Rants and Weekly Raves #202 (RAWR)

JoAnne:  Does anyone else feel like this week lasted forever?  It wasn't a bad week, overall, just LONG.
SakiVI: Super-exhausted.  
From the heat?  (Well, actually, these days it really IS the humidity!  Over 90%!)
Trotwood: Yes. It seemed like it was long but I still couldn't get work done anyway and when time finally passed, I couldn't believe how little on my "to do" list was still on that list. sigh.
kakashi: Still on holidays. I don't want them to end. I've burnt my to-do list. LOOOOOL.
Yes, please do keep sending us pictures of the lovely hills and delicious lunches. I'm not seeing any cows, though. Where are the cows?
Much higher up this time of the year. I'm going on 3000m tomorrow, so I should see some.
Panda: Finally feeling more settled and rested and hope it lasts forever, but I know tis a futile dream.


Are You Human Too? (Finale) 

No, it's not a long-form commercial for sexbots. But also no, the ending is not particularly good - which is an odd thing to say when it gives us so much of what we hoped for:

Yes, Evil Seo is in jail - but his minion isn't, and neither of them have any remorse at all.

Yes, Shitty Shin has come back to his senses - but I guess Mama dying was sufficient to wash away his sins?  There's no sign he had to pay for any of his crimes.

Yes, So Bong gets to be with her sweetie, the adorable Nam Shin III - but there's no mention of what it took to bring him back (other than it was a year, and she had no idea David and Ji and Human Shin were doing it) and more importantly - there's no discussion at all of how they will handle the future.  Or what they'll...uh...be handling.

Is he anatomically correct or is she committing to a life of cuddles?  He seems to have evolved into having feelings, at least.  What about aging?  Did David figure out the engineering so that he could make new faces and body changes to make uri Shin age along with So Bong? Can you marry a robot?  Is he going to work at the gym or at the company?  And finally: what happened to Reporter Jo?  She disappeared!

I'm glad reporter Jo is gone. I didn't like her anyway with her I can't decide if I'm going to be a real friend or not character. Pfft. I didn't mind the end so much. It was sorta blah, but I'd rather have that than have us wanting to throw tables.

Let's Eat 3 

It's starting to look like maybe Dae Young never actually dated his college sweetheart...I mean maybe, but at this point they're just super good friends who secretly like each other except one of them is a dumbass who just thinks he thinks of her as a friend he doesn't want any other guy to date or look at, ever, but who would never think of dating her himself, no way.

The food is looking delicious as ever but seriously, why do the spoons have to be so big?  Why must people shove their mouths so full that their cheeks bulge and they spend a good second or two thinking 'Hmmm, chew or choke?  Which will it be?"  On the food front, I love that Ji Woo's comprehensive knowledge of how to make things as delicous as possible has been a framework not just for Dae Young's life, but also Sun Woo's, and that she will now be indirectly responsible for influencing the direction of an entire food conglomorate.

We're at the point where we start to see what went into making step-sister the bitch that she is - plot spoiler, her mother. Gasp. We are so surprised. Anyway, she's starting to recognize that she acts in ways similar to her birth mother, which should pave the way toward character growth. There is also clearly a misunderstanding between the sisters which leaves each feeling wronged, so I'll be glad to get that resolved. And Sun Woo Sun, that tender prickly boy, plants some serious kisses on the undeserving wench, so at least we get some romance SOMEwhere. PS, dear readers: do any of you know what Sun Woo Sun sounds like? She mispronounces it to much amusement on a few occasions, so it must sound like a word that you wouldn't want your name to sound like.

30 But 17/17 Again 

Lots of debate about whether this girl should be treated like a 17-year old or a 30-year old, mostly framed around the question of whether the parties debating prefer the adorable Chan or old-ass Grandpa Gong. I vote for reality: she IS 30, albeit a particularly naive and innocent 30. She must learn to live in the world as that 30-year old woman, and she doesn't have 12 years to catch up. I also like her with Gong and it doesn't make me cringe to think of him covering her deficits or her, his. Much as I adore the perfect pup Chan, that pairing does not work for me because I cannot say the same thing about them.  
We do have the doctor chingu looming in the wings, though.  Maybe he's going to mess all that up and claim her for himself.  That would leave the relationship between her and Gong a normal crush on her part and a healing friendship on his, and Chan's noona crush/chosarang can fade into the sweet memory it should be.
My dark horse of airing shows. I like it so much. Our main three leads (plus Jennifer) are all doing awesome jobs but the standout is SHS. She imbibes her character with so much all the time without going into OTT land. The 2 leads, I am conflicted. Gong IS 30 both physically and mentally while she is still mentally 17. On the other hand, it doesn't feel right with Chan cos he's a teen. Drama! DRAMA!! Bring it on.


