Rants and Weekly Raves #188 (RAWR)

Spring is here! Everywhere, it's here. Finally.  I don't think a lot of dramawatching happened, overall, but there are some really good new discoveries at least!
SakiVI: This time, I can say what I've been watching: Secrets of the Three Kingdoms.  So addictive.  
Trotwood: I'm exhausted from RL and all the activities of this time of year, so I can't watch or do much. I couldn't resist starting a new Japanese drama, but that's probably okay because I'll probably have to wait several weeks in between subs. Also, Jo!! Jo, do you feel it? I felt warm wind. I think spring is finally here to stay.
kakashi: I'm in love with my flowers. They smell so nice! I went and bought Saxifrage for my back garden this weekend. Planted it all on the stone wall... love the little beauties. Have I watched anything? Nope, not really.
Panda: Still rewatching old bollywood movies. Only new thing I watched was Delicious Dean


The Great Seducer (Finale) 

I am happy. I will not allow that happiness to be ruined by a little thing like not getting to see Ki Young hung from a light pole by his balls. I forgive everyone (except for Ki Young) for everything they did to each other and to innocent parties. Okay, maybe I think Soo Ji's mother got off too easily, but she did pay for her crimes and I am all about the forgiveness, people. My precious baby boy Si Hyun is happy now. That's what matters. I'm good. If you want to get into details about stuff, I'll join you in the comments.

A Poem A Day 

I figure Dr. Ye must be end game but somehow I wonder, all the same. Also - I got fooled about Ha Seok Jin, did you? I thought he was coming in to mess with the Ye line but NO, he was counterpoint to Mr. Indecisive. That looked like fun!

Exit  (New AND Finale)

FULL of holes that I somehow can't remember at this point, but I will tell you this - it was an okay way to spend a couple hours. (That surprised me - I didn't realize it was a quickie.) 


Just bring me more, every week. I don't really care about the cases all that much or about the romances pending, but I do like watching Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyunsik spar, and we can just keep that going until the end. It's not that they're so good at it, it's just that they look so good doing it. Also: we need Hyunsik in hoodies with the hoodie up more often.
Park Hyunsik looks so young in this. I completely buy him in this role and I love him with his grandma almost as much as I love him with the delicious Jang Dong Gun. I was one of the very few people who wasn't enamored with him in Gentlemen's Dignity because I thought his character was too arrogant for me to find sexy (despite being Jang Dong Gun), but I like him here because they are giving his character's background more complexity. Still trying to figure out why the Geum Shik guy is such an ass, but when he's not on screen I forget to care about him anymore.

Happy Sisters

More and more hints that HoeJo will end up in a mental facility probably sucking her thumb and thinking everyone is her Il Sam Oppa. Speaking of Oppas, Abs Oppa spends a lot of time shirtless in his luxury hospital room.  This is Abs-olutely hilarious.  
We have so much discussion about why Abs Oppa is always half naked in that hospital. Saki!V's theory is that he does that to give the nurses incentive to come by and see that his wound is still bleeding. I think HoeJo's stabbing of him with her stilleto in the supposedly healing wound is just a way to keep him in the hospital and thus providing more fan service for us.
Yes, he's right, HoeJo is crazy, but I think we all are having to stare at him half naked in the hospital or his fiance who gets to snuggle with him but only after he puts his pajama bottoms on. He is the perfect boyfriend, too. I can't decide if my favorite scene was with his cute mom taking over for him at the company and showing everyone she is more than a pretty face or seeing him and his future Mother-in-law in their matching pajamas hugging because she's so relieved he is okay and so sorry for taking so long to give them her blessing.


Secret of the Three Kingdoms 

Crack! Exciting and funny, loads of innuendo, gorgeous to watch, and I very much ship Ping with the empress, though I realize she's recently widowed and heartbroken and it will take time.  It's okay for her to go slow, he's a virgin after all.  (They keep reminding us of this.)
I told myself I'd follow Dramafever's lead and only watch one a day, but I've ended up watching more because elsewhere subs are available and yes, total crack.  Cannot stop. On top of that, Sunny Wang shows up looking all hot in episode 13. And I'm girl-crushing on both our empress and the actress playing Diaochan.  Finally, I'm shipping our emperor and empress like I did Ying Kong Shi and Yan Da.  Except this time, they actually kiss.

