Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 29a (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 29a

written by kakashi & panda

Explicit sexual content

Upon entering the meditation cave behind Mo Yuan, Shao Wan looked around with great curiosity. It was very austere just like she had always imagined and brimming with divine energy, so much of it she could feel it on her skin despite her sealed powers. But it was also much smaller than she had envisaged it, with only a round, plain meditation platform in it, a thin, uncomfortable cushion on top, an incense burner and two pine-tree shaped candle holders to the side.

“Damn Celestial, living like a monk,” she thought. Well, it would have to do and she’d make sure he’d get the bruised back.

She carefully put tiny Fong Hung on the floor at the entrance, patting him on his little head, all the while feeling Mo Yuan’s eyes on her every move. It must be the energy in this cave, her skin started to tingle. She stood up straight and faced him, expecting him to jump her - but he stood in front of the meditation platform, waiting.

What the hell is he waiting for, Shao Wan thought, feeling increasingly discomforted by his silence and passivity, which was so different from the last time they had succumbed to their lust. Then it dawned on her that he must be afraid to hurt her in her current state. Excellent. An honorable fool was even better than a regular fool.

“Celestial, I have a request. You know my powers are sealed”, by you she added in her head.

He nodded.

“To even the playing field, I want you to temporarily seal your own powers too.”

Mo Yuan hesitated ever so briefly, but complied. He performed two spells: One to set up an opaque barrier at the cave entrance and the second, his magic a blinding blue, to seal his own powers. The change in his appearance was subtle to her eyes, but he looked much more like a somewhat nervous young man rather than a powerful and ancient god with a young man’s face. Only the look in his black, gleaming eyes remained the same.

“Good. And now, I want to tie up your hands."

“You want to tie-”

He was hesitating again, looking at her skeptically.

“I know you would hate to hurt me,” Shao Wan quickly added, “look at me, you are too strong, even with your powers sealed.”

He still seemed unconvinced.

"Consider it a token of goodwill, Celestial."

He finally nodded again.

And now for the fun part. She smiled her most seductive smile: “Take off your clothes before I tie you. You can leave your pants on.”

The God of War didn't hesitate this time, but began to slowly take off his outer robe, keeping his eyes fixed on hers. He put it on the meditation platform behind him. Then, he took off his second colored robe, just as slowly. Her heart started to speed up and she swallowed hard, but she held his gaze. He undid the knot of the white robe and took it off. That, too, he placed on the platform. Mo Yuan stood in front of her in his undergarments now, plain white trousers and a white tunic.

Still, she held his gaze, but it had become difficult. Briefly, she wondered whether she was not making a grave mistake, but the thought left her head just as quickly as it had come when he shrugged out of the last piece of clothing and stood before her only in a set of very light trousers. The skin of his upper body shone golden in the candlelight and Shao Wan couldn't stop her eyes from shifting away from his face and taking in this glorious sight. All his muscles were clearly defined on his lean, perfectly proportioned body. She felt like purring. It was a martial artist's, a general’s body - there were scars, like she had imagined, small ones and bigger ones. She remembered she had planned to ask him which ones were her doing and now regretted she wouldn’t stay long enough for such a conversation.

He took the belt from his robe off the the floor and held it and his hands up for her. Her excitement flared. She stepped in front of him and tied his wrists tightly, double checking the knot. Even once his powers returned, this would make performing magic difficult. And now, she would have a bit of fun with him before she escaped. Normally, she didn’t have the time or interest to seduce men, but Mo Yuan was different. He had not only gotten the better of her twice, he had also rendered her powerless. It was worth the effort to make him beg and grovel. Maybe he would cry.

She looked into his eyes - and watched them get even darker with anticipation. He was so close she could feel the heat emanating from his body. Momentarily, she lost her train of thought; Heavens, he was beautiful.

Almost involuntarily, her fingers traced down his eyes, nose and lips. His eyes flew shut as she touched his skin, and she could see a vein on his temple become prominent. His moustache tickled her fingers and she grinned viciously as she gave it a little tug. She then pushed against his chest with both hands to make him lie down on the meditation platform and he did, keeping his eyes closed, almost as if he were too shy to look at her. She straddled him quickly to render him immobile and continued her explorations, this time of his body. She moved her hands over his shoulders, feeling the muscles bunched beneath the smooth, golden skin. She gave them a slight pinch. Then, she pinched again, harder.

