Rants and Weekly Raves #190 (RAWR)

Trotwood: A week in which I rage eat because of a show.
JoAnne: What? No rage-baking?
Too tired.
kakashi: You sound like me. 
Thank goodness those walnut brownies stuffed with Ghiradelli dark chocolate & caramel squares are now all gone. What I need to do is download Monte Cristo Haku and watch it at the gym. Nothing to eat there, and I'd be too tired to rage eat once I got home.
Walnut brownies stuffed with Ghirardelli dark chocolate and caramel squares? I could be so tired that someone else had to lift that brownie to my mouth and manually move my jaw to chew - including massaging my throat to swallow - but I'd still find the energy to move my eyes and beg for one.
SakiVI: No time for anything except two shows, and barely those. I really want my Cheekos, though. 
And I'm confused. I almost fell asleep but then remembered it's Monday and I need to put pictures into RAWR!
Panda: I think I need to start Lawless Lawyer and SoT3K but for now, I am pacing myself with delicious incoming revenge in Count of Monte Cristo and also my new-found comfort food: old Hindi movies.
Come and Hug Me is also really good. Just saying.
I might beg for a little of this, too.


A Poem A Day (Finale)

Apparently the Ye line was perfectly straight from beginning to end. I never drummed up much emotional interest in this drama but it was an easy watch and I liked the leads. I'll probably never think of it again outside of the context of the phrase 'May I give you some advice?'

Children of a Lesser God

I saw the first three episodes and me-oh-my is it good.  This is the story of what happens to three little orphans:  Byul, Apollo, and Popeye. We've got a lock on grown up Byul and grown up Apollo, but I was wrong, I guess, in thinking that the strange prosecutor would turn out to be grown-up Popeye.  Only 4 episodes have been properly subbed, and the rest of what I can find is distinctly lacking in comparison, but I may have to watch it that way anyway, it's so good.
Were you wrong though? Hmmm. I looove this show but the subs from 4 on are terrible! I had to give up at episode 9 and I am now praying to the Netflix gods to pick it up while simultaneously cajoling the subbing group that subbed the first 4 episodes to continue.
They were making me crazy, too, so I ff through a bunch and watched the last two episodes. I haven't commented here because I didn't think that really counted as really "watching" the show. It's really really good with an ending that felt satisfying . . . from what I understood from it.

The Miracle We Met 

Maybe I'll marathon next weekend...I think it's ending this week? Or am I wicked late already?
And I still don't know whether they meet a miracle or...

Investigation Couple/Partners in Justice (New) 

This has been interesting, so far, but I find the forensics trick a bit irritating. This guy is willing to risk 'the truth' of a crime never coming out, as long as HIS truth of whatever medical evidence he provides is unimpeachable. For example: the beating didn't cause the death, but the mix of warfarin and some antifungal medication did? Okay, dude, but point out that the victim didn't HAVE A REASON to be taking the medication, at least? Otherwise it's just luck that the prosecutor is a newbie determined to be exceptionally thorough.

Wok of Love 

This is even more weird in the second week.  I like it okay, but I don't love it - mostly because I'm not yet really invested in anyone.

My Ahjussi (Finale) 

That was sheer perfection. I have never, no matter how much I loved a show, thought an ending was perfect in every respect. This one was. Really, the show is. The whole thing, it's perfect. I wouldn't change a thing: not any of the stories or characters or settings or conversations, not in the tiniest bit. All of it was exactly as it should be.

Come and Hug Me (New) 

Based on the strength of the first hour of the drama, I am 100% in. (Truthfully, I was in within 15 minutes.) I suppose it could go horribly wrong, good things often do, but this feels...confident and clear. I guess we'll see if I'm right, but for me it was a big immediate yes for strong storytelling, acting, and cinematography. Update: The second hour only cemented my love.
Slowly step away from the not-yet-puppy.
Pfft...He needs about 10 years seasoning.  I have grabby hands, not pervy hands.  Okay maybe 5.

My Husband Oh Jak Doo (Finale) 

All's well that ends well. An ending as sweet as the romance between Jak Doo and Seung Joo...Eric even delivered his darling Seung Joo to the wedding location and then gracefully handed her over to his cousin with all the generosity of spirit his hilarious self could muster. And Se Mi is pregnant! I also greatly appreciate that they didn't magically mend things between Seung Joo and her harpy of a mother. There's some thaw of the ice, but it will never be great between them, I think, and the show gave us the respect of not pretending otherwise. For me, anyway, the draw was always how lovely our leads were together, not how crappy other people could be. (And of course, Eric Cho.)

