Rants and Weekly Raves #198 (RAWR)

 JoAnne:  My. Giant. Puppy. Is. Not. Ugly.  Also, and probably unrelated: I ranted a little.
Trotwood: You know I'm with you here. Our Climbing tree puppy is so NOT ugly. I'm not sure where that is coming from. (kakashi: me?) I also don't think he's ugly in this show. I feel like I'm not watching much. Doing some rewatching to reduce anxiety (random eps of Weightlifting Fairy and Someone Like You--wow I forget how good Kingone Wang looks in this). I've also been reading the translations of Addicted Heroine from the Chinese. A LOT more violent than the show (a LOT, so I don't know if I will finish). I'm amazed that fans translated over 200 chapters after the show got banned. Also didn't realize that one of the main actors who also got banned for awhile is the lead in that Foxes show everyone was talking about.
SakiVI: Haven't been able to settle on anything since Secrets of The Three Kingdoms ended. Sand Sea, the latest from Uncle 3 is coming with my beloved Fire Princess, Alina Zang Meng, but will I get subs? I already feel pre-deprived.
Panda: I'm so ridiculously in with Sec Kim fluff, I started show all over again.


Partners for Justice 

There's a new prosecutor in town, and he seems a bit...ambiguous?  Is he a decent guy who's just super ambitious?  Or is he a just a jerk through and through?

I thought the story about the old man with dementia was particularly sad.  His kids were so selfish!

About Time (Finale) 

Classic case of a writer who got in over their head. We had a nice little story about two nice little people falling in love, and each has a weird ability that somehow offsets the other's except not really, so yay, there's a problem to be resolved! We know true love wins though, so we're all good and grooving on the sweetness of the two leads, plus hey, who knew Lee Sung Kyung could sing like that?

We're bopping along, happily buying the OTP who are cute as MUFFINS, but then Writer-nim turns the cute as pie second lead into a bitch on wheels who is out not just for blood, but for the organs of the first born of the next ten generations in your family.  Okay, whatever.  We get to the point where the OTP have to be apart because otherwise, you know, death and destruction, and we start noticing that that Writer-nim hasn't explained anything at all about those weird abilities - let alone given them a cohesive set of rules.  They change according to the needs of the story, and, umm, hey...we are running out of time.  Points deducted for laziness AND poor planning skills, Writer-Nim, but man...they really are just the cutest things in the world, plus we get a little distracted by her best friend and her younger brother, who happen to be falling in love, and they are also pretty darn cute.  And then there's that snippy little secretary who kind of grew on us, too.

With a certain amount of alarm, we realize we're at the next to the last episode and we really don't understand a damn thing and nothing is actually resolved:  our lovers still can't actually be together without one of them killing the other and we don't know why that is OR how to fix it, plus Bae Bitch is really doubling down on her rage problem - until suddenly she isn't, and all is forgiven, and she's just a poor broken-hearted woman.  As if that wasn't bad enough, Writer-nim goes SUPER old-school and engineers a fatal car accident so both our leads are lying in the road bleeding from head wounds and we watch as life fades slowly from their eyes and we're like this:  Whaaaaaaa?  

Except they didn't die, and she's fine, and he's fine, and it's a year later or something, and no one can see anyone's life clock anymore, and they're all happy lovey dovey and we learn they met as kids.  Yes, really.  Writer-nim tries to get all profound and ends with a voice over about pausing life at the happiest moment.  Yeah, no.  Fail.  Not only did you not actually give us a STORY, but you put in a whole lot of details that were completely unnecessary and used up time when you could have been explaining things.

Older brother is a shit.  Why?  His marriage is for show only.  Why?  Half-Brother basically just existed so someone could die tragically.  Why was that necessary? What was wrong with the hair on the musical director's HEAD? Did the sick ensemble woman die?  Why was her old lady friend living in a hospital when she was perfectly fine?  Why do they see life span clocks? Why did his affect hers?  Why did HOW it affected hers change every hour on the hour?

This wasn't a drama.  This was a bunch of brainstorm sticky notes arranged in a random pile and everyone just pretended that they could see a plot.  Do NOT be fooled by the likability of the actors, Future Viewer.  Do NOT be fooled by the pretty scenery.  There is no story here, so just stay away.

Ms. Hammurabi 

Episode 14 filled me with rage.  A disciplinary committee?  On what grounds?  Did she allow a procedural irregularity? Ignore evidence? Misinterpret the law?  NOPE.  She did none of those things, but hey, it's an opportunity to get rid of the woman who doesn't know her place, right?  Bastards.