Not for the first time, she noticed how delicious he smelled. She just had to taste him.

She bent down and worked her way down his chest, leaving small bite and pinch marks along the way. Color sprang up with each biting kiss, and when she looked up, she saw that while he made no sound at all, his face was flushed. She was doing well.

Shao Wan slid down his pants ever so slowly, raking her nails on his thighs and legs as she removed them. The evidence of his readiness jutted out straining by her hand and she instantly got flooded by a wave of intense desire.

She suppressed a whimper. It had been so damn long.

His lotus smell was intoxicating. She started to lick one part of his inner thigh before moving on to the second. She could feel Mo Yuan flexing his hips, his tied hands curling and opening above her. The barest rasp of her teeth against his tender skin finally had him emit a gasp and while she felt some triumph at getting an audible response out of him, she didn’t really care anymore. The more he reacted to her every move, the more excited and wet she got herself. She just had to have him in her mouth.

She slid her arm under his hips, tilting him up a little so he was perfectly positioned for her to have a taste. When she took him into her mouth, Mo Yuan jerked, groaning low and deep in his throat. She licked around the head before trying to swallow him in full. Mo Yuan emitted another loud moan and raised his hands as if in supplication before letting them fall again.

She started to stroke his full length with one hand while the second moved along his perineum, alternatively licking and sucking him to taste his juices. She kept her eyes glued to his face and watched his control crumble, bit by bit.

“Now,” she managed to think, “now is the time to run.”

Only, she didn't want to run anymore. Maybe it was because she hadn’t been with a man for so long. Maybe it was because his every moan and jerk only increased her desire for him. Maybe it was because he opened his eyes that very moment and looked at her, full of admiration and wonderment. All she knew was she needed him inside of her. Her body throbbed with anticipation.

“Get rid of this thing,” she whispered urgently and pulled on the rope, even using her teeth to untie the knot she’d made. She wanted these hands all over her. She sat up on him, gripping his chest before digging her nails into the firm muscles beneath his skin, using them for leverage as she lifted herself up and slid down on him.

The moment he fully filled her, she came.

The force of her orgasm made her gasp for breath and when her body stopped shaking, she knew he hadn’t found his release yet. He was still taut underneath and big within her. Good. She needed more.

“Mo Yuan…,” it came out sounding desperate. Never mind, she was.

He rolled her over, not dislodging from her, and touched her face reverently.

“Shao Wan,” he whispered and started to move.

There was nothing gentle or slow about their coupling. She urged him on by moving her hips and matching his pace as he ground into her, hitting her pleasure point with every thrust. Her head began to spin as the tension in her belly grew again. He increased his pace and she gripped his waist to pull him even closer and deeper into her.

He suddenly put his head to her neck and bit her, hard, making her gasp, and then he reached between her legs and pinched and squeezed her bud between his fingers, causing her to scream out. She tightened around him in another massive release, feeling blindly for his face with her hand and dragging it down into a bruising kiss. She felt him tense and pump inside of her and it was possible he shouted something too, but she couldn’t hear him. Her senses temporarily left her as her powers strained against Mo Yuan’s seal with all their might, trying to break free.


She came to with his worried face above her. Judging from how flushed it still was, her  unconsciousness hadn’t lasted too long.

“Shao Wan, are you alright?” he whispered, touching her face and head, probably checking her energy points.

This hadn’t gone exactly like planned, had it. Bloody Celestial.

“You bastard,” she groaned, but she didn’t really mean it this time, maybe because their lovemaking had left her shaking and she had no energies left for a fight - or maybe because she felt like she was floating on a cloud.

“Unseal my powers,” she demanded.

“I cannot. You almost burned.”

He stroked her hair, gently, and she realized her anger had completely evaporated. She was too weak to be angry. Or maybe feeling sated and weightless made it impossible to be angry. However, now that her anger had disappeared, she felt the sadness again, the one she couldn’t deal with, the one she didn’t want to feel. She still couldn’t believe that Fong Hung, her valiant mount, was gone. How would she be able to live without him?

