Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 24 (Recap)

kakashi: Tianyi finds out about the Goddess-business and freaks out. Understandably.
JoAnne: I wish I had that pretty of a freak out face. I look more like the Home Alone kid, but older, fatter, brunette, and not a boy.

Episode 24

Huanzheng pays his respects to Ji Shu's wife, lamenting Fuling's foolishness and Shifu's absence. Suddenly, he remembers the red amulet (or maybe it moved inside his pocket? not sure), opens the hidden door and lo and behold! His red amulet joins the yellow amulet and it dances, dances, dances, yin and yang happily reunited. (How come the yellow amulet is here? Does it matter? I guess not).
It doesn't matter. Things happen because the writer or director needed them to happen.
At the Stars Court, the teachers get all concerned because the Seven Stars Lantern sways back and forth. Hahahaaaaa, this is so damn silly. Turning on some wheel-device, their little video surveillance thing lights up and they happen to see the rejoining of the Shootings Star Amulet. It means the God of Shooting Stars will soon appear! Yay!
I wonder who it is. Is it someone we know? Someone new?
Tingjun thinks he know where his mommy is ... yes, you were right, kid. But mommy looks like this now:
An improvement for both of these assholes
All kinds of sad, Tingjun goes into the forest, where Chisu appears. It is also a video projector and shows Tingjun how Tianyi put the diadem on Fuling's head. Are we a little sadistic today, mechanical butterfly?
Wait. What happened to the pretty face? I don't remember when this happened, but there is not a force on this earth that could make me revisit one second of something we've put behind on us on this one - so I guess I'll never know.
Tingjun becomes a bit insane in that moment and collapses. When he comes to, he is wearing a mask and finds himself in a hut with a blind, a mute, a dwarf and some other people, one of them that student that was expelled because of Tianyi way back when I was still enthusiastic about this drama. His name is Qi Luoling, but I'm sure you all remembered that immediately. By the way, Tingjun talks differently now, to emphasize he has turned evil, I guess. 
'When he comes to, he is wearing a mask and finds himself in a hut with a blind, a mute, a dwarf, and some other people' IS THIS A PORNO?
The Stars Court teachers go collect the amulet and Huanzheng. The amulet represents the harmonious dance of the God of the Shooting Stars Flower with her lover, Pian Yu. If the reincarnations meet, the Flower Deity will awake and lots and lots of pollen will be ejaculated all over the world. The rub: Her human reincarnation will scatter in the process. Through their devices, the Star Courts dudes find out easily who the Goddess is. Could have done this earlier, maybe?
So many jokes. SO MANY.
At Humankind city, the female bodyguard Qiong Tang is ruling in the Queen's absence (by Stars Court's approval. They're meddlers). The State Master Tian Jizi isn't happy about that: He wants to be the Regent. When things get quite heated, Tingjun appears. Luoling kills the State Master. I'm not sad.
I don't give a fat fig for any of this.
Tingjun is the new monarch:
The Phaaaaaaaaantom of the Opera is here.
The new State Master is ...
This guy is ridiculous.  Why not just twirl your mustachios and be done with it, Villain?
The Stars Court dudes go to Wingkind City, for the wedding and other stuff, like making sure Fuling actually scatters. They want peace on Lan continent and they need the pollen for that. Because if Wingkind can no longer fly, Humankind will try to go to war against them. Tianyi must have been lobotomized, he is extremely friendly and even asks to be punished for his past misdeeds. Later that night, he overhears the Masters talk about how Fuling will "turn to ash".
He looks like he misheard and thought they said.. never mind.
The mechanics of this remain slightly unclear. One moment they talk about kissing, the other about her blood that has to be dropped onto the amulet during the wedding. Hmmmmm... what kind of blood? Anyway, WKE realizes him and Fuling are the incarnations (ONLY TOOK YOU FOREVER!!!) and that he does not want to watch Fuling turn to ash. Fuling is all beautiful in red the next day, ready, oh so ready to do the Yin and Yang dance ... But ... there is no Tianyi. He ran away. She gets on a starship and shouts into the night that she will jump off if he does not appear ...... so he appears. Golden wings and all.
Good lord, kids... aren't you tired of this yet?


Why did Tingjun need to pick up a circus of freaks to go back to his city? Why does he speak in such a weird voice now? Why is he even wearing a mask? Why did it literally take forever to get to the point where everybody knows Fuling is the GODDESS and Tianyi is her BOYFRIEND. Go on! Do it! Scatter! Save the world!
Dooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet