Rants and Weekly Raves #203 (RAWR)

Saki: I've been watching Jaehyo on an island. It's been awesome!
JoAnne:  I was watching you do that, and I have to say - I've never understood your fascination with him; you knew that. I don't find him particularly attractive or especially talented, but...but, but, but...he's kind of charming, your bias, with his fishing obsession and his little chickens and his realness. He seems like a guy who needs to be doing real life things, who really enjoys making do and living quietly. I hope he gets out of Seoul permanently soon - it's not the right place for him.
Trotwood: While you guys are off with the chickens, I'm here watching my town fill again with students, two college or universities will have move-in days each week for the next several weeks. I already knew summer was over since it's now dark again when I go to the gym in the morning. I thought it was dark because my Guardian watching experience is over, but it's just that autumn is around the corner peeking at me.
Panda: I continue to offer prayers to the DramaGods for TheRiseOfPhoenixes subs. I watched an ep raw and guys, the quality is sooo bomb, I could cry from lack of subs. Also, Ruyi and all its 88 eps starts today and Viki is subbing immediately. Wowza, my days are filled up. This weekend I watched 3 Bollywood movies I had been eager to see - Tumhari Sulu, Hichki and Raazi (all on Prime). They were all very good! Apart from all being woman-centric, they are all different from usual glitzy Bollywood type and I loved that. Recommend all three.
Kakashi: Bleh, back at work. Awful first day. It's going to be even worse for the rest of the year. Over. 


Let's Eat 3 

Monday and Tuesday were 3 months ago as far as I'm concerned.  I have a vague memory of people drawing closer together.

30 But 17/17 Again 

Everyone in this show is a cute adorable muffin of a human and I love them all and if you want to feel sunshine on your soul, just watch this.
Maybe I should start this. I need sunshine.
Such a happy, cute, warm show! For a show where it seems nothing much happens, a lot does. And I am always so eager to catch up with it once subs are out. Poor puppy is going to get so crushed though :( And I loved the twist that the stalker was after Jennifer instead!

Lovely Horribly (New) 

Funny. So far, not scary - but tinged with supernatural.


Soo Ho and Seol Hyun become closer, inevitably, but there's still not really anything even slightly romantic about it and I'm thinking there might not be?  Since he only has months to live... They just care for each other as broken people who recognize one another's broken-ness. He gives her a job in his restaurant, which sets off the fiancee, predictably. When Ex-Boyfriend the Lawyer tells her who Seol Hyun actually IS you can practically see fire in her eyes...well, this should be interesting.

We learn that he left Seol Hyun not because he didn't love her, but because he did - and he couldn't reconcile that with the things his work required him to do. It never even occurred to him to fight on her behalf, of course, because of the same argument he makes for all of the things he does - you can't win against the rich.
The best thing this week was Lawyer telling Sleazy Brother to let the pimp/drug dealer go (this is the guy killed Seol Hyun's mother) - because if he gets caught for dealing drugs at some party Soo Ho hosted, Brother is on the hook for buying drugs at that party, and he'll go down.  When Soo Ho learns they're not going to prosecute the guy, he goes HIMSELF to the police and says hey, this guy sold drugs at my party, I just found out.  How can you not love his determination to live an absolutely righteous life and help this girl in whatever time he has left?
And I think this is really the crux of the difference between him and Ex-boyfriend the Lawyer, but I'm not crediting either as much as some. Soo Ho is bitter and has trauma, but he's also rich and dying. He really feels he has nothing to lose. Don't get me wrong. I love him for his choices. The scene in the courtyard with the bird was absolutely lovely, and I like how he confronted his fiance on her cruelty for bringing lawyer in when she knew of his relationship with Seol Hyun (but more on that later). Ex-Boyfriend the Lawyer doesn't have that background or that reason; his hopelessness is long-term and deeply embedded of watching the rich win over and over. I'm not excusing him and am glad that he and Seol Hyun are no longer together because as much as they were in love, they clearly weren't a good match; she was always much more of a fighter than he, and I don't think he would've have ever been comfortable with that or been able to support her in the smaller fights (and everything would've been smaller than what is happening to her now).

I am curious though about Chae A's attitude about him. She was visibly upset when he confessed his love. She looked even more upset when he told her later that he and Seol Hyun had dated for six years and were going to get married. Is it him or is it that she knows Soo Ho will never love her like that?

I also enjoyed how the script let Seol Hyun go after that Kang character! The cops had to drag her off of him. She needed that.

And Soo Ho, keep doing what you're doing. I'm pleasantly surprised by you each week. You will be missed.  
DEEPLY. I agree with you on the point that he's got nothing to lose, but I still think it takes courage to do what he's doing. And his sadness is so deep. Bone deep. My heart breaks for him.
Mine does, too. I want him to be happy just for a moment before he dies--to know some joy. 

Witch's Love 

Oooh, it looks like the Fan Boy's got some magic of his own.  It doesn't seem to have changed her interest to him, though.
Not caught up yet. I feel like I'm going to have you DM me like you did with Time.
Is Fan Boy a witch too? I don't like how they are forcing him into a bad guy. Lee Hongbin, noona loves you!
I don't think he looks like a bad guy! I also don't think he looks unwashed, which someone said on TList. I like the Fan Boy! I just think it's pretty clear there's more to him than meets the eye, and I don't think he even knows it.

Familiar Wife 

I'm sort of enjoying watching Ji Sung squirm.
Both leads killing their role. First time in a while I've liked Han Ji Min. Ji Sung's character is such an ass though, still waiting for his redemption otherwise I do not want them back together.

Mr. Sunshine 

(pops in to say 15%!!! KES, what magic you possess. Woah)

I want to watch this!  But we never made it past episode 2.

I love this SO MUCH. We have just enough political machinations to drive the story, stunningly beautiful cinematography, fabulous dialogue, spot-on acting, the constant current of humor running through many of the side stories -  but let's face it, we are here for Lady Ae Shin, crack sniper, and her trio of besotted admirers, all of whom are worthy of our love in varying ways. 

Eugene, the man she loves but will never be able to choose given the vast difference in their births. They still try to find any excuse to be together and while this is an excruciatingly chaste relationship, the yearning is palpable.  They are suited in every way but their birth. It's sad to know, as she admitted, that this line she will not cross is a choice she is making.

Gu Dong Mae, a taciturn Ronin who returns to his native Korea despite his hatred of the country that killed his family - because it's the only way he can be near Ae Shin, who saved him as a little girl.  He loves her helplessly, knowing every minute that who he is and what he is makes him someone for her to despise..but he still helps her when he can, and demonstrates in many ways that his anger and cruelty are a mask he wears to survive.

Hui Seong, her fiancee - the man who left her alone for 10 years because he couldn't bear to be in the same country as his father or grandfather and easily plays the part of a wastrel.  The moment he lays eyes on her he falls in love, and this man who pretends to be nothing but a playboy quickly figures out her secret and then does everything in his power to protect it, even helping the men who love her and hate him.

Yes, my friends.  That's right.  This drama gives us THREE romantic heroes.  Any ONE of them would be a worthy story, and we get THREE.  A feast!  A feast that includes more than a hint of 3-way bromance, begrudging as it is.  And I haven't even mentioned the side characters, (the interpreter!  Do Mi!  Ae Shin's faithful servants and their snippy flirtation, the slave hunters, Kyle, Huda Kino, the mute fortune teller...the potter!  the gunner! ...there are so many.)  So many.  I didn't really expect to like this show, you know.  The description didn't really intrigue me and I'm not a huge LBH fan, but I wanted to check out Byunnie, and YYS.  I'm so glad I did!

My ID is Gangnam_Beauty 

I really like the way this show reveals layers to people, and appreciate that in the story there are multiple ways in which the message comes across:  you can't go by appearances.

Let Me Introduce Her 

I feel like a broken record, but it happened again. I'm so tense watching the twists and turns in this show that I have to get up and walk around and then come back to it. Right when I thought I knew what to expect, I learn that I am wrong. The characters are also revealing all sorts of machinations and also often seem to be at a loss. I thought the MIL was the real problem here, but as horrible as she is, the worse person is the secretary. I need to know who the mysterious child is! Also, every 15 minutes I change my mind about the husband. I find her family completely frustrating, too, even though they are portrayed as the good people. Why would they capitulate so much to her husband's family? And that ex-girlfriend and the child? Pfft. I hope the brother is right, and that Kang Woo takes on the parent responsibilities without feeling the need to marry her. Even if he doesn't end up with Eun Han, he can't fall into Chae Young's trap can he? Don't  do this to us show!!

