Rants and Weekly Raves #200 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Woohoo! 200! What should we do to commemorate this historic event? I know! We'll have the universe release a bazillion new shows all at once!
SakiVI: I seem to just be watching Chinese shows except for a new Korean daily, Love to the End, where I'm cheering the Wretched on, and Let Me Introduce Her with Dad, and, oddly enough, Mum, because she fell in love with the walk-in closet in the big house.  Update: she wants us to stop watching when she is around.  Not enough closet space. 
Why do you all watch in a closet?
Panda: Stressed! I need a Jennifer in my life.
Everybody pigpile on Panda and give her hugs right now. It's not Jennifer but it will have to do.
Trotwood: I'm feeling cranky and stressed that there are so many shows coming out all at once, and upset with myself that there is this bounty in which I'm really not all that interested. I want to watch Life, but I do not have access to subs (and don't tell me about Netflix). I didn't watch much. Instead I read translations of novels. You ever read something and ask yourself why am I still reading this even at chapter 208? Going to try to catch up with Let Me Introduce Her
When we're done hugging Panda we hug Trot, okay?
kakashi: Trying to ignore my to do list, but am kind of failing. Panic has set in. It's why I'm going to the mountains to forget soon. Also, we're being burnt alive. No rain in sight. Everything is dying
Fine just everybody hug everybody.


Investigation Couple (Finale) 

It took me a little bit to get into this show - it felt awkward, somehow, and the unprofessional behavior of the prosecutors really set my teeth on edge, and the writer's development of Baek Beom, the examiner...very slow. BUT. somewhere in there, I was interested in the cases, and I became interested in Baek Beom and his tragic past. As twists were revealed and more details came to light about all the characters, I became invested. It was never something I felt like I had to watch *this minute* but I always remained interested in what came next and in the end, I liked the story. I even didn't mind that they didn't really catch the bad guy of the last few weeks, because we know they really DID...he's just on the run. They know the truth, and with an ending that showed them working to prove that truth, we know that somewhere there's a universe where they will eventually catch him and make him pay, and that it will because they listened to the stories of the dead and took them seriously. There's something comforting in that, I think.

Are You Human Too? 

Fine, fine, fine. Shitty Shin had a shitty childhood and was a nice guy until pretty recently when he found out just HOW shitty it really was. Do we really have to redeem him? Can't we just leave him be Shitty and keep RoboShin for ourselves? And what? Now 'Playing Dementia' Grandpa really HAS dementia? Who here laughed their asses off when he startled himself by getting confused for real?
I'm completely invested in Robot Shin. Shitty Shin is so shitty that I can't imagine what they are going to do to try to redeem him now. I'd rather they spend some time trying to Ye Na's story arc because she seems to be the most worthy of redemption of all the people on "the other side." I find it funny how no one believes Young Hoon when he says he doesn't want any more power. Why would he with these people as the models of power. 
Have you completely missed out on the homoerotic subtext of his relationship with Shitty Shin?

Let's Eat 3 

A cameo from our Fluffy Puppy Kim Min Kyu, but once again he plays an unlikable character.  Sigh.  And a cameo from Eric Mun!  Always welcome.

The food looks great, as always, but I have a really hard time with the differing manners - stuffing your mouth so it bulges is not an attractive look..plus how do you even chew when you're packed to the gills?  The fun part is...Goo Dae Young is a foodie because of Lee Ji Woo, but did she learn some of her food-appreciating ways from Sun Woo Sun, her old student, who is now Goo Dae Young's boss?  We'll see!

30 But 17 (New) 

This could have been so very, very bad. Cringingly bad. Instead it's actually really enjoyable and not bad at all. Shin Hye Sun manages the very difficult task of looking like an adult but acting like a 17-year-old girl surprisingly well, not allowing herself to fall on any cutesie tricks but simply being ...young. I had no idea she'd end up living with Yang Se Jong so imagine my surprise and delight when it turns out to be so, PLUS Ahn Hyo Seop with them? And Ye Ji Won will be their housekeeper? I'm in heaven.
Well, well, what a pleasant surprise this turned to be. I had no idea I would enjoy this so much. Show actually showed months of physical therapy - I was so amazed, lol. I enjoy the tone of the show, not slapstick at all. Shin Hye Sun is doing a fantastic job. As for the hero, not solidified my opinion of his acting yet, but I'll say I miss his caveman hair :)

Life (New) 

Not anywhere...but I heard it's on Netflix next week.  Ex-US though, I think.
Don't even get me started.
I spend a lot of time of twitter posting crying emojis.

