Rants and Weekly Raves #193 (RAWR)

Trotwood: I had planned to watch and watch and watch things now that the students are gone, but I find myself avoiding recapping ep 7 of BG (because it's painful) and rewatching eps of Happy Sisters to just watch the Perfect Boyfriend bits (seriously, these are worth it). I even rewatched Love for a Thousand More just to see Jang Ki Young because I just can't bear the pain of Come and Hug Me. Hmm. I'm thinking it's time for a Shoot for the Stars rewatch, but I'm afraid it's so old no one has it anymore. Sigh. I need comfort food.
JoAnne: Watch something fun and easy, then, like Secretary Kim. There's a lot of choice out there right now for good shows, depending on what you're looking for. And did you hear? Season 2 of Waikiki is a go! I wonder if our girl Sol will be back, though - I guess it depends where they pick up and if she can still be a baby...she's standing now but not quite walking, going by her Instagram.
kakashi: Celebrating Twu Wuv. Awwww BABY
Panda: I can't believe I am about to say this; but L and Go Ara are in one of the best dramas out there right now. Shocking.


About Time 

I like how fast and how completely Do Ha has fallen for Mika, and how he willingly accepts her claim about the life span clocks - I'm glad we don't spend a lot of time on the struggle to make that happen, but I suppose it means it gives the show more time to put us through the misery of separating our lovers, so that's a mixed bag, at best.  I LOVE that Mika's older friend can see the clocks, but has no idea that Mika can see them, too - and that we now know that Do Ha does have a clock and plenty of time.  I'm just wondering what the rules are about Mika's clock because it's all over the place right now, and who was that woman that the jilted ex -girlfriend brought into the mix?  Next week, come quickly!

Ms. Hammurabi 

I heard that this was written by an actual judge, and it shows. The details chosen make sense and help move the plot forward and that's enough for me when it comes to creating a workplace drama atmosphere. I don't know whether the procedures or laws depicted are accurate, but I at least know when something seems stupid and nothing here does. 
What is especially interesting, though, are the human stories and all of their competing interests and pressures. The writer does a good job so far of showing various sides without entirely demonizing any one of them. On top of that, the main characters are very likable, and our leads are doing a fine job bringing them to life. All together, it makes for a very enjoyable show.
This is the drama I am enjoying the most right now. Granted it doesn't have any hot foxes to lust after but what it lacks in that, it makes up in heart. After ep 4 I thought it was going into overboard "preachy" territory but ep5 pulled right back and gave us a beautifully balanced hour. I really really like this. Lawyer Jung is such a sweetie pie and I cannot wait for the ship with our hot Sec to saillll.

Are You Human, Too? (New) 

This had a really strong opening - great visuals, interesting story, decent acting. Yes, really. I've seen Seo Kang Joon be really good and really bad, and I think he is someone who has talent but not necessarily a lot of skill yet - he needs a good director, and he's gaining experience. It's early days yet but I think he'll be good here simply on the fact that even standing still and expressionless, there was a big difference between his robot and his human, and both were believable.

Come and Hug Me 

I spent the whole two hours this week wondering how I ever could have doubted Na Moo. Now I'm convinced he's going to die saving someone's life, and I feel like I will spend the rest of the episodes trying to brace myself for that. Brother has revealed himself as out of prison to the family, and he's stepped up his harassment of Nak Won, but Na Moo caught on that it might be him almost immediately. Is it going to be a cat and mouse game? What is up with that weird, awful, smirky reporter and Murdering Dad? Is he behind the plan that Brother is putting into action?

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? (New) 

I loved this, and from the sounds of it everyone I know loved it, too. It's laugh-out-loud funny, but also pretty clear that there will be some swoony romance to come. Every time MI So plasters an obviously fake smile on her face I marvel at how UN fake it looks - it's only obvious to us because we have privileged information. I would never know it was insincere, otherwise. In between my giggles I've been wondering - did she like him before, and at some point in the past come to the conclusion it wouldn't ever happen and so is ignoring her feelings? Or does she not realize that she likes him? For Young Joon, it's obvious that he likes her, but it's also obvious that he has no clue about that. He thinks he doesn't want her to leave because after nine years of working for him, she understands how he likes things. I wonder how long his state of obliviousness can last?
I cackled at this and gulped down the 2 episodes like they were taffy. She is absolutely gorgeous and that hair and those outfits are to die for. He is such a doofus, it is obvious that he has feelings already but he simply can't comprehend that "HE" has feelings for another mortal. Pffft. I am going to be like his friend and enjoy his torture. Now if they can only lay off the "kidnapping" mystery/ potential serial killer (JK, but not really) and I will be a happy camper.
Sidenote: The friend cracked me up so much he made me start a rewatch of "Let's fight Ghost".

Lawless Lawyer 

I have caught up on the last four eps of this show, and what a doozy of a ride this is, and what great fight scenes. I really appreciate good fight scenes. I also love when there is a bit of humor in them as well. Lee Jun Ki and Choi Min Soo looked like they were having a blast, and I'd love to see the bts of the hospital shoot.
That hospital fight. The elevator scene. The two of them strutting down the hallway. I had no idea that the reason I was alive was to watch these two in a drama together but okay, I'm satisfied.
I also laughed at all those identical black suits from the gangster men's warehouse. (You're gonna love the way you look!) I remember having a discussion about them during Bad Guy recaps. Our OTP is really turning out to be filling one of my OTP fantasies--where the duo falls for each other and instead of working against the big bad separately, they actually work together. It allows for all sorts of warm moments but doesn't reduce the suspense. Can I just say how much I love the Lawless Lawyer team? They are great together, and I can never get tired of their chant--they even harmonized this week!
What a good-hearted, dim-witted bunch of loyal minions, huh? I love them.


