Fanfiction: Mo Yuan and Shao Wan - Chapter 38 (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms 三生三世十里桃花)

Chapter 38

written by kakashi

Shao Wan inclined her head, like one did when other royalty was departing and murmured friendly goodbyes, like one did when being civil. She waved at the Imperial Grandson, whom she felt genuinely fond of. He was so cute in his earnestness, yet very smart for a kid his age, with the necessary naughtiness to ensure he would never be as boring as most of his relatives up in the Heavens. The young Celestial twin, too, she didn’t mind … how could she when he looked so much like his older brother. But the Fox Queen! How did she, the Demon Ancestor, the oldest living Goddess in all the realms, deserve to be treated with so much contempt and haughtiness by that vixen! For no reason at all!

“I am glad she is gone and hope she’ll never come back,” Shao Wan said with emphasis and shook her whole body, hoping that would rid her of the very unpleasant feeling she had after interacting with the Fox Woman.

“I told you to be respectful,” Mo Yuan snapped at her, “I cannot believe you fought again!”

Shao Wan’s own anger flared up. How dare he raise his voice at her!

“I only asked her questions about your twin, she started the fight!”

“I can well imagine what kind of things you asked if she reacted like this,” he gave back, “you Demon women really are… Heavens, she must be so scandalized.”

“She is confused when she looks at you,” she challenged him.

“Yes, because you keep antagonizing her like this! She probably thinks she needs to save me from you.”

“It’s what I’m saying, she wants to claim you too!”

“She is of the Fox Clan, Shao Wan! She would never-” Mo Yuan broke off in mid-sentence, shook his head in despair and then started walking towards the library, obviously thinking he had a right to just end this conversation like this.

“You there, stop,” Shao Wan hissed and grabbed Mo Yuan’s sleeve. For a moment, it looked like Mo Yuan would fight her, but he just looked at her haughtily.

Shao Wan could not stand not knowing what he had felt and might still be feeling for that woman. She had prodded, but he never offered any information. In fact, the short time here with him had been enough to teach her what Mo Yuan’s most infuriating character trait was. Not his perfectionism or his tendency to overthink everything: No, it was his secrecy. He kept everything to himself.

He had regular nightmares, but he never said a word about their content when he accepted her comfort afterwards. He was prone to stare into empty space for long stretches of time after reading his military documents, looking gloomy, but never shared any of his troubles. Today, his brother and his wife had come to see him on the day he had returned to the realms. It clearly moved him that they remembered, but it was obvious the memories were also quite painful to him. Yet, he never told her anything about his experience in the nothingness, even though he must know she would understand.

It was only during their lovemaking that he hid nothing and gave her everything. He made no secret of his urgent need for her, like she would not hide her equally ferocious need for him. It warmed her soul to see the desire in his eyes flare up. His touch was like a heavenly blessing, it made her feel strong and whole and invincible. She would never tell him, because she feared to be ridiculed, but it was their coupling that had finally made her understand the principles of universal harmony. In their moments of ecstasy, when their extreme opposites ceased to matter and they became one, there was balance. A simple, yet grandiose balance that was beyond space and time. It was the very foundation of the universe that she felt then. If only Father Immortal had sent his son to sleep with her back at school! She would have been enlightened much earlier.

“Stop picking needless fights,” he lectured her, in an infuriatingly pompous tone, “and act in accordance with your age.”

“Presumptuous! I am older than you!” she exclaimed, “you cannot speak to me like this!”

“Older? Hardly, when you were dead for 190,000 years,” he gave back, shook off her hand and continued walking.

He would not get away that easily. With a low growl, she grabbed the front of his robe, slammed his back against a pillar with all her force and started to kiss him aggressively. He stubbornly kept his mouth shut. Fine, kisses were not necessary. That he was playing hard to get did not lessen her desire, quite the opposite.

She started to tear at his clothes with both hands. She hated these robes! Why would anyone wrap such delicious flesh in so many layers of tightly wound cloth that didn’t come undone even if you pulled with all your strength? Did he glue it shut with magic?

“Don’t rip this robe, it’s one of my favorites,” he coolly said.

“Then take it off already,” she panted.

“No. I do not want-”

She shut his mouth with another kiss and this time, she got her tongue in. She cared nothing for other people. Let them see how passionate they were. In fact, she wanted people to see that this man was hers. Let those virginal boys in white get a lesson in lovemaking. Let that fox smell her Demon essence all over the God of War the next time they met!

Mo Yuan pushed her away, forcefully. “I want you to stop,” he said, looking very angry. That didn’t help. She wanted him very much, since early in the day. She always wanted him, but seeing him exchange pleasantries with the beautiful Fox Lady had made her blood boil, her temper flare - and her lust rise. It was so obvious, Mo Yuan and that woman shared a very deep bond. Every time the Fox Lady looked at him with those doe eyes full of admiration and he smiled at her warmly, Shao Wan wanted to scratch her eyes out.

