Rants and Weekly Raves #142 (RAWR)

kakashi: People, I just got VERY excited about The Advisors Alliance. Who is subbing. Please, someone sub this.
JoAnne: What made you so excited? 
I watched the long trailer. 
I think there's a Korean drama coming up that you might like, called The King. Contemporary. It's either politics or big business, but intrigue and deception are key. Jo In Sung, other respected ahjussi, not an idol in sight. Doesn't appear to have a romance, either. Update: Oh, maybe it's just a movie?
SakiVI: I think that's just a movie.
I'll apologize in advance for the sea of red, folks. Trot is away with no internet access so it's mostly just me this week.
Welcome to the Sea of Red


Fight, My Way 

This continues to be a real pleasure to watch. Ae Ra and Dong Man are both on the cusp of breaking free of the doldrums they've been in for years, but also are becoming aware of feelings for each other that surprise and confuse them. Just kiss already! I love these two together and apart, but I cannot wait for Dong Man to to take the fight world by storm or for Ae Ra to try out for an announcer position (and get rid of her straggly-ass hair.) Moo Bin pursues Ae Ra and while I cheered his attempt because yay for the awkward geek who grows up to be a confident man, right, now he is starting to seem creepy. T-List Max called that one early, I have to give him credit. It caught me by surprise this week. One of the most interesting plot lines is actually our best friends OTHER best friends, the couple made by successful Joo Man and self-effacing Seol Hee. He loves her dearly but she's driving him away by constantly acting like a sacrificing mother and looking like a dowdy ahjumma. He wants to celebrate her, he wants her to celebrate herself - and she just won't. It's painful for him to see and for us to watch, and Seol Hee is hurt by his frustration and confused by it, too. I think they'll be an interesting story, and also the mysterious landlady. Right now, I guess I only don't care at all about Dong Man's ex-girlfriend, who figures to play a bigger role coming up. Of course. Clearly there's not enough here if we don't add a second lead to hate, right? Sigh.


I am impressed by Kim Young Kwang and Lee Si Young here. Not that the (other) Kims (Tae Hoon, Seul Gi, Kibum) aren't doing a great job, they are - but I just love seeing KYK in a role that lets him do both deadly serious and clownish turns, since they're things he can do well and his outsize frame lends itself perfectly to either extreme; Lee Si Young is just kicking ASS, period. This role calls for her to stretch her emotional and physical wings and she is more than rising to the challenge - and maybe, just maybe, she'll remain a strong woman who doesn't morph into a weak romantic lead whose only purpose is to make the male lead look stronger. I love the idea of a secret gang of vigilantes bringing criminals to justice, and knowing that the ultimate goal is our beloved Choi Moo Sung in a bad-guy role leaves me anticipating what's to come.

Circle: Two Worlds 

Surprise surprise this week - I'm pretty sure that most everyone was thinking that Jun Hyuk was one of the twins from 2017, but probably, like me, most were assuming he was Woo Jin. Now it seems that he's actually the less-well-adjusted twin, Bum Gyun, who was obsessively searching for aliens in 2017. Well, a particular alien. We also learn that our is-she-or-isn't-she-an alien Jung Heon has no memories before 18, lending to the suspicion that she IS an alien, and add to that the new knowledge that her father, Professor Han, is holding 2017 Bum Gyun hostage. The back and forth between 2017 and 2037 is pretty easy to keep straight, except the Bluebird piece seems a little circular, and I think the 'memory tapes' that they showed 2037 Jun Hyuk were from the perspective of both twins - but I'd have to go back and double-check that and I'm not going to. It's so early in the story that making us think he's Bum Gyun might be a misdirect. I think we may find that Bluebird in 2017 is not the same as Bluebird in 2037; I suspect that in 2037 it will be Woo Jin, in an attempt to either signal or honor his missing twin. (Unless Jun Hyuk is Woo Jin, in which case Bluebird has to be Bum Gyun in 2037.) I'm also guessing that Human B is the handiwork of Professor Han.
This is the one I'm thinking about staring

