Rants and Weekly Raves #192 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  I don't feel like I watched much this week, somehow. But I bet when I finish writing my little bits it will turn out to be as much as always.
Trotwood: your little bits are always more than my big bits! I realize rereading my comments that I'm busy with avoidance of pain in my dramas. 
kakashi: watched two episodes of FlawlessLawyer but am 4 episodes behind. Bummer. Also, I would really like to go to a beach. Sadly, I live in a landlocked country.
panda: been a very busy and eventful week, but I did sneak in my fox bros, some judges and a very fashionable detective. Interesting. I watched lots more than I thought.
So did I!


Investigation Couple 

This is growing on me, sort of, but it just seems SO unrealistic even for a Kdrama that I always hold myself back from the story, a bit. I can't complain about the acting and I like some of the twists of the stories, it's more the workplace rules that are rubbing me the wrong way. Oh, and the fact that our baby prosecutor decides the facts of the case in about 30 seconds and mostly after consulting her emotions, so...yeah, there's that. I hope she grows up soon. I appreciate that she wants to do good but man, first she should BE good.

About Time 

Just DATE already, kids. We know you like each other. Well, he clearly has major hots for her, but I think she blows hot and cold. She needs him, definitely, but she is almost convincing when she says she doesn't LIKE him. I guess we'll see?
Should I start this, I wonder? 
You might like it - they're doing a decent job so far and the puzzle about how time works for her is mildly interesting. Dimples is hot, of course.

Ms. Hammurabi 

I like this cast. They are all very well-suited to their roles and I'm enjoying watching this. I think perhaps our newest judge shouldn't be a judge, though - I mean, she's hardly impartial, and I don't think being 'right' necessarily gives her an excuse for that.
I was surprised as to how much I liked this. Go Ara should only play these kind of roles- the spunky kind because in ep4 when the emotional scenes rolled in, I started liking her less. L is perfect here in that role doesn't require much from him. She definitely should not be a judge though, more perfectly suited to a Public defense lawyer. I actually felt show was foreshadowing in scene with the Senior Judge wife, and that it will end up with the 3 starting their own law practice. I will wait and see if I end up being right.

Come and Hug Me 

This show generates a lot of discussion with my TList. We're all busy trying to figure out what everything means and what order it happens in and whether Na Moo is his father's son, after all. I love a show that gets you speculating and thinking over clues and wondering what will happen next. P.S. Na Moo, I went into this week wondering vaguely if there might be something surprising about you (and not in a good way) and then I spent the first episode CONVINCED you have a touch of the psychopath and then I watched the second hour, where you feel so much guilt over the past that you would rather bleed to death than inconvenience anyone else and now I just want to apologize to you a hundred times, because I'm doing exactly what everyone does to you in the show - treat you like you're guilty. (Still, I think next week will be more of the same and I'm really happy about that.) PPS. Keep the dark suits and the hair brushed off your forehead. It's a VERY good look.
Actual height difference

Rich Man 

All caught up! This is actually pretty enjoyable. I want to re-watch the original though because I don't remember it well enough to know how closely they're following some of it. I know in broad strokes the story is the same, though.

The Undateables 

Whatever thing Namgoong Min is doing with his mouth in this drama, I don't like it. I'm actually not sure if it's what he's doing with his lips or the way he's talking but whatever it is it makes me want to punch him. The show's okay though.


I started watching and couldn't stop! Well, obviously I did stop because I'm only on episode 5 but this is really good. It's more like the kind of cop shows I liked growing up, like Hill Street Blues - yeah, there's definitely cop stuff and a crime of the week but the show is about the cops, not about their jobs.

Lawless Lawyer 

Damn YT clips. I think I may need to skip the pain of this week and catch up during the fall out. I knew I was right about them needing to grab on the little scrap of happiness they were going to get. It's going to get darker isn't it, Jo?
What pain? Aren't we going straight for a happy ending? Lalalalalalaaaaaa.
Actually, there are a lot of laughs along the way in this drama and it feels good - plenty of elements here that really work well.  I could write a whole list but let's just say that from Bong Pil to Judge Cha, every person here has something that makes them interesting to watch.  (Except maybe Jae Yi's appa, but that's okay.  He can just be a Dad.) The fight scenes are great, too, and of course, there's THAT FACE. PS, though:  Samchon!  Nooooooooooooo!


So it's going to be competing paranormal camps, each with their own hired gun. Should be interesting! The acting is good and the story is very interesting but as someone mentioned on the TList...the fight scenes are a bit awkward.  

Enemies of the Past

This daily finally ended this week. I dropped it and came back to it and dropped it and came back to it to see what they would do with the horrible aunt who was so determined to believe that she was a victim that she a)stole another woman's husband b)tried to convince her to get an abortion c) kept the husband from finding out about the child and keeping all the money despite knowing the child was growing up with severe kidney disease (enough to be a transplant) d)when said guy (10 years later) doesn't have any money, she convinces him to sue his now working daughter for support e)tells said daughter that her father is the reason why husband is having nightmares (because her father caused his father to die, e) convinces the real mother of said daughter that she is dead, so she won't be rich and various other horrible behavior. Yes there is more. The first 20 min of the finale was exactly what I needed: 20 full minutes of everyone telling her off and getting nowhere with anyone, and yes, Jo, there was slapping involved despite no one having a slapping suit. The OTP is cute, but drama went in circles for too long. 

