Novoland: The Castle In The Sky 九州·天空城 - Episode 28 FINAL (Recap)

kakashi: Subs get really bad and cryptic. I don’t blame you, subbers, this episode is so weird I had to watch it several times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating.
JoAnne: I'm still not convinced we aren't dreaming right now.

Episode 28 - FINAL

Sky City launches. The machine sucks up pollen like it’s been starving for centuries - and the city assembles itself like a Transformer. Wow, Huanzheng, you’re a genius.
It was pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie about that. But then, Huanzheng was always about the only useful character throughout. There was also that really cute bodyguard with the Regent.
Yes, this picture is really weird, please study it
In the meantime, in the forest, the Goddess (who got a wardrobe change) descends towards to happily smiling Tingjun, who is no longer wearing his mask (and also got a wardrobe change). She, too, smiles at him oh-so-sweetly, thinking he is Pian Yu. You cheating bastard, Tingjun!! You stole Tianyi’s fate!
I'm trying to decide if I actually care about that anymore. I mean, he sure suffered enough for the girl.
Also in the meantime, Huanzheng freaks out, because he knows Fuling is going to scatter. Now … I do wonder, dear Huanzheng. You built Sky City, thinking there would be no pollen to have it fly? Or did you just never think beyond your pretty nose? Sky City flies and the pollen process, it is irreversible. Huanzheng feels duped. Darling, should have read the small print.
Okay. I'll amend my earlier comment to MODERATELY useful character.
In the dungeons, Tianyi is waking up and is visited by the State Master. Oups, it’s not the dungeons at all —— he is on Sky City, which is going to be crashed into South Yudu City. What horrible fate! State Master says: “It is filled with the blazing flame of nuclear weapon system.” Aha. Sounds really bad. South Yudu City is doooooooooooomed.
Humankind built up a lot of resentment over the years, huh?
Tianyi conveniently knows about the State Master and his secret sect … he in fact has a little paper umbrella in his pocket - it is the legendary Billowing Cloud Umbrella! Wow! Yes! A famous artefact! Ah, Feng Ren and the sect have “common ancestry”, that’s why Tianyi has the sacred object. It makes perfect sense, people, really.
Another thing I somehow don't remember, and since I'm commenting without pictures, what I imagine are the colorful little paper umbrellas that come in fruity drinks at tiki bars.
The State Master really, really wants the little umbrella - yes, it’s really pretty! - and Tianyi says it’s his if he lets him go. He will — if Tianyi swallows a pill. The Creep goes: just eat it, you will win. Tianyi thinks to himself: sure, I will trust this man and eat it. Excellent, Tianyi, and SO SMART: So, he just ate a Spirit Destroying Pill. His wings come out …. and they dissipate. Oh no, Tianyi, you’ve been tricked! Who would have thought!
I know I watched this episode but...
State Master now has the umbrella in his hands and is delirious from joy. The umbrella rotates really quickly and launches up into the air… State Master follows it with his eyes …. a blue little something zaps him in the head ——> he is dead. It was his master’s dying wish to kill him. He knew of State Master’s weakness: the hollow at the back of his head.
I'd say you can't make this shit up, but clearly...someone did.
Tianyi runs to find Huanzheng, but first, he runs into the circus troupe. Huanzheng mopes in the background. Tianyi shouts at him to get his act together - he may want his life, but the people of the Wingkind Clan are innocent! But Huanzheng wants to see Tianyi become the most hated Wingkind Emperor ever. Insane.
Further revising earlier comment to limited usefulness
The circus troupe attacks and Tianyi fights them. He continues talking to Huanzheng though, telling him he did it all to protect Fuling. He is Pian Yu! If she kisses him, she turns into ash! And he didn’t harm Jishu at all! He would never! Huanzheng thinks a little and gets it! Jishu would never have collaborated with Queen Bai! He has been doubly duped! Lots of exclamation marks are needed!
Sigh. All the pretty ones are always so dumb.

And now, he launches into hero mode! GOOOOOO Huanzheng! He kicks everybody’s ass and saves Tianyi. The circus freaks all die, gruesomely. Tianyi says “You’ve finally awoken” to Huanzheng. Sadly for the new bromance, Sky City cannot be stopped. It’s an irreversible auto pilot because that makes soooo muuuuuch sense!
I'm getting whiplash but I'm back to loving Huanzheng and finding him IMMENSELY useful.
It’s suddenly day and Huanzheng has the solution - use his wooden wings on Tianyi so that he can stop Tingjun from kissing Fuling. What's he going to do? Drop the wings on them? It’s high time - Fuling and Tingjun still stare into each other’s eyes, smiling happily. Oh, now they’re levitating, awww. Ah, I also get why they’re both dressed differently since they’re reincarnated. They’re wearing the clothes the initial two wore.
I do remember this. Okay.
They’re smooching now (but is this the real kiss? Doesn’t look real!), is Tianyi too late? He strides through the forest, reaches them - and sticks his knife into Tingjun’s heart. Tingjun transforms into Tingjun. The real Tingjun, not the stolen-fate-Tingjun-Pian-Yu. Tianyi screams at him that he’ll kill Fuling if she gives him the “true lovers’ kiss”, Tingjun screams “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!” … and dies.
Ain't that some shit? I mean come on, Tingjun definitely got a raw deal all the way through.
Yi Fuling/The Goddess rages and rages, until Tianyi shows her their skygrass necklace. The Goddess remembers him….. and disappears, just like that. As does Tingjun’s body. All that remains of them are two weird looking flowers … and the skygrass necklace that falls from the sky.
Sigh. I'm not really sorry to see her go but then again, I do feel sorry for these kids.
Bye, bye Fuling. Never deflowered, but a flower.
Up in the skies, Huanzheng desperately tries to stop the machine. All seems lost when he remembers …. the Sky's Eye. You don’t know what that is? It is the thing that contains the Shooting Stars Flower Pollen. If he removes that, the Sky City might crash.
Yes, but crash on WHAT? I mean, it's sort of big.
Down in Wingkind, Uncle Feng Ren organizes his soldiers - 12 men (including Tianyi’s two friends) are sent on a suicide mission in little flying pods (Star Wars style, kinda), to crash and destroy Sky City. The rest will protect the common people, who are evacuated.
I liked this. A bit of true heroism.
Huanzheng has finally managed to take apart the outer mantle of the Sky’s Eye. He manages to remove it … but Sky City doesn’t stop. What can he do but jump OFF Sky City? He falls, and as he falls, those weird flowers appear again (why?), flying to his wingholes, making his wings appear. Sky City falls apart. Conveniently, it crashes in the mountains. Bravery, we learn, marks out true nobility (Huanzheng - and the others that died). In a very dramatic moment (not), Feng Ren removes his headpiece and launches off the walls - to fly into freedom.
Or not. He’s back in the next scene and is addressed as Emperor. Tianyi is no longer around. He is travelling the entirety of Novoland to find Fuling. Maaany years pass. Feng Ren gets more and more depressed. He orders to have his birthday feasts cancelled in the future. Tianyi has become a sad legend.
Okay I'll admit. This was sad.
Tianyi carves sad unicorns - it’s been 3891 days. His appearance hasn’t changed a bit.
But do they all have horns?
At Tingjun’s mask in the forest, Tianyi meets a girl. A little boy joins her. Tianyi watches them. The camera swishes around … and suddenly, Tianyi has white hair. And walks away. Chishu, the butterfly, is there too.
I got a little teary-eyed when I realized they really never were together again. She really died. Of course, it all starts over again...but that's not exactly happy news.



Hahahahahaaa... what?
Poorly done, but still.