Rants and Weekly Raves #173 (RAWR)

SakiVI: just a couple of comments. I'm recovering from flu.
JoAnne: I think they're getting used to all the red.
Trotwood: I'm back and not watching what I planned but started new things. Don't expect my drama watching to make sense. 
kakashi: Over and out


Two Cops (Complete)

I finished this week -  an enjoyable-enough show, carried mostly on the likeability and acting chops of Jo Jeong Suk and Kim Sun Ho, and the humor of a solid cast of side characters.  Hyeri did a decent job and thank God the director didn't want any of that shrill, annoying caterwauling we've seen before.  It's not something I'd ever think about watching again and it won't make my best-of lists for anything - but it won't be on any worst-of lists, either.  I will, however, look forward to whatever is next for all three of our leads - so that's something right?

Just Between Lovers 

Gang Doo is in a very bad way when Halmeoni dies, but eventually, Moon Soo's dogged persistence pays off and he returns to her.  He's come into a bit of money and it was the old lady's dearest wish that he use it to make his life better - and it seems he's got plans to do just that, but what about that nosebleed?   Seems like maybe the meds he's been taking have done a number on him.  I guess we'll find out soon?

Smart Prison Living 

I think this may have ended this past week, but I still have two episodes to watch. I love how Je-Hyeok converted Crony into a loyal follower. I think my favorite thing about this drama is how the guys in 6B all look out for each other. I wonder if Min Chul is actually going to get out of jail early?  Will Captain Yoo get his day in court? Is Loony about to have his heart broken by the ex-boyfriend?  And WHEN will Je-Hyeok and Ji-Ho finally get to see each other again?

Black Knight 

Man, I love that Soo Ho tells Sharon every single time she makes a move that he is not at all interested in her, that he loves Hae Ra and nothing is going to change that.  I do understand that Sharon was hurt by him when they were married in the past life and I'd have some sympathy for the woman who got fucked by fate but geez, girlfriend...give it a rest. Among the three of you, you are not the biggest victim here. 
I really hope that Sharon and Park Chul Min get their asses handed to them at the end of this drama.  That's going to be even more satisfying than seeing Soo Ho and Hae Ra get married and live happily ever after, assuming that this lifetime works out that way for them.  (It had better.)

I Am Not a Robot 

Yay!  Min Gyu and Ji A talked it out in a very sweet scene where she patiently walked him through their entire relationship and told him every single thing she thought at every point in time, and then did it all over again when he asked. I love that it was obvious to him that it was always his well-being she thought about from their very first Master/Robot encounter, even when she clearly didn't know all the details. (I love that she tells him several times she couldn't believe how she got away with it when she was CLEARLY HUMAN, too, and that he has the grace to laugh at himself once he was assured of her intentions.)
I love that when she sees his fear of physical contact, she demonstrates that she understands and finds a way for them to connect. I love that when he said goodbye, now he could live the rest of his life on his memories, she responded by calling him out on that bullshit because SHE needs HIM.  She didn't see him as lesser at all, in other words.  I love that THIS is what made him forget his fear of touching her, and I love that when they kissed, he was okay.  

I love that people are coming forward to tell him the Santa Maria team wasn't trying to hurt him or make him a fool, that they cared about him.  That they care about him now, and want desperately to explain.  I love that they are telling him he's throwing away people who love him when he doesn't have to do that.

I'm worried about that time his heart started racing when he was at the rest area, though.

Return (New) 

Really good.  I was disappointed when episode 2 ended. 
I do want to see this, but it felt like it would require real attention and I just didn't have the kind of mind for it yet.
I started to this for Go Hyung Jung, whom I always like even when I don't like the shows. So many people to hate in this show. I'm glad the wife has our main character on her side because these are the nastiest sharks I have seen in a long time. Just hateful and violently abusive even to each other. With friends like these . . . I wonder why she married her husband in the first place and why she gave up everything for him. I like that Choi Ja Hye helps her because of their past friendships and the fact that she wants her to come back to practicing law. I wonder why they set up her husband like that and why they seems to resent him so much.

Bad Guys: City of Evil 

The losses continue to pile up and as the full extent of the corruption within the city administration becomes evident, our few remaining guys have choices to make.  What they decide about Cho (and about each other) generally falls along the lines of whether they're on the team for personal reasons only, or on the team because they want to clean up the city, and maybe have a personal reason giving them drive for that.  The ratings continue to grow slowly but steadily, which is good.  There aren't enough dramas like this.
I still haven't gotten around to this, but I'm trying to find a time a weekend when I can start marathoning. I'm downloading now to watch on elliptical at gym. Watched first ep today. Wow. Very different tone than the first. The first was more angry and violent. this one seems sad and violent.


