Rants and Weekly Raves #145 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Maybe while we all melt from the heat we'll watch dramas, and if I put this up earlier than the weekend we'll have more time to jot down our thoughts.
kakashi: I'm on strike, it's far too hot. People are actually dying because of the heat
Trotwood: I kept coughing though every time I went into the air conditioning and I would stop when I warmed up. Go figure. I hate the heat, but more I hate the humidity. Your body parts shouldn't stick together. I'm caught up with all the dramas I'm watching. I think that's a first though.
You can enter Korea with a clear conscious. And then promptly fall behind on everything.


Fight My Way 

I have greatly appreciated that even if he was momentarily shocked by her appearance, Dong Man has never given Hye Ran even the slightest reason to think he would take her back. And the end of the second episode this week was supremely satisfying. I mean, it wasn't Ye Hua stabbing a bitch through the heart, but it was close. I am liking Joo Man less and less as the weeks go by, but I'm frustrated with Seol Hee, too. He's not explaining himself very well to her, but he's got a point: he has aspirations for career and material success and she's content with their life as is. I suppose he could see that as comforting - ie, she's not going to hold it against him if he doesn't do well - but what he wants is a partner who will be working along side him who wants the same things, and there's nothing wrong with that. Oh well, I guess it does take time to come to terms with these things, and the necessary outcome of people growing apart is at least one of them gets hurt...but what I hold against him is his weakness in front of that stupid, shameless girl. On a happier note - looks like Coach and Landlady do kinda develop a thing! I do love this, but if I'm 100% honest I think it's at least half because I adore Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won.
What I liked about this week's episodes is the flashback to earlier times. It looks to Ae Ra like history is repeating itself and she has to watch, once again, Hye Ra win. However, what we get to see is all those times when obviously he was dating Hye Ran merely because he's a doof and Hye Ran was aggressively pretty but actually cared about Ae Ra. If I cared at all about bitchy Hye Ran, I might feel sorry for her because we find out that she hates Ae Ra because she has known all this time what no one else has acknowledge: Ae Ra was ALWAYS the person Dong Man cared about the most. Even when he was dating her (or probably anyone for that matter), Ae Ra received his very genuine first thought care. It doesn't excuse her behavior; it was a real nasty move to come and take that job from Ae Ra just out of spite. She couldn't think that would score her points with DM, so she must have just wanted to be mean. I'm hoping that coach and landlady make up for the fact that I really want Joo Man and Seol Hee to break up. It made me like him less to see that he's drawn to Ye-Jin for the same reasons that he first fell for Seol Hee. He should just break up with her if he wants something different than what she has always been; he shouldn't be made at her for being who she is because he wants something different. I like her parents and their more than subtle hints that think she can do better.
He may not have seen her willingness to be happy with the bare minimum as meaning that she'd never try for anything more.  We learn about each other as we go, and there's so much that unfolds about a person, even to themselves, when they're young.  I don't blame him for going, if he does; I blame him for not having more self-control while he's with her at this moment, and I do think she can find someone better suited for herself.


Woohoo. What a ride this is turning out to be.  Everyone is bringing it to the table and the layers of betrayal and loyalty are great to see. I did not predict the relationship between Do Han and Gwang Woo or the connection between their past and Kyung Soo's mother. I want everyone to get their revenge, but I really liked how Soo Ji called Do Han out for his manipulation of others for his own means. She's exactly right, and you can tell by the look on his face that she knows she is right. I am surprised that she didn't call the priest out on his role in all of this--after all he is a priest, but she knows Do Han is the leader in all of this. My concern is that Eun Joong's work for the light could actually hinder the road to justice, especially since (or despite the fact that) he is so trying to do things the right way. I'm also distracted with worry over what that creepy Shi Wan is up to. 
This drama is truly excellent fodder for conversation, isn't it? I so wish you and I could sit at a table with coffee and talk our way through every bit of it. I love Kyung Soo and Bo Mi without reservation, and Soo Ji too, so because Soo Ji's behavior with Shi Wan is only different from Do Han's plan for revenge/justice in matter of degree, it's not possible for me to condemn him without condemning her. My law abiding heart knows that they are BOTH wrong, but my mother's heart understands Soo Ji and my child's heart understands Do Han. I don't want them to stop. I want them to continue on and find a way to trap Yoon Seung Ro so that he can never escape, but I don't want them to kill him OR his creepy turtle-head son. Like you, I worry that Eun Jung will hamper them by his insistence on staying in the lines. This is fantasy fulfillment. Let them live out what I would like to do but never would in the same situation.


Does anyone at all care where Byul came from? Are we ever going to find out? I knew that minister was too good to be true, the slimy snake, and now I'm just disgusted with ALL the scientists: how could Gyu Chul make his own child so vulnerable? We all knew Woo Jin would turn out to be alive, right? I wonder if he's going to be all plugged up like the Matrix.

Suspicious Partner 

I'm so relieved that Bang is okay, but really what is with that planting of the evidence, Young Hee? Sigh. I'm not getting the motivational anger of Moo Young other than him being upset over his son's death.  Why is he blaming the prosecutors for the accident, and why doesn't he want to get to the bottom of these murders? Is it just because he so desperately believes that Bong-Hee is guilty? Or he doesn't want the office to be embarrassed any more? I love that the moms finally find out; that plot point was dragging to the point of being annoying. I cracked up when Eun-Hyuk reminded Bang that he should pretend to be surprised in front of the moms about our OTP dating. But boo, show. Ruining perfect post-coitus snuggle time with horrible flashback reveal? Are there only ten people in Seoul that these people are so connected without realizing it?
It's lazy, but whatever. I've been enjoying this, although I fear I'll lose interest while Ji Wook struggles with Daddy Issues. As for that old prosecutor; he's more interested in protecting the reputation of himself and his ranks at this point. There's this domino effect where lots of mistakes are starting to show up, and he'd rather cover that up than be open, because he believes that if the public loses faith in the prosecutors, apart from any personal damage that does to him it will be chaos in such an orderly society.