Crack for me. Watch a handsome, miserable man with a death sentence decide to spend his few remaining days helping a woman with a tragic family history (that he may or may not have contributed to) and, in the process, he becomes a decent human being? My favorite thing ever. I know I know, in about 5 months he's going to be dead so I've climbed on board a ship that is guaranteed to sink - but that just makes the time between now and then even more sweet, does it not?

I have caught through Jo's great synopsis to me on twitter and watching the last two episodes, and I think I'm going to keep this for now despite my distaste for knowing that there will such heartbreak at the end because he is dying. The cliffhanger was a treat. I didn't think he would make the chice he does, but I am really excited to see the fall out. And man is his step brother scumbag of earth or what?

Witch's Love 

Dad really loves this despite the truly gross scenes of Granny No2 loudly on the toilet and the kissing contests. (Honestly, his expression of what horror was that was one to behold.)

It's very cute, and suddenly this week our cute Chaebol/12-year-old boy became a viable romantic partner. Kid's got MOVES...although Fan Boy continues to be the sweetest, most adorable, cuddly snuggle puppy you could want.  I'm sorry, though, Fan Boy, we know it's the Chaebol.  It's always the Chaebol, plus they met as kids.  You haven't got a prayer.  Give it a good run though, because I enjoy being torn.

You know what I really like?  Chaebol confessed to her and she didn't even realize, and now she's doing her best to get him to like her when he already DOES.

Familiar Wife 

You know what, Ji Sung's character is just an ASS.  It takes him 24 hours to even remember he had kids in that other life, and then when he (of course) ends up having his true wife come to work at his bank branch, he spends all his energy trying to get her fired or moved because it freaks him out.  She, by the way, is delightful in this alternate universe.

Turns out his college crush/fake wife isn't all that great AND isn't averse to messing around on her husband, or at least engaging in solid flirtation at a level which requires the hiding of a wedding ring. Bleh. You know what, you two? Stay together and be miserable in this world. That way Wifey gets a chance at a somewhat decent life. Added bonus: HE has to miss the kids he tossed under the bus, but SHE never knew they existed so...

Thing I loved, but fully expected:  Wifey's mom, who has dementia, immediately recognized The Ass and referred to him as her son-in-law.

Not seen this yet.

I'm not sure that I'm going to keep watching and now because Ji SUng's character is an ass or because of how horrible he is trying to get his wife fired or how it took him so long to remember the kids or because no matter what the choice is somebody will probably lose a kid (remember in this universe his sister is really happily married to his best friend and they have a kid). What I am the most bothered by is the fact that his crush/fake wife turns out horrid and his wife is so constricting that he can't hardly ever see his own mother. (What is she friends with the rich mom in Let Me Introduce Her?) What makes me frustrated by this is that it seems lazy, making it an obvious choice that he will want to go back. I think it would be more interesting if had a different life but a good one to make him think about the difference between real love and what is pretty--being happy and deep joy even if there is pain. I'll give it another week but I've got lots of new shows I want to try.

My ID is Gangnam_Beauty 

Ahhh, this show. Really great plot line this week about the imposition of male-defined female standards of beauty, with nuance even. The second lead continues to walk the line of plausible denial on her secretly bitchy ways, and the male lead continues to surprise the female lead. She made him smile and he thought she was cute back in their days at middle school!  

Meanwhile, our lead is still automatically assessing physical beauty when she meets someone new, but she stops herself faster and faster, and even though people are still putting her down for getting 'too much' plastic surgery, she's starting to stand up for herself. Good for her!
I'd say they can all go to hell but then I think about my opinion of Kim Kardashian's enhanced rump and I think well...the only difference between me and them is I didn't say to Kim. Or probably out loud, really. She doesn't come up much for me. Anyway. My opinion on that matter does not matter, simply put, but I can't help HAVING one. So maybe...don't go to hell, but at least shut up?

