Rants and Weekly Raves #184 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I did it again...no draft RAWR until Saturday, bad me! I swear sometimes my brain doesn't really get the fact that days are going by...
kakashi: I was sick all week and am now officially sick of being sick and my family being sick. So many precious workdays destroyed! Ack.
SakiVI: I am mostly recovered, but still very tired, and still got a horrible cough at night. So, I don't have much energy for things, including tv. Starting new shows is too tiring for me.  Just the thought of the character setups is so exhausting I end up just not doing anything or re-running Schitt's Creek.
Trotwood: I've been under the weather, too, and the doctor told me that my blood pressure has risen. I think it's because even though it is spring, it still feels like winter and everyone is cranky.
panda: I have not been sick but been in very low spirits cos of stuff... But! Fans are subbing Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food!! The KDrama subbing arena keeps getting suckier and I am so glad lovely people have started fan subbing more.


Laughter in Waikiki 

Well, it's mostly all out in the open now: Everyone knows about the secret couple and by the end of the week Gang Doo has accepted them, and also received a confession from Yoo Na. What's left?  I guess for Boo Sik and the model to figure out they like each other.  Mal Geum is going to come back at some point, though, right?

The Great Seducer

Our boy has his girl, and just in time: he's about to learn that his father is pursuing her mother despite being engaged to Soo Ji's mother. They should have a day or two of happiness before being ripped apart again. As for the adults, who are all miserable, terrible people as well as horrible parents: Soo Ji's mother knows about it and is willing to ignore it, I guess. For now. But Pops is still in for a rude awakening because he neglected to tell his true love about his fiancee.  And then there's poor Se Joo. Se Joo's heart is still being broken on the daily, and all the kids are just ramping up for a huge disaster, I can feel it.  Maybe he'll fall for that square-faced girl and she'll save him with her relative normalcy.

A Poem a Day 

There may not be a Ye line, but there WAS finally a Ye smile, so all is well.  Lee Yoo Bi is cute as a button in this, but I do get tired of her co-workers.  All of them.

That Man Oh Soo

I marathoned episodes 2 through 10 and am thoroughly enjoying myself. Oh Soo is about the most awkward man alive but by the end of the marathon we had a confession from both sides, and he was planting some pretty good kisses on a very willing Yoo Ri. Poor Teach. I wonder if he'll walk in on them or just get his heart broken over coffee or something.

Mystery Queen 2 

I feel like I'm the only one still watching this show. it's nothing to write home about, but I am not willing to give it up because I like the couple so much and now we've got an actual episode end that is a real cliff hanger. It's the typical "let's protect someone by not telling them information which puts them in more danger if you told them what was going on in the first place" plot device. I am curious to see what is the story behind the evil baker, and where does she get all that money to bribe people. You just don't make that kind of money making cakes unless you're Martha Stewart.
I tend to let it lag for a couple weeks and then get caught up. This was a skip week.
This is the only other drama I am watching and it's disappointing that it has now become my background show. The cases are nothing special and even the couple development has started annoying me. But I just have to know how it ends.


Continues to be fun and play with us - by the end of this week's episodes we've got the real prosecutor and the fake one working together, since they're both hunting the same guy - Bool Gom. (Brown Bear. Ha. Hunting? Bear? Hahahaha.)

Peacock really looks good

My Ahjussi 

Really loving this. Dong Hoon and Ji An are coming to understand each other, in a way, and now they're helping each other sometimes, too. Speaking of weird relationships...I actually felt sorry for the guy who's so terrible to Ji An because she killed his dad. He had no other family, apparently, and on his memorial day he shows up at Ji An's house. I almost got the feeling that he was looking for companionship...anything at all, even hers - and that he didn't go there looking to have a fight.
And yet another weird one: the younger brother and the actress. I know they're going to end up together, right?

Even office politics in this are so weird that I can't help but pay attention even if I'm not really interested. It's kind of like a sageuk where you have an ailing emperor, and two sets of ministers are all jockeying to make THEIR prince the crown prince. Oh and one of the princes is sleeping with a minor official's wife, so he wants to ruin him and get him out of the palace, but the guy figures out that the prince is sleeping with his wife, and in the end he'll be the reason that prince is ruined.  Actually...now that I put it in sageuk terms, it's not weird at all.