Risky Romance (New) 

I guess none of us got here yet.

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (Finale) 

The fluffiest buttercream frosting of a romance and wedding ever, and just exactly what the doctor ordered. I wish Yeong Joon and Mi So all the best and hope they have a houseful of adorable babies with weirdly perfect ponytails and abs very soon.
To quote Caitlyn: "This show started cute, was cute and finished cute. Do you have any idea how rare that is?" I thoroughly enjoyed this fluffity-fluff of a drama. Last 4 eps were nothing but air though. My favorite scenes included the late night drink with MiSo and her sisters, so emotional; 2nd Sec Kim telling Mr Admired to love himself and scenes where the office people teased MiSo about her honeymoon. So, goodbye Sec Kim and your Vice Chairman. I won't say I'll miss you as I already know I'll be re-watching you again. And again.
I liked everything that everyone else said, especially the late night drink with the sisters and the whole "love yourself" thing. But was no one else bothered that he picked her wedding dress for her with barely no input from her? And does no one else hate his parents as much as I do? The mom who tried to get him to give up on Mi So because his brother liked her. What?!?!? Did you learn nothing from the past lady?!?!?! Everything is and was still all about her. Sigh. They are so in love though.

Your House Helper 

This was a backup show for me if I had time and there's nothing else.  But now there's Sweet Combat for 2 hours each day, so I'll probably drop it.

Dear Judge / Your Honor (New) 

Something that I want to try when I have time.
Man, people ranted about this on Twitter. I enjoy it when shows get trashed like that. I'm petty. 
We get the good Yoon Shi Yoon and the bad Yoon Shi Yoon, take your pick. On the one hand: he's certainly fine playing your average overachieving young Korean male - that's a piece of cake. He's also more than serviceable in fight scenes, and had the admirable ability to both let us know he was COMPLETELY using a sob story to sway the prosecutor while also letting us know that he genuinely feels pain at how he'd been treated by his family. Seriously, it was impressive. He both meant and didn't mean those tears, and we absolutely knew it. 
So what's the problem, you ask? What's on the other hand? I'll tell you. The MUGGING. The goddamn MUGGING. Okay, Rubber Face, we get it. You can pout. You can snear. But we're watching you on a screen that makes it look like you're inches away from us. You don't have to project it so that the people in the back can have an idea of what you're doing.  I don't understand why an actor who is capable of actual subtlety also gives us such caricatures and it may keep me from the show.

Time (New) 

Brotherly rivalry! Gambling moms! Accidental drownings! Hateful chaebols in arranged engagements! Cheerful poor women who try hard to keep things going! Boyfriends of cheerful poor women who you can just TELL are going to get sleazy in a minute! Brain tumors! This show has it all, that's for sure. I think I'm going to love it. And why wouldn't I? I loved it the first time around, when it was called Mask, and I even loved Uncontrollably Fond. This is like a Frankenstein drama. I'm into it.
I'm trying to be into it if only because it fits my mood. I want people hating each other and getting revenge but I'm not sure I can stay with this show knowing all along that the lead is dying. Not a spoiler. they tell us this in the first episode. I do want to know why everyone hates him so much. 
His mother fell out of favor/was disgraced in some way. Not sure if he's the second son or the first - did we notice if he called the little shit weasel brother hyung or not?
I already can't stand that boyfriend, and I wished the actresses were switched because you all know how much I adore Hwang Seung Eon since she was in both Thumping Spike and Love for a Thousand More  and I think Seo Hyun is so weak as an actress. I'll see if I go back after catching up with other things.

Witch's Love (New)

Looks cute, actually.  I want to try it when I have time.
I liked it. I can't understand why everyone treats that 12-year-old like a man, but whatever.  If I close my eyes when he's on screen he sounds like one, so that works.  I love all the witches, and that's what matters.
I like the witches. I'm frustrated by the chaebol backstory and why he needs to buy the building. Give me something, Show, and I don't mean stormy night dreams of rescue/kidnapping!

Mr. Sunshine 

Another one people ranted about :D Some people were so bored they use this to get over insomnia.
To each his own, I guess.  Everyone's entitled to their opinion, after all.  But in this case those opinions are wrong.  Just so you know.