But there was Mo Yuan, and he was warm and solid and comfortable. She put her face against his shoulder and deeply inhaled his lotus scent. The tears that sat in her throat disappeared. Fong Hung had a sanctuary here too, just like her. The divine energy would be good for him. His reincarnation would be able to cultivate much faster here.

And yet, some things needed to be clarified.

“You sealing my powers is one thing,” Shao Wan said, “and let’s say it’s true you had no other choice. But you’re delusional if you think I’ll be your wife!”

Mo Yuan was amused. “Demon Goddess, just listen before you lose your temper again. I was trying to explain before why you need to be my wife, but I think you weren't ready to hear my reasons.”

“I won’t be your wife!”

“Will you listen? --- I need people to think you are.”

What was he saying?

“The Heavenly Lord dispatched a messenger on the same day I brought you here, inquiring about the situation. Some Demons complained about me taking one of theirs by force and the Celestial rule-keepers got very concerned about propriety.”

“Yes, you sealing my powers was very improper.”

“An unmarried man living with an unmarried woman is improper. Kidnapping a woman is improper. So I told them: ‘She is my wife.’”

Oh. Tricksy. He had lied to the Heavenly Lord and the Demons?

“So I’ll not really be your wife.”

“You won’t. It's just that keeping you at Kunlun would be difficult otherwise. It buys us time from their nagging until you're healed. Not even the God of Marriage will dare challenge me openly."

Celestials and their rules ... what eternal misery.

“But I shall still do everything a wife would do with you?”

“You mean cook for me and sew my clothes?” He smiled. Such a handsome bastard. She grinned back, thinking of the other things she had in mind, before she remembered something.

“What of your real wife?”

He looked at her, puzzled. Then, his eyes traveled to her lips and he leaned over to kiss her again, like he was drawn to them by some unseen force. With his and her powers sealed, she did not feel their opposing energies, only the heat from his body and his tongue caressing hers. She pushed slightly against his shoulders, wanting to finish this conversation first.

“That slight little thing. The one I almost killed when I woke up. The one ...” she stopped in time, thinking it better not to mention Cheng Yin.

Another smile spread over Mo Yuan’s face. “Ah.”

She looked at him expectantly. Still smiling, he lay back down and took a strand of her hair from his chest, twirling it around his fingers.

“That night, when I entered the hall at the Western Sea Palace in the hopes of returning to you quickly, the first thing I noticed was Jie Jing’s expression. She looked neither scared of her raging father nor in the least sorry for what had happened. She looked triumphant.”

Shao Wan understood: doing it with one of the most powerful Demon kings would make a woman look triumphant.

“She begged for some minutes alone with me, which were granted to her, considering the severity of the situation. She implored me on her knees to send her to the mortal realm for punishment. She wanted no marriage and she wanted no life in the Nine Heavens. She was sure I wouldn’t be able to refuse if she tarnished my name to this degree. What a desperate soul.”

Skillful, too, Shao Wan thought. To give the impression of such purity and play both the Demon King and the God of War this way.

“The engagement is off, and I told her family ‘no debts owed’. It was unwise of me to ever agree to this union in the first place.”

Shao Wan was very pleased. Not only had Cheng Yin failed to humiliate Mo Yuan, Mo Yuan had also very conveniently gotten rid of his bride. She did not share her men with anyone as long as she chose to be with them, and she would have hated to hurt a woman so tiny, who looked like the wind could blow her over.

She glanced at Mo Yuan next to her, feeling her heart rate increase at the sight. She had never been good at resisting her desires. But she was good at accepting situations such as they were. This one could definitely be worse. She was wounded, she had no other place to go. It was the best option to heal at Kunlun together with Fong Hung, to gather as much strength as they could and to leave when the time was right. And while she was mending, she planned to do all kinds of wifely and unwifely things to the Master of Kunlun Mountains.

“Exquisitely beautiful,” Mo Yuan whispered, leaning above her, drinking her in with his eyes - and quite clearly ready for more.

You are beautiful too, she wanted to say, but she felt that knot in her stomach again. He bent down, held her head with both hands and kissed her deeply. Here it was, the slow kiss. She felt like she was on fire, instantly.

"I need to be very careful," she thought as she responded hungrily, "I must not forget he is a Celestial. We are from enemy tribes."

Chapter 29b