Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 23 (Recap)

kakashi: Twu Wuv unites, a sinister new character makes an appearance and I'm counting the episodes I still need to recap.
JoAnne:  You and me both.  This shot looks like a painting, doesn't it?  Mary visited by the Angel Wingkind.

Episode 23

It's a very painful affair, the spreading of wings without wingholes. But they're golden and glorious. Our boy is a man now.
Don't have a hole?  Make one!
Uncle is happy too: 
Fuling wakes up - she's in pain. But she is also very determined, as is her flower tattoo ... must reunite with twu wuv Tianyi. She doesn't even personally say goodbye to Tingjun before she flies away in the Starship. That's harsh. He is suffering from the boner after-effects.
NOW I understand my confusion in the next episode.  You'll see. (I did 24 and then 23)
Fuling flies straight into a thunderstorm AND the pollen is depleted. The starship crashes. But! Tianyi, despite bad CGI, saves her. They hug in the forest everybody always goes to, but she is still f u r i o u s because she thinks he loves other girls. 
I'm sure that bad CGI made it very difficult.
She stalks away, but it starts raining, heavily. She breaks down, sobbing ... when suddenly, a golden wing is used to shield her from the tempest. That, FINALLY, leads to them making up. But not making out.
I knew, I just KNEW you were going to say something about golden showers.  But nope.
The Ministers are all waiting for the Spreading of Wings ceremony. Everybody is anxious, the auspicious time has passed - where is the Emperor? Here! He flies in, showing off his golden wings and his new bride. All is well with Wingkind! Hail, hail, hail!
Has there been a consuMAYshun?
After suffering horribly for his stupidity (I mean the moving too early), Tingjun goes to the One Cliff and remembers Bi Anhua and her pointless death. He is now disfigured with some Corroding Boner scars. He doesn't jump though, just reminisce.
Boners are never particularly attractive, but one learns to be fond of them.  Poor Tingjun, I do feel bad for you.
In front of the miraculously saved starship, Tianyi finally tells Fuling his big secret: he's "a damaged prince". Awww, darling(btw, the reason might be that his mama also was Humankind, like Fuling). The reason why he searched for the amulet (that he stole in that cave waaaaay back when this drama actually made sense) was because he wanted the goddess to give him the ability to fly. Methinks she has granted you your wish?
Plus a girl you like, and YOU don't have a corroding boner.  Seems pretty rosy on your side of the fence, WKE.
She wants to know where that Goddess is now? Well ........ He says never mind! His uncle has asked him what he would choose, Yi Fuling or wings and he chooses Yi Fuling. If he doesn't have wings, he can still travel the whole continent on foot. Together with her, his Queen.
Very sweet, all of that, but the head pieces are seriously getting out of control.
Glad that's settled. Moving on. While Tianyi is happy with his bride, his uncle is decidedly unhappy. Tianyi STILL doesn't have any wingholes, even if he sprouted wings. So he is considering "wing surgery"? Gasp. Also: Is he drunk? He speaks in riddles. I think he feels redundant and wants to fly away.
WTF cares if there are holes or not?  There are WINGS. Do you become the emperor for having great wing holes?  Do the ministers stand around and say things like 'Wow, I wish I could have wingholes half as good as our beloved emperor.  His wing holes really set the standard for the country.' No?  No!  Of course they don't.
Tingjun plays sadly on the little flute that Bi Anhua gave him. I suddenly think of Kasuo. Suddenly, a voice! A dark figure! He asks why "his little girl's flute" is in Tingjun's hand - she must be dead. And the sinister person claims she died to help Tingjun and that God of Shooting Star Flower. I seem to have forgotten how her death would help anyone, but hey, that's just me and my very bad memory.
I blocked all this.
Mr. Sinister's name is Tian Yazi (and his older brother is Tian Jizi, the advisor in Shuang City - he hates him). He knows a lot about the politics of Humankind and he suggests Tingjun should to go back to the Capital. His mother has been missing for a long time and things are a complete mess. It's a perfect opportunity for an exiled prince.
Go Prince Go!


I am glad Tingjun has found such a capable advisor and will now go to the Capital where he belongs.
You don't give a shit about Tingjun or his advisor.

What else .... Fuling and Tianyi can't delight me anymore, she behaves like a 12 year old and that's decidedly unsexy. Plus, it's calamity time. Yin and Yang have met, she will have to die.
But please, at least let WKE be all sexy and mostly naked in a scene where we forget to admire his wing holes or lack thereof because we're too busy wondering what else he's got going on just out of screen.