I love this show. I keep telling people on Twitter how good it is - first of all, it's stunning visually. Not just the costumes and sets but locations, the way shots are framed, whatever filters and color palettes they're using...it's just gorgeous.  And there are no complaints about the acting, either.

Byunnie is just a happy little elf tra-la-la-ing all over until he's not, and you know he's got the skill for the role of the ne'er do well son who's been away from home too long and probably has some secrets. Yoo Yeon Seok is all smoldering bad-boy, deeply and hopelessly in love with the unattainable noble girl.  We are certainly here for THAT. That scene where he accidentally comes in contact with the hem of her dress?  And then they draaaaaag it out like that?  Hoo wee, it got hot in my living room.

Lee Byung Hun is basically a rock wall with facial features, but he's always been that way and when he smiles that teeny smile it carries weight BECAUSE he's so blank the rest of the time. The girl...I don't know the actress playing Ae Sin but I think she's doing a good job with her repressed rage and secret identity as a freedom fighter. Kim Tae Ri; this is her first drama apparently, but has done some movies and seems to have been cast in leading roles all along. All the side characters; parents, government officials, side kicks, kids, servants...you name it, all doing great jobs.
The thing that has been most surprising to me, given the topic, is that this is FUNNY.  Like, really funny, in all kinds of ways.  NOT BORING AT ALL. There's physical humor, situational humor, language barrier humor, running jokes, you name it.  It's never intrusive - you'd never think this was a comedy - but it's the perfect touch.  I look forward to this every week and am happy to see it attracting a growing number of fans.  BECAUSE IT IS.  FIGHT ME.
I am so petty I wanted this to fail SIMPLY to de-mystify KES pull but darn it, highest ratings out of all the cable and prime-time shows. I even have a feeling it will  set new records by its end damn it.
yessss, my precioussssss

My ID is Gangnam Beauty (New) 

At least as started, this is a bit grittier and more realistic than your regular ugly ducking into a swan story. I liked it very much and I think I like the OTP. Plus it has that teeeeeeny teeny actress from one of the Replies, and I adore her.  Min Do Hee.

About Her (New) 

I don't know. The other name is 'Let Me Introduce Her' but the drama stars a guy who I don't really care for - it's his face, I admit it - so I haven't checked it out yet.
This show is pretty addicting. It's also the show that has the chicken beak guy from 2PM that you like, Jo.  
Well dammit, now I have to check it out for Chicken Beak, that cutie pie.  JinWoon from 2AM, for those of you who haven't been here since Marriage, Not Dating.
There's so many dark twisty things--very campy but enjoyable camp--that it makes me wonder if people are in a competition to be worse than someone else. I know my twitter feed is exploding with questions. 
The show opens with the heroine running from people trying to kill her and she happens to save the life of a very nice plastic surgeon who is the first love of a spoiled chaebol princess who has gotten a divorce and now wants him back.  He ends up completely changing her face. She gets amnesia as a result of the surgery. 
I remember laughing really hard with Kakashi when we heard about plastic surgery amnesia.
Let me guess...she's an unhappy wife?
Her husband clearly loves her but his mother hates her as does the assistant who loves him and wants him, too. Let's not forget the plastic surgeon's dad who wants him to marry someone who doesn't ruin his life (aka poor) like their dead mom did to his. SO much has happened, and this week's cliff hanger has half the people finding out her true identity. If this were a daily, this would have taken place over 50-80 episodes, but this has only been the third week!

Sunny Again Tomorrow

The heroine is finally (finally) starting to figure out that the Wretched in this not really her friends and doesn't want to be no matter how much she tries and is really trying to overtly sabotage her. And now even her crush (who actually like the wretched) is covering for her.  The only reason why I continue to watch this show or rather fast froward through it is because I like how they are making the main hero fall for her 

Note: Wretched--my new name for 2nd female leads who have a reasons to go dark and do things that we hate but we either admire their darkness or at least cheer them on because their machinations are interested in a Machiavellian way.


Meteor Garden 2018 

We're smack in the part that I hate where they finally get together only to rip themselves apart. Dammit. Fortunately, with six episodes a week, it will go by fast. 

Legend of Fuyao 

Only thing I watch! Together with my girl who tries to armtwist me into watching at least 2 episodes a day :D Very enjoyable and potentially addicting until they will mess it up.