My Beloved is so awesome in this, and he's surrounded by other awesomeness, and I'm so happy I don't even care how they sometimes have to do the fight scenes in 'slow motion.'  We know it's real time, Boo.  It's okay.  We love you forever.

Secret Queen Makers

This show is the next quick show/commercial sponsored by Lotte Duty Free. The first one was the 8-episode Seven First Kisses which despite the WTF ending had a real charm with each 10-15 minute episode having our poor heroine involved in a completely different drama-type with very famous actors or idols being the leads and Choi Ji Woo playing her fairy godmother. We all had a great time debating which hero-type we liked best. Was it the dashing first-love returned to be super weathy IT tycoon Lee Jun Ki or the traditional chaebol (complete with the kimchi slapping mother) played by Taec or the super spy played by Ji Chang Wook? This show was filled with stars; Park Hae Jin, Kai, Lee Jong Suk also played leads. The heroine ended up with Lee Min Ho, for crying out loud! This new rendition, however, seems a sorry copy. The heroine is just as intriguing and lovable, but despite Lee Jun Ki showing up as some mysterious person that helps her into this magical world in ep 1, he's gone to be replaced by Chan-Sung 2 in ep 2 and LeeTuk in ep 3. Both are really underwhelming in their acting. each ep is only 15 minutes, so I will stay to see how this plays out. But at this point, it's not even a really good commercial for Lotte Duty Free products. However, I would love to have LeeTuk do a makeover for me.


Secret of the Three Kingdoms 

Please tell me he gets smarter at some point?

Moonshine & Valentine 

Hopped on the train, saw a lot in a short amount of time (with heaps of FFing because I really cannot watch anything without it anymore due to my short attention span and massive time constraints). I particularly like the "love triangle", which could really go any way, including it staying a triangle. Two foxes, one woman, everything is possible. How many eps are subbed anyway? I think I'm confused.
I am watching on DF. Two were posted yesterday and two will be posted today, which will bring the episode count to 20.  Next week will be the final week. It's also available on Viki, but it's called The Love Knot:  His Excellency's First Love on that platform.
I watch on YouTube. There's a whole channel with lots of CDrama. I might stop watching though because PiPi annoys me.
She seems a little slow...it's just the expression on her face, I know - nothing about the show itself makes her seem stupid, especially, except that she puts herself down as stupid and unaccomplished all the time.
Spoiler was accurate, North priest is an effing bastid. Absolutely no redemption. Not seen all 4 of this week's episodes because for some reason I kept zoning out. I can't wait for this week's episodes because I have seen some gifs and WHOOOSH. P.S. This pic is hilarious.

Meet Me @1006 

More Muffin cuteness all around, but much of it from flashbacks of the warm Muffin rather than the cold one.  It looks like warm Muffin is completely gone, and our heroine is having to deal with that heartbreak and the various shocks that we knew about last week already. Poor Muffin does find out about his friend's betrayal and I love how Lego Lee plays the hurt and the fury and the focus of that especially in the throwing darts scene. Phew. I also like how the are having the past Muffin first scoff at the future Muffin and then be jealous of the future Muffin.  As I said to someone on twitter, I hope this show is getting good ratings because it is a well-paced and well-written twisty thing that is dark and light at the same time. A very different Taiwanese drama than I've seen in a long time.
But, but, but...but warm Muffins are the best! All melty with butter and love, who wants a cold muffin? It's probably STALE.


Ossan's Love 

This was a love of a show. A show really all about love. On twitter, we were talking about how in kdrama even the "rom-com" aren't really rom-com because they aren't that funny and even if they are the love is laced with some sort of dark traumatic past that people have to get through before they can be together. This show could've taken the dark route that so many rom-com's do; instead it was a delight. Yes, I was a wimp and put off watching ep 6 to wait to watch the last two eps together. I knew that Maki was probably going to do the noble idiocy route and his tears at the end of ep 6 were a real challenge to get through, but I was team Maki until the end and I'm glad Ossan was the grown up in this love triangle and forced Haruta to face and fight for what he really wanted. Great show. I laughed out loud often, and I wanted to be friends with the group of people because it seems like just by hanging out with them, you'd find a new love. Does anyone know if plot is same as movie version?
Team Maki Forever!!!

Black Revenge

This show has to end soon because there are so many twists that we have got to be going backwards! I knew the psychiatrist was sketchy; however, I thought that she was secretly in love with our heroine not that she has a revenge plot all her own that somehow has to deal with a murder or suicide of a student--her friend/sister/daughter? I also didn't expect her to be in cahoots with the other big bad. In the end I hope she takes him out before getting taken down herself.  And no, I still don't feel bad for the sister even though she is unconscious in the hospital.  The only person that I feel truly sorry for is that child.


Fear the Walking Dead 

And now we know how Madison died, and why her kids were so rocked by it.  'Some things you do for money, and some you do for fun, but the things you do for love will come back to you, one by one.'

Younger (New here)

I can't remember exactly why I started watching this show last weekend but I'm on season 5 of 5 already. The premise is a 40 year old woman who gets a divorce and wants to get back into the workforce as her daughter begins college, only she can't get hired until she presents herself as a 26-year old. Work/friendship/family/love hijinks ensue. It's not a comedy but it's not entirely serious, either, and somehow I can't stop watching. My one complaint is that NO ONE would look at this woman (who looks fantastic for 40) and think she was 26. Update: I am watching this show for Charles and Diane, mostly. Well, for Charles to get Liza, simply because he loves her so much - not that she really deserves him. She's a nice enough person but she hurts people. It's not so much her lies - I understand her lie - it's the fact that she doesn't make up her romantic mind. That wishy-washiness is an evil, no matter how nice a person is. And for Diane to just...breathe a little.