Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 22 (Recap)

kakashi: Somebody loses his perpetual boner in this episode!
JoAnne: I would say it must be a real pain in the ass to have a perpetual boner but...that's probably more for the people around the guy with the PB.

Episode 22

Fuling decidedly brother-zones poor old Tingjun (her heart beats for Feng Tianyi, the rascal) and proves once again that she is absolutely clueless when it comes to men and their feelings. Oh well. He has the Evil Boner, so it's probably better. Best line out of Fuling's mouth (not): Maybe real love is not how happy two people are when they're together but how sad they are when they are apart. Only in K and CDrama, love.
To an ex who liked to say 'Love hurts' I would always reply 'Because you're doing it wrong.'
Mr. Boner panics because remember? The God of Shooting Stars cannot fall in love or she'll get hurt. He shakes her, but then the Boner acts up again - it's very bad. Huanzheng sees the nail in Tingjun's hand and realizes it's the Corroding Boner Nail. He knows what that means and who must have put it there. He makes sure Fuling stays away from Tingjun and tells him he's basically on the verge of death because the Boner has gone everywhere - he is too deeply in love with her inside. Yeah, bro. I know.
We make fun of him and that Corroding Boner Nail, but it's really sad. Poor guy. Fuling's father was a real asshole.
It takes a bit of dialogue, tears and back and forth until Huanzheng admits he knows how to get rid of the Boner Curse. They're bonding over their hate for Feng Tianyi and then, the procedure begins. It's very painful, of course. Huanzheng needs to replace all the bone marrow and replace Tingjun's blood. For someone who has already endured the Water Moon Punishment, this is nothing. Also: "If I can't love her, I might as well die." Noble, man, very noble.
Poor guys. Huangzheng is a really good guy, isn't he? He's grown on me so much.
The procedure is horribly painful.
Where is he touching him, I wonder?
Hahahahahahaah I was just thinking the same thing!
It's a success! Tingjun is warned explicitly not to move for 3 hours or the consequences will be severe! Wanna bet he'll move? When Fuling comes back, Huanzheng implores her to let go of Tianyi in her heart and return Tingjun's love (excuse me?) but she runs outside at what she thinks is the sound of Tianyi arriving. Nope, you've got the wrong Feng. It's the Uncle. And he brought his new zither. Dun dun.
I understand his plea; he loves her but knows she doesn't have any feelings for him, and he knows Tingjun would be good to her. As far as he knows, WKE is an asshole. Well, he is an asshole - we all know that - but there's more going on than he realizes, and WKE also sincerely loves Fuling. There's also the small detail that Fuling loves WKE, not Tingjun.
Upon hearing Feng Ren's voice, Tingjun starts getting up, despite Huanzheng's warning and rushes outside to Fuling's side. All of Fuling's men are here, because now, Wingkind Emperor strolls into the courtyard as well. He tells his uncle to stop this - and tells our guys they can go. Awwww. It pains him to see Fuling.
I'm just gonna sit here and play my zither while we live through this tense, awkward moment...
Uncle shows what a meanie he is when he makes Tianyi jealous, telling him Tingjun will wed her because she's the Shooting Star Goddess. Yup, that does it. Tianyi moves and grabs Fuling, shouting she cannot go. He pushes Tingjun out of the way, who falls to the ground, dropping the red amulet. It releases its flower, which goes and slips into Tianyi. 
Don't mind me, I'm just going to slip this won't feel a thing...just relax, take a deep breath...think of England.
 So, he is "the ruin of the God of Shooting Stars Flowers". Bummer. Remembering his promises to Fuling's father, Tingjun grabs a sword and attempts to kill Tianyi ... but Fuling throws herself in between. In the confusion that follows, Huanzheng manages to flee with Tingjun and the wounded Fuling.
Tingjun looks pretty hot in this clip. For a stabby guy, anyway.
That flower-thing badly hurts Tianyi, who is raging like a lunatic on his bed. He hallucinates about his dead parents and how they mistreated him and no doctor knows how to help him.
That does not even look like him.
Tingjun, free of the Boner, talks to the unconscious Fuling for a long time. I feel asleep in between, so I didn't get detail. It was about his complicated love for her, I'm sure it was sweet. He then gets another attack that looks like it was caused by the Corroding Boner, which it wasn't, unless the poison is still in his body. Don't expect any explanations from this drama.
I wonder if he's free of The Boner, or of All Boners...I assumed the attack was because three hours ago he had all the bone marrow removed from his body (apparently through his ass, going by the pictures) and two hours ago, despite orders, he was in a neighborhood brawl. Or maybe it's like Pavlov's dog, and he got a boner just then, and he's just conditioned to make that face when he does.
When Uncle gazes at his nephew, he sees the mark. Flower. Outside there is trouble ... many ministers have come to ask about the Wing Ceremony. And there are rumors ... WKE, who has a human mother, has no wingholes. He will never grow wings. In Huanzheng's hut, Fuling's Flower mark also starts glowing. Tianyi jerks awake ... he screams it feels like he's burning up, like his bones are breaking. And our Wingkind Emperor grows the most beautiful golden wings.
No one wonders how it is that he just floats up into the sky 20 feet before the wings appear, either.
Baby. Well done.  
Of course his wings are gold. He's WKE, dammit!


A good episode! I kept nodding off, man, I must be getting old. Anyway, I hope it all makes sense, I tend to continue writing when I'm falling asleep, which sometimes makes for very funny sentences. 
I once nodded off while copying over an essay in high school, to be turned in the next day.  In the middle of the essay I began writing out my dream. Fortunately my handwriting got really bad because I was sleep-writing, so I noticed it and redid that page!