The King's Avatar《全职高手》- Episode 3: The Unspecialized do as They Please

The King's Avatar《全职高手》- Episode 3: The Unspecialized do as they please

Blue River's thinks his 'money' may have been well spent but is soon proven wrong. Clerics and Tanks get shafted. Someone else then looses a lot of money and Ye Xiu trolls everyone as Unspecialized are meant to do. We finally see Chasing Haze and get our first glimpse of what pvp looks like in GLORY along with some great music.
When you can't fathom true skill

Ye Xiu tries not to let his feelings get the better of him and decides to head back to the game. Chen Guo still mourning over 'Ye Qiu' retirement and comes to chat with him. "It wasn't Ye Qiu's fault you know..." she says in regards to Excellent Era's plummeting rankings. Clearly not wanting to discus the issue Ye Xiu tries to distract her by having her help him with a menial task - search for particular strategy guide. Chen Guo grouses at Ye Xiu but find the guide for him anyway. Following the guide Ye Xiu easily completes a high difficulty move and gets a rare sword drop (ahh that's crafting material for his Umbrella). Chen Guo attributes it to Ye Xiu's luck and wanders off moodily. Ye Xiu lets her go and returns to his game again determined not to let the "news" drag him down, he had an appointment to keep.

In the game world Blue River and his team mates are waiting outside the entrance to the Frost Forest Dungeon. There isn't a lot of people online due to "Ye Qiu's" sudden 'retirement announcement'. Lord Grim arrives late and Blue River's guild mates wonder why he hasn't changed classes yet, he's already pass level 20. Blue River introduces the group to Lord Grim. Resounding Thunder an Elementalist (mage subclass), Bound Boat a Cleric, Nighttime Spark a Paladin and Blue River would be the party commander for the raid.

Seeing this Lord Grim suggests that if they want to break the Frost Forest Record Clear, they need to change the party's class composition - let's ditch the Cleric and MT, replace them with higher DPS classes. Nighttime Spark looses his shits but Blue River realizes that Lord Grim wants to use a Glass Cannon team (insane attack power but pathetic defensive). It's a good idea but hard Blue River concludes, how are they going to survive it? It'll be fine says Lord Grim, just let him to take command. Awww poor Blue River (but so funny still).

MT - Main Tank, the main Tank... XD

JY: As mentioned before the Tank+Healer+DPS is the golden triangle for pve raids in MMOs - this is what Blue River gathered together. Knights, Paladins or similar classes are generally the best Tanks (you see them walking around giant armor) and Mage classes are the best DPS (ranged magic attacks but they have the worst defense). However our Battle God here subscribes to the idea that offense is the best defense and the best way to not loose health is to not get hit or kill the enemy first. On this note, there's a very lovable character in the novel called Endless Night, a Cleric who gets quite badly stabbed by Lord Grim's brutal honesty.

Lord Grim walks off into the dungeon without explaining further. Eventually the Blue Brook guys arrive inside, Bound Boat and Nighttime Spark has been replaced with an Elementalist and a Witch (JY: ermahgerd this party is so squishy). Lord Grim starts the aggro pull straight away while the Blue River is still agonizing over not knowing their strategy.

"Get ready for One Wave Rush (OWR)" Lord Grim shouts back while pulling aggro from a giant mob of goblins. The Blue Brook guys look on in dread. It's not that they don't know OWR but the problem is how is Lord Grim going gather all the goblins and pull them back without getting killed first? He's not a Tank and has no level advantage and there's no healers.

Level Advantage - being several levels above your opponent
gives you absolute advantage in terms of pure
stats and damage power.

More and more mobs are gathered and just as it looked that Lord Grim was going to be killed Ye Xiu executes a z-shake and shoots past the mobs (z-shake - mechanical maneuver, you basically move forward while changing directions twice very quickly to dodge an attack). Blue River is amazed, he could do the move on it's own but to incorporate it into real battle situations not even Blue Brooks' guild leader (as in guild leader of the entire Blue Brook guild; Blue River is the guild leader of server 10) would be able to do it.

Lord Grim is still pulling goblins and lets off a series of skills from multiple different classes - Battle Mage's double-strike and Brawler's strangle. What kind of battle style is this? asks one of the Blue Brook players. Unspecialized, says Blue River. This surprises everyone - this play style was outdated 5 years ago, only idiots play it nowadays. However Lord Grim is there, right before their eyes doing just that.

