Rants and Weekly Raves #211 (RAWR)

JoAnne: How are we? All present and accounted for? No one under the weather? Anyone being threatened by the weather? Anyone being threatened by anyone at all? Could be a neighbor, could be your government, you never know. A threat is still a threat, so protect yourself. Sometimes all you need is a pen. Hey - anybody doing anything fun this week?
kakashi: I escaped work madness and am currently in the mountains. Let's see whether that does anything to my drama watching. Continuing Ashes of Love with the little one and developing a crush on Deng Lun.
SakiVI: I did something super-stupid this week: I misjudged a distance and feel hard on my back at work on Wednesday. Our floors there are barely-carpeted concrete, and I still feel bruised. This is 10 days after I healed from a riding accident. Ouch.
Trotwood: I'm behind in lots. This was family weekend at my uni, so I was work every day until 11 or midnight. I got free french toast sticks and got to shoot off the t-shirt launcher at people in stadiums around campus, so it's good, but you won't see much of me down there. 
Panda: I am doing something fun this week- taking three days off to sleep, write and finally catch up with Ning Yi's shenanigans!!! Whoop Whoop.


100 Days My Prince 

I watch this and enjoy it but week after week, I've got nothing to say about it.
I do have a couple of things to say about this particularly the lead actor but I'll run through other things first. I am really enjoying this, I like virtually all the characters including the main baddie- he actually scares me because he is so cold and smart. I love our new Mayor and motley crew back at the village. Now for the hero, I remember gushing over DO when the show first started but as it's gone on I have to sadly admit that I have become sadly very underwhelmed with his portrayal. His eyes almost exactly always have the exact same expression. And it's not just the eyes, in some scenes he doesn't react and I get very confused as to why. I reverse my rating to average but I must admit he knows how to kiss. That was a damn good dramaland kiss.

The Beauty Inside 

I like her more and more as time goes on.  One thing I'm not clear on: is her friend trying to become a priest or trying to pursue the idol/actress?
I am all caught up and I love it! I particularly love HER. As Jo said, she gets to be pretty here which i such a welcome change. She always brings it and he seems to be warming up more too. The previews for this week make me very excited.

Bad Papa 

Is Ji Cheol going to die? Is he going to be left an invalid? The whole time I'm watching, that's what's running through my head: this poor sap is playing with his life and I don't even think he realizes it. (Well, not the WHOLE time. When Min Woo is in the ring and flashing those abs and he has his hair in that cute little top knot, I confess I am not thinking about Ji Cheol at ALL. Looks like Ji Cheol's wife suffers from the same affliction...)

Fox Bride/Where Stars Land 

Okay, took a while to settle on this because I find Chae Soo Bin's character a nice person but a terrible employee who is entirely too certain she's a good one, and not in a funny way.  I'm in now, though. I like the other characters, I'm curious about their stories, I like the glimpse of behind the scenes, too.

Matrimonial Chaos/The Best Divorce (New) 

Caught up on this, so they're actually divorced but haven't told anyone. (Well, he told his first love.) It's interesting that he feels like he just kind of went with the flow as far as their relationship and marriage; she clearly has a different idea though we haven't seen that flashback yet. It's also interesting to learn that his memory of this idyllic first relationship is not shared by the woman who was in it. Yes, his particularness would be irritating but she seems to feel a bit too strongly for it to be just that. And how are you feeling about HER marriage? She seems to be aware that her husband isn't faithful, and while she might not like it she seems prepared to live with it. He's a bit of an odd one, too. It looks like he just doesn't say no to anything. I'm glad to see the actor, by the way. He was very compelling in his brief and evil role in Mother - he did such a good job there that the show had to do a campaign of 'Look what a nice guy he is in real life!)

Devilish Joy 

I hope the drama ends before he's a comatose patient in a bed. I'm glad he's fighting back against his awful aunt, I'm glad he's being upfront about his illness, I'm glad he and Gi Bbeum are rock solid. I want Kim Bum Soo in jail, and if I can't have a medical miracle, then I want my last view of Ma Sung to be happily gardening as a resident of Healing Village, with everyone he loves visiting regularly for as much time as he has left.

The Ghost Detective 

I'm not sure how I feel about your decision, Lee Da Il.
Wondering: many people seem to "discover" Choi Daniel due to this. But why only now? What was wrong with him before?!
NOTHING!! ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOTHING!!! (shaking my fists at the heavens for this travesty)

Terius Behind Me 

My, what a powerful car you have...

A Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky 

I say the rich rebellious girl is the current murderer. I thought Moo Young and Jin Kang would turn out to be brother and sister and her foster brother would turn out to have done something that caused a lot of trouble when he was younger, but the preview has him asking her to date.

How could she let herself get interested in a guy who is dating her best friend?

Hand: The Guest 

Wow, this week was a hell of a ride!  We moved forward so much that if all that's left is to reveal Park Il Do's origins and send him packing, there are too many episodes left. That could be done next week, but we have several more weeks remaining. That makes me think Grandpa isn't end game.
But are we clear about who is what? I mean we know that the grandfather lied because he clearly can ride a bus, but does that make him Park Il Do? If so, why isn't the dad dead? And who made that phone call to dad to make him change his mind? Also, remember that we still haven't clarified the connection between evil politician lady and everyone else. She was practically making out with the demon and thanking him/ot for all his help. Help with what?  I like this team though. Such an interesting grouping of the cop, priest, and former possessed shaman. It's like an old joke, but then not.

Dae Jang Geum is Watching (New) 

Yes, but apparently none of us got around to watching HER...

The Player 

I knew he'd turn out to have a tragic backstory and be connected to that prosecutor as a youth.  My favorite thing this week was finding out that the walking mountain has a gentle soul and doesn't like to fight at all.
Just seen the first 2 episodes but I already like the group. Handtowel is so handsome and Krystal is a perfect fit for her role. Eager to catch up.

The Third Charm 

DramaFever failed to post episodes per their schedule.  At least they apologized this time. Bitch better have my MONEY.

Room No. 9 

I love this show. Hae Yi is really not a likeable character except you have to like her for her brassiness. Her clothes are HORRIBLE - she dresses like she was really, really poor and this is her idea of how rich people dress.) Hwa Sa is a much nicer person, and obviously she is NOT a murderer, but her rage (however much she's entitled to feel it) is going to push her into some questionable territory.
The one who fascinates me right now is Ki San, or rather Chu Young Bae. He killed his brother by accident, but then all the stuff that came after...I mean, he decided to frame his girlfriend in a split second? Did he ever love her? Was it always the plan? And how did no one NOTICE? They looked nothing alike. In fact, wasn't the dead Ki San played by Kim Young Kwang who's playing Yi San? Yi San,by the way, seems very sweet - but there was this moment when he kind of snapped, and I wonder if he's hiding a serious temper. Has he been playing nice so his brother won't think of him as a threat?

Twelve Nights (New) 

This is one of those 12-episode, one time a week dramas. It stars Han Seung Yeon and Shin Hyun Soo from Age of Beauty and the first episode has them meeting over and over again on a visit to Seoul. So far, so good.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis 

Well, you can't exactly say the town mysteries are complicated, can you, but it's at least enjoyable to follow along for some of the extras.  I love the gardening, invalid-tending gangster, for example.  And the gossip-y duo always getting their comeuppance, and that ridiculous neighborhood police chief.

I love this gangster character. I love him to pieces and realize now that I'm basically watching a Korean version of Murder She Wrote (which I watched all the time by the way) just to see him. I call this pic,Gangster Dimple.

Sunny Side Up or Sunny Again Tomorrow

I'm at the point that I wish this show was called Sunny Side Up like Jo thinks because the title promises that it will be Sunny Again Tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. At ep 106, the one good guy who found out the secret has amnesia. However, the show brought back an evil schemer from nearly 80 eps ago (they were in prison so that makes sense) who has also found out the real secret. I'm curious to see what she does with this information because she may dislike the person revealing the secret would help almost as much as she dislikes the bad guy. It could really go either way. Still Mr. Steadfast is focusing on his girl and now focusing on her familiar in a competition with himself to be the best boyfriend ever. He is completely done with his mom and is moving out! Yipeee!


Rise of Phoenixes 

Ning Yi you evil mastermind I'm enjoying you.

Ashes of Love 

Ma gawwwwd, this is so cute my teeth hurt! We're in the mortal realm and Night Deity is still cute and a lot in love, but I'm guessing that won't last for much longer (the cute). The darkness is strong within this one... and I kinda like it. He's not beyond pity (though he doesn't want it, hehe), which just means we feel for him while rooting all the way for Baby Phoenix. Damn, Deng Lun is cute (I say this as his quasi mother).
PS. had this short conversation on the Phoenix thread about why this was so successful and Phoenix isn't. Success is never a measurement for quality, of course (Princess Agents, cough cough), but this drama does a lot right (so far). I particularly enjoy the humor.

Age of Legends

No love for William again this week.