Rants and Weekly Raves #163 (RAWR)

Trotwood: So many shows! And now finally, Argon has been completely subbed, but I have no time to watch anything else. I need to get back to recapping Cubic, too, before everyone forgets it.
SakiVI: I went back to recapping The Weasel Grave because of my nerves. I needed to release some stress, recapping actually helped there. 
kakashi: Slowly, but surely, I feel like watching something again. Very slowly
JoAnne: Try Baumdong Avengers. It's being subbed slowly, but it's wonderful.  Trot and I are in love.
I just started Avengers, and me too. In love.
I was thinking more along the lines of a C-Drama. Maybe Hunting Ground


Temperature of Love 

It occurs to me that Jung Woo and Hong Ah are quite similar.  He's a bit more in control of himself than she is, but they both want what they want and fuck you if you're in the way, dude, I love you but I love myself more.
I don't understand him at all. I HATE Hong Ah, but at least I understand her even when she doesn't make sense. She is just spoiled and wants everyone to like her best and wants to erase all the unpleasant so everyone will like her. Jung Woo puzzles me. His relationship with Hyun Soo, I saw coming. He is very much the 2nd lead guy who thinks he deserves a shot because he's hung in there and been by her side (for five years) when Jung Sun was not. However, I cannot figure out his passive aggressive relationship with Jung Sun. And Jung Sun is clearly so hurt by his anger because he really believed that they were really good friends. Jung Woo still claims to be friends, too, like Hong Ah does with Hyun Soo. But while she just claims to want to forgive and forget, Jung Woo keeps wanting to go forward with more salt and pins to broaden the wound.

Witch's Courtroom 

Kind of a hard week to watch, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Cutie Soo is all kinds of wonderful but I keep being a little disappointed by our leading lady. I don't dislike her the way I did at the beginning, but she keeps disappointing me by not being as smart as I think she should be. She always looks like she's on to the bad guys, but then in the end she's all 'oh, well, the evidence supports what they say, so what can I do?' and it takes Cutie to make her think outside the box. I'm also disappointed that they went down the road of his mother being part of what was done to HER mother, however uneasily she participated. Still, I'd thought that horrible man had killed her, so learning different is a relief of sorts.
I'm keeping with this, and I like the backstory of Cutie Soo. Jury is still out on our heroine. I keep changing my mind about whether I like her or not. I thought it was hilarious that she really was trying to escape when it looked like she was sacrificing herself. But I hated how she kept him at beck and call even though she knows how busy he must be. But then I realized how lonely she was in that hospital when everyone else had someone. She really doesn't have any friends, except the one woman near end. I'm with Jo. The show didn't need to have his mother involved. It seems unnecessary drama when we don't seem to be moving anywhere forward with the drama/backstory we already have.
I enjoy it. That's pretty much all I've got to say about it.

Because This Life is Our First 

Ooooh, Se Hee, you hurt her feelings. Payback is a bitch (and overkill here, not to mention) but it's going to be fun to watch.  Especially if it involves that SCRUMPTIOUS new puppy, Ji Ho. It does, right?
As I said on twitter, I'm actually on Se Hee's side on this one. He has actually done more for her and compromised more for her than she has. She has made him one breakfast and feels like she can rename his cat. He has never offered more than what he is giving. She read far more into this than she should have. No, she isn't crazed 2nd lead delusional, but he was kind to her at the wedding and he was kind to her mother despite the fact that such an event gave him double nosebleeds. He is a kind person, but kindness doesn't mean they are a couple. He literally said yes to her proposal when she said she didn't like him, for goodness sakes. The new puppy is SCRUMPTIOUS though.
Yes, yes, new guy is cute. But, I'm not super-keen on sticking with this show. I lost interest in a lot of their stories this past week.


On Netflix! Haha, several people I know fell asleep during the first episode. I will only start if I hear raves. 
I heard both Argon and Black were available, but when I checked I couldn't find them. It was on my phone...I should check again. But perhaps not available in the US.

Mad Dog 

I love Yoo Ji Tae/Kang Woo and his team. Everyone is acting their hearts out in this, but I'm getting tired. I'm still not really getting why Min-Joon keeps sniffing around them when he seems to despise them. I'm tired of all the wasted time of them hating each other when they have so many bad guys to be working on. Just part ways and work by yourselves. And how in the world are we supposed to believe that Min Joon would meet anyone at midnight in an abandoned pier? Pfft. I feel like the writing is throwing away a really good premise and getting lazy.
No! They make it very, very clear in Episode 6. And now they will be united and work against the true bad guys.

While You Were Sleeping 

Every time I think Yu Beom is showing some signs of humanity he spits in my face the next minute. In the meantime, I love that they don't really dwell on problems in this drama.  They bring them up, they let something happen because of them, and then they solve them.  Boom, done.  I like it.
I know. I was getting so angry that she wasn't going to admit remembering him, and then that was taken care of as well. Talk it out people! Talk it out. This drama shows that there is enough drama to be had without that frustrating trope. Woo Tak broke my heart a little bit more during the escalator scene. And I agree with you about Yu Beom. He was so low here. He looked like he was feeling sorry but then he keeps deciding to go all in in the path he's taking. I like how his not so veiled threats--ones that would work on people in another drama--had no effect on Woo Tak or Hee Min (I'm liking her more and more, too). I worry about Dam-dong only because he seems so worried about himself. Still, he walks away from Yu Beom, too.
It's like chocolate cake: I can only eat so much before it stops tasting amazing and just becomes heavy.