At last all the goblins in the area has been collected and Lord Grim leads the mob back towards the mages leaping over their heads using aerial-fire (propel oneself through the air using the recoil from a firing gun-type weapon). What are you still waiting for? Lord Grim asks the stunned group. Attack! Snapping out of the daze the mages begin their AoE attacks, Raging Flames, Blizzard. The Witch then casts Doll Shururu (a doll that can taunt the enemy and draw aggro) regathering the goblins. Lastly Blue River does Falling Silver Blade and Lord Grim finishes off what ever goblins are left. And that is OWR.

JY: This method of quickly killing monster mobs is very common in MMOs. Butterfly Blue based the game GLORY off Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) so you'll see alot of similar class and attack names.

AoE - Area of Effect, a skill that affects a physical area.
This is what makes mage classes the best DPSer.
All monsters in the area affected by the spell
 would get hit repeatedly.

Outside Frost Forest, Bound Boat and Nighttime Spark are waiting for the group to 'die' but then Nighttime Spark receives a message from Blue River who's dying from excitement instead. They really did manage to find an expert! A system announcement then congratulates the Blue Brook team on breaking the record with a time of: 20 min 24.11 sec. 

Later that night Blue River chatted with the server 10 guild leader of Herb Garden Plantago Seed and the server 10 guild leader of Tyrannical Ambition Cold Night. Blue Brooks' record had smashed Herb Garden's Frost Forest record by 5 minutes. Plantago Seed calls Blue River shameless for hiring an expert to get the record. Blue River just gloats right back pointing out that neither Plantago Seed nor Cold Night could have done it at level 25 and Lord Grim has join Blue Brook anyway, so there's no shame in having him on the team. But as soon as he said that a system message informs Blue River that Lord Grim has left the guild. Not a second later Plantago Seed and Cold Night is laughing at Blue River over the fact. Dammit, Blue River curses, they've stuck spies in his guild again. (Spies!)

JY: Btw the sub are messed up here. They've put "Endless Night" instead of "Cold Night" but in future episodes he's subbed as "Cold Night". Endless Night is a character from the novel that got adapted out of the donghua (bit sad, he was funny).

The night passes peacefully and Ye Xiu finishes his 'day' at 8am. In the upstairs room, Ye Xiu finds Chen Guo asleep on the sofa hugging only a pillow. Sighing, he get her a blanket before heading off to bed. Chen Guo wakes up a short while later and find herself snugly covered and realizes it was Ye Xiu. She goes to thank Ye Xiu but finds him soundly asleep, it somehow cheers her up. JY: I really really like this scene!! 

It's 3:30pm in the afternoon before Ye Xiu wakes again. Chen Guo gives him some food in thanks for the blanket before taking a call and rushing out of the Internet Cafe. She's gone to pick up another employee at the Internet Cafe, Tang RouThe two girls are good friends and they affectionately call each other xiao-Tang (Little Tang) and Guo Guo. They arrive back at the Cafe and Chen Guo immediately has Tang Rou help her out in the pvp arena determined to avenge her 52 straight loosing streak. 

xiao-Tang normal and looking beastly!

Tang Rou is a complete different beast when she starts playing. People in the internet cafe gather round to watch and Ye Xiu notes her high apm when he passes by. Tang Rou wins against the opponent in less than 3 minutes. Ecstatic Chen Guo asks Tang Rou to go for another round but Tang Rou refused saying, the opponent was not good at all. 

Crestfallen Chen Guo laments that if she had Tang Rou's apm she'd be dominating the pvp arena and again asks Tang Rou why she won't play GLORY. Tang Rou thinks over the question and answers that its "too easy". Ye Xiu who had been walking away over hears that (Ouch...). Chen Guo can't help but agree though. Even though Tang Rou doesn't play, she has naturally high apm and good mechanical control which allowed her to win. If only she could find someone challenging for Tang Rou, then a light bulb lights up and Chen Guo remembers Ye Xiu who had defeated that same opponent using only 40 seconds.

So Chen Guo sets up a match between Ye Xiu and Tang Rou. Ye Xiu whispers to Chen Guo asking whether he should go easy on Tang Rou. "Ha! Say that after you win!" Chen Guo answers back. Before they begin the match Ye Xiu asks if they'd like to bet something on this match, say a packet of cigarettes or something. Tang Rou passes over a $100 bill note saying "I don't smoke, lets just keep it simple." Ye Xiu smirks, well then... if you say so.

JY: Don't look so smug Ye Xiu, don't forget in the novel you were totally broke that day.

JY: BTW they're fighting in a "Fixed Field Arena". This means that all characters have their levels adjusted so they're on even grounds. However higher level characters will still have more skills.

