Rants and Weekly Raves #158 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I never thought a day would come when I'm actually watching more dailies than reg dramas. Does it count that I don't start these from the beginning but only about half way in. Looking forward to this week's Temperature of Love. I'm glad Jo likes it because I'm getting the feeling from the internet that we may be the only people. Didn't do that bad in ratings though.
JoAnne: Add the shows to the list! I'm sick of seeing all red - I only add the ones I know about.
You want my color, darling? I would be happy to give it to you. Yours, kakashi.


The King Loves (Finale)

sometimes felt like I was slow to understand the emotional currents here: San always liked Rin, and never was torn between him and Won? Okay... the King loved the Queen, but they were locked in a battle of wills? Okay... Song In loved Mu Bi? Okay... And then there were twists I didn't expect: Won didn't kill Rin last week? Okay... (and thank GOD!) Song In wasn't a misguided patriot after all, but a twisted fuck who just liked playing chess with people's lives? Okay... Tall Dark Handsome Assassin had a name? Okay... (unfortunately, he died 30 seconds after I learned it.) The three friends were able to come through all of that bullshit and emerge on the other side still each other's strongest support and dearest love? Yay!
There was one thing, though - one thing I knew, deep down - there's no better man out there than Wang Rin. Loyal and true, devoted, clear-headed, capable, handsome and kind...truly an outstanding human being.  He was the main reason Won was able to retain his decency, I'm sure of it - and I'm glad that things worked out the way they did, but someone, please tell me that Won told the Shadow Guards, afterwards? So that they wouldn't spend their lives thinking they killed their friend?

Temperature of Love (New) (KIM! JAE! WOOK!)

Oh boy, the charm is DEEP, and I am completely captivated. Yang Se Jong's chef is young, smart, thoughtful, intense, flirty, direct, cute and flat out sexy, all at once, and Seo Hyun Jin is, as always, a very likable, friendable heroine.  Her writer self is curious and detail-oriented, even if she does march to the beat of a slightly different drum.  I'm enjoying them so much!  I know - you thought I was going to mention Kim Jae Wook first right?  Because after all this is Handsome Oppa, the man with the voice and the looks and the smile and killer charms - but that's just how adorable our noona couple is, I'm telling you. I like them all, and Jo Boa too, and the host of other strong supporting actors rounding out the cast.  I feel good about this.
I loved this show. It was just so warm. I was reading somewhere that people think the OTP has no chemistry, but I would like to know how these people define chemistry. I was all ready to be angry that Kim Jae Wook wasn't the lead and the first week has made me feel fine with it, which is saying a LOT because this man is going to wearing vests soon. My only concern is that the friendship between our heroine and Jo Boa's character is going to be rocky when the life success imbalance between them starts to right itself. I'm also hoping that there will be great bromance between the hero and KJW. However, I already HATE the hero's mother with a passion. I already sent my slapping outfit to be dry cleaned because I know I'm going to need it.

Girls Generation 1979

This show absolutely knocks it out of the ballpark for me in every category - writing, set design, acting, music, you name it, it's just right.  Plus there's Dong Moon.  I hope he gets his girl.


First Hot and Evil Pharmacist takes a turn as Dumbass, and then Soo Jin does - but before she does, she gets run over by a car driven by her dumbass husband (by accident, he meant to hit Pil; turns out the crazy bastard actually really does love her) and has major surgery so that while she's being lead of Team Dumbass, she can stumble around and accomplish physical feats that would put an uninjured high school athlete out of breath.  Because yes, by now Pil, Gil, and Soo Jin have all independently realized that HaEP is The Assailant.  Eventually Pil and Soo Jin BOTH escape through the manhole, because All The Friends break it open and release the fairies. Can we please find out what that horrible scar is on HaEP's wrist, put him in jail - or a mental institution - and then have at least one full episode where Pil runs and Soo Jin just kind of smiles at him?

Reunited Worlds (Finale)

This was always a low-key watch for me,  never something I felt like I was dying to see.  Still, it was sweet and satisfying.  Who wouldn't want a chance for just a little more time with someone they've lost?  Hae Seong's mysterious return repaired his reputation, healed two fractured families, and started life over again for a girl so traumatized by his death that she froze in place for twelve years. It wasn't that much of a plot, really, but I think the characters did well.  It might stay in my memory for long just due to the charm of our leads, and the pleasant reminder that love can work miracles.

