Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 19 (Recap)

kakashi: Oh no. The honeymoon is already over, we enter the The Angst. Why did you not give the sweeties some more happy, you stupid show! >.< They're also exceptionally stupid about everything.
JoAnne: It's because they're TWELVE.

Episode 19

Feng Ren has Huanzheng's hand crushed (yikes, there is blood) - even more after our engineer tells him even if he knew how to open the box, he would never do it for a person with the surname Feng (come on now, they're not THAT bad). Crushing the hand is of no use, so the Regent has him tied to the Shura post next.
This Regent, I go back and forth on how I feel about him. Right now I do not like him.
Oh! Look who we have here! I had completely forgotten about him. Yes, it's our no-longer Crown Prince, running through the forest, away from the Masters of the Star Court. Chi Shu (the butterfly) appears and he sends it away, it's too dangerous here! It's a butterfly, Tingjun. The younger of the masters is on Tingjun's side - at least, he doesn't want him to get the death penalty for breaking the Lantern. He has his senior split the group and follows the right path (after seeing a bloody palm print on one of the trees).
What did we call him? Ken Doll? Or was that the really cute friend of WKE who disappointed us by turning out to be a rapist?
Yi Fuling knows Feishuang has come back - but she isn't jealous that Feng Tianyi is not indifferent to this woman. At least she says so. She knows her rival had to pay a high price herself. She feels sorry for this woman and how low she sunk.
Plus, she knows it's not like a woman has a choice not to go for WKE. So much sex appeal, even if he is a jerk at times.
Feng Tianyi smiles that he would be even happier if she were a little jealous, but he has more serious stuff in mind. He brought a chaplet - the one for his queen. He wants to put it on Fuling, he declares - and she nods, happily. He says he also has a secret to tell her ... something very important to him. But he cannot say anything more, because she hears something (the butterfly?) and knows, Bai Tingjun is in danger! She asks to borrow Tianyi's Starship - he gets angry she is not telling him anything and forbids it, but she still takes it. This is the end of Chi Shu, the butterfly.  
Like right now. What did that butterfly ever do to you, boy?
The younger master has caught up with Tingjun and urges him to surrender. But Tingjun is not going! He is ready to fight, when Fuling appears and uses one of Huanzheng's devices on the Star Court soldiers. She takes him by the hand and they flee together, Star Court Masters behind them. Feng Tianyi witnesses it all from the sidelines, seething. Still, he has his soldiers fires arrows at the Star Court people, which stops them. He also crushes the butterfly even more.
Can someone just punch him? Please? For the good of the nation? But not in the face.
After a while, Yi Fuling stops. So does Tingjun, surprised ... he looks even more surprised when she stabs him, with that dagger he gave her. Just like in that trial of his! Oh right, she still thinks he killed her father. Oh well. He is so devoted to Fuling that he says "if this stab makes you happy, why not be stabbed by you". It's not making her happy though. She sobs and sobs while he drags himself away.
These people are crazy.
When Fuling comes back to the Wingkind Palace, she finds the chaplet broken on the floor and Tianyi beyond reason. He handmade that chaplet for her, but she didn't GAF. Can't argue with that, she really does have a tendency to put Tianyi second. Still, she asks whether he has misunderstood anything? Not really, girl. You really should improve your communication skills. And he should learn how to trust her - he doesn't even listen when she tries to explain herself.
Well let's see. I get that she interrupted a romantic moment to go save the guy he considers his rival, but you can revisit romantic moments. You can't save someone who's already dead.
Fuling hears from the physician that Feng Tianyi was ready to give his life for her (how is that news to her?) and that everyone is already talking about her as "Empress". It puts a smile on her face and she doubles back, realizing he broke the chaplet because he was angry and hurt. Well, duh. When she finds him at Liangyue Residence, he is kissing Feishuang. It's not what it looks like! Or rather, it was Feishuang, taking advantage of Mr. Wingkind, who knows she has only three more days to live. 
Can't blame a girl for trying, I guess...No, actually, I can. I do.
Of course, Fuling now thinks Tianyi is a total player. To make things worse, she hears Huanzheng's angry voice from the dungeons, demanding they let him go. She gets access to where he's kept, bloody hand and all. She learns her father is Jishu, that the person Tingjun's arrow killed wasn't her father, and that he left a box for her.
That is a lot to take in.
Fuling says she needs to go get something very important and rushes out, leaving Huanzheng to rot. That something seems to be Tingjun. She tasks Chi Shu the butterfly to take her to him. Who repaired it? Haha, nobody. It's broken and falls to the ground. She doesn't find Tingjun. She's really having a miserable day.
She should just go to bed and wait for it to be over.
It's evening and she returns to the Wingkind Palace. Tianyi is very concerned, runs to her and says it's all a misunderstanding. She isn't in a good mood though. He broke her butterfly! Realizing she once again went after Bai Tingjun, his jealousy flares up again. She brings up Feishuang, but he shouts he has a clear conscience, it's all a misunderstanding! And then, the ass adds that he can do what he wants, he is the Wingkind Emperor, his harem will never just have only one woman. Ahahahaaaaaa.
That is exactly the wrong thing to say, Ass. Try and get yourself out of this one.
That's finally the truth, she says - she never wants to see him again! Fuling: over and out. Poor Tiangyi fumes in the throne room when his Uncle comes (with the box). He says it's interesting to see how much this "small girl" affects Tianyi, who never before let anyone too near. They have a problem though: the Spreading Wings Ceremony. It can no longer be delayed. Hmmm, what of it?
He looks nervous, our handsome idiot.
Feng Ren shows his nephew the box (who thereby learns Huanzheng is held in South Yudu City) and draws his attention to the flower that's engraved on top. Does it look familiar? It does. Feng Ren is pretty sure Ji Shu and his daughter are connected to the God of Shooting Stars Flower. What would Tianyi do if he had to make a choice between flying and Yi Fuling?
Well right now it seems he'd choose flying, yes?


I'm angry at everyone right now. They're all so stupid. Tianyi and his horrible temper, Fuling and her bad decisions, Feng Ren and his cryptic talk, Huanzheng and his hate for the Feng family. Something's up with our Emperor's wings, that much is clear, and obviously, that's not a good thing for the Wingkind Emperor. Very mean of you show to now edge towards a horrible choice: Fuling or Wings. Of course, the noble idiot will choose Fuling, won't he, and there will be looooots of suffering afterwards. 
Well right now he's angry so I'm guessing he wouldn't choose Fuling, and that there will be loooooots of suffering afterwards.