And then Episode 15 was so full of sweetness that I was feeling better - much better - because how could you not with the tag team of adorability that is our baby judge couple (they're a couple now!  OMG!) plus Do Yeon and Bang Won too?  That's too much sweetness for anyone to stay mad.

But they just HAD to bring that fat-faced shit weasel from Superior Court back, didn't they?  God I hate his smarmy, self-congratulatory, Pillsbury Dough Boy face, but I am so looking forward to the knock down drag out fight that will consume the final episode of this drama, which gives every appearance of going out with exactly the flourish you'd expect from such a well-written and thoughtful show.

I'm going to pretend that ep 14 didn't happen and move on to ep 15. It was lovely in so many parts. I think the disciplinary committee is a bunch of bull. I know people are going to talk about how much support our OTP and the secondary OTP have in this show, but wasn't that a great scene with our fav dad/lead judge and his wife? Also, I loved how when O Reum directly confronted the protestors, none of them had anything to say and couldn't even look her in the face.

Those men can't stand anyone challenging their authority and to make matters worse, it's a woman! The horror! IDIOTS. Pillsbury Dough Boy face as Jo crowned him is churning my insides, he is an absolute shit-face. I didn't know that other junior judge could feel shame, guess there is some redemption in him afterall. All our couples are cute including Judge and his wife. Bo Wang and Do Yeon-shi though, *heart eyes*

Are You Human Too?

By this time, everyone I know is ready to marry a robot and settle down to a life of keeping batteries charged and finally exploring that age-old question:  does Shin have a penis, or does he not?  For a minute, it looked like they were going to solve the looming 'Big'-type problem and just have ComaShin die without regaining his consciousness but dammit, I saw that finger twitch and so did you.

Speaking of surprises....HARABEOJI!!!

Come and Hug Me 

You know, I did wonder why Yoon Hui Jin kept saying Na Moo was like him, and even though we'd see flashes of the kid's steely rage I didn't really understand - but I'm beginning to, maybe.  The other thing that always puzzled me was Hui Jin's determination to kill off everything that Na Moo loved; I mean, Hui Jin had things he loved, in a twisted way:  Na Moo, even his wife and other children.  So why couldn't Na Moo have anything?  I understand now, though:  by destroying those things, Hui Jin breaks Na Moo.  And a broken Na Moo is the only way Hui Jin can twist him into the kind of monster he wants.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? 

I think she fainted from the intensity of Yeong Joon kisses, you?  Park Seo Joon never fails to deliver and we thank him from the bottom of our thirsty hearts.

All the secrets are out now, finally.  The way things ended up here kind of makes sense, and I'm glad because I was really worried they'd make this so crazy it would ruin the story for me.  I'm not saying it makes sense in the way that I'd mean 'oh, I'd totally have done the same thing' because hell no, I wouldn't have.  I just mean it was explained in a way that fit within the story.

But if all the secrets are out now, and the kidnapper died 12 years ago, and true love has prevailed - what're they going to do with the remaining episodes?  Hyung's not going to go crazy, they've had a reconciliation. Will we devote the remainder of the series to getting Director Park back together with his wife?  Watching Secretary Yang woo the deeply annoying Bo Ra? (How cute was that Coca Cola confession?)  

I know! We could have several episodes of an increasingly horny and handsy Yeong Joon.  I'd be fine with that, you?
I've caught up with this show, and if you aren't going to rage because you have been mollified by the greatness of Yeong Joon's pants (and you know they must be great if I--the greatest vest lover of them all--am not talking about his fabulous vests) or because nothing in this show even remotely compars to the crazed WTFery that you wrote about above, I will. I'm not watching anything from the above, so I've got plenty of rage left for this. I am not blinded by the adorableness of our OTP or Yoeng Joon's pants or his please teach other people how to kiss in dramas kisses for me not to just want to scream WHO ARE THESE PARENTS?!?!?!?! (I think they're stupid, but I already wrote a lot.)

What kind of choice was this? I feel no sympathy for them whatsoever, especially when the mom cries and says "Why is this happening to us? ANd that she wants to die" Honey, this did not happen to you. It happened to your kid! Who thought it was a good idea to take Hyung over to the spot where Yeong Joon was locked up? Why not get your son the psychiatric help he needed when they were fighting like that because you are too embarrassed? Pfft. I know there are many people out there who are going to sympathise with them and it's clear that Yeong Joon harbors some resentment but forgives them because he still feels more guilt than hurt. But I don't and won't.

I also can't imagine that they need four eps to wrap this up.