The match begins in earnest and Lord Grim charges forward from the get go. Chasing Haze is a Launcher, good at long ranged attacks so he'll have to get in close. Chasing Haze reacts quickly and shoots but Lord Grim does a slide-kick and slides below the flames ending up behind Chasing Haze. Getting up Lord Grim attacks straight a way with a Sword Master attack quick-draw. "Ah his umbrella is a sword type weapon!" Concludes Chen Guo. 

Chasing Haze is knocked back but she quickly back flips to gain some distance before leaping up into the air to shoot again. But Lord Grim is too fast, transforming the Umbrella into it's lance form he knocks Chasing Haze's cannon diverting the shot harmlessly aside. Chen Guo is outraged, what the hell is this weapon!? Quickly switching to Gatling-gun, Lord Grim forces Chasing Haze to be on the run. Some of the spectators realize the character Ye Xiu is playing - Lord Grim, the star of the 10th sever. The 3 major guilds are all fighting each other to recruit him but he's refused them all. 

Back in the game, Chasing Haze catches an opportunity to shoot but it was only Lord Grim's clone. Out of no where a goblin suddenly shows up and tosses a boulder at Chasing Haze, she dodges but loose sight of Lord Grim. A shadow flits by too quickly for her to catch, it was too late, Lord Grim closes in from behind and ends the battle. 

JY: Have you guys noticed that the skill he uses depends on the weapon he uses?

Tang Rou stares in disbelief at the computer, she's never lost this badly before. Besides her Ye Xiu puffs on his hands and concludes that while Tang Rou has good apm and mechanical operation she does not know how to play the game. Her left and right hand co-ordination is a mess, easily loosing her bearings when turning (GLORY has a first person perspective) and not to mention her non-existent battle tactics. It'll take a hundred years before she could beat him. 

Ye Xiu reaches out to take his cigarettes and the money but Tang Rou smacks another $100 dollar note down on the table. "One more match." Tang Rou says simply. Ye Xiu warns her that she has no chance, but Tang Rou is insistent. She might not know how to play the game but she hopes that Ye Xiu would take her seriously and not go easy on her. 

Round after round, defeat after defeat, the money piles on the tables until finally Tang Rou has no more money left on her. Sweat rolls down her face (it looks like tears but Tang Rou is not that kind of girl), "One... one more time!" she mumbles unable and unwilling to accept her defeat. Ye Xiu refuses and collects his money instead.

That shit eating grin

Chen Guo grouses at Ye Xiu, "Say something nice." So Ye Xiu says that with her apm there aren't that many people in GLORY who's faster, but there's are plenty who have better game knowledge and skills than her. (haha he tried). This shocks Tang Rou and Chen Guo tries to comfort her - the guy just has a bad mouth, you're totally dominating GLORY as is! Ye Xiu snorts, GLORY isn't a game you can win with just hand speed, it isn't as simple as you think. Walking off, he says that he'll take the money as her tuition. If there's any questions just come ask him.

To Tang Rou, the game of GLORY has suddenly changed. With a newly light fire in her eyes, she asks Chen Guo for a GLORY account and then "I will defeat him in GLORY."

:) Fiery Girl Tang Rou


Poor Blue River, I reckon I'll be saying this a lot, but at least he got his record and Lord Grim got enough crafting material to upgrade his Umbrella.

Wow and a great demonstration on the play style of the Unspecialized class :). If you watch closely you'll see that Ye Xiu needs to have his weapon transform into a particular weapon type before he can execute a skill from a certain class. 

Love the new character Tang Rou :). Not your typical cry baby girl. She has fire and determination but also a reckless streak. Looks like Ye Xiu inadvertently awoken a beast and made himself a new challenger.

Game meta:

There's 24+1 classes in GLORY.

Prior to level 20 players can learn low level skills from any class allowing them to test out different classes. There's a total of 120 different low level skills. At level 20 player can choose to change class or continue on as Unspecialized (what Ye Xiu is doing).

If you change class you'll only be able to use skills that belong to your class. Unspecialized can continue learning and using skills from any class but not any of the higher level specialized class skills.

Classes are broken down in 6 major types.
Mage Type: Battle Mage, Elementalist, Summoner, Witch
Swordsman Type: Berserker, Blade Master, Ghostblade, Spellblade
Gunner Type: Launcher, Mechanic, Sharpshooter, Spitfire
Fighter Type: Brawler, Grappler, Qi Master, Striker
Night Walker Type: Assaasin, Ninja, Thief, Warlock
Priest Type: Cleric, Exorcist, Knight, Paladin
Then you have Unspecialized.

Novel Tracking: Halfway through chapter 51