Rants and Weekly Raves #143 (RAWR)

Boo! Just popping in for a quick visit. I seem to miss the RAWR posting times (when is it?) I'm not watching much. Suspicious Partner. JCW! His smile! His eyes! Dude even eats pretty. Is the lead a simpering idiot sometimes..yes. But she's also a black belt 4 dan (which is a hella big deal and I wish they would focus on more...basically if the killer doesn't stab her in the back by surprise she could take him)
JoAnne: New post. Who dis? I think Kakashi posts RAWR late afternoon/early evening on Monday in the US.
kakashi: It's not me! Is it bcook? I always post on Mondays, around 11pm my time and it's been like this foreeeeever.
Trotwood: I'm Back!!!! Exhausted because Shuk sucked me into some webtoons, but I am pretty much caught up with all the Korean dramas I've been watching. I did miss posting and talking with you guys.
Shuk: Hey, I didn't hold the tablet and force you to read. Just saying.
My girl came home for a quick surprise visit, just popped up in the back yard while I was having coffee with friends yesterday morning! She lives in Texas and I thought I wouldn't see her until September! So I haven't done much this weekend...
I had no idea what to put as top picture. Hey, I thought, why not a picture of Mark?


Fight, My Way 

Finally Joo-Man stood up for his girl. I know that there are some people who have been pretty frustrated with Seol-Hee, but I have to say that I fault Joo-man for putting her in the position of having to hide their relationship. Why is that even a thing? His family is HORRIBLE, and there is no way I would want either of my children being a daughter-in-law in that family. He's right. What's so special about him that they should see him so much above her? Did you see the look on their wannabe faces when they saw how much money her mother gave? Pfft. I hate them, and even though he stood up for her, he still isn't asking her to marry him. At first I was mad about this, but I'm almost hoping that she meets someone else who treats her better if for no other reason that he seems to be so sure of her. I'd like to see him jealous for a change. Yes, I'm ranting, but I'm so angry about this part of the show that it's really coloring and distracting me from our OTP, and if you knew my love for Park Seo Joon, you'd know what a big deal this is.
Yep. Love Dong Man. Love Ae Ra, too, and the way in which they sort of half know that they like each other as more than friends but are currently trying to ignore that knowledge. It's fortunate that they're fun, because watching Joo Man and Seol Hee is painful. There is love there on both sides, but they really might not make it. And Moo Bin has me all twisted around again. At first he was adorable, then he got a little creepy, and now he's very sweet again, but making that classic second lead mistake: doing the right things to win a girl doesn't guarantee you a win, Moo Bin. Now, to the business at hand: who should we send to Korea to kick Hye Ran's ass? Or..oooh...we could fix her up with Tak Su. That would be punishment.
Oohh. Hye Ran and Tak Su. I can put away my slapping suit that I just unpacked.


Poor Jang Do Han. All he wants to do is topple evil Yoon Seung Ro, and he's got a perfect chess game of moves all lined up to do it - the only problem is his chess pieces have minds and agendas of their own and they keep making decisions for themselves, darn it! They might not all know it, but they've all got a bone to pick with Yoon Seung Ro, ultimately, and here's Jang Do Han all ready to give them what they want, but they just won't sit still and only do what he maneuvers them to do! Watching his frustration with this is almost as much fun as watching Lee Si Young kick absolute ass in every episode - I am loving her to bits in this, it feels like the first role that really lets her show what she's got and she's taking advantage of every minute of it.
I'm loving her in this as well. She seems really settled into it partly I think because there isn't any of the cutsie stuff (despite the fact that she is really cute) that just doesn't suit her. I am hoping that she gets to beat someone up in each ep here as well. Kim Young Hwan is doing a perfect job because he makes me want to punch him most of the time, but I don't want him to lose consciousness because I really want answers. He has clearly worked years to build up this plan, but he still sees his worker bees as only pawns in his game or at least he tries to. I think the tears Do-Han sheds when he hears Suji's "confession" and how she still wants her daughter to be proud of her made me think he still has a soft core. I wonder how those two parts of him are going to battle it out and which will win. 