Baum Dong Revenge Club 

BRB...Trot and I are going to go hang out with the girls (and that one adorable pup) and eat yummy things and plot revenge. (Trot is bringing baked goods. You are, right, Trot?) Looking forward to seeing where they go with hunky carpenter, too. PS. Do you think in the end Pup and his stepmom will actually develop a better relationship with his dad? They aren't making him super hateful so I wonder.
I'm not just bringing baked goods, I'm making full course dinners with apple-topped pork roast, three-onion/bacon/cheese twice baked potatoes, fresh collard greens. Or maybe cornish game hens with cornbread/apple/sausage stuffing, and candied yams. Or maybe a full leg of lamb with my famous baked macaroni and cheese, and fresh green beans. I love these women. I love their friendship. I love the fact that they really take care of each other and are showing each other how much they are worth. I love the step son. I love Hee Soo. I love the mother in-law with dementia, but she's not so far gone that she doesn't remember to hate her good for nothing son. I SOOOO want Do-Hee to do a whole How Do-Hee gets her Groove back thing with our delectable carpenter, too.
I started this and can't stop. Perhaps I should've waited for all of it to be subbed.

The Package 

I love this show!  San Ma Ru is the link between everyone, as we are slowly finding out, and each character has their issues and backstory that's affecting their trip, and it's all really interesting.  Though, did they really need 2 whole days at Mont St. Michel?

Revolutionary Love 

I dropped this show because even though I love Kang Sora and really like her in this, I really can't stand what they are doing with Choi Siwon's character. I don't know how much it is directing and how much is choice and how much is the character as written, but they are making him a caricature of himself, which makes me feel much less empathy for him. He is rich and ignorant to the ways of the world. but while the same type of character in Baum Dong Revenge Club is sweet and sad and adorable, here he is a cartoon doofus with only sparks of weight. Too bad, because even though I know that Siwon isn't about to win a Seoul Award for acting, I know he's much better than this. 
I don't feel excited at all to watch this week's episodes, but I will because it was Siwon's turning point. But after that, I dunno.
After the Bugsy drama, I felt enough Siwon drama. Also, Bugsy's drama just kept giving and giving.  And, to be honest, this show is not that good. I really didn't care much what happened to any of the characters in it. I'm much more interested in how Bugsy might be a secret Way's Girls agent.

Sweet Enemy

Yup. I admit it. I threatened to drop this show last week because of the heartbreak they are heaping on Chef Dimples. However, SakiVI kept tempting me with tweets about how Chef had a plan and how more people found more of the secrets, and there were glimpses of people in prison on youtube, and I got sucked back in. The supposed male lead is still as boring as the 5:30 am farm report on a beautiful midsummer day after exactly the right amount of rain, but our poor pregnant delusioned actress sister has had a major wake up call, and we finally have some solid evidence that Se Na was at the scene of the crime. Still, there are 20 episodes left, so . . . .
Finally, there is a USB of Se Na at the guest house when Jaehee fell to her near death!!!  I loved how they cornered Se Na.  I'm so looking forward to tomorrow morning!  
And what Trot said about the male lead being so boring is exactly true, and I can't find a metaphor to top it.  But Chef is lovely.  We are now Lee Jae-woo fans.  


Mark of Pride

Oh My General

Long awaited! (Not by me) Subs there are not. Not yet? Watched the first episode raw, bad editing, but lovely colors. Wow, the blue of the armor in those desert shots! QAS must have loved the slo-mo dance.
I saw all the chatter for the past freaking year but have never felt any particular interest, mostly because I don't remember who's in it and don't care enough to look it up.
I would like to watch it, but, no subs.


What did you think of this week's episode? I think I'm unhappy at the new copboss turn of attitude, so abrupt. Well, apparently his attitude hasn't changed, but our perception of it was abruptly re-directed. I like Amenadiel's little journey of self-discovery, though.
Frankly, this show is just very badly written. I keep saying that and keep watching it. Why? Because in every episode, there is a nugget, a tiny bit of gold that keeps me invested. In this episode, it was Amenadiel (plus: he is so gorgeous). Copboss... I'm not unhappy Lucifer is getting a fire lit under his pretty ass, I find him excessively boring these days. And there is absolutely no development in the romance department since we entered the new season. Not even a look that's sexy. I'm already shipping copboss with our Detective.

The Exorcist 

UGH, no episode this week? Come on! It's Halloween!

The Walking Dead 

Whole lotta build up, but all we really got in this first episode is some walls come tumblin' down. And Maggie still has a completely flat belly. What the hell?

Stranger Things 

Second season as enjoyable as the first. Watched it all in one go. We get way more acquainted with the rest of the party, meet some interesting new folks, find a new folk hero, and end with what is very clearly a hint of bigger, badder things to come. Bring on Season 3!

The Good Place

I knew it! I knew Janet and Jason's marriage would come back into play!  Poor Janet has feelings :(


Still waiting for Geillis. In the meantime, every time Jaime says "Sassanach," I want to throw a bottle of something flammable at his head.