My Husband Oh Jak Doo 

One part of me: Yay, they're really together now! The other part of me: Jak Doo might be all that and a bag of chips but I am NEVER going to say yes to that rattle trap shack on the top of some damn mountain. Storywise, though: Secrets are revealed...but not quite all of them, and our newlyweds are rushing around trying to protect each other. I still don't fully understand the deal with the woman who died and how that is Seung Joo's fault or why her boss is being so shady. Eric Cho continues to endear himself to all and sundry, at least on this side of the TV screen. He's even gotten better looking, hasn't he? Seung Joo's mother continues to be an unrepentent bitch even though now and then she lets slip that she's worried or something. Whatever, I don't care. You blamed a little girl, your own daughter, for the death of your husband. You hated her so much for that (when really it was your fault for not keeping better watch over her) that you gave.her.away. I don't care what you do now, you're dead to me. And your son, who shows flashes of shame at your behavior and his own use of his sister, at least? He's terrible at business and he can finesse it anyway he wants but he stole from his sister and he defrauded investors and he should go to jail.

Happy Sisters

This show is so much fun that I don't know where to begin. We finally have the sad sister and her in denial husband finally admit that they love each other with what seemed like was going to be the 2nd lead in that triangle turn out to be their best friend and cupid. Only right when this happens, their daughter finds the contract, tells everyone, and runs away. That us resolved very quickly, so I don't know why she's keeping the pregnancy a secret. The Chicken couple is annoying since we all know they are going to be together in the end. Our Shogu manga loving ex-con and his chicken loving best friend are so falling each other. He even thinks she is glowing while she's gnawing on a chicken leg.  Our hero not only decides to go all in once he declares his love, he is completely open about it and wants to introduce her to his mom right away. There will probably be some angst on her part because her mom works as his mom's housemaid, but look at their faces:

He is NOT going to let her go. But best of all, Idiot ex-husband wants his wife back because HoeJo is a terror. So does his mother. Even his sister wants them to get back together because for some reason she thinks that will make Hyun Joo fall for her and still marry her despite the fact that she lied about studying and graduating from Oxford. Fortunately, HoeJo hates them all. She's evil, but I'm looking forward to her doing this . . .

I want them all to go to jail with her, so she can get her jail gang to bully them even while they are in prison.

One thing I need to see in this amazingly good daily is HoeJo crushing the entire Lee Family and putting them out in the streets or into prison or both before she gets crushed by Hong Joo and Ye Eun because she couldn't leave Ye Eun alone.  The Lee Family are a bunch of energy vampires who specifically targeted Ye Eun to marry Ji Sup because they knew they could take total advantage of her manners and good nature.  Certainly Ye Eun was at fault for letting them, but that's also how enregy vampires operate: they find someone too nice for their own good and suck them dry and then throw them out.  So, if HoeJo doesn't do the same to them, then there's no real point to her in all this.  She has to crush that ghastly family.  


Old Boy 

Watched a bunch of episodes. Father and son are reunited and growing fond of each other, we officially know that Zhou Zhou's mother is a crazy fucking bitch, and Xaio Ou gets dumped (by the new girlfriend! on FaceTime!) by her disgustingly weak boyfriend. And what does she do in response? Hops on a plane from China to Australia and shows up at his apartment with a big ass suitcase like she's gonna stay for a VISIT. He's not there because the girlfriend gets a heads up from Mom that Xaio Ou is on her way to Australia and convinces boyfriend to go off on an impromptu vacation. Mom doesn't yet know what a trifling ass bitch her daughter is, but the boyfriend not only knew that Xiao Ou was coming, he was supposed to pick her up at the airport. Man, when those three meet up I hope Xaio Ou snatches them BOTH bald, but seriously....why did you even go to Australia, silly woman?

See You in Time 

There was not nearly enough of the Lovelies in this episode, but it looked like we were going to get a redemptive arc to the Twisteds. Mr. Twisted almost died from contracted a disease in his effort to save Zo Qi while Ms. Twisted risked her life with the disease to test an untested drug to save his life. Turns out Zi Qi's dad had original information that would have made the first round of the medications work without fatalities 16 years ago, but died in fire which somehow seems connected to Mr. Lovely's dad. There will be know angst about this, but no matter what they do, people still die in the future and Ms. Twisted blames Zi Qi for and breaks the damn communication phone. Why wasn't that thing in a freakin' Otterbox?!?!