Mengfei Come Across 

It's subbed up to episode 5. Should I start again or wait until there's at least 10 subbed episodes?  I'm seriously so scared of fansubbers because if they get tired and walk away, my heart breaks a bit, and this is such a cute show!


I thought this was a Japanese show?
Nope. I want to watch, but I'm so far behind and there are changes from the novel that I'm not really sure I want to see. The people who are still watching (and got past apparently really bad effects) are enjoying it, and the adventure aspect of it fits right in my mood. And from I've seen on YT, I'm going to love these two.

Sweet Combat

So many good looking people! Every episode turns up another one! And of course Lu Han is adorable. When is he not adorable? Luhan out-adorables everyone, including the cute little kids in this show. He's going to age into an adorable dad, and into an adorable grandpa and probably reincarnate into a cherub. The only person who could match him for cuteness is his bestie from Korea, Jaehyo. (I know you boys drifted apart, what with Lu Han working and Jaehyo fishing, and being in different countries, but Dear God, reunite my babies, I feel sure they play Fortnite together every night online, but would love to play side by side, not talking, just slamming their keyboards in a probably-not-gay way in the same room like they used to. Amen.)

Shahai/Tomb of the Sea

Thank you, YoYo TV for opening this for subtitling!  And thank you to the one subber who is subbing the show so far.  Dear Lord, give her help.  All first six episodes are subtitled so if you loved The Lost Tomb and Old Nine Gates, this is the next one!  Go watch this!  So far, it has not disappointed.  I love the way it has been shot, and the colour tones, and the coolly evil Wu Xie
we now have. 
We also have unchanged, undead Lt Zhang, still, oh-so-pretty! He never aged or anything, so we will probably get his story later.
And the XinYue Hotel is there, looming over us all. 

The crew who have ended up at GuoTong City, the underground palace that some are hoping to excavate, others to document and others yet to rob, are diverse.  They even include a woman in a skirt with a fancy handbag.
Thankfully, she is staying above ground and letting the pros do the work below. 

We started out with Li Cu, who is played by Wu Lei, getting infected by a weird slug in a box - no, really, this happened - and then attacked by a zombie-like man who tattooed a map on Li Cu's back.  Li Cu ends up in hospital, where the handsome Wang Meng (sorry, I don't have his picture here, but he is seriously cute) shows up and wows the lady doctor treating Li Cu.  Wang Meng tazes (sp?) doc and Li Cu into unconsciousness, and takes them both back to the doctor's flat where Wu Xie waits for them both.  He forces the lady doctor to remove the stitches from Li Cu's back (so painful for the poor child) and he watches the movement of the slug along the tattoo.  Yes, this is creepy.  Next morning, the lady doctor is still so thirsty for Wang Meng, she's using eye masks for wrinkles, and Wu Xie and Wang Meng are whisking Li Cu off to the desert where they pretend to be photographers on a group mission.  

And, of course there, they meet my beloved Fire Princess in her new incarnation as Su Nan, busty tomb raider.
I know it's my Fire Princess, though, because she is wearing red. That's a giveaway. 

And that's it.  As of writing this, I've watched 3 episodes, and they've just entered the underground palace.  You know, I have literal tears of joy to have another show from Uncle Three!  Everyone, The Lost Tomb 2 is also getting made.  Start requesting it now.  


Parfait Tic

I don't know why I picked this up. Desperate for a Japanese drama after watching so many good ones. It's kind of dumb. Girl has two guys move in upstairs. Nice one vs. jerk one, but is the nice one really nice and the jerk really a jerk? They both go to her high school. That's really it, so far.



Charles is over himself!  He went looking for Liza and there was a big kiss!  YES!

Castle Rock (New) 

Creepy, fun. Love all the little nods to other stories. Well, 'other'. This is not a retelling of a King story. It's a new story, set smack dab in the middle of the King universe at Shawshank Prison in the town of Castle Rock, Maine, and it has some characters from King stories, some places from King stories, some events (or mention of events) from King stories. If you like King, it's a quick hour. 

Kim's Convenience

This showed up on Netflix a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to watching it along with half my TList apparently and we are IN LOVE with the whole show and very appreciative of Jung's aversion to shirts.  Check it out, if you can.  A Korean-Canadian family living in Toronto above their mini-mart.  I love them all.