Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 26 (Recap)

kakashi: We continue but we wish it was over.
JoAnne: Oh my GOD, do we ever. It's alright, though. We somehow sense that our frustration makes things fun for you guys. Brats.

Episode 26

The beaten and bleeding Huanzheng returns to the forest - it’s proof that Tianyi is a bad, bad person. Ah, but Fuling isn’t convinced. She knows her one true love - he just doesn’t know how to express his twu feelings. She thinks she is the only one who will always understand him. Might as well just make her a reservation at a women's shelter now. And she will also wait for him in this forest, until he comes. Huanzheng shouts at her to be reasonable, but that’s an alien concept to her. He finally leaves, vowing to destroy Feng Tianyi.
Truthfully, being reasonable is sort of alien to Huanzheng, too.
Honestly, has he ever looked better?  Damn, Huanzheng.
Fuling doesn’t even have to wait for long, here comes Wingkind Emperor! She hugs (a very stiff) (is he happy to see her?) him, asking him to tell her what difficulties he is in. But no, he pushes her away. Oh. Not that kind of stiff, I guess. The difficulties? He is the Wingkind Emperor with no holes, she is the reincarnation of the Star Flower Deity. All he wanted from her are wings. Now that he’s got wings, he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. There never were any feelings between them, he just used her (and he didn’t even get any sex?!)
He's a fool. He didn't need holes for that. Not technically, anyway.
That part about the Star Flower Deity is news to our heroine (but not to us, oh no, not to us). The rest … well, WKE has to get really nasty to make her believe, telling her she cause the death of his “love” Xue Feinshuang etc. etc. Fuling doesn’t believe him, but she runs away at the end, her foot miraculously better. He breaks down crying. Back at the palace, he hugs his surprised uncle and cries some more.
Nothing is news to us anymore.  We've been watching this drama for 7 years by now.
WKE returns to their chambers afterwards and finds the box her father left for her. He wanted to give it to her on their wedding night - now there won’t be another chance, he thinks. One of his tears falls on the box - and opens it. Neat. It contains memory movies of Fuling and her dad. Once it’s done playing, it slams shut again and can no longer be opened. WTF.
What a dumb gift.
Okay, I forgot that Tianyi’s love sacrifice is actually a sacrifice of the entire Wingkind tribe - no more pollen, no more flying = Doom. They also know the Humankind are preparing the Sky City to go against them (logic fail: no pollen, no Sky City can fly). It was smaaaart Tingjun who spread the news about it (he wants to blame the Stars Court for meddling too much? Huh?).
Wait. He sacrificed the whole tribe? I thought he sacrificed his love FOR the tribe. Dammit, I refuse to go back and watch even a minute of this. I mean, I miss his pretty face but I can use stills for that, I don't need to subject myself to the actual drama.
At Humankind City, the Stars Court dudes try to get an audience with Tingjun, but Luoling gets to them first and drugs them with some fumes. Tingjun seems fine with it.
He's too busy sniffing the inside of that fugly cheap mask.
Huanzheng is now also there, immediately concerned when he sees what has become of Tingjun. He is also full of hatred towards Feng Tianyi - convenient, because Tingjun wants him to finish Sky City. But! Huanzheng knows Jishu passionately loved peace, he would never have wanted to start a war!
Jishu was an idiot. Don't be too sure you know what he would have wanted.
Well, learn and see, Huanzheng. He is led to cave, where he finds one of his Shifu’s items. Conveniently, Luoling comes in and tells Tingjun that it was clearly the Wingkind Clan who murdered Jishu and destroyed Sky City. The proof: all the Wingkind spies in the city. Of course, this makes so much sense…………… NOT. The news hits Huanzheng hard and he swears to kill Tianyi. Yes, you said that before. A bit of nudging from Tingjun and Huanzheng vows to fix Sky City. Yes, he’ll kill his own kind because he hates Tianyi so much. Huanzeng means it. There is a massive amount of SNOT coming out of his nose.
Not long after, Yi Fuling arrives in the city. For reasons not entirely clear to me, she is out cold, hallucinating about Tianyi.
She's trying to sleep through this shitfest and he IS sexy.
Comic relief with the drunken Stars Court Elder in prison. They only get one serving (for three) - the drunken “Uncle” wants to eat it all by himself. But before he can take a sip, Tingjun’s one good-hearted guard shouts “there is poison”! Luoling’s doing!
Okay this one's gotta go. You can't mess with the one funny thing left to us, Luoling.
Time passes, Fuling wakes up - Tingjun confesses his love. He asks for another chance, now that his Corroding Boner has been removed. But, to her, he will always (only) been Tingjun Gege now. “We can’t go back”. It’s Tianyi forever, even if he doesn’t want her anymore. Awwwwkward. He goes a bit insane and tries … I don’t know, he clings to her, but she pushes him away.
Is it just the corroding bit that's gone, or the whole boner? He is kind of good looking, especially when his hair is kind of shaggy/messy. It's worth at least a one night effort, Fuling. But if the whole thing is gone, yeah, there's no point.
She wants to see her father, he tells her he is already dead - he and his mother, they were able to die together. He cries “but what about me? What about me?” Poor boy, so lonely. He walks out like a zombie, vowing that what just happened will never happen again, he wants her to stay.
He couldn't get it up, I guess.


A total dud this episode, filler stuff, boooooooooooring.
From here to eternity, now.