Save Me (Finale)

First things first: Dong Cheol is alive as the show ends. You know that's what everyone was worried about, including me, but watching Jo get his ass beat has to be one of the most satisfying things I've seen in a long time - perhaps only topped by that crazy M-F Spiritual Father burning to death on his alter. Yes, that happened. Yes, I cheered.
I can't say the ending to this drama was perfect, because Kang is still walking around free, and there's a couple other people I felt should have had more of a punishment (Sang Mi's dad, for one, and the governer's assistant, for another) but I did like the resolution for our good guys, very much. In fact, I loved that Sang Hwan's goodbye was shown at his enlistment, because Taec left for MS (very quietly) shortly after the show began airing - this felt like a nice way to send him off, somehow. Drama gets an A from me: I guess you could say our wishes were fulfilled.

Strongest Deliveryman (Finale)

I didn't see it yet but I'm sure it was very cute with the couples and that Jang Family Restaurant either closed up shop or became a better neighbor to the affiliates of Strongest Deliveryman.  Looking forward to the resolution, and maybe a confession for/from Oh Jin Kyu.

Age of Youth 2

I really wish we didn't have the 'mystery stalker' plot. There's plenty in the show without it, all of it good, and all of it worthy of the additional time that would be gained.  I need more Sunbae! Next week we get Kang Yi Na back - I wonder how she and General Jo will do?


I want to watch this, but I can't find any subs. Is anyone subbing this?

Teacher Oh Soo Nam

I skipped it this week. Just wasn't feeling it when I skimmed the raws. I did notice one thing: Yumin's mother needs to rot in Hell.
I completely agree. I think Elf Ear's mom may be the most unredeemable character in the whole series and that includes people responsible for the death of children and old ladies. Can you believe that she moved all the good food away from Chairwoman Yong so she couldn't reach it and could eat it all herself. Stealing food from under the nose of a blind person is pretty low. Do you think that Geum Bo Ra ever gets sick of playing despicable characters? Does anyone know of a time where she plays someone nice? Is she bad at it?
Everything is out, so everyone knows who Soo Nam is, finally. I can't believe that anyone would expect her to "get over" what Yong did to her and her mother. But I love that Cheekos came to the rescue and had the absolute best solution for Soo Nam to get back on her feet. Now that Elf Ears and mom have also colluded in kidnapping, what's going to happen? Particulalry now that Bad dad is out of jail for "lack of evidence" not for lack of evil.

Sweet Enemy

I'm adding this because Jo asked me. I know that SakiVI is watching, so she'll probably comment when she comes back. I am on episode 76. This story is another birth secret story where the heroine is wrongly accused of killing someone and takes the blame for it so she can be in jail while her fiance (who's she's pregnant by mind) marries a rich girl and his sister (who is actually the murderer) gets together with the rich girl's brother who just happened to be engaged to the women she killed. Got that? It also turns out that she is the long lost sister of the dead girl, a child that the mother had abandoned when she was poor. Now the mother is rich and hates her because she thinks she has killed her daughter AND because her stepson is in love with  her and defends her against this woman. The mom is now tortured because she's realized a bunch of lies and truths. I really don't know what they are going to do with 30 more episodes. They are going to need time because they have made the second lead SO MUCH better than the lead (who is so spineless and boring in an effort of the writers to make him a good person despite his earlier cruelty) that all the netizens are voting for the 2nd lead.


Magic Mark

Happy Birthday, precious!
I just want to cover his face with kisses. He really is a love, isn't he?

Attention, Love! 

They're in college! Poor Shao Xi thought she'd move out, maybe get some distance from Li Zheng and give herself a chance to stop her 'one-sided' love, but damn if the boy doesn't follow her and move in next door. Because of course. Turns out they're all right back together again, her friends, Li Zheng, even Dimple, who finagles his way to being the Big to her Little within their school of study - much to the consternation of Angelique, the Fievel-faced cutie who hasn't actually been too bad yet. I hope she stays mostly okay. PS. Li Zheng sings the opening song and Shao Xi sings the ending song. Her voice is much stronger than I expected it to be, truly pretty.

The Living and the Dead

Uhhh, how come none of y'all ever mentioned this one to me?  BBC, period piece, ghosts/possessions? I have no idea how I missed this but I guess I was under a rock.  First episode was scaryyyyyyy. I like.
Hell no. If you find something scary, I'd not watch it for 1'0000000000'0'00000'000000 dollars. 

Fear the Walking Dead

Victor is rescued AND they've got water for the ranch and all is well for the next five minutes.

Midnight, Texas

How do you defeat a demon who wants the power of a virgin witch?  Well, if you're the witch, you have sex.  That, and some help from Manny, and the veil is sealed for another 1000 years.  Season over, and set up for the next (if it happens) is that some company bought the hotel and is going to 'revitalize downtown and turn it into a real draw for tourists!'  That won't end well. I hope I get to see it.