Mr. Sunshine 

Dad and I started this one. We have seen episode 1. I told him the American war ships in 1867 looked scary. He said, sure, if you haven't seen a modern gun boat. I forgot he started his career on a motorcycle in Karachi after about 21 years inland. Lots of riding around the docks seeing ships and the sea for the first time. So, yeah, those old fashioned ghost ships didn't look like much to him.


All of you know how much I love Jo Seung Woo. I even started following a twitter account because all it does is post pictures from this show. I love every actor in this show (okay, maybe I'm not loving Lee Dong Wook who seems to be on one note so far while everyone else is just eating up every line). I'm so glad, for example, Yum Hye Ran is just having a banner year because she is always so good in everything and the actor bromance continues with JSW and Yoo Jae Myung (they're going to be in a movie together, too, this year with Ji Sung no less). However despite all this, I am dropping this show. As I've said to people on twitter, this show is too much like work. No I mean my real job and the kinds of difficult decisions we are having to make about services because of budget cuts and public expectations. Watching has become like me being in a Risk Management meeting, and I don't need the extra stress.


I love Jang Hyuk, but I'm getting really annoyed by the fans who spent an inordinate amount of time talking trash about Voice2 because he decided not to be in it. Fine. It's not going to be the same. Don't watch it then. Pfft. Anyway, I have to say that the first episode does a really good job with explaining why some people are there and some people aren't. In fact, I'd says it does a better job at this then most shows who just try to pretend that those other people were never in the universe or feel the need to kill them all off. For example, JH's character is in the states getting treatment for his son's illness. I really enjoyed these two episodes, but if you can't take gore and violence, don't watch this show. You should have learned from the kettle bell murders the last time.  This Voice uber villain has a fondness for shears. 

Sunny Again Tomorrow 

I fast forward through the painful like how the sister has successfully convinced her older sister that her daughter is dead just so she can make sure they never realize that the young woman her daughter is jealous of will never know she is the long lost daughter. Nothing much happens really except that the evil people are digging themselves deeper and deeper into their lies that I'm not sure how the writers are going to pull off the redemption arc that they seem to love in dailies. Our male lead is worth it because I just watch for his scenes to see his jealousy grow.It does change a 34 minute-watch to a 13 minute one, which is a perfect break.


Between (Finale)

Well, it's over - lots of personal and professional growth for all of our characters but especially our three leads; QiangXi is the director of her own company, Zijun is off to NYC at the request of a famous gallery, and Chengkai is going to Bangkok for two years to mentor young entrepeneurs.  

Both men confessed their love seriously, but in the end QiangXi chose following her dreams.  There's more than a hint that she will eventually rekindle things with Chengkai, though.  This was an easy watch once Esther Yeh stopped making her already high-pitched and nasally voice even MORE high-pitched and nasally.  She's a beautiful woman and the character was likable and someone you could relate to, work-wise.  Both men were attractive (I mean come ON - Sam Lin and Marcus Chang?  In the same room, even?  How come the building didn't collapse?) but more importantly they were good people.  

In fact, with only a few brief forays that were more like 'ohhh, let's have a villain, ehhhh, let's not, too much work' - this drama was remarkably void of 'bad buys' but still provided plenty of conflict in situations that were only slightly exaggerated from normal, if it all.  Worth a watch, and not just for the very considerable eye candy.

Meteor Garden 2018 

Daoming Si is an emotional wreck, Huaze Lei is NOT helping, and I am so sick of Terence and Zhou Caina and Meizou, I can't stand it.  It was a good little side story, don't get me wrong - but all we care about are Ming Si and Shencai, Writer.  There's no room for anything else, and yet you went and invented a whole fucking mini story that took us away from them?  Anyway, it resolved in this week's episodes so I hope you learned your lesson.  From now on, let's make a pact.  It's Ming Si and Shencai, all the time.

Legend of Fuyao 

On episode 37 - some people I know got annoyed at the court politics, but I'm not. I think it fits the story rather well and just helps to give Wuji a more interesting story. Just like Fuyao, we did not really know who he really is up until now, and neither did we know what he is capable of giving up because of her, without losing himself in the process. It's really a very sweet lovestory.  

Sand Sea 

I am furious at the Tomb of the Sea subbers for dropping the subs. The worst is, they are fans of the same books and story lines and know what they are depriving us fans of.
And at YoYo, they just have to plug in the translation, so no timing or segmentation or anything else that subbers complain about.


