Rants and Weekly Raves #168 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I'm in love with a drama. Thus far (Friday early evening) I haven't watched anything but Tribes and Empires and I'm Not a Robot. We'll see what the weekend brings. It's supposed to snow, but I also have a party to go to and lots of laundry to do. There won't be any T&E though, sadly...last night, as I was falling asleep, I thought to myself: If I paint Shawn's naked torso with melted chocolate, I could call him Shawn Fondou. Tell me you wouldn't drag a strawberry across that man's abs if you had the chance.
Trotwood: I'm usually begging people to wait for me because I have things to say. Don't this week because I realized I'm not watching anything listed below. I've officially put Money Flower on hold because Jang Hyuk takes more energy than I can afford right now and I'm not interested in anything. I'm still watching the Japanese drama Ashi Girl, but those subs come out very slowly and I'm all caught up. Doesn't Bad Guys 2 start soon?
That means you need to add the things you are watching - if it's not prime time Korea or blockbuster China, I don't really know what's out there so I don't have it on a list...but that doesn't mean it can't be listed here.
kakashi: How is it almost the end of the year already? I'm so stressed. So, by now, I'm sure you've all seen the news about T&E from AvenueX? How they stretched a drama meant to be 40-50 episodes to 80 or whatever... In any case, keep ogling the hot men and enjoy it while it doesn't bore you to death! 


Here are the shows none of us watched this week, because life:

Two Cops , Doubtful Victory/Oh, the Mysterious, Nothing to Lose, Smart Prison Living, The Black Knight (new), Money Flower

Jugglers (New) 

I watched one episode of this.  It might be okay.

I'm Not A Robot (New) 

Cute cute cute cute CUTE.  Even though we know it's going to turn out that his 'allergy' to humans is psychosomatic and related to past trauma in his early life, I don't care. Even though we'll eventually find out that Chae Soo Bin appeared as a positive note in Yoo Seung Ho's early years, I don't care.  Even though the President of the company (his father's best friend, his best friend's father) is scheming and cheating, I don't care. They are cute, I love watching them interact, and I'm in.

Black (Finale) 

You know what?  Give the author a hand because she took plot threads, twisted them into rope, tied knots in it then wrapped it around a rock, dropped it in a bottomless lake and filled the lake in with thorns.  And yet at the end, here she/he comes strolling into the room whistling like it's no big deal, with a bunch of silky threads neatly tossed over a shoulder.  NO threads dropped. Everything in its place, and every bit of it had a reason for being.  I can't say I'm HAPPY about the end...but I'm way more than satisfied, and I definitely shed a tear for our reaper.  I don't know what's got into Song Seung Heon but he played the devil out of that role; it's like it was made for him.  I hope he finds more in the same vein!


 I needed something to watch that wasn't going to tax my emotions or any energy while hoping for Ashi subs. I marathoned the whole thing this week, and it did the trick. Yunho is still at the same level as his Heading to the Ground days, but he is serviceable here and has good chemistry with the heroine, our favorite rhythmic gymnast from Weightlifting Fairy--Kyung Soo Jin, who is utterly charming here. There is much more blatant sexiness and real kissing in this and the serial killer novelist story is odd with two conceits--her split personality and his ability to read women's minds--one too many. I know lots of people have lots of other better dramas to watch, but I didn't. So it was fine & I wanted to see how it turned out.

Oh My Grace (new) 

A cute little thing on DramaFever, as of this weekend they'd posted seven 15-minute episodes.  Easily digested, sort of funny...and only partially not on purpose.


Time to Dou Something Different 

You Dou your thing, but Mark my words, I'll do mine.

The Exorcist

All caught up! Evil demon-possessed John Cho is really creepily menacing. I do really like how the kids all band together and fight back, especially.


Lots of fun! Forgotten everything about it except that I am SO SHIPPING Linda with Amenadiel.
I'm all caught up! I'm on that ship with you, big time. I very much enjoyed the episode with Linda's ex-husband. Actually, I'm really liking this season in general. I miss Maze, we don't see her enough at all - but Charlotte trying to make amends for her past and switching to the DA's office is going to be fun.

The Walking Dead  

Carl's bit.  Bye, Carl.  When it comes back, I guess? I think this was the mid-season finale.  I really thought eventually Rick would die and Carl would lead the new generation.  Guess not.

Ashi Girl

I got to finally watch another episode of this show, and I'm really enjoying it. I enjoy our devoted runner turned soldier in disguise Yui and her quirky family who take in our time traveling shogun warrior to save his life. I wonder what that is going to do the future. I'm angry that her genius brother didn't figure out how to get more fuel for the time traveling machine in the two months she was gone, but now we are having the prince make a self sacrificing turn to keep his promise to her family. I'm hoping that the fun remains during this sad part. Still more fun than i've had in a long time. It makes me want to read the manga.

Into the Badlands (Season 2)

I started watching, full of good intentions, but I just CAN'T with Daniel Wu's acting. It reminds me of Kevin Costner at his worst. All the great fight scenes somehow don't make the roast fat.