Seven Day Queen 

I am so sad for everyone in this drama, and yet, it's not like I spend the whole thing (or even much of it) crying. For me it ends up being pretty exciting because the mad king is doing what he believes he must do to protect himself, and yet it wars with his heart both because he loves his brother and wishes he didn't have to do these things, and because he treasures Chae Kyung - who loves the prince with all her heart, but sees the good in the king and wants to do anything she can to restore that relationship. And the poor prince, who believes it was his brother who sent assassins, when of course it was those two evil souls at his side. The dowager queen is a mother who understands the politics, but so far she hasn't been evil, just a mother trying to protect her child. That girl who saved Lee Yeok from dying, she's not your typical second lead either. She loves him and wants him, but more, she wants him to succeed at what he wants to do, and we can see her be reluctantly impressed by Chae Kyung's dogged determination. I know it will end with me in tears, but in the meantime I'm just watching it all hurtle toward that point, eyes glued to the screen.

Ruler: Master of the Mask 

Sorry babies, missed you this week.

Father is Strange 

And you, too.

Bad Thief, Good Thief 

Now on Viki!
Where was it before? And is this a hint? I have conveniently forgotten to even think about this.
It was on an unsafe site with lots of ads, and no, not a hint. Don't do what you don't enjoy! This is a hobby, and we do it for fun.
I'll make one more effort sometimes this week. If it's a real pain, I will drop it

The Best Hit 

Oh goodness, you too!


Yeah, I completely forgot to watch this last week, so this week I had 4 episodes to watch - which I did, although I had to rewatch one of them because I kept losing track. Okay because I kept nodding off. I wasn't bored with the show, just tired. I feel a lot less confused than I did after the first two episodes, which is fortunate: I was very confused. I still hate that prosecutor with the lispy way of speaking and her egg-shaped head, but I will say that I admire her tenacity. Maybe she's a clone? Speaking of: I was already calling bullshit on Sung Joon's ability to keep going despite everybody and their brother using him for punch/kick/bash practice (shouldn't he have broken ribs at least?) but now we find out his insides are basically a senior citizen and I'm wondering how he's even alive. Although I guess since they put him in the hospital, they sort of addressed that issue. Now, Sung Hoon - I feel like he's the original clone, but why that makes him better than any other clone is unclear to me. Doc is dead but on ice, so why is that? To make more of them at some point? Tuning in next week.

Forest of Secrets

You know that saying that you can't see the forest for the trees? This is some twisty stuff. I didn't hear exactly when they were going over our hero's childhood - does he have some sort of defined emotional/mental situation like Aspergers or something else?Apparently, he was super sensitive to sound. A cuckoo clock or bad notes on a piano would throw him into a rage; he broke that clock and hurt people just to make them stop.  Even his stepfather still calls him a psycho. He ended up having brain surgery to try to correct this because of the excruciating pain and the effect on his behavior, but it also removed the part of brain that allows us to have emotions--like Jang Hyuk's character in Beautiful Mind.  What I like about this show so far is that so many people have more layers than I thought, and you really can't trust anyone. I didn't see the twist about Eun Soo coming nor the seeming real righteousness of Chang Joon. But why didn't Shi-Mok tell Soo Chan that he does have a witness for him using the knife to re-enact the murder--Yeo Jin?   I'm glad it airs on weekends, though, because I don't have time during the week to watch such long episodes.

Teacher Oh Soon Nam 

I think the little girl will die and so will the grandmother--sooner rather than later. There's entirely too much foreshadowing and talk of the girl's illness and the grandmother's degenerating health. And frankly, I think it's going to take such a shock to get Soon Nam out of her rut of victimhood to what needs to be a take no prisoners Angel's Revenge kind of thing. And someone, anyone, needs to help her get rid of those wire bangs of hers.

My Only Love Song 

I admire the honesty with which these actors throw themselves into this ridiculousness. There's eye candy and stuff to laugh at, so I peck away at it.

The Idol Master

I watch this in bits and pieces. It's completely forgettable so far, even with a suited-up Sung Hoon, complete with broken heart for dead girlfriend.
Sung Hoon AGAIN? Does he have a twin we don't know about? 
I think this aired earlier in the year, or possibly last year, I don't know.  But now you have me thinking about two Sung Hoons, and I need a nap.
I think it started in April. The news about it came out last fall because of the casting of some real girl group idols and because one of them had to be replaced because of an injury. For some reason, I thought it had completed filming before Secret Romance or his time in that Jungle show. It's based on a video game where the player gets to be a producer who trains ten idol wannabes. Sigh. The random things I know because of Sung Hoon. 


Boom Chicka Chao Wow 

Haha, I love this category. Soon, other of our favorite actors will get jealous. Look how naughty he looks here

Advisors Alliance 

Viki didn't get the license. It's a sad, sad day. There is a Youtube channel though. Who knows ...someone might sub? I watched some episodes raw, but, oh well, there is a LOT of dialogue :D

Ice Fantasy Destiny

Just when I thought we were free, episode 6 popped up. However, Saki is the driving force behind this and she has stuff to do until sometime in July so yes, episode 6 is here, but no, we probably don't have a recap. I'm not particularly sad about that, although I am curious about the hair drying scene...