Rants and Weekly Raves #191 (RAWR)

JoAnne: I don't know about y'all but I'm feeling really good about this current batch of dramas - About Time, Come and Hug Me, and Lawless Lawyer are particularly promising new starts, but Suits, Rich Man, and Secret Mother seem to be doing okay, too, and we've got more coming. PLUS let's not forget how much we're enjoying Moonshine & Valentine! To balance it all out, none of us seem to like Wok of Love and we're feeling pretty bad about that because we like the actors.
Trotwood: I really wanted to like Wok of Love because I love the actors (especially Jang Hyuk's voice), and I really wanted a comedy to match the warm weather. But there always seems to be too much trauma for my taste in these rom-coms. Is it too much to ask for something light and frothy? I've got my revenge drama quota filled so far.
kakashi: Dramaworld is so vicious. I'm behind on everything.
Panda: I am in love with two fox minions.
I forgot it was Monday!


Something in the Rain/Pretty Noona (Complete)

I watched the first four interminable episodes of this yesterday, just to the point where things got cute. I didn't actually like Jin Ah. What was there to like? She dissolves into the background, except for those last few moments with Joon Hee. I'd have kept watching, though, because of that sweet romance. One problem with that - since it actually aired already, and I did hear a a fair bit of complaining about the story in the last half of the series, I knew that sweet romance probably wouldn't cut it. So I read the final two episode recap over at DB and you know what? I'm not going to watch. I didn't like it all that much to begin with and now that I know I'm not going to get some great redemptive ending? Why bother....but if someone wants to tell me what Jin Ah did that made the reviewer believe she 'deserved' to lose Kyung Su's friendship, let me know? Thanks!
Netflix is REALLY changing Kdrama watching. But in the end, it might be a positive development: Dodged the rage-at-an-ending bullet.
I'm pissed, though.  I really like what's his face and I was really looking forward to this.

Wok of Love 

It's nice you put a pic and all, but none of us like this drama.  I've decided I'm not even going to give it this week, like I said before.  I'm done unless people start raving about it.

About Time (New) 

Another show with a really promising start. Lee Sang Yoon is the likeable but slightly prickly son in a wealthy family who runs a business promoting cultural/entertainment events. He suffers from crippling anxiety for reasons currently unknown, and he has a completely adorable girlfriend and assistant. He keeps running into Lee Sung Kyung in less than ideal circumstances but is unknowingly attracted to her. And no wonder, because she has probably unleashed near max on the charm meter, and I defy you to resist her. The plot centers on her ability to see (or not see) the life span clocks of those around her. She can't see his, for example, but she can see his effect on hers: she has 100 days to live when we meet her, but if she's near him that clock slows, and if they're touching, it reverses. I don't think she knows that last part yet. He doesn't know any of it yet. What do I know? I like them a lot, and I like the people around them too, and I can't wait for next week.
I do want to watch, but this could tank spectacularly
True of anything.

Ms Hammurabi (New) 

This is much better than I expected. I ended episode 2 genuinely liking both leads AND all their co-workers and family, interested in what comes next. Afraid, a little, too: there was too much sincerity and 'feelings matter' in these opening episodes for the show to just continue this way: someone must be going to be hurt badly, soon. But in the meantime, it was charming and fun/touching by turns. Go Ara is less frenetic than usual but not dull at all and L's brand of stiffness is perfectly suited to his sincere and very straight-laced character. Plus, he warms it all up with lots of secret smiles for his partner and let's face it, the boy is PRETTY.
I was not expecting to like this at. all. It was soothing, and I needed soothing this week. Usually, I find L completely forgettable, but it seems like this role is perfect for him, and I love how he seems to really dislike everyone--everyone but her that is--without being a snit or a snob. What do judges get paid though? I feel bad that he and his parents seem to be living so badly when he's clearly worked so hard to get where he is professionally.

Come and Hug Me

I love Na Moo and Nak Won, and their hopeful, determined efforts to live full lives after the trauma of their past. It's clear they still care deeply about each other, too, but I don't think they actually had any expectation of staying connected. Meeting up again like this, especially with that book his father wrote just being released, will definitely rip open wounds that are barely closing even now.
It seems like Na Moo ended up living with his stepmother and Soo Jin after his father went to prison and that's all well and good, but I wonder why that woman didn't turn her husband in once she ran to safety? Why did she leave him free to kill again? Was she afraid it wouldn't stick, and he'd come after her? Do I feel sympathy for her or not, yet? I'm not sure.

I do have a little sympathy for the brother who's been in and out of prison all these years - it's too easy to say Na Moo was okay, so it's the brother's own fault that he wasn't. The book tries to make a case that the dad is a serial killer because he wasn't raised with love, and I'm surprisingly less sympathetic to that theory. Apparently I can live with the idea that a bad parent is a big part of why someone becomes a criminal, but not the idea that a bad parent is a big part of why someone commits serial murder. I guess this show will let me explore that prejudice? I can tell you who looks pretty disgusting from any viewpoint, though - the reporters chasing the story, invading the lives of innocent people who had the bad luck to be associated with a murderer.

