Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 25 (Recap)

kakashi: Tingjun I. starts his reign and things get much, much shittier than they already are.
JoAnne:  Well what do you expect?  He can't even get a mask fitted properly. And really, plain white? He might as well slap a piece of bread on his face with a hole cut out for his eye.

Episode 25

The new monarch takes his posse to the Sky City and gives one of his cronies (an ex-Sky City builder) the task to build it up again. Quickly, because the Pollen Shoot approaches quickly. The one who will make it possible: Ji Shu's disciple, Huanzheng.
The little guy seems sceptical.
Back to Wingkind City ... and we realize we have made a timejump backwards. Tianyi and Fuling are still happy-happy, viewing their extremely kitsch bedchambers. If you like to throw up into your mouth, now is the time to do it: Tianyi, gone all soft and mushy, gives Fuling "Bai Ze", a camel - oups, sorry, no, a unicorn with no horn. His mommy gave it to him (with horn), to tell him he would not have to be sad to be different. When Tianyi heard his parents speak about his lacking holes, he broke the horn off. Does that make sense to anyone?
Not in the slightest.  I keep thinking that to be different, the unicorn shouldn't have had a horn to begin with. But then I realized that it's not other unicorns she was talking about.  It was horses and unicorns. So that made a little more sense but then he broke the horn off so now what are we left with?  A unicorn that passes for a horse?
He is extremely sentimental when he confesses his undying unwavering love to her. Wait .... is he saying goodbye? It's certainly tinged with a lot of sadness, this get-together.
Even his head piece is just drooping right off his head.
Our valiant bodyguard lady realizes Tingun's ally Luolin isn't thinking about the greater good, just about his personal revenge on the Stars Court. Also, his advisor Tian Yazi - he was expelled from the Heaven's Secret Sect for cultivating demonic martial arts. Tsktsk.
Long hallway, bright light...traveller dressed in this all a metaphor?
Tian Yazi sniffs a skull. Why not. Ah, it's his senior brother's skull. When he hears that Bodyguard Qiong is seeking an audience, he leaves the room. She has no political finesse, this lady: she demands from Tingjun that he removes all the evil associates from his vicinity. He doesn't want to - they argue. She calls him out on his weird behavior. Well, that's a death sentence. Tian Yazi kills her with magic.
EVIL magic.
Her death affects Tingjun a great deal ... and we see how the evil magician slips Tingjun a pill. To heal him or to dominate him?
I thought I saw some handcuffs earlier...
Okay this mask really irritates me, for some reason
At Wingkind, we're back to Fuling entering the room in red wedding garb, finding out her groom has gone missing and him appearing in front of her when she threatens to jump off the sky ship. Look! She's fixed his unicorn! Wow, this is symbolic.
Symbolic in the sense that it's okay for him to be different, or symbolic in the sense that, ya know, she makes him permanently horny?
She throws him the unicorn, he gets that look on his face - the Tiany look! - and drops the ugly thing. She's like: you may not care about a stupid unicorn, but I know you care about me! And she jumps. Of course, he instinctively flits after her and catches her. Busted.
Oh, THAT Tianyi face.  I thought you meant that OTHER Tianyi face.  So disappoint.
But Tianyi is back to bad boy mode (YAY). "If you want to die, then die far away from here," he says - and drops her. It breaks his heart, of course, but he'd rather have his heart broken then her ejaculated all over Lan Continent. Her fall/impact is witnessed by Huanzheng (and cushioned by the Flower Power within her ----- Tianyi couldn't have known this, but never mind) who happens to be in that forest that everybody always goes to. 
Uh, Tianyi?  What's the difference if she's ejaculated all over Lan continent or she's exploded from a fall out of the sky?
Lots of pointless stuff follows. Feng Run is told the whole story (Tianyi and Fuling = reincarnation) and Tingjun has another breakdown over Ling'er he wants and cannot get. Fuling, with a sprained ankle, arm-twists Huanzheng into taking her to Wingkind City because she knows Tianyi: he is acting like this because he is in difficulty and wants to protect her.
He just dropped your non-flying ass out of the SKY, fool. I mean, yes, he did that to protect you, but...but... OMG you are both so STUPID.
It's night, Tianyi is in the forest that everybody always goes to. He is looking for his unicorn with horn and finds it on the ground. Okay, maybe he looked for Fuling's dead body? His unicorn has broken apart - and the head is off. Shattered, like his heart, he says. 
Oh, boo fucking hoo. Idiot.
It's day, Huanzheng tells Fuling to wait in the forest, he'll go fetch WKE. But: if WKE isn't here by nightfall, she should give up on him. Huanzheng does go to WKE (he actually just waltzes into the palace, why not), but Tianyi beats Huanzheng up and insults him as dog.
Tianyi, you're nothing but a glorified PARROT.  Who are you to insult dogs?
Huanzheng says fine, he cannot beat WKE in a fight. But he wants to inform him that this is the last he'll ever see of Fuling. She promised to forget about him in case he does not go see her today.
You'd have to be more stupid than either of those two idiots to believe THAT.


Just hurry up and finish this.
I think the kids are starting to notice our impatience, Kakashi.  Can we do like a storybook they don't know very well and just make up a quick ending?