Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 20 (Recap)

kakashi: The by far most sensible character in this episode is the mechanical butterfly Chi Su. Go figure.
JoAnne: Tough, too. I thought Chi Su got crumpled up last time around.
Yeah, but he gets fixed

Episode 20

Tianyi does not need to make his choice between flying and Yi Fuling right now - but he is informed that Miss Yi has been waiting for him in the hall for a long time. Oh, she's already back? Oh wait ... maybe she never left. Anyway, whe comes running now, addressing Feng Ren (pretending Tianyi is air) and begging him to let Huanzheng go.
I already want to slap everybody.
Bad move, babe. Feng Ren tells her he is no longer in charge, she should talk to Tianyi - she says, she doesn't want to speak to "that unreasonable person". That prompts Tianyi to say fine, he was just about to say Huanzheng cannot be freed. Just because. She is feisty and says "then why don't you imprison me too!" - which he immediately does, ordering the soldiers to do to her whatever is done to Huanzheng.
But they're so cute, sometimes I look at them and forget how much I want to slap them.
What he doesn't know before she's led away and his Uncle tells him is that Huanzheng is tied to the Shura post - is that bad? It looks okay. Already regretting his angry decision, Feng Tianyi sends in guards with food for her, but she refuses everything, leaving him worried and furious (furried?) outside.
Whatever, he's hot. Sexy. A hot, sexy mess.
Pretending Fuling has fainted, the two prisoners manage to trick a guard and escape not much later. Oh, but what is this? Pei Yu comes in where the two Fengs are and smirks ... they deliberately let them go? Who is behind it, Tianyi or Feng Ren? Our two birds are playing Go - and we see it was Feng Ren, trying to force Tianyi to come clean about his true feelings. Tianyi glowers and declares he wants to let them "self-destruct naturally", but he is so upset he loses the game.
Tonight he wears his Angry Birds headpiece to assist with portraying the proper mood.
Fuling stole Tianyi's starship again? That's just not okay. She's at Huanzheng's house and he suggests to destroy the poor starship, because it's a dead giveaway to where they are hiding. Yes, going to the same house again is too, dummy. They talk about Xue Feishuang and Bai Tingjun, and just as we realize that Huanzheng has a huge crush on Fuling, they decide to head to the city together to find her father/his Shifu. Our Fuling is sad though ... she misses Tianyi.
You're just noticing that?
Then, Huanzheng declares he must get the box back (yes, why not), which she won't allow ... in what follows, Huanzheng pretty much admits to his feelings and hugs Fuling, but I don't think she gets it. She leaves to get the box in his stead. Tianyi isn't around at Wingkind Headquarters though.
Those airplane thingies look like some kind of pretty little fancy goldfish in an aquarium. 
Fuling goes to look for him ... at Fei Shuang's, who is still dying. Our white-haired old-but-not-old woman cannot let this competition rest, even on her deathbed. She claims she is Tianyi's proper woman (including sexy bits - the proof? her chastity sand is gone! Yes, that's what she says) and he will always remember her in his heart, even after she's gone. Of course, Fuling believes her. It must have been the bit about the chastity sand that convinced her.
I think sand would be discouragingly gritty and not at all pleasant. 'Sprinkle liberally on affected parts. Do not rub in.' No wonder they stay virgins.
Fuling stares at the skygrass necklace Tianyi gave her when he comes running, quite concerned for her. But no, instead of smooching, she hands him back the necklace and slaps him across the face. "I finally know your secret," she exclaims and runs away. Into HIS starship. Oh well. Why don't you be stupid, woman. 
And of course, he thinks she means The Secret. It would be pretty mortifying to have the girl you love know you can't get it up. Them up. Oh wait. Do we know what The Secret is yet?
Huanzheng has fixed butterfly Chi Shu, but not even that can make Fuling smile. When Huanzheng goes to fetch her something to eat, she cries to the mechanical butterfly about the person she hated to much that has now become the person she cannot bear to lose. Okay, why don't you just go back and stop being so melodramatic?
In retrospect, she was much more stupid than he was. Well, they kind of take turns being Most Photogenic But Stupid.
Bai Tingjun! He's still alive, though bleeding heavily. The Stars Court Masters have been called back by their drunken CEO, so he is no longer hunted. He looks at the Yang Amulet he carries around with him. Ah, right, he needs to find the person indicated by it to kill him, because that person is "the end of Fuling". Chi Shu comes flying and it gives him hope. Maybe.
Sigh. He really was cute - but so useless.
Feishuang calls for Tianyi. She is determined to dance her horrible dance for him one last time. She does, struggling hard. Our Wingkind Emperor cries. Having spent all her energy on the few moves, she collapses into his arms and cries too. This is how far she can go, she says. She's done for. He promises to save her, but she says there is no use. He doesn't love her. She knew from day one he loved Fuling, but she just couldn't accept her defeat.
Oh shut UP, you irritating albino gnat.


A stupid episode. So stupid, I didn't make a single gif to punish it.
It feels very punished.

Weirdly enough, the one thing that moves me is Tianyi's and Feishuang's relationship. I'm sure I shouldn't feel they have far more chemistry than Tianyi and Fuling, but they do. Feishuang is crazy, crazy, crazy, a lost cause - he knows it and she knows it, but he cares for her and he shows this care, even though he loves someone else. It makes him such a good guy, it touches my heart.
She's his childhood friend, and he demonstrates a very sincere loyalty to that friendship. I do feel the struggle he goes through, trying to reconcile one sort of love with another.

Fuling on the other hand ... I never liked her and now I just want to slap her. Or rather, the writers, for doing such a poor job with her character. She was smart and headstrong in the beginning, but now, it's just one poor judgment after the other.
Right? It's like she looks at her options and goes, 'Okay! What is the LEAST productive, LEAST trusting, LEAST useful thing I can do?' and then does that thing, and it's frustrating because you see she's a nice girl, a good girl, but man - can we just punch her?