Lawless Lawyer 

This show is on fire, and it's enough to distract me 98% of the time from how thin Lee Jung Ki Looks. He is still beautiful though, and I love his relationships with everyone in this show, his 2nd, his new "brothers," his uncle, and especially his relationship with Ha Jae Yi. He feels like he owes her because her mother died saving him, but it is very clear that he has come to like her (and her dad) over the years of watching over them.  It seems to hurt him to have to break her illusion about Judge Cha, but he knows that has to be done. She definitely has her doubts at the end of this week.--Please be mindful that this comment is only for eps up to 4. More subs are out and the stills I'm seeing seem to indicate more surprises in store. I don't know if I'll be able to watch this weekends eps before RAWR comes out, so it may be up to you, Jo.
I'm so behind... but I've seen the complaints about the romantic development! 
The show is still full steam ahead and very satisfying because it hits the drama and comedy points so well. I feel like the romantic development came on REALLY fast, and would have felt that way if it had stopped at the kiss, even - but no, they're very clearly now sleeping together. I guess I can understand why the situation would draw them together, and he's had a thing for her all along anyway - but I would have liked more of their bickering before we got to this point.  At the same time, I'm very grateful that it didn't take her long to believe him about Cha, so go figure.
I did watch, and I can see why people are upset, but even though I usually am too when things go too fast, I wasn't bothered by it. They were getting close before, and now he is the ONLY person she can talk to about what actually happened. When she asked him--with wonder and empathy--whether he "lived like this for 18 years" I knew that she was looking (or thinks she is) at a kindred spirit. And when he said to her "that things were just going to get worse"? I figured they were going to try to steal any little bit of happiness they can because there isn't going to be any for the next ten episodes and one of them will probably die. Don't tell me that shows don't kill off leads. When you think this, remember the last minute of Iris and repent.

Sketch (OMG NEW RAIN)  

Cause and effect.  Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the effect, right? Maybe, but I'm more of the Final Destination group of theorists, myself.  You can insert yourself and try to change the future, but Fate will have its way eventually.

I thought this was going to be Lee Dong Gun and Rain as adversaries in a theoretical sense but it seems it will be much more than that.   Should be exciting!
As I said to Jo on twitter, the show has made me like Rain and his fiance enough that I don't want to lose them. Since I know That is going to happen, it make me not want to watch that happen. I'm going to turn back to it, once the death(s) are past and the revenge/mystery unraveling begins.
I heard there are awkward fight scenes? 
My Beloved is perhaps a bit creaky, yes. Watching one scene, I could almost hear him thinking, 'okay, take two steps to the left and duck but then grab that board and...'  It's okay though Boo, I still love you.

Parting Left/Goodbye to Goodbye (New) 

I didn't get here (or a ton of other places) but I have to admit I'm really looking forward to adorable Jun from Avenger's Social Club take a turn as an asshole.

Happy Sisters

I was in such a rage about this show after the first of this week's episodes that I was just about to quit. I couldn't believe they had our heroine run off to hide on a farm without telling perfect boyfriend that she was pregnant or that HoeJo wanted to murder her. Pfft. But of course, Perfect Boyfriend Hyun Joo remained perfect even after the ex-girlfriend's dad offered to make him the heir of the company if he married her instead. There was long drawn out punishment and even some deaths for the wicked--even after redemption, and our villainess completely loses her grasp of reality, but when even the cops are impressed with the machinations of the villain, you know he/she was good.


Secret of the Three Kingdoms 

I'm about to begin episode 11. The pregnant consort is dead, an unintended casualty of a staged coup. Man did that piss off our cute little emperor! He and the empress are into each other (those kisses!) but he wants out - he doesn't quite trust her or anyone around her after they basically sacrificed someone loyal to their cause plus all his men. But isn't that what happens when you're working on overthrowing the guy who has the power? 
Why is he holding a white plastic colander?

Meet Me @ 1006 

Oh shit. I never even considered his sidekick. I probably should have paid more attention but cute as the two leads are, I think my watch pattern for this show has hurt my concentration - I don't watch for a while and then I watch a couple weeks at a time, so it's been disjointed.
It isn't you. This was completely out of left field for me. it's an interesting change, but I'm wondering if it was really planned or that they decided to just go for it. Or if it was planned but they didn't tell the actor. I don't think there was ever any indication of him being an accomplice or a murderer,  but they did enough backstory to explain. Still, it seems like a recent idea because they needed to do so much to explain it all, leaving not nearly enough time with Muffin.