If he was not available to sleep with her, she would just fight him. She narrowed her eyes and moved into the Tiger pose. She wanted him to know she was serious - the tiger only knew one direction, forward, aggressively, toward the prey. Mo Yuan reacted instinctively by shifting into a defensive position. Of course, he chose the Dragon style. So predictable.

“I am not going to fight you with your powers sealed,” he declared, but his body remained tense.

“We will see about that,” she snarled and attacked him.

Even without her immortal powers, her speed and strength were above average. She went for his throat, like a tiger would, but he blocked off her blunt attack with a simple upward movement of his right arm. She quickly followed up with her elbow, then hands, knees, feet, in quick succession. She smiled triumphantly when he was forced to take a step back. Using the momentum, she pressed in on him and tried to trap him against one of the pillars, but she had not really expected him to make such a mistake and he didn’t.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, stepping to the side and lowering his arms.

Now that was just stupid. She got him with her outstretched fingers in the pressure point underneath the collarbone before he quickly jumped out of her reach. He gasped - that must have hurt.

“Fine,” he said, gritting his teeth, “why do I even try to reason with you.”

With a blinding blue streak of light directed at his head, he sealed his own powers and moved back into a defensive position.

She grinned at him, but he looked dead serious. He stared at her in that sullen, uptight way she knew so well from when they were young. Oh, how she had missed this. They began to circle each other, trying out the other’s reflexes with small feints. It felt very familiar, instantly, and yet different - she knew him far more intimately now than she had known him before. She watched his face, she watched his slow, fluid movements and she felt a thrill race through her entire body, intensely sexual in nature. She wanted to mount and ride him Demon style, to claim him as her own, right here in this Great Hall of his.

Even as a mere mortal, Mo Yuan was an exceptional fighter. She maybe had speed as her biggest advantage, being lighter than him - but he sure had an advantage when it came to strength. She wondered whether she stood a chance at all against him.

He kept up his circling, glowering at her with furrowed brows. Her anger always made her do stupid things - but his anger was cold and controlled. Her heartbeat increased as he watched him. The slow circling continued for what felt an eternity until she snapped and lost her patience. She jumped at him with a growl. Expecting exactly that, he stepped to the side and struck several pressure points on her arm in quick succession. It hurt so much tears shot into her eyes, so much she was actually glad when the arm turned entirely numb shortly after. It was simple, yet effective battle protocol: attack the arm that attacks you. Especially if your opponent was predictable enough to lose her patience.

He did not let her catch her breath or nurture her numb arm. Now it was him who attacked her with powerful hand strikes and low, sweeping kicks. Those were like the sweep of the dragon's tail, immensely annoying to a tiger that depended on fast and violent forward movement and saw itself forced to defend itself. She managed to dodge his attacks - until Mo Yuan changed his style mid-attack, coming at her lightning fast with a move she had never seen before. He delivered a double palm heel blow to her chest, which threw her backwards, following up immediately with a palm heel strike to her solar plexus that knocked the wind out of her.

The tricksy bastard was playing dirty when she was playing by the rules? How ironic. Her head was swimming, but she was so thrilled she managed a perfect backward roll and sprang to her feet and into a defensive position. For whatever foolish reason, he did not follow up to finish her off but waited in the Forward Stance for what she would do. She would attack, of course. But this time, she was going to leave all stances and known sequences aside.

The way to beat Mo Yuan was to trick him into believing he understood the situation. He celebrated so many victories because of his ability to foresee his opponent’s next move. It made him confident, this ability - maybe too confident. She had to trick him into foreseeing something when she was going to do something completely different.

She moved forward, increasing her speed, feeling the first strain in her arms and shoulders. Quite surprisingly, not having her magic heightened her pleasure in this fight. It was honest and brutal. Every time her hands connected with his flesh, it felt like an achievement. To hear his breath becoming more labored as the fight continued, to smell his body as it heated up, to hear him grunt when she hit him… it was exhilarating.

She would soon be too tired to continue. She began to modulate known moves more frequently now, mid-attack, as he had done. Hands forward but turned slightly to the side at the last moment. Tiger claws turned into snake hands unexpectedly. Not dodging but moving forward. Fighting like a madwoman who had no clue how to move.

It worked. Confused, he ceased to attack, too wary to think her strange behavior was not deliberate.

Once she had him still, she jumped forward, right in front of him and slung her arms around his body, hugging him very close. He was so surprised by her move, he missed the opportunity to push her away. His breath was still coming quickly, like hers, and their chests rose and fell in unison. She bit him in the neck, several times, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to convey how much she desired him. He sucked in his breath and his arms came up, to her hips. She tightened her own arms, expecting him to push her away, ready to hang on if he would - but he didn’t.