Whoaaa, did we catch all that? Bum Gyun really is Bum Gyun, apparently, because we've seen pictures of Woo Jin, possibly as chairman of Human B. Jung Heon really is Byul, who probably is an alien but then again, who really knows at this point? All that seems clear is that she's probably not trying to hurt people, and in 2037 she's trying to right a wrong. Professor Han does have some involvement with at least the beginnings of Human B, but guess what? So did the twin's father. And Professor Han is starting to seem like perhaps anything he's doing is being done with good intentions; he's worried about what someone else did to Byul, and trying to help her. One of his students in 2017 is a Minister on Smart Earth in 2037, and he's helping Bum Gyun...maybe. Lee Ho Soo is helping anyone who he thinks will take away his memories, which consist entirely of finding his girlfriend after she hung herself. Was she one of the students that died at the very beginning? This requires attention and moves quickly and keeps me guessing, so I'm happy.

Suspicious Partner 

We had a long discussion about this guy on twitter.
I know that everyone is talking about how ADORABLE Wookie is in love. He always is. I think this is the reason why he's been in all these adventure type shows rather than a straight up rom-com. I mean can anyone take that much squishability at once? However, the character that I'm most invested in right now is Eun Hyuk. When asked why I have sympathy for a cheater, my response was that he has been honest since that moment and has repeatedly put himself in the position to let the injured party punish him. He feels that he deserves to be punished, and I've always admired people who are brave enough to admit they are wrong and do not run away from their penalty they should pay.
Seriously, the show is nothing special particularly, in terms of plot, but I'm enjoying Ji Wook and Bong Hee together (and apart) and Eun Hyuk...well, everything that Trot said. My one gripe with this particular story line is that the poor girl in the middle gets no love from anyone, and she is not a bad person, either.
I think the end game is to get her back with Eun Hyuk, but frankly she needs to suffer more. I mean she ran away from her punishment while Eun Hyuk stayed and took hi.

Seven Day Queen 

Okay, this week yes, I do see Lee Dong Geun being a little heavy-handed in his portrayal of Yonsangeun, but it still doesn't matter. He's mentally stressed to the point of illness, being manipulated by people who don't give a shit about him, and now he's heartbroken, too. Chae Kyung is pretty much the only person who genuinely thinks about him at all, and I loved that moment when she realized who he was. Her shock, the sweet smile on his face - of course you'd hope there's hope for him. But then his brother dies, and I think that's the end of the mad king's chances for any happiness. Of course, Yeok isn't really dead - but was that luck and confusion, or a plan? I also think the subs were screwy on DF, because during the whole 'deciding punishments' phase, with no explanation or segue at all, Yeok would go from 'It was all me!' to 'She made me do it!' and back again. Clumsily handled, I think.

Ruler: Master of the Mask 

Okay, where are we with this one? Honestly, sometimes I get a little mixed up between this one and 7 Day Queen. They don't have the same plot but I find myself expecting characters from one to pop up in the other. I was watching Yeok do something in Queen, and found myself wondering when Chung Woon would show up to save him. I'm enjoyng this but am not as emotionally invested, clearly. Maybe that will change now that we're entering the arc where the Fake King gets brave enough to want things on his own. I sort of think Hwa Goon will die at some point, caught between her grandfather and her love for the true crown prince. You? Maybe it will be Gon sacrificing himself to save her in a fight, though.

