Rants and Weekly Raves #174 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  Should I switch to black for the RAWR? Would that be less irritating than all this red?
kakashi: Who says you're irritating!! Show yourself, villain! (I offered you black maaaaany, many RAWRs ago :)  
Trotwood: I think you should since you are always the leader on this posting. I don't think any of us will watch as much as you even if we retired and watched dramas all day long. 
SakiVI: makes sense.
kakashi: So, I watched nothing this week. But I finished writing a paper. Oh, I lie. I watched Warriors Gate. Before I say "It wasn't THAT bad", let me add I watched it to get alternative Mo Yuan pictures. So beautiful. 
No one has said to me that I'm irritating, it's just me: I'm irritated by all the red, I think it looks garish and silly.  I know you offered it to me but back then I had hopes you were in a shorter slump, not an extended sabbatical.  (You notice I'm not completely agreeing that you're done with KDrama.) But okay!  Beginning next week, don't be confused:  JoAnne will be writing in black for the RAWR only - still red for my comments on other dramas.  I guess that means Kakashi will be the red comment person on RAWR?


Jugglers (Finale) 

This ended well - people paid for their sins appropriately and lovers continued to love. It's not the funniest thing I ever saw nor is it the saddest, but it did contain some interesting points about working and was pretty frank about adults in love wanting to sleep together. All strings tied up in neat bows, too. Yay!
this show provided me exactly what I needed, a drama where the angst is NOT derived from misunderstandings between the couple but from the outside. Why can't we have MORE of this? I want to see couples work together against the big bad. I also loved the team and how they were so unexpected. I love the meta jokes with the coffee cart and the actor who was the same actor playing an actor who looked like a character in the show. I liked the bromance, and I even liked how they didn't wrap up the relationship between the 2nd couple very clearly but just let us know it was a success.

Just Between Lovers 

If they kill Gang Doo...seriously, just don't kill him. Do Not.

Longing Heart 

I like Jungshin but ...I'm probably not going back to this.

Smart Prison Living (Finale) 

Looney....those FUCKERS. In all other respects, I'm very happy with the resolutions for each character and really enjoyed the time I spent with them. This is one show for sure where the long episodes never bothered me a bit. Now I want a season 2 where they're all out of prison (well, except for YOU KNOW WHO) and have a pact to stay in touch and help each other where they can. And they all make it a point to visit YOU KNOW WHO and when he gets out they meet him at the gate and don't let history repeat itself. Because that's all it would have taken, you know. If his family had been there, instead of waiting down the road like he asked, that would not have happened. I'm not saying it never would have happened, but you have to go find the stuff, it doesn't usually just drop into your lap. So he'd have had a chance.

Black Knight 

The line to beat Sharon's ass forms to the left - behind me. Bring your own baseball bats. And not for nothing you stupid ass people in the show but why do you keep even letting her breathe the same air as you? Just don't engage! So frustrated, me.

I Am Not a Robot (Finale) 

Another show with a really satisfying ending. Min Gyu is healed, childhood friendships are mended, bad guys are punished, true love wins out. *Claps enthusiastically for the very happy experience of watching this show.*

Mother (New) 

Wow. Some people fucking SUCK. I truly do not understand how one human looks at another and thinks 'they don't matter at all. I can do whatever I want.' Or another looks at their own child and sees a sexual threat. An eight-year-old child who's being beaten and mentally tortured by the man YOU brought into the house and clearly prioritize. There's a whole world of damage in that person's thinking, to be sure. Somehow, I don't care. For those who are worried, we only get this in flashes, and by episode 2 Lee Bo Young is on the run with her little student. It's not particularly difficult to watch - we see more graphic abuse in movies and shows all the time. Maybe the show will focus on their journey and the search for them, more than it will on what was done to the girl. We're definitely going to see more about what happened to the various adults in their own childhoods, I'd say, but I am never going to forget that they put that little girl out by the side of the road in a trash bag, like she was garbage and not a living, breathing child. Never.
Sounds too much for me. I'll pass.


I haven't seen this yet but I am hearing very good things about it. I think Trot is watching, and Panda?
This is THE show for me at the moment. the people in this are so despicable that i want to wash myself with disinfectant. I only like our female lead and the wife of the accused. I don't know who the murderer is, but I want all of them to be punished our our lawyer wife to have a great career and move out of that horrid neighborhood with her adorable daughter. Go Hyun-jung is killing this role. It's dark and the cliffhanger this week made me applaud.
I'm watching. So far, each time the episodes for the week end, I get sad because I want more.

Money Flower 

I am a couple weeks behind, so this will be here for a little bit. I'll probably pick a day and just marathon the last 6 episodes.
I'm behind, but I may just watch the last four eps to see what happens and to see Jang Hyuk in a vest.
Last four episodes sounds like a good plan. That way, I get resolution and Elf Ears and I don't have to go through it all.

Bad Guys: City of Evil 

I have seen through episode 9, I think, and fan subs have stopped at 10 because the subbers were upset that other sites were stealing them. 
Awwww. I'm sure that sucks, but... 
I think I'm just going to wait for Netflix and start from the beginning all over again because I think right now I'm just trusting what I see as the 'reveal' and I'm not so sure I can trust everyone I trust in the show. Unless maybe the point of the story is you can't really trust anyone, not all the time.
Is Netflix picking this up? Am I going to be forced to get Netflix now or just give up and pretend I didn't see any of this. Not watching anymore though now that I know about sub problem.


