Rants and Weekly Raves #172 (RAWR)

SakiVI: I've had very little to say for weeks. I'm only watching Hwayugi and Tienstin Mystic on this list. ::Shrugs::
JoAnne:  If you're watching something else - add it. Maybe someone reading will either be interested, or is watching and would love to comment. I don't always know/remember what everyone else is watching if it's not the usual Korean or Chinese shows, but the list is certainly not limited to what I put down when I set up the post.
Yes, I know, but this time around, I don't feel like the dailies I follow are worth discussing. And I haven't got another main drama, so to speak. Maybe if I start Arrows on the Bow string I'll have more for next week.
kakashi: I haven't watched a single minute of any show this week but I've been good! I've worked hard. 
Trotwood: I'm back from vacation, but despite swearing that I was going to catch up with dramas while I was away, I spent more time scarfing down scones with clotted cream than watching anything. I don't know why I tell myself that i'm going to catch up when and then mindlessly watch lakorns.


Two Cops (it's the finale, right?) 


I am continuing to watch this and continuing to love them and their crew. It seems such a stereotypical show, but then it keeps doing things that surprise me in quiet ways. I like that she doesn't walk away with misgivings when he meets his ex-wife. I like how his father-in-law likes him enough to say, I wish you'd be my son-in-law again but I want you to live your own life (what FIL has ever said "that" in a drama?), I like her conversation with his ex-wife. I like how he clearly chooses her and makes that clear to his ex-wife. And what about that surprise breaking the 4th wall reveal of their work team/family? Next week will be filled with work angst, but that team is going to be there for them. Wondering about that other "couple" though. Does he know or doesn't he?
I didn't watch the most recent episodes, but this sounds very promising - and in line with what I've come to expect from them.  I'm seeing a trend lately in couples who support and trust each other in K-Dramas and I have to say I like it a lot.

Just Between Lovers

I'm relieved that the stepsister/ex-girlfriend seems not to be a huge bitch and limits her maneuvering to encouraging Gang Doo and Moon Soo toward each other so as to preserve any opportunity she might have with Joo Won down the road. I don't think that opportunity exists anymore, but whatever. I really wish Gang Doo would take all the very obvious things Moon Soo is doing as signs that SHE finds him worthy, even if he somehow doesn't feel like he is.  The guy has had really tough breaks, but he's somehow made himself believe they're all his fault and he has to keep away.  I don't know why - is it survivor's guilt or something more? 

Longing Heart (new) 

I saw the first episode...it was okay. I don't feel a compelling need to go back to it, though.  I'm sorry Jungshin!

Smart Prison Living 

Soon to be found on Netflix.
It's a very enjoyable show, so I'm glad it will have a wider audience.

Black Knight 

Lots of cute this week with Soo Ho and Hae Ra in the giggly stage of new love - and it's so easy to cheer for them because they're likable folks who aren't perfect all the time, and they support each other. Soo Ho's unwavering dismissal of Sharon's attempts to insert herself make her professional pity party lurking in the corner like a big spider self far less worry-inducing than she might otherwise be, although I know for the sake of the story there's got to be something coming.  Also - love love love Sharon's minion Seung Goo.

I Am Not a Robot 

He knows!  Our sweet fool of a boy knows! It's been hard watching them both so unhappy but now...what happens NOW? Almost everyone cares about him, so I hope they rally round and help him recover.

Bad Guys: City of Evil 

Episode 5 brought us to team heartbreak and a double-down on determination to stop Cho YoungGook, but after a massive battle our remaining Bad Guys find out that he's not the real enemy - at least not right this minute. Yes, indeed, the ultimate bad guy is a good guy, which I think we suspected just by his face...and there is a good guy who's a bad guy that's really a sort of ambiguously good guy, after all, of course, too. I thought the funerals would be the most wrenching part of this episode, but seeing our guys struggle now with competing needs is pretty tough.
I'm not even reading Jo's posts about this, so I can watch this weekend while pretending to study Korean.


I love this at least in part because it's like Spike is going to win Buffy's heart, this time around.
I like Hong Ki. I like the romance, the entertainment agency with demons, and generally the whole interpretation of Journey to the West. But this petty tussle between Ma Wang and Son Oh Gong is getting boring.  
Don't know if I will ever be able to start it.
It's sooo much fun.


I've now gotten through episode 5 and am really liking this show.  It's one that you've GOT to pay attention to, because the connections and alliances and double-dealing and all of that - it will mess with your head.  I tend to watch in bits and pieces because I have to pay full attention here and can't be tired at all, so it's slow going.

The Unit

I thoroughly enjoy this every week. The missions are sensible, the performances are enjoyable, and My Beloved, Rain, proves himself over and over again as a tough but caring mentor. More than all of these things, what I love about this show are the kids themselves.  We get to see how hard they work as well as their perspective on all aspects of performing - and most importantly, we get to see how genuinely proud and supportive of each other they are.  They compete hard - and yet never forget about the person who they compete against.  The respect and kindness they show is refreshing.


Dou It To Me

You gave me one but then had to add not one but TWO of Mark? Plus the one at the top?  I am not satisfied, but thank you for your first effort.  (Especially because it's a real good photo of Shawn!)

The Magicians (S3 new) 

Oooh, I like the way this starts. Eliot and Margo are in Fillory and the entire kingdom is being held hostage by the Fae, but they have their supporters and are searching for ways to fight back. Eliot meets the Great Cock of the Woods and learns he was born for a specific quest, so yay! Q and Julia are stuck on Earth in a world devoid of magic (for humans) except - somehow - Julia still has a little bit. Eliot has figured out a way to communicate with them (via rabbits) so they begin to put together a plan. Penny works as a Librarian since the Library exists outside of time and as long as he's in that library, his cancer doesn't progress. He's limited to 1-hr trips outside to collect books, but he keeps pushing the limits to see Kady, who's been given a book by deaf Harriet that might just help save Penny. Alice is off doing her own, bitter thing.
you will be sad if I tell you that I don't feel like watching at all, I guess...

Well, not sad exactly.  I did like our little chats about it though.

See You in Time 

I am still liking this show and wondering what is really up with that step brother. Why does he hate our hero so much when our hero clearly, and I mean very clearly, does not WANT the company.  The step brother would be better off teaming up with him against the father and helping him revive the cycling team. The father is one of those clueless parents who do not seem to understand that he is breeding ill will between his two sons or doesn't care. Anyway Hans Chung is just delicious and watching him eat nearly made me have spasms. Thanks to Shuk for the eating gifs of this pair.
I'm very hungry, Trot.

Tientsin Mystic

I am seriously loving this show. Every episode is good so far with the detective work and the shenanigans of the main characters and those around. The overarching mystery keeps everything tied together nicely. And I keep checking Siantlark's twitter to see if she's uploading another episode. 

Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy 

I am two weeks (and therefore 386 episodes) behind.  Gasp!

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Have gotten to episode 3 of 8 so far - I like this but I do wish she'd talk a little slower sometimes.  Just a bit.

The Good Place (S2 resumes)

Woohoo! Back with the gang! I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but ummm...things are moving along at a good pace. This show is funny - probably the funniest thing on TV that I've seen in a long time - and I don't know one person who's watched it that didn't love it. Give it a try if you haven't already!

The Expanse

This is a 2015 SyFy channel show, Season 3 is starting this year. Holy moly, this shit is nerve wrecking. I've just finished episode 2 4 and I don't think I can sleep after this. It has stunning visuals and interesting characters and DAMN, I think they're all going to die. Check it out if you like space thrillers.
This has been on my list forever!