Iron Ladies (Finale) 

I watched the last half dozen episodes in a marathon - we had a decent ending, so I'm glad.  Our three ladies went through career challenges and romantic challenges and even, briefly, friendship challenges, but they all end up with happy lives so that's good.  Li Sha and handsome David end up engaged and are thoroughly in love with each other after a bit of a roller coaster relationship due to her commitment phobia; Kai Ting and Su Tsan end up married with a baby despite the issues they encountered due to age and wage and education gaps; and YES, Ching Ching kicked her awful husband to the curb AND took half his money, then in the final scene meets someone nice and we're led to think there's a spark there.  

Moonshine & Valentine

I am late to the party, I know. But. But, thank you Jo for telling me to run go binge this. It is utterly refreshing to see a modern c-drama move fast and dodge many of the usual annoying aspects. I guess that is part of the advantage of being a  fantasy modern cdrama. PiPi grew on me from being an absolute dorrmat, and her friend and ex are simply ... But my favorite characters are the 2 fox bros and the cafe pal. I want all of them to live in a poly-amorous relationship for eternity TT__TT
Knowing they gave Helan HY liver to cure his eyesight was a sucker punch though, damn those Northerners are vicious. I hope Helan has a trick up his sleeve in this lifetime.

I wondered what had happened to her back in their first go-round: did she sacrifice herself once she knew what she was there for? I didn't think he could possibly have been willing.  Everyone seems to be loving this show, and the two fox minions in particular.  I wholeheartedly support your wish for them to live in a happy threesome with the cafe girl, yes.

The Way We Were

I said I wasn't going to start something new, but oh, look, I did. It's got Tiffany Tang and husband, and one of the supporting actresses completely surprised me by looking totally Pakistani to me when she opened the door to Tiffany in episode 2. But perhaps she is supposed to be an American? I don't know, they are all speaking Mandarin even though this part of the story is set in the Bay area. Also, what the heck with blaming Tiffany for Shu Que going to jail when he is the one who drove with an expired license but was probably rich enough to uber wherever he needed to go? And as we learn more about Shu Que's driving woes, the more I think, dude, never drive, ever.


Black Revenge

Wow. Wow. I thought I was surprised at the end of ep 4, but the magazine editor-in-chief really did a complete 180 in my mind being smarter and far more cruel than I had expected. He used the male lead's talent and then made him an unwitting accessory to the made up story that turned the paper around. He was in cahoots with the lady pimp, but she is now not only our heroine's victim, but his, too. And now it looks like her nephew is really her husband's love child with  . . . his sister? What?

Ossan's Love

I truly love this show. It's the only show that makes me laugh out loud. I actually really like everyone, which makes it hard because Maki's ex-boyfriend is still so in love with him, and I think he'd be good to him, but he's in love with Haruta who has actually confessed, but is his love genuine? I mean, he didn't even realize that he was attracted to men. I even thought, just as Maki did, that the only reason why he thought he liked Maki was because he didn't want Maki to move out. However, he realized that he didn't like the idea od Maki going back to his ex, so  . . . But what did all those charged moments with his childhood friend mean. And will the chief's wife star something with the youngster who is now also lovelorn? I did NOT expect Haruta to make his relationship with Maki public, but I shouldn't have been surprised. But you could have picked me off the floor when he told him that he didn't find it embarrassing to be with him when they were at the park. Still, why do I not feel secure? Only worried for Maki. Team Maki and whatever will make him happy.



Siren (Finale)

We're at the end of Season 1 and I am a bit underwhelmed. Donna is dead and so is her song-sick Dr. Decker - he killed himself rather than never hear her song again. Ben and Maddie are on a break at Maddie's insistance, as attuned as she is to his increasing distance from her. It's not deliberate, poor Ben...he's both at the mercy of Ryn's song and his different mindset about how to help the mermaids in general. (I agreed with Maddie's approach, for what it's worth. I don't dislike Ben but he does have a very emotional response to things.)

Turns out Ryn had no idea her song would get under Ben's skin this way, and since she has to stay on land forever now (outcast from her colony) and she loves Ben and Maddie equally, she decides to go stay with Helen, who has revealed herself as 1/8 mermaid, and a distant relative of the Pownells. She can't shift, but she does know stuff.

From what I can see, if there's a next season it's basically going to be the love triangle. I can HOPE the focus will be 'let's try this again' with a mermaid integrating into town life - since it went so badly the first time, with Helen's ancestor - and maybe focusing on Maddie and Ben's differing ideas about how involved they should be in directing that, but you know, this is TV. They'll go for the juicy stuff.


I watched 4 episodes so now I'm current.  There is so much happening I can't even describe it.  One thing I thought was funny:  the hosts discovering that the writer used the same story in different locales, just changing up time/region specific details.  A mirroring thing that was heartbreaking...when hosts would return to a place that had been important to them and discover that another host had been subbed in to take their exact role.  It made it very easy for me to understand the rage they feel at being treated like dolls, watching them struggle with the pain of being disposable - so disposable that even people they love wouldn't realize they were gone.