He made a low sound in his throat, almost like a predator from the mortal realm, and she felt him grow hard underneath his robes. She lifted her head from his neck and sought his mouth. Now he was kissing her back. It was an urgent kind of kiss, one she had come to call hungry. When he kissed like that he would not even try to go slow. Good, because she wanted it fast.

When she tore at his robes again, he helped her. The belt was bested, the outer robe on the floor. She made a point to step on it - punishment for being such a stubborn piece of clothing. She started working on the second layer, but Mo Yuan was distracted, kneading her breasts through her gown.

She managed to remove the second layer all by herself. It was conquered and on the floor. Now for the white garment challenge. There were more knots and belts. She cursed foully, which made him chuckle. It wasn’t funny at all to her, this was serious business.

“I wonder why exactly you’re behaving like you haven’t seen me for millennia?” he whispered.

That damn fox and her moony eyes were to blame and it was unlikely he did not know this.

Because she was preoccupied with his clothes, he managed to drag her behind the crane paravan, somewhat away from where every passerby would see them.

That didn’t matter. She had finally managed to free his member and pushed him to the floor, onto his back. She straddled him and guided him into herself, not bothering to take any of her own skirts off, inhaling sharply when he filled her up completely. Not losing any time, desperate to quench her craving and to claim him as her own, she started moving up and down and in a circular motion, almost but not quite letting him slide out before she impaled herself deeply again.

She looked down at him as she rode him Demon style, his beautiful, flushed face, his closed eyes with the elegant lashes, his smooth skin, his slightly parted lips - and she felt that knot in her stomach again, that knot that was half fear, half something else she had no name for.

She increased the pace, moaning loudly as her pleasure built. Right before they reached climax together he pulled her face down to kiss her passionately. As they shuddered in pleasure with their tongues intertwined, her energies surged, wildly, coming very close to breaking his seal, and she couldn’t stop it as her climax rocked her.

“Did I hurt you?” she asked appalled when she saw the pain on Mo Yuan’s face afterwards.

He didn’t answer, but the answer was obviously yes.

“I am sorry. It has killed men before,” she said ruefully as she climbed off him. She used to like hurting him, but this was different. She should have told him about the weakening seal, she thought, he had not expected this at all, it had hit him badly and he did not even have his immortal powers to protect him.

“I hope they at least got to enjoy themselves in their last moment,” he retorted drily, sitting up. He started to bring his appearance in order. She watched him wrap himself up.

“Can’t you wear less?” she asked, feeling sorry to see his skin disappear.

“No, I can’t.”

“Two layers less? Or just one? What if you leave out the undergarments?”

“If you don’t stop complaining, I will go ask the Heavenly Lord for one of his nightgowns. They’re gold brocade, have spikes and are designed to keep his consorts away at night.”

He wouldn’t! Shao Wan never quite knew whether he was serious or not. He wasn’t smiling at all. Was he still angry about her dislike for the fox woman? Did he not know how skillful their enchantments were? She needed to guard her bed companion well if she didn’t want him to be snatched away.

“Can you at least wear your hair open?” He was bringing that in order too and she regretted not having shattered the hair piece. She didn’t like that he always wore his beautiful hair so tight.

“No, I cannot.”

“I could braid it for you. Demon women do this for their men.”

He raised his eyebrows at her and she wanted to bite her damn tongue, but he didn’t start with the wife business again. He must indeed still be angry, he’d never let such an opportunity pass to tease her.

“Demons also braid their … friends’ hair,” she added, “it is a very common practice.”

“We really need to work on your control,” he said, ignoring her, “my seal almost broke. I will renew and strengthen it, but that will not solve our problem.”

“Hm… I agree. I am sorry,” she said that last part really quietly. He looked alright now, but it had scared her to see her energy affect him so much.

“I will come up with a plan, then,” he said, looking stern, “with different lessons. We will do breathing exercises. Meditation. Specific spells that help you focus your energy in case you are losing control.”

“In the meditation cave?”

“Yes, it….” He caught her eager expression and shook his head in annoyance. “We will start early and end late,” he added. “And no toads allowed.”

“Will there be... breaks?”


No breaks! He must be insane. “Don’t you need to eat?”

“No, I don’t eat nor drink when I’m in seclusion.”

“I need to eat and drink though,” Shao Wan said horrified. “And what of…”

“You will adapt. Stop niggling, you’re giving me a headache.”

He stepped out from behind the paravan and strode forward, looking composed and calm, even without all his clothes. She quickly darted after him. She beamed at him from the side as he collected his remaining robes and she noticed that he looked very content and smug. Yes, demon lady favors were a good thing and she was pleased he had liked it.

Her heart filled with the most wonderful feeling when he took her hand into his to walk through the Grand Hall of Kunlun together.

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