They have got me watching this mess RAW now, that's how much I want to see what happens next. And I got rewarded, big time, at the end of episode 10. Hot stuff!
Jin Seon Mi learns that it's 'Son Oh Gong's fault' that she became Sam Jang, and starts to doubt her faith in the bell, which is misplaced anyway as we all know. Not to mention the fact that it's MA WANG's fault, not our precious monkey. But anyway. The demon of the week can make the little girl that became Sam Jang go away, and does - at Jin Seon Mi's request. Everyone knows immediately that something has changed, and Zombie Bu Ja starts dying, which throws PK into a tizzy. He's been talking about how he looks at her like a little sister but we know the truth even if he's late to the game.
Son Oh Gong pretends he no longer loves Jin Seon Mi now that she's not Sam Jang because he believes this is what she wants...but reality is that the person who 'took' Sam Jang did NOT become the owner of the Geumganggo as expected. Stuff happens and it looks like Jin Seon Mi decides that she should be Sam Jang, after all. For the children, not for herself. More stuff happens, and then she kisses Son Oh Gong who says oh no, girlfriend, that is not how we kiss - and then he shows her how it's done, thanks and blessings be upon the Lord, amen. (But I need to watch it with subs to be sure I understood motivations and don't take my word for the quote because you know my little bit of Korean is not THAT good.)

The Unit 

Apparently didn't air this week.

Happy Sisters

Another show that know how to do cliffhangers. Our heroine has finally admitted what everyone else knows: that she should divorce her cheating husband because not only will she be rid of the jerk but she will be rid of the family that has treated her like a servant for all these years because she couldn't get pregnant. It is obvious that our mistress wife wannabe, SakiVI has named her HoeJo, is going to make everyone miserable. She already has her MIL eating outside. But frankly, they all deserve it. The story with the other sister is good, too. Although I already feel sorry for the 2nd male lead in that one. He deserves better than what he's going to get.
I dunno, that musician guy knows he is hitting on a married woman. He deserves to get what he gets, though I hope I'm wrong, and he's just a good friend for the other sister.
HoeJo wants to torture Ye Eun even post-divorce. Some people just need to see the other side sobbing and desperate. Except that won't happen. And HoeJo isn't even that rich enough to do that much trouble

Master in the House

It's the second day with Master Jeon In Kwon. He's probably not any more set in his ways than any other older person who has a routine that works for them, but it's just a bit...well, he's an artist so there you go. I know a couple of Deulgukhwa's songs but don't really know the members at all so this has been an interesting watch from that perspective as well as just enjoying the interactions of the four show members. Lee Sang Yoon has no idea what he let himself in for, it's very clear - that might be the funniest part of all; the other three know how to keep things rolling so even if it's not the most energetic couple of episodes, it's not boring, either.


Dou That Thing 

I'm very much in love with Mark right now, so .... NO.

Todome no Kiss

I saw folks on TList talking about this so I've checked it out and it's suitably odd. I think I'll make a decision with episode three - in the first two our male lead, a host, is being pursued by a woman whose kiss is laced with poison. Every time she kisses him he dies, but then he comes back - to a point in the recent past, where he tries to do something a little different in order to avoid her. It hasn't worked, obviously. The thing that's unusual to me is that he doesn't go back to the same point every time, like we'd normally see. And he hasn't yet really expressed any interest in finding out WHY she's doing this, he just seems interested in having her NOT do it. To be fair, though, if someone was trying to kill me I too would focus more on not dying than on solving a riddle.

See You in Time 

Two shows for the price of one: In Show A, we have a very attractive and charming couple who are falling for each other while pursuing physical goals that give us many opportunities for humor and to admire the physical form. In Show B, we have a twisted couple with murder on their minds (and perhaps some sexual hangups) thanks to childhood grievances. It's a little difficult to understand because as of yet, we don't really .know how they got so freaky. She was abused, he was her childhood knight in shining armor with a jealousy problem at home relating to his adopted brother. Is that enough for their weird little emotionally abusive relationship? I guess so.
This is pretty much what I said last week, but I'm not sure I like getting two shows in one because to me the two shows don't seem to match in tone. It's jarring to go from funny to doping people. And the relationship between the leads in the dark drama needs more discussion (with their dark and abusive past that has lead to a frankly psychologically abusive relationship in the present) for me to care about them or feel any sympathy for why they are who they are.
Their smiles are absolutely infectious

Lion Pride

Ahhhhhhh, cute. Although I do keep being reminded of Let's Drink because of the cram school setting. Full disclosure: it took about 15 minutes to go from thinking the male lead was 12 years old to to finding and following him on Instagram because he's GOT something, at least in this role. It's worth it, though, he's active there and looks like a lot of fun. 
Should I watch this one instead of See you in Time?
I think you'd like it and so far there's none of the weird dichotomy of SYiT.  PS.  That guy is the friend, not the guy I was talking about.

The Weasel's Grave 

Hahahahhahahahaha....yeah, right. Recaps have stopped, at least for a while, and I haven't watched a lick since. Although I probably should see how it ends, because I'm curious about the weasels.
I can't do recaps for this and Tientsin Mystic, and let's face it, Tientsin Mystic is way better.
WAY better.  Since I never bother to actually watch to see what the weasels are doing, I will just leave this off the list until I eventually DO have a Weasel Watch.  #WeaselWatch2020, probably.

Tribes & Empires (Finale) 

I'm still in the 40s, so you'll be seeing this entry for a while as I work my way to the ending.
Maybe I'll watch the last 4 episodes with this one too, just to wrap it up.

Nirvana in Fire II 

Should I even bother? I saw episode 1, or at least I saw half of it. I've had no real desire to go back, but if you tell me it's worth it...