Suspicious Partner 

Wow, I thought Creepy Puppy (he earned that name in Last) seemed a little odd, but he's not odd: he's crazy and also a murderer. I find his devotion to Bong Hee amusing, considering it's born of guilt that he ruined her life because of a mistaken belief. Even murderers have principles, I guess, and since this guy is an avenging-angel type murderer, it fits. I'm SO happy that Ji Wook finally gave in to his feelings for Bong Hee this week. Watching them both be sad yet continually try not to be sad, especially her - that was hard. There's no reason they can't be together. Go for it, you crazy kids! Plus, Eun Hyuk's undying love for both the girl of his dreams and his best friend...we know they didn't belong together! She needs to get over Ji Wook, who was simply a first love, and recognize what Eun Hyuk has to offer. Well, would offer, if he wasn't trying to atone for their earlier mistake. Anyway, let's all move on from the past and couple up happily, because I like all four of you and hope you can salvage your friendships.

Seven Day Queen (New) 

Instant, deep, hopefully abiding love. LOVE. This is going to to hurt and I'm going to welcome every second of it. I am blown away, absolutely blown away, by Lee Dong Gun as the madman king, Yeonsangun. I've never seen him act this way and for me, he's exactly right. Those moments when he's talking to his little brother Yeok or his ministers and everything seems normal, and then his expression shifts a little and the next question reveals the trap - it doesn't seem contrived or awkward in the least, and it so easily could have been. As a viewer, I'm immediately holding my breath and freezing every muscle like a startled deer in the forest, right there with the other characters who are belatedly sensing the danger and trying to figure out what response is required. This would be enough to be enjoyable; what makes it love for me is that we also see Yeonsangun struggling against his paranoia, trying NOT to hate his younger brother (who trusts and loves him implicitly, but is cast by birth position in a role that would be inherently antagonistic even if it weren't for the decisons of their dying father.) So the brothers/enemies piece totally has my heart, but it's also that both Yeonsangun and Yeok are drawn to the titular queen-to-be, Chae Kyung. She's as feisty as they come, and horribly lonely with no siblings or friends and believing herself to be unloved by her parents - each brother would naturally feel a connection to that, for different reasons. I can't wait for next week!
It's really good, yes. All of what Jo said.

Ruler: Master of the Mask 

Young Master Chun Soo is getting closer to putting into motion his ultimate plan to topple the Pyeon-soo Hwe, and finally Ga Eun has proof that 'Boss' actually is Chun Soo - but she has no idea that Chun Soo is really the prince. When she finds out, how long will she believe that he is the one who killed her father? What will happen to my love Chung Woon when she finds out? How long before the Dowager Queen realizes that Chun Soo is really her grandson Lee Seon? What's going to happen to the imposter Lee Seon when this comes to light? He's finally making moves against Pyeon-soo Hwe himself - is this going to mess things up for the real prince? Now that Hwa Goon is seeing that Chun Soo's heart already belongs to someone else, will her divided loyalties undivide? What about Gon? Will he follow her blindly, if she goes back fully to supporting her grandfather Dae Mok? Ugh, so many questions!

Father is Strange 

More work troubles for the bully, lots of cute moments for Ra Young and the adorable Coach Park, more yes-no-yes-no between the families for Hye Young and Sunbae. We celebrate Joong Hee's first birthday with his new family, Sister in Law struggles with the knowledge that they can't provide the sort of educational opportunities for their son that would benefit him most - and that he knows it and hides those opportunities from his parents. Finally, in the last moments of the second episode, we get to the point everyone has been eagerly anticipating: Joong Hee realizes that he has fallen in love with Judo. Since he thinks she's his sister, the discovery is not going to be happy one. We're half way through the drama, so what do you think? Another 15 episodes before he finds out the truth? More? Certainly not more than 20.

