Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州海上牧云记 - Episode 12 (Recap)

Panda: Kissing Cousins!
kakashi: So many cousins, so many dirty things they could do....still better than siblings though.
JoAnne: Funny because I'm way ahead of this (keeping pretty current with two-a-day) and I had a thought yesterday that the Helan sibs are probably only fit for each other, wild animals that they are.

Episode 12

Since Mr Mo told him to think of the thing that triggered off the previous sighting of the woman in the glass bead, Sheng goes back to his quarters, locks himself up with strict instructions not be disturbed and dregs of memories of that fateful night 4 (or 14 ^^) years ago. However rather than see her, he’s transported back to that very night and faced with Evil Sheng who is all guy-liner-ed up with several undulating whips of energy on his back.
Evil Sheng is helluvalot sexy. I can't say I prefer him to softie Sheng, but ... maybe I do a little. I actually really like the magic tail effect - it looks like they're fox spirits. 
Yes, the fox tails! I keep thinking that. And yes! Evil Sheng is fire. I was thinking it would be great if softie Sheng and evil Sheng merged, you know?
“Evil” Sheng tells him although he is locked away for now, he won’t be forever and will soon be unleashed. Sheng stabs him but also feels the pain (Seeing as they are halves of the same, duh) and finally Evil Sheng has enough of talking to him him and flings him away.
Come on, boy. Embrace your dark self. I am sure it will make everything better.
I can think of a couple things it would make pretty damn good.
He lands in this cool reflective world and finally meets the woman in the bead! Yay! Turns out he is actually in the bead with her. Wicked! She tells in the bead, it is lonely, no concept of time, no past, no future. She also can’t remember why she is in the bead but feels her original home is in the sea (there’s a brief mention of the Duke Heng ship, hmmm interesting).
That! She probably is of that tribe? Mertribe? Shiptribe?
Isn't she a Charmer? I would hate that world...why isn't she crazy from the nothingness?
They said she's "from the sea".
Surprisingly enough, other people sometimes appear in bead but he is the first to ever see or talk to her. He is very happy to be the first to do so (Men!). She doesn’t have a name and he offers to give her one. Alas after some miscommunication where she thinks he only offers to come see her so use her magical powers, she puts him out of the bead.
Sheng was so cute in his excitement. A true innocent. 
He's a squishy love bug, it's true. You just want to hug him.
Yu’er worried about his mental state (or the loss of control over him?), goes to see Muyun De. She tells him all about Sheng’s botched meeting with the woman and how he now studies on his own. Muyun De promises to help and she leaves relieved. One to never dally, De suggests killing Sheng to get the bead since he can also see her but Mr Mo tells him to assist him instead while he investigates a bit more on the woman in the bead’s mysterious provenance.
Evil De!!!!! You want to kill my darling Sheng???? Not allowed!
Damn you, De! Why all the suspicion for Yu'er? I don't get it. She cares for Sheng and I don't think she thinks she can ever really 'be' with him, anyway. Even if it's a mistake to go to De, it's going to be a mistake made with the best of intentions.
De goes to see Sheng and tells him he can help him out in affairs of the heart - while shooting hot glances at Yu’er (Noooooo). Sigh, I can see where this is going.
Dammit. She'll be gone soon. He has perfected the smoldering "I want you" look.
Back to the Palace, the battle for the Crown Prince rages on. To summarize, nothing has changed, the other princes are still out-stationed and the King won’t make a decision. The Emperor however loses consciousness during the proceedings which sends everyone into a tizzy.
Is she poisoning him, that witch of a wife of his?
Shuo showing a glimmer of his former badass self, issues orders to keep Emperor’s condition secret, to fortify the pass that links from Arch Ye province and to make preparations to possibly anoint Muyun Han all to his friend Minister Gusong's delight and Nanku Qi’s fury. Nanku Qi brings up Han Jiang but that fails to rile General Shuo.
I am on the fence about General Shuo. What I like: his absolute loyalty. What I don't like: pretty much everything else. By the way, are we sure Han is still alive? He has not been seen since forever.
Shuo is a very clear about his duty and puts that above all else, or at least tries very hard to do so. We've all seen that he could not bring himself to kill Han Jiang, so he must also love his family very much. He is not a bad man, and there is much to admire about his character, but I would not want him for a husband or as the father of my children because I think in almost every situation, we'd come last.
HeGe hears about all these and also hears (as do we for the first time) about a Sovereign Seal which is long lost, but conveys the Throne to any Muyun descendant that finds it. That's just so stupid, whoever came up with it. He however decides a forged will is the way to go. His ladylove, Nanku Niece (HuGe’s blackmailer! So pretty) says she’ll help as she is good at forging handwriting. What a perfect match! He seems really, really into her. I can’t quite get a good read on her feelings though.
This actress is great, she just oozes evilness. I really like that she has him wrapped about all her fingers tightly. They're a hot couple, with real making out! I am sure they've also slept together, tststs.
Oh, I think she's definitely into him - as long as she thinks he's going to be Emperor some day. The minute he's permanently out of contention, he'll be nothing to her. 
The Muru men enjoy a spot of sparring before sitting down for a family meal. At the meal Han Shan tells his dad that though Shang Yan pass has been fortified, Nanku Qi has planted his generals there and had also refused to fortify Tian Qi further. Shuo then accuses Han Shan of stalling from finding Han Jiang and killing him (WHAT!)
Well, it's true, haha. Bravo, Han Shan, you win a medal for being Brother of the Year. I still don't get why Muru Shuo thought it was a good idea to give Nanku Qi power. What an idiot.
Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly enjoying the show...but there are times when it doesn't bear looking at too closely.
Which bring us to our very first grown-up Han Jiang sighting! He and a Corporal Wang have an underwater contest which he wins. Of course :)
Too early to say what I really think of grown-up Han Jiang, I guess :D 
Whatever, hat's off to whomever decided our first glimpse of Shawn should be shirtless and wet. I like your thinking, anonymous decider.


I see trouble brewing between Yu’er and Sheng. Please don’t turn bad. Please don’t betray him for De! Poor girl is almost defenseless before the force of those charms. As am I.
She, too, has been much too sheltered. And as you say, I don't think it's possible to withstand the force of the Evil Charm for long. He seems to be a real pro.
It's the voice. He's like a snake charmer. He's one of those guys, he just locks eyes with you and keeps talking - about anything, it could be tax law for all you'd care - and suddenly you're naked on a bed with silk ties at your wrists and ...yeah.

Sheng needs a lot of help to speak to women-folk. Poor secluded baby. And I can’t believe General Shuo is still on the “Kill Han Jiang” train. Pffft.
Sheng, awwwww. I really like him. As for Papa Muru...he doesn't even really want him dead, of course. Just excuses.
Sheng is an absolute doll. As far as general personhood goes, Sheng is my favorite of the 3 boys. And yeah, I'm with Kakashi - Papa Muru doesn't want to kill Han Jiang, and never did, but he believes it's his duty to do it and I'm really uncertain as to which would win out in the end.