Untouchable Lovers 

Still good, but subs are a bit slow, and the subbers are throwing tantrums with people who are frustrated on the discussion board at Viki. Look, that's what you get for working for free for a company that's taking advantage of you.  

Also, the story is still really good in each episode, but overall, I'm wondering what the big picture really is. There's someone giving mini recaps in the comments on one of those sites that can't be mentioned, but that site only has raws up to episode 33, and so I don't see the overarching plot from mini recaps. And I wonder if we didn't switch to Wei too soon? Maybe someone who has read the book can give me some plot spoilers below. I like to know where I'm going.  

I watched another couple episodes and whoa. Hua Cuo. Yes indeed. I googled him, the actor: when he's just his normal self (not robes and hair) he's cute but 12. Something about the period costume, though.

Only Side by Side with You

I stopped at episode 5. I had my William Chan fix, I guess. And it occurred to me that I liked LLIT more. 
I don't need a lot of story if I can have that smile...I'll get my story in another drama.

Meet Me @ 1006

I love how people do not think that going back in time is going to change things. Sigh. It's like they have never watched a time traveling show or movie.  In his attempts to save her Judo coach's life and thus save his longtime friend from murder charges, Zhen Yu unfortunately causes Jia Len to become friends with his arch rival, who of course paints him out to be slimy. However, I'm seeing Ji Rou's brother being the shadiest of the characters so far. I wonder what his deal is but at this point he's the most likely murderer. I don't see what his motive might be unless he just wants the money his sister is going to inherit, which seems far too obvious for this show. He also seems to hate the judo coach for being the judo champion that he himself always wanted to be. Hmm.
I got the same feeling from that brother! And like you, I couldn't figure out what it could possibly be. He does seem jealous of the Judo Coach.

My Dear Boy

This episode started with this
 . . . and I pretty much felt like this the rest of the way through. It is very clear that Luo Xiao loves Ah Quing and he clearly loves her, but she is much older and successful, and she is embarrassed that he wants to be more than a younger brother to her. He refuses and confronts her, but he also admits his feelings to his family, which makes them all believe that somehow she seduced him! Pfft. She is great. She didn't need to seduce him, and he is old enough to have been in the army. He has excellent taste in women in my opinion. What I do find interesting is that the show has is asswipe of an uncle lecture him about how it is okay for a man to date a women 20 years younger but it is wrong for a women to date a man much younger. We already don't like him, so . . . The weird thing about this is the sudden death by one of the main characters. Just fell sleep in car on way to dinner and doesn't wake up. What?!?! I think maybe the actor either quit rr got fired? Will this force our heroine to live in the moment?


BG: My Personal Bodyguard (last two episodes)

I know that last week I couldn't get through this RAWR without cursing this show. I even cursed it on twitter and cursed it in the comments. But I surrender. I didn't think I could forgive this show, but not only do I forgive this show, but I am in love with this show and would gladly marry it now that I am single again. Was this show perfect? No. But did it do a conclusion that really showed character growth and justice all around AND not force a romance on us that anyone in his/her right mind would not want?!?! Can I get a witness for the very handsome older men (all in my own age range) that prove that hotness doesn't have to have just graduated from a boy band? Can I salute the range of great hair in this show and interesting characters and bonding and respect for skills? Can I give a rousing roar for the burgeoning teamwork and the various forms of failure and redemption in this show. Can I talk about the father-son bond but also the mother-son bond? Can I say that I pretty much cried for the entire penultimate episode and cheered for nearly the entire last episode? I felt the same way at the end that I felt in Pied Piper. I am not saying that this show was as good as that one, but I am saying that I'm going to start recapping it because it's that good. Panda said she'd help. Look forward to our first recap sometime next week! Once you start those, you will know the significance of the picture below.
All you said Trot. Ep 8 was slow for me but Ep 9 BROUGHT IT and I forgave everything. A good ending does that, wipes all the sins away. Can't wait to recap!

Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu/May I Blackmail You   

Finally, we got another episode of this show, and yes Dean is channeling his inner Saito and rocking the hair.
We all knew the next door neighbor was shady. We also knew that Mio Kanesaka's grandfather was shady. But now we know that they are probably worse than we thought. We get more backstory about her parents and the accident that caused their death, but this case also makes our hero confront his assumptions that she is simple naive when really she is working very hard to try to be good and forgive and not hate people because she promised her mother to do just that on her mother's death bed. I'm feeling sorry that I watched this episode because it ends with her being kidnapped, and we had to wait a good three weeks for an episode to be subbed.
I am waiting till I can give Dean and his glorious hair and face my full attention. Plus you said this ends on a cliff hanger so I will wait to have 2 subbed episodes available.


Bhuppae Sanniwat

After 28 hours of watch-time, actually more like 20 cos I fast forwarded ALL of the politicking stuff, and all of Constantine Phaulkon and friends and their atrocious wigs; I have found my fav drama in a long time. Now, don't get me wrong, the plot is very simple and hole filled, but the OTP makes up for it in Spades! I love them soo much. The guy is very swoony,but she has done such an amazing acting job. Also, not to just be completely shallow, I appreciate that they sort of touch up on Women's rights in the old days a bit. Plus I do appreciate the mini history lesson. I also have a soft spot of Por Duer and hope he can get a spin off, somehow. Thanks Anu for recommending. 


The Magicians (Season Finale)

You know how Julia had that spark of magic, and has been feeling compelled to use it to help others, and it has been getting stronger?  Well guess what! That was a task set for her by The Goddess Underground, and when she restored the forest to Fillory last episode, she completed the task.  Julia is now The Goddess of the Trees.  She gets a guide who's supposed to help her make the transition, but she struggles because she can still feel her friends, who have managed to make it to The Castle at the End of the World (which turned out to be underneath Castle WhiteSpire, on Fillory.

All the mistakes are dead except one, who just basically WANTS.  He needs constant attention and love or else he becomes enraged and destroys things.  There are a number of 'sacrifices' - Alice will give up her memory to protect magic, Quentin will take the guardian's place in Castle once they turn magic back on, the Fairy Queen offers her life to the McAllisters in order to protect her fairies forever.  But there are also betrayals:  Fogg is working with the McAllisters and The Library, Alice is only giving up her memory so she won't remember that she betrays her friends for The Library in the end, and Elliot kills the remaining mistake despite promising Quentin he wouldn't.  This has disastrous consequences.  And then, there is one final sacrifice, perhaps the biggest of all.  Alice destroys the keys so they can't complete the task of repairing the flow of magic, but Julia appears and restores them.  It takes every drop of her power, and when it's done, she falls to the ground and says 'I'm not connected to anything anymore.'  Does this mean she's no longer a Goddess?

Magic returns to the world, controlled by The Library.  It's rationed, though, and places like Brakebills really struggle.  None of the gang remember each other, or that they were magicians, except Alice - who is locked up and desperate to get word out that the thing in the castle can jump bodies, and it's out now, and will be looking for them.  The last scene of the season, we realize that it's in Elliot, and has found Quentin.  (NB:  Hale Appleman has just been getting better looking all season and I have an overwhelming desire to run my fingers through his curly mop of hair.)

Good season!  I'm looking forward to #4.  It's worth pointing out that our group of ragtag friends are actually not the original group - several are from different timelines and they came together only in the last couple episodes.  Does this mean the others are gone forever?  Remember...'our' Penny has died and his spirit survives in the astral plane only because he was travelling at the moment his body succumbed. Is one Penny just as good as another?  This Penny loves Julia, not Kate.  I foresee trouble.  I wonder if the next season will have two or even three focal points:  wresting control of magic from The Library, defeating the body-jumping monster, and returning our friends to each other.

The Walking Dead 

I actually rooted for Negan this episode.  Wow. But I am just SO glad that Simon is gone...


Turned out quite the thrilling horror mermaid show!  I rather love it when the mermaid rips people apart like the guy who tried to rape her.  I was just munching metaphorical popcorn, cheering her on, thinking, Go, Fish, Go.  Now, I'm eagerly awaiting Thursday when, it seems from the preview, one of the two mermaids in the show will break out from the military compound where she was captured and is being experimented on.  Hoping that second mermaid will rip up the admiral who was having her tortured, and that he will feel it most horribly.  
Goddammit, Saki.