Trot has said all there is to say about the parents so I am just going to add a succinct "Fuck you" to them and move on. Couple of other things: 1. Young Yeong Joo was amazing in ep 11. Wow. For those first 14 mins or so, I was transfixed. 2. Adult Yeong Joo himself isn't a slouch, in addition to his great "ass-ets", that scene where he broke down in the office was flawless. PSJ has really grown in his craft. 3. I want Yoon-Shik to get some love too! It's high time YJ returned the favor to his best friends. 4. I am still in love with PMY.

Your House Helper 

I like the slow build of Ji Woon's concern for the ever-mumbling Da Young.  At first I thought it was going to be him and the down-on-her-luck jewelry designer, but that seems like it will be the lawyer, now.   And I thought Ji Woon's partner would match up with Da Young's boss somehow, in a nod to Strongest Deliveryman...but I kinda want him to go for the very shy nail salon woman.  I don't actually think she's shy, I think she's terrified...and I think that someone gave her a reason to be.

I do like this.  I think it will move along slowly but steadily since there are so many people to cover, but honestly at this point I'm interested in all of them, which is rare.

Sketch (Finale) 

Good triumphs over evil, but we must remain vigilant.  That about sums this up, I think?  Well done show.  I liked that there were clearly bad guys, clearly good guys, and then bad guys with good intentions. I liked the discussion of where that line is. I loved seeing My Beloved and Lee Dong Gun square off against each other.

Goodbye to Goodbye

Finally got around to checking this out and stayed for three episodes so far. I'm not sure what I was expecting but I don't think it was this.  Lots of familiar and competent faces, a much more liberal take than anticipated...I'm curious to see how they reel it back in.

Mr. Sunshine 

I only managed to see one of the two episodes from this week in time for this post, but I'm happy to report that this is still gorgeous to see and enjoyable to watch.  For all you Byunnie Babes out there, I think Byun Yo Han will start to appear as more than a cameo next week.  I like me some Byun Yo Han but I still think Yoo Yeon Seok is scrumptiously scruffy and pissed off in this and it is CLEAR he's got a thing for Miss Thang, so I guess he's going up against Mr. Choi. Yeah, I know, it's not just about who wants who but right now that's what I've got to work with.

Marry Me Now/Shall We Live Together?

This is one of those weekend family dramas that I can never watch, but I saw some clips on YT of  Lee Sang Woo, and I started watching . . . late. I know lots of people on my tlist think he is boring. He's not smoldering like lots of people, but I just love his smile, and he plays the good guy that you want everyone to marry to the hilt. I'm only interested in his storyline so far and that's a doozy because we all know that's most likely his sperm that was used and so the little girl of the woman he likes (despite his sister trying to break them up) is really his and why the dad is all of a sudden interested and wants to claim her because his family left her a bunch of money even though he ditched his wife. I also might be interested in the heroine's dad's love story with the rich woman who likes to hang out in his small apartment with him and which makes her children crazy. Is it okay if I write about this here even if I only watch two of the plots? 

You can talk about anything you want. I had watched this initially and disliked so many people that I dropped it fast. I can't do the pick-a-plot version of drama watching, unfortunately.

Secrets and Lies 

I'm not sure that I can watch this anymore until we get to the middle episodes because I don't think I'm going to care about anyone if I do. I am curious if they are ever going to really explain why the grandfather is insisting that Reporter Han Joo Won and no one else has to be their spokesperson to the point of threatening her. No one viewer in his/her right mind believes that she is going to tell him that his SIL was dating her and impregnated her before he abandoned her for his rich daughter, so I'm not even sure why we have that scene together. It's not a cliffhanger if no one believes the threat, show. Pfft. Even SakiVI's dad wants to fastforward through this. This woman is the only person I like and she didn't get a good slap in, and she is the one who is going to suffer for this the most. She raised her two kids alone, people, and one has special needs, but somehow she is bad because went to work sometimes when her kid had a cold? Pfft.
Dad and I discussed how bored we were with it and decided we would leave for for now. Maybe if we feel we have nothing else to watch. Pity, because it started out well.

Sunny Again Tomorrow

This show has much lighter fare for a daily. I don't like a bunch of people, but the main couple (who aren't yet a couple and probably won't be for at least 20-30 more eps--don't you love dailies?) are interesting. When he finds out she has him saved as "cockroach" in her phone, I did chuckle. Him asking her to be his fake girlfriend for the blind date that is with the woman she thinks is her friend was a great cliffhanger, but then I realized that it really wasn't this week's cliffhanger. This week's cliffhanger isn't even that interesting and our lead guy is now back to being an annoying wimp. This guy

Just makes me miss this guy

even more. Maybe I will go back to rewatching Perfect Boyfriend in Happy Sisters.



