Rants and Weekly Raves #209 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Sorry, ladies...I'm not sure where my head is at lately!
SakiVI: Mine has been with the Kavenaugh hearing and the buildup and the aftermath. Waiting for Avenatti's lawsuit now. Also, everyone needs to see Forever with Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph.
kakashi: Mine was at the conference I organized with 40 people this weekend. Very successful! I wish I could take time off from work now, but nope. There was a guy from the North of England... my GOD, his accent! I will have to rewatch North and South this weekend. Oh, and: We've reached 13mio. page views!
Panda: Congratulations on the success of the conference K! I have had a terrible week with what Saki said and the entire ugliness and hopelessness... So, no drama update this week :(
Thanks Jo for making Ning Yi posters, WITH GLITTER!

Trotwood: I got sucked into talking about Love by Chance, a Thai show that has my internet ablaze despite the fact that it only airs once a week, and by MooLil's sending me videos of Zhu Yi Long eating. I think I could just watch him eat for hours.
We hit 13 million? I thought I just looked at it on Friday or Saturday and it was at 12,989,XXX!


100 Days My Prince 

I do like this - we've got good actors for the leads and what seems like a interesting story, but it's not eating my heart the way the best ones do.  Not so far, anyway.

The Ghost Detective 

Okay, I take it back...I am feeling twinges of sad what-might-have-beens from Lee Da Il and possibly from Yeo Wool, too.  I hope that poor detective and his sad confession don't stay sad forever, though.

I love the way our merry band of evil-fighters are marshalled by a ghost detective most of them can't see or hear or maybe even believe in, but my GOD, is Hye Soo a scary thought, or what?  She is now both a fully physical serial killer with the mind of a damaged and twisted pre-pubescent girl AND a ghost with supernatural powers.  I don't know about you but the thought of her is the scariest thing about this.

She is super scary. And I remember how angry I was as a pre-pubescent girl, and I wouldn't want that mojo on anyone (okay there are a few people). I am wondering how many more episodes there will be before she stops gaining powers? You know who I like the best in our merry band, Chae Won, our autopsy specialist with the gift and the habits of sleeping on the morgue tables.  I really like her. I wonder if she likes our cop even though she knows that he likes Yeo Wool.  She is smart and sassy and not afraid. I liked this actress in Weightlifting Fairy, too, so I hope she gets more roles.

That's who she is! Yes, I liked her there too. And I do think she likes the cute detective, yes.

Terius Behind Me (New) 

Just saw the first two episodes and gosh, what I wouldn't do for Terius Behind Me?! 

In front of me, next to me, you get the idea. He's so awkwardly endearing, I love it! Give us more Terius on the playground with kids, Writer-nim, and then follow it up with Terius in the shower with no shirt, okay? And how about that Mom Plus Token Dad Brigade that also supports our plucky Ae Rin?

Why do people think bratty kids are cute? And why do we have to make kids bratty just to show how exhausting raising kids can be? I was so distracted by their behavior that it almost distracted me from how fine So Ji Sub is in those sweats.  I do like this set up though. We have a mixture of cute but we also know the bad guys are bad since we've got two deaths right away.

Devilish Joy 

He remembers!  He REMEMBERS!  Ma Sung remembers his day with Gi Bbeum from three years before.  I was so happy that I cheered!  AND his awesome little assistant friend is now openly on his side, yay!  Even that annoying actor is coming around to the realization that she likes Ki Joon, I think, so I hope she leaves Ma Sung alone soon.  I'm so happy, also, that he is far from stupid, and that it didn't take much for him to figure out that people he trusted were not working in his favor.  I know.  We could argue that it took 3 years, but they've only just really started messing with him, and I'm taking that as my starting point.

Hand: The Guest 

The Scooby Gang now all knows who each other are and what their connection is, and they are united in their desire to eliminate Park Il Do once and for all.  I still can't get used to a demon having a first and last name...it's like finding out the devil goes by Harry Smith.  But in all other respects, I like this a lot.  It's intense - more nerve-wracking than outright scary, I'd say.  I'm forever grateful that they don't projectile vomit anything more than sea water, though.

