Rants and Weekly Raves #204 (RAWR)

JoAnne: How's things?  Is it a little cooler in our various parts of the world? Mine is. A little.

kakashi: Looks and feels like autumn here all of a sudden. Wow, it's almost September. That's quite terrifying. I'm super busy, what's new. I was in Hamburg at a conference, gorgeous city. But now my weekend is one day short.

Trotwood: And I'm bitter that the Hamburg I saw when I was there was nothing like the cool one Kakashi saw. But then again, you could probably say that about my life--not as cool as Kakashi's. When I grow up, I want to be her, but since I'm older than she is . . . and it's getting hot again. Sigh.

SakiVI: Yes, it's a bit cooler here. I am still quite exhausted, though, but recovering.  Looks like I'm going to have to give up seeing New Order because can't take standing room right now.

Panda: Oh so today is a weather talk. Yup, we were also cooler last week and whatdoyaknow, all the 3 babies in m life got sore throats and colds and I spent  the weekend nursing them. I marathoned Kim's Convenience between the sniffles though and I love Appa and Omma so much. 

Appa and Omma are the best! You don't want to talk about weather? We could talk about dressing left and dressing right, adjustment methods, high-water toilets...what else were we chatting about this week?
This is an ominous building


Let's Eat 3 

Maybe we should just call it Let's Have a Snack since it's ending early, or at least Doo Joon's role is ending early...

30 But 17 / 17 Again 

Poor Chan and his dashed puppy dreams and his broken puppy heart. We know he'll be happy for them in a minute though, right?

Right. He's gonna hurt bad in the meantime though :(

Lovely Horribly 

As near as I can gather, two writer friends fell out because one of them is a bitch and well...she gets killed except...is she really dead or is she trapped in some other dimension?  Because the one who wasn't a bitch, just always with bad luck...she's writing a story and it seems to be coming true and plus the other one is maybe contacting her?  Oh then there's the actor who's in the drama that she's writing, but I'm really not interested in him.  It's fun to watch him get beat up though.


Did I watch this week?  I never skip it but I swear I already wrote about the last things I remember...

There was only one episode or rather that split episode thingy this week. It looks like the Lawyer Ex is really going to go all in. Even his boss gave him the look "like really?" He is playing with fire because he is trying to play all sides, but Soo Ho has the upper hand because he really has no other motive but truth since he's dying. He wants that story out and is willing to sacrifice everything for it. His dad asking him if he's willing to let his brother have everything, for example, means nothing. I did find it interesting that he asks Chae-A if she would marry him if he had nothing. He even offers to listen to her (the reason she gave for being friends with Lawyer Ex). What I find interesting is that I know I should be more interested in Seol Ji Hyun because her sister's and her mother's deaths are at the center of this mystery, but frankly, I've lost interest in finding out anything for her sake only for his. Unfortunately, because of his health issues Kim Jung Hyun is dropping out of this drama. I hope he takes the rest that he needs and the netizens leave him alone so can do that. I also hope that the writers decide to have his character die (since he is terminal anyway) rather than try to replace him with another character. It would put Seol Ji Hyun back at the center of the drama where her character should be. I just think that he is killing the role while Seohyun is just serviceable, so he and his character have been overshadowing her.

It looks like he will be written out, not replaced. I am sorry to hear that the paleness and tiredness in his face wasn't simply good make up, and I won't lie - he was the major draw for me in this. I do like the story though so we'll see how it goes. If she goes full revenge mode, I'd be okay with that. I kind of think you would, too. I was shocked at how depraved the ex has actually become at this point - up to now he had the grace to look upset, and he never did anything himself, either. Not that I think that excuses him but it does speak to his mental state - and now he'll do the killing himself without a second thought? Big difference.
Bye Grumpy! Come back healthy and strong!  We love you!