Chicago Typewriter (Finale) 

This started oddly for me; it felt disconnected and I wasn't sure what I was seeing, but I think it's because I had no idea what it was about and never bothered to look. I was watching for the actors, really. By episode 5 or 6, though, everything clicked into place and from that moment on the story just unfolded perfectly. How much the three loved each other, what they were fighting for and what they struggled with - it was very emotional to watch. Hwi Yeong's sacrifices in love and in life, Yool's love for Soo Hyeon and Hwi Yeong and then his guilt, Soo Hyeon's acceptance of her fate and determination to be loyal; how this all plays out in the past and what it brings to their present was beautifully done. Because this is a story about friendship and love there are hopeful notes, especially at the very end; but I'll admit I cried like a baby through both episodes this week. Easily has a place in my top 5 for the year and probably one of my permanent favorites. Very well done!

Man to Man 

I have lonnnnng since lost the thread on the spy plot here, folks. Jang wasn't a bad guy after all? But he definitely shot K to put him out of commission...was that a good thing or a bad thing? And then he quits in the middle after his girlfriend makes a comment about waiting for him. In the last minute we learn that his boss IS a bad guy, which I had wondered about but then he let Jang quit like that, so I dismissed it. Silly me. Song Mi Eun is revealed as a former agent, but honestly, didn't we all just assume she was one all along anyway? The only surprise to me is that it was 'former' - I thought she was still working with them. Dong Hyun suffered a white truck of doom, sadly, and just when K thought he had finished all his assignments and could now focus full time on being a regular person with a regular job and a regular girlfriend, too. Baek has been completely sidelined, but NIS is still trying to find out something to do with Mo or his grandfather or something. I don't know. I'm really only watching for the other bits...the spy story no longer interests me except for how it impacts K's friendships and love life. Plus Park Hae Jin is still doing the adorable aegyo stuff.

Good Thief, Bad Thief 

Guess I'll drop this because seriously, it's yawn-inducing.  It's just angst and misery, angst and misery, evil people do evil things, angst and misery, bit of Kim Ji Hoon, and repeat.
I'm only on episode 4, but honestly, I'm enjoying the story so far. Maybe I need people to be miserable right now, but it doesn't even feel all that miserable to me. There are lots of good moments sprinkled through out and it's not making my stress levels rise the way some melos do.

The Best Hit (New) 

An amusing start - I knew I liked the main actors anyway (Chae Tae Hyun, Kim Min Jae, Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Se Young, Lee Deok Hwa) but a really enjoyable surprise was Dong Hyun Bae, playing Drill. The character is that dumb, funny friend who usually turns out to be pretty observant and emotionally intelligent in the end, and I was commenting that he looked a little like Taeyang from Big Bang. Now I understand that's to be expected, since they're brothers...anyway, this has lots of cameos and funny moments that will make you laugh out loud, and since the actors are decent I expect we'll get some emotional development too.
Ooh, I want to try this one!

Duel (new)

Neither Viki nor DF have picked this up yet? Well, it's listed on DF, so my guess is that since it's a weekend show, it will show up sometime this week. I don't understand their scheduling at all. Sometimes they have things appear on the weekends, sometimes they don't.


Kunlun Mountain Home for Wayward Girls 

Sounds interesting. But why can't I find it anywhere?
You cannot because JoAnne means our adult fanfic and what is happening in the comments section of that. By the way, I will not be able to watch Mark Chao's episode of Midnight Diner. It's gonna be too sad.

Ice Fantasy Destiny 

I will recap episode 5 soon.

American Gods 

It gets more and more weird and yet I keep nodding off in the middle. I did like the taxi ride across the country with the dead wife, the leprechaun, and the guy who was seduced by the Jinn.

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Randomly re-tried this and now I like it, even though I still think main lead should've just used his engineering skills to shutdown both robots. Or an axe. He has an axe in his basement. 
Update: the robots took over and enslaved the human. This is creepy.

Lucifer (Season Finale)

Watched the season finale ... it was okay. But this show is definitely not doing it for me anymore, so I'm dropping it. 
Oh I really liked it - so much happened!  I hope there's a season 3, for sure.