Lost the mood. maybe later.  Basically,  I got bored during episode 6.
The only thing I don't like about Hwayugi is waiting for subs.  It's not that it's such a long wait (thank you subbers) it's just that I want to see it and am counting the minutes.  This week we learn that no matter what he said or didn't say, Son Oh Gong's 'frozen confession' probably doesn't count because according to the Summer Fairy, General Frost can't really do a super freeze because the minute he does she'd just melt it, sharing his body.  Whatever, we saw the Geumganggo frozen.  Things are about to heat up though (ha, see what I did there) because First Love Jonathan is on the scene and Oh Gong is a jealous monkey.


I think this also ended this week but I'm way far behind on it - I think I'm on 7 or 8 now. I really like the tension between the two brothers, one of whom is just plain crazy and it's not Jin Goo, lemme tell ya. I'm enjoying Eun Ji's prosecutor, too. She's not a bad person, but she's a bit jaded, I'd say. I don't see her going off and doing wrong all on her own, but if a higher up asks her for something a bit iffy, she's going to do it. Why not? Saying no will make her life more difficult, and saying yes might make it easier. That's how she looks at it. I'm just waiting for her to be inspired by our detective and make a conscious decision to do the right thing at all times.

The Unit

Girl's turn this week. I am predictably less interested but still, more interested than I expected to be. Mostly because of the one team that got the cutesie song, and had the oldest members of all. Listening to them struggle with having to go back to younger behavior and worrying whether it would look foolish or not was interesting, since I think they're all too old to do the cutesie stuff, even the young ones. I don't live in Korea, though, do I. It did get me thinking, though, that these are grown up women - 25, 27, 30 - and they live in dorms and work their butts off and have their lives dictated by men like they're 12 year olds...I wonder how hard that is to swallow. Pretty hard, I'd bet, at times.

Happy Sisters

Once again, I've started a daily at episode 30, and I think that is when i should start dailies since I get bored and annoyed by the set up. Two sisters: one is now married to a man who's wife divorced him sho now doesn't believe in love but marries her because his adorable pre-teen daughter wanted a mom so badly and wanted him to find someone nice. She marries him to pay off her debt. Of course, he's starting to fall for her. The other sister is married to a man who was adorably in love with her when they were first together but has grown bored with her because she is too nice and is now in love with his secretary--who is so shameless that you almost admire her. SakiVI and I really want this sister to just get a divorce and move on with her life and the new guy who is also falling for her. Lots of annoying relatives and probably future corporate drama.
This show is crack.


I continue to enjoy this show, and even the angst of the big reveal didn't make me crazy. I also like how they turned the 2nd male lead who could've been an evil character into someone who is also part of the team, Oh that team, who weren't dense like I thought but knew about them all along. I like these two together, and I'm glad that we got the bromance (matching orange track suits!) helping our smiling Yul get through why he is really so upset. I often dread office rom-com conclusions, but I am really looking forward to watching this week's shows.


The Magicians 

Elliot leaves for his quest on the Muntjac, a ship with a bit of attitude, accompanied by his wife and a suddenly grown-up daughter, installed as a spy by the Fairies. The rest of the gang are on Earth, hunting for Mayakovski's battery in an effort to restore magic. There's a weird creature afoot, though, and it has taken over Q. This should be interesting.

See You in Time 

Sigh. The bicycle porn isn't going to be enough to keep me through this undermining of the race by having the fiance drug them storyline if we do not get more of the back story. I was suspicious of the doc from the beginning, and her relationship with the step-brother is so unhealthy I can't even begin to describe. It's like there are two parallel dramas here: The step-brother is in a bargain basement version of Money Flower, but his own brother is in some sports movie that has comedy and heart. The transitions are jarring, but we keep getting this face, so I'm willing to put up with for a lot . . . for now.

The Weasel's Grave 

I can only recap one show at a time, so everyone just think that the scooby gang are lost forever in the Cave of Eyes. 

The Good Place 

Our gang gets to The Bad Place headquarters and of course nothing goes as planned.  Michael makes the supreme sacrifice to allow them to get away when caught, though.  I wonder what happens next?

My Dear Boy

I started this with some trepidation because even though I always love Ruby Lin, I haven't always loved her dramas. this one has been get mixed responses, and I can see why. Ruby's character isn't that likeable. Okay, she is at extremes. I really like her and the advice she gives our puppy and really feel the devastation she feels when her boyfriend decides to keep dating and eventually marry his patron instead of having the nerve to break it off and stay with her. However, she also treats the puppy pretty badly at times, which doesn't really mesh with the rest of her character. They are adding another possible love interest (did Ruby Lin save a village in a former life--she always gets multiple love interests; I'd do that too, if I had my own production company), so I'm sticking with this.
Derek was so, so horrible in Wolf whatever it was called. I cringe when I see his face :D 


Japanese drama based on a manga. Only 8 episodes, but there will probably be another season because nothing about that crazy world is done. Very much tonally like Hana Kimi and Ouran High School Host Club. It also has the catchiest ending song that I hummed for at least 20 hours straight this weekend. Five ending dance number Okay, sing everyone.