Yes, reader. I finished. I watched 40 episodes in two weeks waking up 4 AM to watch eps before training and work because this drama is like crack and I never wanted it to end. Only consolation is that the novel has 46 episodes translated but there are 106 total. I want more time with them . . .
and with them all. Another great team show in addition to the various ships sailing into the night. I was prepared for a sad ending, but I wasn't nearly has sad as I thought I'd be because it wasn't nearly as sad as it could have been. I also liked the lessons of redemption, especially for Old Chu. So I'm giving him a picture, too, and not just because of the way he looks.

I can't convey how much I enjoyed this show and the fandom or how it became exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Who knew I'd need a 10,000year love  between an alien tribe and a human to make my summer complete. Chief and Shen Wei are going to be hard to beat as my favorite OTP of 2018.

Sweet Combat

Anyone not watching this show, ahem, Trot, ahem, is sleeping on a hilarious pugilist college romance.  
I had to finish Guardian. And then I had to watch hours of Guardian fanvids. And then I had to read all 46 chapters of the novel that have been translated. In any case, the fluff CHinese drama I'm look for is Accidentally in Love, but I don't know if anyone is subbing it yet.
You are missing out and I am mildly annoyed with you now. If you ever get around to it, I expect you will see why I'm annoyed you're not enjoying this with me.

Ashes of Love

Marathoned 6 episodes yesterday instead of doing other things. *clears throat* This show is a very easy watch and also quite funny. It also hilariously reminds me so much of the FF that I can't take it seriously; and not just me, Feather said the same thing! The universe is Peaches universe plus extra characters so it feels very familiar. Our lead actress is quite dumb but cute, lead male is growing on me but so far my favorite characters are Night Lord and Moon Uncle. The closing and ending credits already tell me bad things about my Night Lord love though, sigh. 


Parfait Tic




We allllmost had disasters:  Charles and Liza's relationship doesn't really sit well with Kelsey but a combination of honest conversation between Liza and Kelsey and Charles brooking no nonsense with his business settled THAT (refreshing to see adults solve problems with conversation when conversation is all that is required.)  They do have to keep the relationship quiet while the divorce is being settled but Charles and Liza look like they could be a solid pair.

And then there was Enzo and Diane.  First, we discover that Enzo honks like a goose when he 'reaches completion' which, sorry, I kinda think that would be a deal breaker for me.  Plus they are in the house with his mother!!!  Nobody wants to hear that.  But Diane is accepting of it because Enzo is apparently a real stud in the sack and no wonder...it appears that he made at least one porno in his younger days.  He laid pipe to get his plumbing business going, you might say.  This actually doesn't phase Diane EITHER since he comes clean as soon as she asks about it and treats it like a mildly embarrassing youthful misstep rather than a deathly error.  He assures her it was in the past and a one-time thing, and off they go into the sunset.  More likely off to bed to make goose-like mating calls, but whatever.  I like Diane and I want her to be happy, and she seems happy.


Alexis is kidnapped by what's his face the pyro ex-boyfriend ex-partner and Mara goes back into her comatose brother-in-law's dream, and they both find a measure of peace and acceptance for the tragedies in their past.  I hope this gets picked up for another season, but it's apparently the lowest rated of NBC's summer shows so...

Castle Rock 

Who is this kid?  He says he's not the devil.  He also is aware of the bad things that seem to ramp up when he's around, and he says he never should have been let out of his cage.  Whatever or whoever he is, he doesn't seem to want to be bad, but we are what we are, right?

Fear the Walking Dead 

Remember that storm chaser movie with Helen Hunt a million years ago?  That famous scene where the twister (that was the name of the movie, right?  Twister?) lifts the cow right up into the sky and it sails past their truck?  Turns out storms will launch zombies, too, and it's hilarious.  I'm grateful they didn't focus on the splat of coming down, though.

Season 4 re-opens with everyone trying to understand what comes next.  They've lost so much, so many times now, and they're all still reeling from the loss of Madison and Nick.  The group is scattered, in fact, and at the moment they have no intention of staying together.  I think that will change - the storm descends and finds our friends caught in various places, but several come together for a desperate race to save Charlie, the little girl who caused them so much loss in the first place.