Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 29b (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 29b

written by panda 
edited by kakashi

Explicit sexual content

Things had definitely gotten complicated, Mo Yuan thought as he lay on his meditation platform, on the mess of his clothes, shaken to the core by their rough and hasty lovemaking. Their union had become inevitable ever since his realization that he wanted to be with this woman, and yet, he was unsettled by how the events had unfolded. He wished he hadn’t had to kill demon warriors and fight with the Yellow bastard, who now had legitimate grounds for war. Yet, given the same options, he would do it all over again. The bastard had dared to hurt Shao Wan and her Mount, and his regret was less that he had fought him, but more that he had not been strong enough to kill him.

Right now, nothing truly mattered except for the safety of the woman next to him. And yet, he would have to send out scouts to report to him about the movements of the demon tribe and he would have to start thinking about strategic formations. He would have to meet his generals and go up to the Nine Heavens to discuss troop mobilization. He would have to think about training, about weapons.

Soon. Too soon.

Another war against the demons, just when he was falling hard for a Demon Overlord. This was very bad timing. But when had his timing ever been good.

Shao Wan nestled next to him and he could feel from her slight body movements that she was about to recover her senses. His seal had held - thankfully. Of course, he knew she had planned to run away. He knew she wouldn’t get far in her current state, even if she had managed to break through the barrier at the cave entrance. But how could he hold her back if she really wanted to leave? He had humored her and her requests simply because he wanted her so badly, he would take any chance to be with her, however brief the encounter. That she was still here now instead of trying to leave Kunlun gave him hope that he affected her at least partially as much as she affected him.

She stirred and sighed and he bent over her, assuring himself she was unhurt, wanting to check her energy points and his seal, before remembering he had sealed his own powers, and then unable to keep his hands from caressing her beautiful face. She cursed him half-heartedly ... and then got worked up about the “wife”-business. He had expected that and had prepared his words carefully. Truth was, all he wanted to do was kiss her, but he did manage to explain his reason and he had to smile to himself that she made him talk so much, much more than he had ever talked to anyone.

She became quiet after his explanations, but did not seem displeased … maybe he had convinced her, maybe not, but at least, she didn’t curse or run. A knot he hadn’t known had been there unraveled inside of him and he moved his head to look at her in all her splendor. His eyes took in her slightly bruised and plumped up lips, her gracious neck, her breasts with the nipples still dark and flushed from desire, her belly, her waist, her triangle, her thighs. He instantly grew hard again.

“Exquisitely beautiful,” he whispered. An expression he couldn't quite place flashed across her face before it was replaced by one of warm invitation.

He held her head and bent down for a long, sensual kiss, one he hadn't been able to give her earlier in their urgency. The touch of her soft breasts against his chest made him groan but he was determined to take it slow this time. His hands touched her everywhere. He stroked her shoulders, the curve of her spine, her silky thighs. He deepened his kiss, slid his tongue between her lips and explored her mouth. She shifted beneath him, opening her mouth wider and her tongue mated with his as the kiss became wild and ravenous. When they drew apart, they were both panting for more.

She inflamed him. He knew he had lost control and was soon going to lose all reason, but he no longer cared. It helped that he had his powers sealed, allowing him to pretend that he was just a normal man in bed with a normal woman. No duties, no status, no expectations. It was the bare basics of touch, smell and taste, of feeling a warm body next to him, of feeling snug and content in her embrace that mattered right now. They did not need to consider history, tribes, enmities and politics. To him, it felt like a kind of bliss he had never experienced before.

She drew him towards her, biting his neck while her hands travelled down the length of his back, before they got to his buttocks and squeezed hard. He buried his face in her hair, inhaled her scent that was so uniquely hers and wondered how he had gotten so lucky. Dared he hope that fate was favoring him for a change?

Her fingers started to get busy, stroking her way from his perineum to his rampant member.

"Slow down," he whispered.

"Why?" she demanded.

He paused to gather his thoughts to form a coherent reply as she continued to stroke him.

"Because I want it to last longer this time."

She didn’t stop stroking and even increased the pressure, which made him welp.

"Celestial, stop thinking," she laughed. "Take me again, now."

It was always a challenge with her. She would always fight him, over everything. Fine, he would accept this challenge.

He bent his head and lavished her with kisses on her shoulders and down to her jutting breasts. Her nipples were pebble hard, but he simply grazed over them lightly with his lips and thoroughly kissed all around them. She had now wrapped both hands around him and was alternately stroking and lightly squeezing him and even though it took him a lot of resolve, he was determined to taste as much of her as he could before giving in to the pleasure she promised.

“Do you like this,” he whispered before his mouth covered her breast and lightly bit on one nipple. She reacted as though she'd just been struck by celestial lightning. She sucked in her breath, groaned low in her throat, and reflexively squeezed him harder. The pain mingled with pleasure nearly made him lose control, but he would not lose it. Not yet.

He alternately scraped his teeth across her nipples and sucked on them and he could feel from the tension in her that she was getting close to attaining another release. Her toes rubbed against his legs restlessly, and she caressed and scratched his back now, while her second hand firmly held his head to to her breasts. He bit her much more aggressively, moving his fingers between her thighs to caress her heat. She nearly came off their makeshift bed. He pushed her back and continued his assault on her, stroking and kissing her until she was shaking with need. Then, he slid two fingers into her hot wet center and when he curved them and lightly stroked her inner walls, she began to shudder in pleasure.

Like before, her extreme responsiveness to his touch drove him crazy. He had planned to be gentle this time, but he simply couldn’t. He pushed her legs apart and entered her with one swift stroke. Her tremors were still continuing and it took all his concentration not to come too. His hands gripping her hips, he slowly withdrew before thrusting once again fully to the hilt.

He started moving, occasionally coming completely out and rubbing himself on her nub and lips before burying himself deeply again, hitting the base of her cervix with every stroke. She started moving along with him, trying to make him go faster, but he resisted with all his might and continued his slow, deliberate strokes.

She looked at him, smiled wickedly and pressed slightly against his butt hole. That was the end. He started thrusting deeply and more urgently into her, his discipline vanishing, vanished. She became wild too, pressed him a bit harder and drew her legs up to take him deeper inside. The more aggressively he pushed, the more uninhibited she became. He felt her inner muscles clenching and unclenching as he continued stroking her passion with each hard thrust, bringing her to her next climax. Only after she screamed his name in ecstasy did he give in to his own.

With an almost violent shudder, he thrust deep one last time and poured his seed into her. His last coherent thought was: “I am lost.”

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