hua was quite conflicted. On the one hand, he knew he should intervene and break them up. On the other, he could not stop himself from marveling at how beautiful his Qian Qian looked when she was fighting. He had never seen her on a battlefield. When she commanded an army of her own during the Ghost War, he had still been in Lotus form. He had not taken their recent pillow talk very seriously, but now, he thought he would give anything to have her next to him on a battlefield, full of blood lust.

Mo Yuan was on his way to the agreed meetup at Ten Miles Peach Blossoms when he became aware of battle energy near the hut. He landed next to Ye Hua, who was excitedly observing a fight above the trees: Shao Wan and Bai Qian. Bai Qian was using a sword, Shao Wan was unarmed. Even so, Bai Qian stood no chance against the Demon Queen given the latter’s superior martial arts skills. Luckily, Shao Wan seemed to merely defend herself.

“What happened?” Mo Yuan asked, trying to understand this rather bizarre spectacle.

“The Demon Queen High Goddess mistook me for you,” Ye Hua replied cheerfully as he pointed to his ripped collar and his bruised lips, “and Qian Qian was not happy with what she saw.”

Mo Yuan frowned, feeling a tiny bit of something that he did not want to recognize as jealousy. Then, he realized his brother was in such a good mood because he enjoyed seeing Qian Qian in her jealous rage. No wonder - Si Yin was exceptionally beautiful when she was defending what she cared for. Back during the Ghost War, she had flown out onto the battlefield to save Ninth disciple, and he would never forget the fear and the thrill he had felt when he watched her slaughtering Ghost warriors by the dozen.

Mo Yuan sighed. That was then, and this was now - he did not have the luxury to watch. He had come for serious business.

As soon as it looked like Shao Wan was losing her patience, Mo Yuan intervened. Taking the Demon Queen by surprise, he grabbed her around the waist and transported her to a quiet, secluded location within the Peach Blossom orchard.

He was able to dodge her fist when she swung it at him full force and quickly jumped to a safe distance.

“Bastard! You came to protect your little fox?” she hissed. She glared at him, as beautiful and as furious as he had imagined her in the last two days.

“Demon Queen,” he replied politely, “you know well why I am here. In the name of the Heavenly Tribe, I would like to…”

“I don’t want to talk to you,” she said.  “Twice I’ve been attacked by your rude fox already! You want to talk about “official relations?” Don’t make me laugh! I will feed official relations to your severed head!”

Mo Yuan sighed. This was not going as planned.

“She is not ‘my' fox.” he told her. “Show a little respect! She is Si Yin, a Kunlun disciple, the Crown Princess, former Queen of Qing Qiu, soon to be Heavenly Empress, High Goddess Bai Qian. And it seems you attacked her husband, my brother. She has a right to be upset!”

“You have no brother.”

“Yes, I do. He is my twin brother and he happens to be the Crown Prince of the Nine Heavens,” Mo Yuan clarified.

“You were never good at jokes,” Shao Wan snapped, “don’t insult my intelligence!”

“Demon Queen, I have no intention to lie to you. Can we have one civil conversation in our lives?”

“So you two share this little fox of yours?” Shao Wan concluded.

Mo Yuan stiffened. “Mind your words,” he said.

“I see… so you do care for the little fox. I was wrong, you do not share a bed. She does not smell of you, she smells of him; I needed to get close to tell the difference. But I was not wrong that you want her in your bed.” Shao Wan laughed maliciously.

“She is my sister-in-law; she was my student. Stop insulting her like that!” Mo Yuan replied. He was trying to keep calm, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

“But you still want to bed her,” she purred, “How inconvenient. It must be so difficult for you.”

Mo Yuan hardly ever cursed, but he did now.

Shao Wan moved swiftly towards him and he got ready for her attack, but she only stepped close, very close, almost close enough for their bodies to touch. He stopped breathing, but it was too late. Her scent, the sweet fragrance of Phoenix Fire Sage, was all around him, and all he could think of was her aroused body underneath him and his intense desire to become one with her. For a brief moment he closed his eyes, leaving him utterly vulnerable, but she did not take advantage. And yet, she did.

She caressed his left ear with her finger, softly tracing the lines, breathing hot air into it, leaving him frozen, yet burning for more.

“You owe me, God of War,“ the Demon Goddess whispered into his ear... and then bit down hard, making him grunt. “and I am going to make you pay.”

Before he could respond, Shao Wan disappeared.


When he came back to the hut Ye Hua and Bai Qian were gone, but Dong Hua Dijun and Zhe Yan waited for him. Mo Yuan’s mood was already very bad, but it got a lot worse when it dawned on him that his friends had set him up. They did not care about a possible war. 

“Seems I was right, she does have a certain ‘fondness’ for you.” Dijun said.

“Are you sure, Dijun? She seems to have left already.” Zhe Yan remarked.

“I told you to bleed, Mo Yuan, but you look completely unscathed.” Dijun continued. “May you have failed at this important mission?”

Mo Yuan shrugged. “Have I? At least she got to know my brother.”

“Yes, Ye Hua told us,” Zhe Yan smirked. “He rather liked it. The Crown Prince has taken his leave to calm his jealous wife. He said he will be back shortly….but I doubt it. Bai Qian was mighty fired up. I don't think I have ever seen her so mad.”

“What a mess,” Dijun shook his head. “We may need to come up with a better plan.”

“Yes, we do.” Zhe Yan agreed, “It’s for the peace of the realms, after all”.

“What …. plan?” Mo Yuan asked carefully.

“Well, it seems obvious.” Dijun shrugged, “We need you to sacrifice yourself. But no need to fret, it is not your soul this time, you already gave that for peace”.

“What, then?”

“Your body will do just fine.”

They laughed, and Mo Yuan made a point to laugh with them, but he could not help but feel worried. Maybe he was the only one who cared, but he could not shake a bad feeling, an ominous shadow on his mind. It felt like the wheels of destiny had suddenly begun turning very rapidly. It hardly ever meant something good.

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