Meet Me @1006 

Both of this past week's episodes have scenes that made me cry. What happened to this show. So much heavy heartache and now I'm so anxious about whether anyone can do anything about  what happens no matter what they do in the past to change the present future. The only thing we can be sure of is that they will continue to eat Subway sandwiches (we actually got to watch people make said sandwiches this week) and that Lego Lee's Zhen Yu continues to be a delicious muffin, albeit a very sad one this week.
I am about a week behind? Maybe two. I just finished episode 11. The squee is strong, and no deaths yet.  I need to watch all of Lego Lee's stories I think. Tell me the good ones!
Watch In a Good Way. It's a slow-paced show, but so delicious, and he plays perfect boyfriend in it.

Untouchable Lovers 

Dropped for now.  Maybe I'll pick it up again later in the summer.  


Marcus 'Panty Melter' Chang maintaining his reputation, at least during work hours.  Off hours, he  wears crocs.  Yeah that's right, I can overlook Superman but not Crocs.

Tree in the River (New)

Ho. My. Goodness. This will air 4 episodes a week on Friday on DramaFever, and I inhaled all 4 episodes tonight. They took me on a RIDE. You will absolutely melt into a pile of goo over the leads and all the cute and the swoon they fling in our direction. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that as early as episode 2 I was suspicious about just how MUCH sugar we were getting and predicted future pain. It is definitely coming, but even the PAIN is going to be good on this one. My only worry is that the pain is probably going to begin in earnest next week, and this is a 20-episode drama. So that means about 14 episodes of suffering before things get fixed - check my math - and I'm going to die, aren't I?


Ossan's Love

This show continues to delight. I'm trying to figure out how the writers and actors balance overt silliness with poignant heart tugging moments. Fr example, the fight on the rooftop bwtween Maki and Kurosawa was funny and sad but also truthfu in the funny bits with them pushing Haruta aside because there are always these fights in love triangles where it seems like the two warring parties get in fights with each other without asking the beloved whether she (usually) cares. No one seems to be paying attention to Haruta's denial about his attraction to men, so it makes the fight both silly and sad. But I love everyone in this show so far--to the point that I don't want anyone's heart broken. 

Miss Devil

The moment that Nanao in her role as the titular Miss Devil whips out her steel pointer and slams it on the podium to get the attention to the new fresh from university trainees at this company, I cheered out loud and thanked my source (also out loud) for telling where I can find these subs.
Miss Devil is about a scary HR consultant, who is hired at an insurance company seemingly to be that cutthroat outside cost cutting (i.e.--staff cutting) consultant who basically breaks these newbies from 50 trainees down to the 10 the company can actually afford. Her methods are questionable at best, tyrannical at worst. She's vindictive and cold, but she also sees the real things happening (like the horrible bullying that was going on) and cuts those people as well. Supposedly, she will be going after the very people in companies that everyone hates, but right now all we know is that she has some trauma in her past and that our hero, the warm-hearted social justice (like Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) lead, Saito has landed the "prime" job of working for her permanently.

Monte Kuristo Haku

Guys this is sooo good! I was so impressed with the entire prison scene and release. The prison scenes felt so real and raw. Those rats!! The grimy nails! They nailed it. Well, our Dan is out and no longer innocent nor naive. He has learnt that his sweetheart is married to her best friend who betrayed him and saw "supposedly" happy pics in newspapers to drive in the hurt even further :(((
I loved the modern twist of the treasure although I am confused as to how he got to the bank- did he walk there? I mean that's what his clothes suggested but the bankers didn't care cos you know, 45 BILLION DOLLARS! WOOT. Let the revenge begin.
This is good to know that the revenge is now because I was finding it hard to deal with all that sunshine happiness knowing the loss that was to come. I never trusted that friend and knew he was more than "friends" with the fiance. How no one else figured that out when it was written all over his face, I don't know.


Fear the Walking Dead

I am NOT over Nick's death.


I'm current! Lucilla is heartbroken... for a bit. The whole Chloe-Cain story is just stupid. Actually, this show is just stupid. It's the "sunk costs phenomenon": because I've already watched so much, I keep thinking I should continue. 
I am too! Poor Lucy :( and I agree with you that the Chloe-Cain story can't end soon enough, but at least we don't have to wait for next season for her to break off the engagement. Overall I was pleased that finally Lucifer understands his feelings, but Chloe - this whole thing was just stupid. Well, I guess I can see why she'd try to find happiness elsewhere since in her mind Lucifer doesn't care for her at all, but why would you marry one man when you know you have feelings for another? I think the only relationship I truly enjoyed all the way through this season was Charlotte and Dan.


The merman warrior is here and dayyum, he is HOT. Episode 7 was incredible with a fight on the open seas and the merfolk taking on the US Navy of all people and winning.  In fact, I think the merfolk ate the humans because no one was left on that ship.

Although, how the heck did our fishermen and Ben manage to mostly survive, then?  Never mind, I'll suspend my disbelief.

It's hard to fight on a full stomach?