Voice 2 

This show is a ride and a half. It's one of those shows that I want to fastforward only because I'm so anxious that someone is going to die and I want to find out more quickly but I know if I fastforward, I will miss a clue. The Golden Time team is once again a target but I'm not sure why them specifically yet. Our new member, Lee Jin Wook's  Do Kang Woo, doesn't understand them really and doesn't want to although he does respect their skill. He has a single minded focus: to find the shear wielding serial killer who brutalized and killed his partner right in front of him and then made him a suspect. However much Lee Hana's character Kang Kwon Joo wants to catch him too (he's already killed an original member of her team), she also recognizes that they have to spend time saving others. What are they going to do now though when they find out that saving someone puts one of their family members at risk? What do we make of the fact that we now also know that the villain not only dismembers his victims (remember those shears I mentioned before?) but also lives and talks to his dead mother. Really. Wait to the end of ep 4 and you know that I mean that literally. 

Sunny Again Tomorrow

This show is starting to crack me up because of it's split personality. On the one hand, it's a typical daily with a Wretched character who feels like her world is going to be stolen from her by the real daughter that everyone thinks is dead and who resents said daughter for the fact that she is still happy and loved in her working class life. But then on the other hand, we have a typical rom-com with a lead couple and a side couple that you know belong together but just need to get through their often funny sometimes sad (because it's Korean) trials. They cross paths because of course they all work together in some fashion or other. This week's confessions were excellent. Our Mr Grumpy of the dailies (we have to call him that because the guy from Time is the original Grumpy) is just turning into Mr. Smiles now that he understands that he likes our heroine and that he has an effect on her even though she is mending a broken heart.


Meteor Garden 2018 

There's nothing to say that I could say that wouldn't be at a pitch discernible only by dogs.  They're too cute.

Legend of Fuyao 

Yes, watching. Now somewhere around episode 48? Not sure. Deep in Rock City.

Sweet Combat

Loved every minute, and couldn't stop watching, but it finished so abruptly. Feeling a bit shocked.

Bloody Romance (New)

I watched two episodes and I can tell you already that Wan Mei and Chang An are going to pluck every single one of my heartstrings.
Another one that I really want to start but no mental space or energy.  

Accidentally in Love

I'm watching this show because I desperately needed some fluff, and I was too behind to start Sweet Combat. It really is fluff. I said on twitter that the set looks like it's an upscale version of Barbie architecture design. Chen Quing Quing's grandfather wants to protect her and marry her off into another conglomerate family. She runs off at her wedding, but not just anywhere but to the school her (now dead) parents attended. Her grandfather was completely opposed to her going, and she wants to find out more about her parents and how they met and to go to school like regular people. During her escape, she happens to meet an idol who is running away from the paparazzi. There is miscommunication and she can't stand him. Of course, they end up as seat mates at school and the hijinks begin. But I love this character. She is loyal and true to the friend she makes. She doesn't cower before the mean girls. She is a great physical fighter and an entrepreneur. Her way of making money at school is pure genius. The actors are all a bit green and more earnest than they need to be, but it's a fun ride. And of course idol guy is falling for her without realizing it.

Ashes of Love

Ji Min continues to be naive but its not her naivety that annoys me as much as the fact that she just seems spoiled and stupid. "Can't Love" pill should not remove any IQ points? Anyho, my annoyance with her aside, still really enjoying this. I am loving Xu Feng's torment (poor chap is in a kdrama of his own making) and other cast. I thought Heavenly Dad was a good guy, but of course he is an asshat. I have been assured by Feather (2nd mention! kisseu) that she gets smarter on the Mortal Trial so I am eagerly looking forward to that.



Liza doesn't want to hide any more, Charles thinks it's necessary for his divorce to go well, Diane walked out after Enzo's mother was ridiculous...but Enzo followed her!  He's going to get a place in Manhattan, he says.  We'll see how that goes.