They are united but not yet a team. I wonder why our delicious Priest is so set against having Kil Young join them. He keeps saying that it's too dangerous, but she's a cop and she has proven that she can handle danger, especially since she saved their lives. I wish she'd tell her partner. At this point, I think he'd believe her. The scene with her eating and thinking about her mom was really sad.

But wow, that politician lady/demon is so scary. I feel so badly for her staff. Can you imagine having to cover up for her repeatedly just for your government pension? And you know you'd never get another job if you left because she'd be so petty  . . . worse.

Mr. Sunshine 

This was beautiful.  Every moment of it.  To those who say it was slow, I say I wish it had been a little slower, even.  The story built week by week, just like our love for so many of the characters - several of whom I think will probably be iconic.  It was filmed beautifully, acted and directed with skill, staged with an artist's eye, accompanied by a beautiful OST, and how could the story fail to touch hearts whether you were there for romance or history?  I couldn't ask for one more thing...unless I could ask for them all to come back safely. It was hard to watch these characters die (isn't it always) and I so hoped that Ae Sin wouldn't pay with everything and everyone she loved, but I think I always knew that she would.  It helps that I know her battle was successful in the end, and that she never regretted a moment of it - nor did anyone who loved her.

Sunny Again Tomorrow

I love how I'm the only one who is watching this and thus Jo never gets the name right but because she's such a good person, she still remembers to add it. (And each time, I kick myself for being too lazy to go look it up - go figure!) This continues to be fun because I continue to laugh at the fact that our hero, whom I renamed Mr. Steadfast, insists on living his own rom-com life no matter what crazy is thrown at him. He is standing by his girl to the point that even though his mom now hates her, he still finds a way for them to go on a date--by buying tickets to the movies for himself and his mom and for her and her mom with one seat in between him and his girl. She's freaked out, but he's just having a great time and so are the oblivious moms.

Everyone else is going crazy because the other OTP is insisting that they stay together and the mom is desperately trying to keep her sister never finds out that she lied about the real daughter dying. I am gleefully rubbing my hands for her comeuppance. We've got got about 20 eps to go.! Homestretch.

Let Me Introduce Her (Finale)

Oh, Manager Jung deserved everything she got! Glad the chairwoman finally realized her son Brett's problems had to be pushed into the public eye for him to get therapy, and yay, everyone else got happy endings!  This was a very good show.

I finished this last night, and I was a bit disappointed only because it seems to go out on a fizzle rather than the sizzle that's been going on for the last few weeks. Lots of people on twitter are disappointed with the fairly lame kiss of our OTP, but to be honest the whole time jump think was fairly lame for this show that had such surprises and great reveals throughout.  I didn't want to have tp spend as much time with Chae Young at all, but then I thought her character was superfluous at best. There was never any narrative need for her because he never felt guilt or anything towards her or there son. I was sad when I thought she was just going to leave with their son, but that little boy is far smarter than any of the adults around, so I was happy with their closing moments. I would've rather spent more time with how the chairwoman get out of the mistaken arrest bit and would've loved seeing her actually work with Hitman Kim who has caused me to create a best bad guy/good buy list. Maybe I will put him on there with O-Joo from Lawless Lawyer. Still can't believe that Secretary Jung would still want to be married to that crazed abusive man. I think he got off easy.

Hide and Seek 

I want our main couple to crush everyone, including her adoptive parents, who have been abusive by neglect. What makes anyone think Su A is going to be in the least capable of running a company anyway? The girl herself is an entitled spoilt Brett despite growing up poor. She claims Eun Hyuk fell for her and wanted to live together and get married but it's so obvious the entire relationship happened because she insisted and he was passive. 

The Third Charm (New)

Seo Kang Joon strikes again - this time very effectively giving us a geeky, awkward college boy who loses his first girlfriend the very day he wins her, through no fault of his own.  Esom is also really good playing against type as a tomboyish, bubbly hairdresser who is thoroughly shamed by an ex-friend and ditches her geeky boyfriend because of it.  Those poor kids!  Fortunately, next week we're already past that part, though I don't think it works out for them this time, either.