Witch's Love 

Ahhhh, so Fan Boy might well be the Destined Man, but Cho Hong CHOSE the chaebol sweetie pie anyway and so that might be a problem.  The two halmeonis have figured out that Director Ma is that boy from 25 years ago - and it looks like the older grandma did something to him deliberately to prevent Cho Hong from disappearing later in life?  He has a scar on his chest and she got a knife from that pawn shop witch.  He was NOT stabbed, though.  I wonder if he had a tattoo thingie and they scraped it off?  Very eager to see next week.  Both Fan Boy and Director Ma have witch blood, I'm banking on it.  Who thinks the secretary is hilarious?  I do but he looks like a platypus somehow.

I don't trust that pawn shop witch. I think she tricked them with that knife and that the knife and the scar probably created a link between our OTP (I refuse to consider fanboy at all) that trumps the Destined Man story and doesn't hurt her powers. I really want to see what his response to her confession about being a witch is before the grandmas get a chance to erase his memory. I still want to figure out his mom. I hope she is more complicated than just being the rich mom who believes that no one is good enough for her son and that the only thing that's worth anything for him is to have a strong position in the company. But I sure love him in love.

Dad went back to Pakistan, and I dropped this show so fast.  I just wanted to watch other things.  I'll probably watch in the mornings at some point.  Maybe.  
...cuz I thought about using them ears as handles and I felt FAINT

My ID is Gangnam_Beauty

Soo A needs to be slapped and it needs to be filmed, so everyone can watch it whenever they need cheering up. 

On a LOOP. I'm not really sure I like Do Kyung Seok's possessive attitude toward Mi Rae, but I am telling myself he's got abandonment issues and he's had NO practice in demonstrating interest in anyone and he's bound to get his shit together soon, right?  But in the meantime, Mi Rae told her buddy he wasn't her type at all and she seems to be warming up to Sunbae, not that I can't understand because I CAN...but he's being awfully petty toward Kyung Seok anyway, don't you think?

Mr. Sunshine 

For those who thought this moved too slowly, now might be a good time to join in.  The story is speeding up as all the competing factions double down on their agendas.  The Ae Shin Fan Club was prettty freaking awesome this week, each in their own way. My heart hurts the most for Hui Seong at the moment, but that can change week by week.  Still the most gorgeous, luxuriously filmed, slow like a river of warm caramel, perfect story out there.

Let Me Introduce Her 

Well, there are more and more surprises!!! The little girl is her daughter but while everyone believes that the girl has Aphasia because she saw her mom attempt suicide neither is true. She talks to people who are not connected to that house. Smart child. Also she is the person who had and hid the coveted cellphone that everyone wants. Interesting. Miss Jung is losing some of her power in the house, and despite the feeling that mom is the MIL is the evil one here, she seems to be impressed that Eun Han stood up to her and Miss Jung. I get the feeling that she is one of those types that hates and thus is suspicious of anyone who is timid. Miss Jung isn't giving up without a fight, but it seems like she isn't the person of whom we should be most afraid. Right when I was tweeting about how I will hate this show if it uses the two smart and cute kids to force two good people into relationships that have caused them much psychological harm, the show also tells me that her husband may be the worst of the lot no matter how much he seems to be fighting his mother to "protect" her. I only Eun Han and Kang Woo in this. And Kang Woo's ex needs to go. I'm so glad that he is not going to marry her just because she shows up with his kid seven years later basically because her mother died ans she has no one else to take care of him. Pfft.

I don't understand why she allowed her husband to treat her like a punching bag when she knew martial arts. Couldn't she at least have blocked him? And why don't we get previews?

Voice 2

Has anyone watched?

I'm watching! I post about this every week and you forget. You even thought it was new last week even though I had posted about it the week before! My feelings are hurt. I won't be caught up this week yet. I don't want to watch ep 5 until ep 6 is subbed for me, and I can't watch it too close to when I want to sleep because I'm so hyped up afterwards.

I need to check it out.  I'm sorry, Trot!