So Leyan's secret (that Chengkai will be helping her with) is that she's selling the company? And here sits Chengkai listening to his little girlfriend talk about how much she looks forward to working with him at La Faves or whatever it's called for the next 30 years. Ooops. That's not going to go over well.

The other major activity was the tall tall tall designer unnie deciding she would tell her ex-boyfriend about her discovery of his baby mama very very ill in the hospital. Of course it's the right decision, and it brings her back together with her sweetie, who immediately begins planning the worst idea of a surprise marriage ever.

Meteor Garden 2018 (New)

I'm happy.  Depsite the fact that none of them look like they're old enough to have pubic hair, I easily breezed through all 8 of the available episodes.  It wasn't entirely intentional - Netflix makes it so easy, and I was just so surprised that there was ANOTHER episode that I kept going.
Updated for new technology, etc, but still essentially Meteor Garden. Perhaps a bit less mean.  Actually, a lot less mean - although there is that scene when Daoming Si's jealously takes over and his reptile brain assumes control of his skinny ass.
Shuk:  I dramarathoned the first six episodes over a dark and stormy night. I love it! There's more of the doofus Daoming Si than the violent psychopath Daoming Si. And maybe it's because this is the umteenth adaptation, but the scenes seem to flow better than the SoKor version.  Sonic's hair is great homage to LMH's outrageous curls, but his fashion sense is way more fun. I highly recommend!!


Miss Devil

Now everyone knows what we've all suspected: Miss Devil is the daughter of the manager of the hotel that went up in flames.  She's also found out the the evidence against the hotel manager was doctored. People need to watch out. However, right when I thought, "Wow. No surprises here" and rolled my eyes, we get the real reveal about the chairman being Ito's father who abandoned her! I did NOT see that coming. I also liked the complexity of the story of the week about Todo and wanting to quit because of her dad's illness but this being a cover because she was having such a hard time at work since she'd always been a top student and now couldn't do anything right. I wonder, though, how much our hero's dad knows about the cover up. In any case, I feel confident that justice will prevail because Miss Devil knows how to rescue people on her path to revenge as well as kick butt when she needs to.

Rebellious Barbie



Sadly, no Charles this week.  But Liza dumps that sleazy free lance writer she was sort-of dating when he accidentally discovers her secret and then tries to turn it into an article for Vanity Fair.  Hilariously, when Vanity Fair tries to fact check, Liza ends up creating a viral movement via Reese Witherspoon's book club PR person.  She declares herself age queer and rails against ageism and tells them she's 'post-age.' Before she knows what's happening, it's a thing.

What I was not sure was an actual thing but have discovered, to my bemusement, most definitely IS:  bread facing.  Go ahead, google.  I'll see you in the comments.


This week's episode is about a ballerina who loses the use of her legs after a car accident.  Her boyfriend dumps her two days later, and now she's spending all her time in Reverie where she can dance...but she always dances in an empty theater, and there's this one locked door.  Hmmm.  The dancer figures she's got nothing to live for now, so why not stay in Reverie even if it's killing her? This strikes a cord with Mara, who knows a thing or two about retreating from the world when you lose everything.  Surprisingly, considering the final moments in Reverie (very emotional) I did not cry for the first time EVER while watching this show.

Sharp Objects 

I am intrigued. The timeline is...not sure if it's nonlinear, exactly, but present and past blur. This is deliberate and I'm told is even more confusing in the book, but is important to show us the mindset of the heroine. She's troubled, to say the least, and returning to a particularly unhealthy place - her childhood home, in her stagnant, repressive little home town - to document what might just be a serial killer. Amy Adams is amazing, and Patricia Clarkson is amazing, and I am really looking forward to episode 2.


I think I am a week behind still, but so far, Plum has gone rogue. She has made a complete 10 from the person we met at beginning. I am not sure that's such a good thing because she definitely went from one extreme to another but right now she's reveling in her new found sense of truth. People are also still dying. In droves in fact. Jennifer might have started  out with "good"intentions but they have gone off the rails now.

Sacred Games

First Netflix indian drama starring Saif Ali Khan aka my first love, Nawazzudin Siddiqui and Radhikha Apte. This is NOT Bollywood. This is dark, gritty and the ending to the first 2 episodes genuinely shocked me. I can't wait to watch the next 6. So goood.

I am interested in this one, I'm hearing good things.