Lawless Lawyer (New) 

This is the only new Kdrama that I'm watching and the first episodes have been extremely rewarding. Jo said on twitter that she thinks the first was great, and I'd say it's one of the best first episodes I've seen with the combination of drama, suspense, pathos, and humor. It doesn't seem to need to find "it's legs" the way some other dramas do, as if the director had an idea in mind that is fully realized. But this could have been a fluke, but the 2nd episode confirmed it. Lee Joon Ki is excellent as a smart-ass lawyer. I always knew he could make me cry and have eyes full of love, but I don't ever think I've seen him as a character who deserved a swift kick. But all of this is part of his very layered revenged-filled character. I really like our hot-headed heroine and despite the reveal about why our lead knows (about) her and how it's seems stereotypical drama land fare, I was till surprised. She packs a good punch, too. I'm hoping before this ends that she'll be able to lay her hands on that smirking rival of hers or even better yet, that rival's mother.
This was great! Except for the moment when Cheeko was crying, I watched the whole first episode grinning ear to ear and can't wait to watch more.
Same director as Time Between Dog and Wolf (rewatch, anyone?) - and it shows. Lee Joongi is such a joy to watch during fight scenes, I've decided I'd watch him in fight videos all day, if he ever recorded any. He really should. As for the story - poor, poor, boy, but what an ass he has turned into. So annoying, I HATE men like him - and of course, I love it in this drama. I even like the female lead, what's going on? This kind of story should not have a happy ending, just like Cruel City. We should be sobbing our eyes out at the end.
At this point I've seen 3 of 4 episodes available and I am champing at the bit to get home and watch the 4th. Joon Gi is in his element and Seo Ye Ji is doing great - I hope they let her be as bad ass as she was in the first episode all the way through. Kakashi, I would LOVE to rewatch TBDaW, if we can find it.
Come see me, Jo! I have it in fairly good quality (it's also available on certain sites)
It has Cheekos, and if Happy Sisters continues the way it is, I'm gonna drop that, and turn to this.


For some reason, the subs have dried up. I am so tired of dramaland and its subbing issues.

Secret Mother

Why do I feel like in the end, Kim So Yeon is going to be on the same side as the Soo Jin eomma, and that it's the former bar hostess who's going to be her killer? Because I'm being led that way? Perhaps. Where is the little girl? Who took her? Was it, indeed, Lucy Kim's sister? WHY?

Happy Sisters

This show still rocks despite having a fairly lackluster week. We are coming down to the last 20 episodes, and it seems like they aren't really sure what to do because they had a plan and then character evolution changed those plans. We have a wedding, a surprise pregnancy, and terminal illness. Problems that would be problems in other dramas are not, which I like, but then the writers don't seem to know what to do once they've broken out of these tropes. However, they still know how to do cliffhangers (seriously should give workshops on this) and perfect boyfriend remains perfect boyfriend. Just because he takes his fiance's ex-husband to the hospital doesn't mean that he's going to put up with JS's begging for time with his ex-wife now that he has cancer. Why doesn't YE tell him she's pregnant? He'll be so happy. Idiot. But she tells the woman who wants to kill her instead. Pfft.
I have so much Pfffffft for this show right now, so PFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTT!!!  Stupid YE.  I really don't like her.  I much preferred straightforward Oh Dal Nim in the prior SBS daily.


Secret of the Three Kingdoms 

I managed to watch one episode so far! It didn't exactly draw me in, but I will soldier on. I think
I like it quite a bit but feel no pressing need to watch it when I'm NOT watching it, which is nice, because I can't keep up with the episode releases for Chinese dramas. That would be my superpower, I think, if I had one.
Still love it. Just about making time for this and Happy Sisters each day.

Meet Me @1006 

I'm too worried and anxious (and angry--let's not forget the rage) to watch Muffin being worried and anxious this week.
I tend to remain about a week behind, so for me - Cheng Hao is dead, Muffin has told Jia Le about her coming death, and Jia Le is struggling with both her feelings for Zhen Yu and her feeling that she can't quite trust him. No help from Mu Si Ming, there. It seems very possible to me that either Ji Rou or her brother killed her husband, but it's definitely not about some side chick. I hope they get this all resolved with Muffin and Jia Le happy.

Moonshine & Valentine 

Poor Master Helan. Right now I just want to kick PiPi in the butt for it but that's not fair. Her response of fear is actually very appropriate, after all. I am on board for any and all things Fox related in this drama but I am all for the wants-to-be-ex boyfriend and feels-guilty-but-still-going-for-it BFF to be gone to America, already. I'm not even sad about what's coming because clearly they should have been the couple in the first place.


Ahh, the cute has come out in force now. The two guys both like her but aren't quite ready to woo her, and she's gotten much less shrill. It's nice that both guys are about equal in terms of suitability for her at this point. Neither is a jerk, both are good looking and essentially good-hearted young men with solid careers. She really can't lose, our Hsiao Ching.