No worries. I'm being dramatic. I find it funny how you seem to have this black hole for this show, like you just remember it brand new each week.😏

*  * *
I watched ep 5 and am going to write now because I don't know if I will get to ep 6 before this gets posted. Whew. What a hair raising ride that was. The cop's wife really was a victim here and having to not only watch the team listen in on the rescue attempt and watch him have to listen to it really raises the blood pressure. At first I was really annoyed with her, but it turns out that she was tricked as part of the phishing scam, too. That one-eyed guy was scary, but the love of the elderly couple was so touching. I'm glad that the elderly boyfriend told off the son. How dare he yell at anyone when he never even remembered to call his mom unless he needed money? Still, the creepiest thing is knowing that the big bad now knows about our team leader's special gift, and he wants her ears. And, yes, folks. He means that literally. Have you forgotten the shears?

I watched two episodes so far. I really hate her voice, especially when she talks to herself. But I like everything else about it, even if I keep getting distracted by thinking the Big Bad has Lee Sun Kyun's voice.

Sunny Again Tomorrow

This show is so easy to fast forward just to find his parts. There was a kiss (a good one, too) but our female lead is in denial and claiming that it was all because she was drunk. She's even given our daily frump a list of reasons why she doesn't like him but he's faithful and not giving up. She's just gotten used to the idea that they might be friends, so it's going to take her a long time to recognize that he might be the one. She's going to need all the help she can get though because I'm afraid that she is going to be sucked into the battle that the older couple is going to have to wage because the Wretched has decided that she wants them to break up so she and the son (our girl's first love) can be together. I know someone has explained this to me before, but I really don't understand some of the dating taboos. Why wouldn't she be able to date the son of the guy her aunt is dating? They aren't related at all.

I'm so behind that I'm not going to start now.


Legend of Fuyao 

I'm still simul-translating the subs as faithfully as I can, but because Prince Zhan Beiye and his coca cola woman (look at the mark on her forehead) annoy us SO MUCH, I've started to make up dialogue for him and her, to my daughter's great amusement. Yes, we're having fun. 

Meteor Garden 2018 

Well, that dinner destroyed me.  How about y'all?

Martial Universe

I finally got to start this show and it is so good!  Funny, and quirky and quest-ful and colourful and awesome madcap fun.  And we get lines like this:
Of course it helps me a lot that finally Yang Yang is in a show I like since The Lost Tomb.  I thought I'd lost him down a road I-don't-know-what-but-I-coudn't-watch-them.  And I'm excited for his romance with the other girl.  She is really pretty and, from the previews, that is the actual tragic love that always shows up in every Chinese show and movie no matter how funny.

Bloody Romance 

Started! It's ancient China's Le Femme Nikita! Gorgeously shot. The kids are a bit too young for me to really get into though. Yes, yes, I'm old, don't act so surprised.

I started it too, but got distracted by Martial Universe.  Also, now that you mention it, I was never that into Le Femme Nikita.

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

The storyline just does not appeal to me.  

I am waiting for 10 subbed episodes then I'll start. 

Accidentally in Love

All the subs are gone. If can find subs, I will start watching again.


Fear the Walking Dead 4 

Morgan falls asleep in a tractor trailor and wakes up 400 miles from where he started, and he meets a lady trucker and her wheel-chair bound partner.  How's he get in that truck?  Come on.  I know it's a show about zombies but could we have a LITTLE realism?

Younger 5 (Finale) 

Liza is going to work for that awful woman at Plaza Press, that will end all the problems.  So they say.  Gotta wait for next season to find out.

Sharp Objects 

Ooooooh, the mom has Munchausen by Proxy and she's the REASON the other daughter died.  I did NOT see that coming, although clearly we all knew from the first time we saw her that something was NOT right with that woman.  I wonder if it really could be her killing the other girls?  Update:  It is NOT.  It's the other daughter, jealous that the mom was being nice to them.  And she took those teeth and made a tile floor for her dollhouse bedroom.  The dad kinda sorta knew but not really, and the whole 'rescuing the daughters scene' wasn't explained very well, but this was a suspenseful and short mini-series.  Damn that family was messed up.

Castle Rock

Harvey's dead dad was apparently a crazy bastard.  Harvey's mom knew and was trying to get them away, so when he died she was relieved.  Now that Kid is out of the dungeon and she believes he's the dad come back, and he's playing right along. Unless he really is?  I don't know.