Father is Strange 

Wow, surprise surprise - the moms caved and we've already had the wedding, when last week, no one had permission to do anything! I realize this means we're going to get endless episodes of in-law bitchiness, particularly from PD's mom, who is just the most crass, money-grubbing person I have seen in a long time. Her husband wants to live his life completely separately from hers and I can't say I blame him, at this point. In other news, Adorable Soccer Coach Park's dad made an appearance and he's as repugnant as PD's mom - but the episode brought Ra Young and her cutie pie coach even closer, which I don't mind at all. And then, speaking of closer - last week Joong Hee realized he had very non-brotherly feelings about Mi Young, and this week the two were pressured into a situation where they'd need to kiss for work reasons, and it was every bit as awkward and awful and sad as you might expect. Based on her behavior, I'm thinking that besides being very shy, Mi Young might be a little more aware of Joong Hee as a man than she might have thought - and we know he loves her, so those kisses must have been torture. Please, please put them out of their misery soon, Show. Let them be in love without any pain. (Also, who thinks Joong Hee is going to pay for the nephew's magnet school tuition?)
I am tempted to pick this up now because YT vids keep making me watch clips of Joong Hee and Mi Young and you know I love the actor playing cutie soccer coach, but I watched the wedding and family meeting ep and I hate the MIL so much that I'm not sure I can stomach how horrid she is going to treat Lee Yuri's character (she looks GREAT, by the way--how can she look so good on a computer game bike?!?!)

Man to Man (Finale) 

So, was that one last mission and now K is going to disappear into a life with Cha Do Ha? I don't mind that, but I can't see him coming and going indefinitely. It was sad watching Un Gwang and Mi Eun close the door on their old love, but a little weird to see that Chairman Mo and Song Mi Eun would patch things up. Happy for the Spy Ahjussi endings, honestly, I liked the individual wrap ups pretty universally - but am left somehow feeling like this story kind of drooped along the way. Maybe I just wasn't interested enough in the spy story? I did enjoy the individual performances very much - everyone seemed perfectly cast. I watched the final two episodes on Netflix rather than a pirate site and that was nice, indeed, but I hope they figure out that they need to release episodes as they air, next time.

Bad Thief, Good Thief 

I'm stuck somewhere.

The Best Hit 

Can we get this plot moving, please? Episodes are full of cameos and comic performances from pretty much everyone on screen, but it doesn't really feel like anything is HAPPENING.


Midway through the second episode it clicked for me that Dad is the guy from Castaway on the Moon, which I loved, and particularly him in it, not that there were a ton of choices there...I like him here, too. He's totally selling the crazed parent searching for his sick child, and yet it doesn't seem unlikely at all that he has enough presence of mind to see the inconsistencies and begin to work with the kid he first believes is his daughter's kidnapper. As for that kid, holy shit: Yang Se Jong, I didn't watch you in Romantic Dr. Kim. Perhaps I should. Who could believe that someone so inexperienced could tackle such a difficult role? And yet he has, and while we aren't seeing a whole lot of Twin B yet, Twin A is completely believable. I hope he can keep this up. And finally, who is with me in this? Doesn't Prosecutor Choi just make you want to smash her face? There's something WRONG about this woman. I don't like the way she sounds, I don't like the way she looks - why is she always sort of smiling no matter what the situation is? - I don't like the way she moves or holds her head. I do not like her at all. Is she someone I'm supposed to grow to understand? Time will tell.

Forest of Secrets (New)

I want to watch this because I adore Cho Seung Woo, but no subs, which surprises me.
Everything is slow these days, and more complex shows are always the slowest!
Subs are out by the time we're posting this. Lots of raving


One Blog Three Threads Ten Thousand Comments 

thanks, Juls, for those.

Princess Agents (New) 

This sure starts with a bang, doesn't it? I'm intrigued by the story, even as I'm put off by the stiff acting of the Shitty Princes and the horrible CGI. At a certain point they even give up the pretense of graphics and just use a stuffed animal. Yes, really. But I'm going to keep watching for now because I'm in the mood to watch a girl transform from hunted slave to kick ass warrior. Okay and because Prince Yan Xun is cute, cute, cute. Note for our friends - this isn't picked up anywhere, although Viki is trying. For now, there's an official Youtube Channel with subs. Please don't mention illegal sites in the comments, because we can get in trouble for that even if we aren't linking. Update: Episode 2 was not good (weird camera angles, terrible acting, horrible subs) and yet, I do intend to watch Episode 3.
I saw 6 episodes and it's not good and not getting better. I'm no longer interested. Shame!

American Gods 

Just a back story about Dead Wife's ancestor (maybe?) and the leprechuan. I'm not going to stop watching but this just isn't something that I can find much to say about. When we get to the showdown between the old gods and new I think that could change.