Tree in the River 

Oddly, this week I was a bit bored.  I shouldn't be...our newly divorced couple is being forced by circumstance to play a happily married couple for a series of promotions for a new apartment complex.  Right now it's just in the planning stages, though. Well, I still have the latter two episodes to watch so maybe things will change.  The other big subplot is Fen Ni with her sullen (rightfully so) teen daughter, and House, the father who has no idea about her.  They 'met' just now, but he still has no clue.  That should be interesting when it all unravels!


Ossan's Love 

Everyone I know has fallen in love with Maki's character in this show. I know he isn't really the end game because I think Haruta is confusing his feelings of friendship and love of having the perfect roommate with jealousy over Maki's real relationship with his ex. Lots of surprises in this episode with the reveal about Maki's ex-boyfriend. I didn't think that they had dated, but I did think that co-worker was jealous of the relationship Maki has with Haruta. We are all team Maki though he's a side character, so I will be sad if he isn't happy at the end. This show also still makes me laugh out loud. 

The actor who plays Maki, Kento Hayashi, also played the only reporter I ended up liking in Final Cut. #TeamMaki!

Black Revenge

Yowza!! The ending of episode 4 came as a complete surprise. Can't say that I'm sorry to see him go, but I was still digesting the idea that I'd been completely wrong about the identity of the mole at the paper and trying to figure out where she got $10 million. But then, when bodies fall out of the sky it should be surprising, right? It comes as no surprise that the bartender guy is in love with her (of course he is denying it), but I'm curious as to why he worked as her husband's secretary in the first place. I'm so glad that he called out that psychologist because she's egging our heroine on more than she is counseling her in ways to heal.  I get this weird vibe from her. This show is so twisted, I'm starting to wonder if her nephew is really her kid and they told her a lie that her baby died so he wouldn't have to grow up being the child of a man who committed suicide because of a scandal. Don't believe this picture of the cast. No one is this happy in the actual show. 

Monte Cristo Haku

This is the show that made me rage eat. Three episodes into the Japanese version of the Count of Monte Cristo, and I'm salivating for the revenge to start. Dean is utterly delicious now that he's a billionaire on a mission, but the pain in his eyes when he looks at the people who he considered to be his best friends, especially the one who is now married to his former finance (whom he clearly still loves) . . . I spent far too much time trying to find a picture of Dean in the revenge part not just because he looks so good (and wears lots of vests), but because the changes of emotions that he reveals show the complexity of emotions that a person would have going through all of this. One would think, justifiably, that he would only feel rage, but he doesn't seem to hate or resent his former fiance's daughter, and he clearly is still fond of his former boss's son who is now all grown up.
Revenge- issa coming. One thing I keep talking about is how I like how much this show adheres to, while simultaneously modernizing the source material. The Count is fully back now and has started spinning his web. I feel so sad for him when he looks at his former love because it is quite obvious he still has feelings for her. As for the others, I can NOT wait for them to start tumbling down like dominoes the Fuckers.

Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu/ May I Blackmail You

So excited that subs for ep 5 arrived this past week because the last subs were out in time for the RAWR of April 10, and it ended with Kanesaka being kidnapped. Not only was that shady neighbor involved, but the politician who she thought was her friend was behind it all to bribe her grandfather into not only signing over all of his company to him but to get murdered on national television while he "attempts" to save him, so he can be a national hero! Scum. But the most interesting was our Jenga playing mafia guy and the real fear that even Dean's Senkawa and his gang has of Kanesaka's grandfather. He's stone-cold gangsta, and we see that is the reason why she's been trying to stay away. He's stayed away from her, too, because he too thinks she is too naive for this world. Oh family. Couldn't find pics of Dean for Monte Cristo, but I've got plenty from this ep, including one with him making bets with a mafia boss over Jenga.


Fear the Walking Dead 

You know what, I prefer this show to The Walking Dead at this point.  They've changed some of the behind the camera folks and the story telling and cinematography has really been different.  I particularly like the way they keep unspooling the story of what actually happened at the stadium - every week there's some little kink to the tale that keeps you guessing.  I'm still not happy about Nick dying, but life does go on.


I'd say it's good they canceled it. They writers really didn't know where to take it, it was a very mixed bag. And that big "shock" at the end.....really? That was all you could come up with? I'll say good riddance! Glad to be able to spend 45 minutes per week with something else.
Part of me thought, 'It's about time!' and part of me thought, 'Well, duh...' but the rest of me, the biggest part of me, since I know we don't get to see any more, is this: I liked the overarching story and I liked the characters but..the execution of this show was lacking. I liked it enough to watch it, but you were  always right: this could have been so much more.

Rise (Finale)

This turned into a KDrama-sized show, but with better pacing.  Ten episodes, a complete arc.  Not renewed for the next season.  It was well-done, if predictable.


Did not find time for it this week.
It was pretty exciting. Xander got his showdown, but it didn't go according to plan. Naturally.