I haven't seen Esom in much - White Christmas, and Because It's My First Life.  I was much more enamored of her the second time around, and I'm glad to see that she can be something besides the cool, elegant ice queen.  I think I've seen all of Seo Kang Joon's roles, maybe (okay I didn't watch much of Entourage) and he just keeps getting better - in addition to being that good looking, this guy's got range and his skills are growing.  

Watch the first two episodes - he starts out practically ugly and unbearably awkward, and then by the end of episode 2 (well, before MS) without REALLY changing a thing about himself (in fact, with worse hair) - he's no longer unattractive and we can see the man inside the timid boy.  Not only can we see him...we kinda want him.  I'm looking forward to watching where this goes.  It's got to be about the two growing up and the changes that brings, right? With bonus Kang Joon kisses. (Although their first kiss was pretty terrible.)

I like Esom. She can play strong with brittle tenderness. I love her relationship with her brother. In fact, I really like the families in this. Both of these two have their issues, but thankfully, their families are not one of them. Both get support from the people they love, which is nice. I also liked when his friend dumped the horrible girl who outed Esom's character for not being in college. Why do we have people like this that just hate others for being happy? She reminded me of Soo A from My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Hopefully though we won't see her anymore now that the college years are over.

The Player (New)

The first episode wasn't bad at all.  Suave and smiling con-man with a heart of gold seems pretty much in the pocket for our lovely Song Seung Heon, Krystal was relatively animated, Lee Si Eun is reliably good in any role, and Tae Won Seok, who I saw for the first time in Waikiki, just needs to be huge and smile sometimes and that may be all his role needs.  Extra points for the Yoo Seung Ho cameo!


Age of Legends 

I have had no energy for this.

William's ponytail will give you energy. And if that doesn't, his smile surely will.

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace 

That emperor is such a Brett. Ruyi is on a high, though I hear she is headed for a fall. I do not like this new female villain because she lacks charisma.

Ashes of Love 

Such old news, but my little one and I are enjoying this a lot. Feather said it's going to get sad, which is sad, because this drama is endearing due to its humor. I remember how people said Jin Mi put them off because she was so clueless? I find it hilarious and even believable. The vegetable jokes are just gold.

I watched the first episode and immediately thought well of course little Miss likes this. It's the My Pretty Pony type of Chinese fantasy drama...definitely not my cup of tea. But I watched all of episode 1, and then episode 2, and then episode 3...it's strangely watchable. I particularly like the way the Fire God is amused by the little grape sprite and allows her to continue to misunderstand what he is; I also like that both he and his brother the God of Night have very strong noses. I do love an interesting profile, after all.

PS...to anyone who had any thoughts of a happy ending going in...may I refer you to the title?

Rise of Phoenixes

It's either this or Ruyi with my schedule, and I am invested in Ruyi.

I watched 5 episodes yesterday. Will probably do 2 or 3 tonight. Definitely on track to be my favorite Chinese historical. Ning Yi is a marvel to watch, and I want Feng Zhiwei to be my friend.  Update:  Reader, I did not watch additional episodes and now I fear for my life with all the new dramas coming this week.  


Fear the Walking Dead (Season Finale)

Mean lady is dead.  Morgan saved all his people.  Everyone will rebuild society from a denim factory.

The Good Place

Back on Earth, and alive!  Michael can't stop meddling, of course, but then what's his face, Michael's nemesis, he's a good reason to be trying to give our gang whatever advantage we can.


Genius show that takes a little over four hours to marathon on Amazon Prime? Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen star as a couple stuck in a rut in life, except he loves their daily rut, and she does not. She wants to shake things up with a new weekend activity, except that leads to them both dying, him first, then her a year later, then living a weird suburban purgatory where they seem to be in their same old lives forever. Or, are they? It's very funny, and very good.

Ohhhh, this sounds right up my alley.  Update:  It's in the general vicinity of my alley, let's say.  The premise is all kinds of intriguing and I do like Maya Rudolph but I reach my fill of Fred Armisen pretty quickly so this will not be a binge watch.  I'm up to the point where she lands on the lawn of his house in Heaven or wherever they are (not Heaven, but some sort of Purgatory of ennui).