I am a Mother, too

This show is replacing Happy Sisters and Abs Oppa. This is a pic from his IG account that SakiVi shared because she knew that I'm missing him (I've rewatched up through ep 86 fastforwarding just to watch his perfect boyfriend scenes)
I'm trying to give I am a Mother, Too a chance, but it's no Happy Sisters. The MIL and FIL are two of the worst I've seen, and you know that must be bad because they are notoriously bad in kdramas. They push the DIL to be desperate enough to hire a surrogate to give them a grandchild. However, I can't feel sorry because despite the fact that she is so loving with her husband, she is an absolute unfeeling tyrant to our heroine, who of course becomes a surrogate because her entire family are a bunch of trifling selfish spendthrifts. Alec from the musical group Clazziqui is playing the hero. They aren't together yet because he is still with his wife who had an abortion because he just lost his company and won't ask his parents (the horrid in laws) for help. Oh, and did I mention that the DIL is also the cause of the heroine's husband's death? Shh. No one is the show knows that yet.


Dee We Dare Start This Again? 

Chao, you passed up the chance? 

Meet Me @ 1006 

I have whiplash from this week's eps and I;m not sure I'm going to recover from the ever changing traumatic experiences. They are really doing the butterfly effect very well in this show with every little thing having serious consequences, especially now that we know that his sidekick has real murderous secrets ti hide himself.  I don't think anyone was surprised by the kiss of the incest couple, but I was surprised at the end of this week's episodes. Thanks to the writers for giving us so much Muffin cuteness to help wrap us in happy glow in an effort to prepare us for danger to hero.

Moonshine & Valentine 

We are all fox crazy around these parts, it seems. If you're not watching this and happen to be craving cute and swoony with a bit of fantasy thrown in, start watching!
I am enjoying this sooooo much! I am a bit confused though- if that Princess younger sister was Helan's mom, then how come he is a half mortal? Yeah that stumped me too. Birth secret? Poor Dimples, he realizes she likes his bro instead of him. I am glad he got over his minor snit and they are all good again. I started feeling sorry for Left priest but I read a spoiler and if true, he is utter scum. Thursday, palli palli!


Okay, now we get into it! Both guys definitely like our girl, but she clearly has eyes for her boss. They're all working together on an ad campaign through whatever twists of fate the writer needed to drum up and this is the fun part, watching petty jealousy and hidden crushes and all that.


Ossan's Love 

The Cryptic news on tlist this week has made me leery and worried that my worst fears are going to come true in this week's ep, so I'm not watching until both ep 6 and ep 7 have been subbed.

Ms. Devil

So, I've decided that Miss Devil must have hired our newbie minion because he was the only person that stood up to her and for the others being bullied, but there is also some connection between his dad and the three big bad in the company that she is after.  She is crusty, but she all the people she gets to quit end up being happier outside of the company, and the people she fires, well none of them are initially on the radar, but she gets them good. I like her, and not just because Nano plays her. She is revenge with intellect and no collateral damage clothes in great clothes and fantastic shoes. She probably should insure her legs though if she hasn't already. They've got to worth a mint.

Black Revenge

I'm not going to lie. I fast forwarded through a bunch of episode 6 because it was just so painful to watch. The bad guys are winning, and not only that, but the husband that she has been spending so much of her time getting revenge for has been proven to be a cheater. I was hoping we'd been trolled, but the tabloid story that the ass editor revealed is true. He cheated on her with her sister, and the boy that she thought was her sister's and an ex-boyfriend's from college is their love child. She was pregnant when our heroine found out she lost their baby. Wow. I can't even . . . She's taken down all of her planning materials, but I'm hopeful that the fired reporter and her work sidekick do something. The rich guy playing at bartending who had been helping her is going to go to jail for murder, and her psychiatrist seems to be enjoying her pain far too much to actually be helpful. Still, excellent show. Everyone is playing their parts to the max.
Nope. I don't feel sorry for you, sis. Feeling unworthy isn't a good enough reason to sleep with your sister's husband

Miss Sherlock

This is a hulu-HBO-Japan production and it is the crispest and clearest jdrama I have ever seen. Sherlock here is a fashionable eccentric (of course). The format reminds me a lot of Elementary, and so far we have been introduced to "Watson" and "Mycroft" too. I really enjoyed the first episode with its novel cause of death. 5 episodes subbed so far in case anyone is interested.


Fear the Walking Dead 

Ohhhh, my God....they surrounded the stadium with a ring of fire and several thousand zombies and then let everyone burn to death, because they wouldn't give it up for the Vultures to move in. Madison's kids were outside, unable to do a thing, a few hundred feet away.  No wonder Alicia, Nick et al were so intent on killing any remaining Vulture.