Rants and Weekly Raves #212 (RAWR)

JoAnne: Such a quiet week in dramaland, nothing happened at all.
kakashi: We're in a new ERA! The post DF era
It will be interesting to see who does what, in the aftermath.  Not even 24 hours later we were seeing other entities making moves.
SakiVI: I'm worried for the Chinese dramas. There are plenty of sites for kdramas . Also, no one talk to me because I'm finishing up Ruyi. Of course, I was going to watch Age of Legends after that, but what is the point now?
Trotwood: I find it interesting how the world has changed. It seems not that long ago when so many were lambasting Dramafever for coming in and effectively shutting down fansites, and now people are in mourning over its demise with so many new viewers not remembering the days when you had to search through bad connections and sometimes shady sites to get subs. We still haven't gotten back many of those old shows and movies from those sites. But then again, I also remember when Hulu was free.
Pffft. I remember when candy bars were 10 cents.
Panda: Karma really bit hard for Dramafever didn't it, because as Trot said they got all the fansites shut down. They even sent a notice to Dramabeans for using a screenshot! However, they are ironically the only streaming site that passed through my office firewall so I had been watching them a lot these last months. Also, the way they shut down was just Rude. I promise to buy it from Warner if I win the lotto tomorrow!


100 Days My Prince 

The bad guy is so delicious in his evil. Calm, unflappable, 2 steps ahead of everyone else. I stan honestly. So our prince is back but with his memories still like cheese and feeling guilt that he left behind a pregnant wife while lusting over a new woman. Complications! I love them :)
Someone should please get the King a pair though. Urgh

The Beauty Inside 

A very satisfying week!  Our two strangelings make real progress in their connection to each other AND we got quite a bit of the very adorable and always welcome Kim MinSeok.  He just did a cameo somewhere else, too, but for the life of me I can't remember where.
Love, LOVE. Kim MinSeok cameo was so good. That shaving scene had real sexual tension, I applaud. I keep loving our female lead more too. She kissed him! Yasssss.

Bad Papa 

We are all in agreement that with everything going so well for everyone in Ji Cheol's little family, a big crash is coming, right?  Also - I don't know about you, but all of a sudden I'm not so sure his benefactor REALLY has his best interests in mind.  Also also - I'm tired of his wife flirting with Min Woo shaped disaster, no matter how attractive it is.

Where Stars Land 

Why is Soo Yeon's hyung being such a DICK?  Is it simply that he's embarrassed and feeling guilty?  It doesn't feel that way.

Matrimonial Chaos 

That's right, man, you've been a major ASSHOLE to pretty much everyone in your life for a long, long time.  At least once you see it, you make amends.

Devilish Joy 

Are they REALLY not going to write this poor man out of a miserable death? What did he ever do to deserve any of it?  I really shake my head in wonder at those people we hear of in our lives who have one bad thing after another happen to them and it's really none of their doing.  I always wonder why they have to have so much misery heaped on their lives, and for all Ma Sung's beauty and wealth and privilege, that's exactly how I feel about him - like he got the short end of the stick at every draw. I want him to vanquish his enemies AND I want him to live AND I want him to be happy with Gi Bbeum.  Is that really so much to ask?

The Ghost Detective 

I need Lee Da Il to live and I need him and Yeo Wool to be happy together.  I don't care what else happens.
I don't anyone else to die. I don't want anyone else in our Sccoby Gang to feel as though they are worthless because they have had angry thoughts about people or resented at some point the people they love. Who hasn't? I want our very nice cop to get over his thing with Yeo Wool ( I mean does he really know her enough to "like" her?) and to recognize what he has lost by ignoring the fact that Chae-won would like him more if given half the chance, but then again, I think she deserves better because she is my favorite character. Let's all acknowledge that we all shared Yeo Wool's excited look when Da Il showed up in that suit. 
Praise be for a well-fitted suit on a well-fitted man.

Terius Behind Me 

Man, Ae Rin is NOSY.  I mean yes, she should know about a person she's leaving her kids with but hello, that ship already sailed.  I have to admit I've been waiting for that woman who heads up the Mom Brigade to turn out to be a former spy but it seems that the twist, whatever it will be, is going to come from Sang Ryeol's so-far-unseen wife.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 

I started watching the original to see why some of our readers are so down on Gukkie, and I'm 3 episodes in, liking it, and thinking wow, this guy doesn't have that sort of sulky glower at all.  You'd almost think he was a genuinely nice guy!  I mean yes, we see the little hints - the dead eyes when no one's looking, the casually tossed-away gift, etc - but I think the reveal of the jerk will be pretty interesting.   (but at the same time, I like Gukkie just fine too; it's not because he's cute because he's only that sometimes for me - I just like both ways of presenting the character.)

The Guest 

We called Park Il Do many episodes ago, so it's not like this week was a 'surprise' exactly, but I have to give the show credit for making all the red herrings so plausible.  I like nothing more than deciding on a guilty party but then spending the rest of the series second-guessing myself - that, to me, is a good mystery.
Yeah. No priest drinks that much without something sketchy going on. However, I'm far more interested in the family connection to the crazy-mean politician woman. It is so hard to stomach how much everyone puts up with her crazy. I mean she's just throwing glasses at walls and screeching like a banshee and everyone just caves and does what she says because her family is powerful. It's an interesting presentation after seeing real life families getting caught behaving badly. Someone needs to be filming her on a phone and leaking it to the press.

Dae Jang Geum is Watching 

Once Ruyi is over, I am thinking of starting this. 

The Third Charm 

I think Young Jae could definitely handle things better but wow, Joon Young, you are an immature jerk.  Still, I don't much like that doctor.  Something about his face is just...fleshy and self-satisfied and he looks like he'd be mean in secret.

Room No. 9 

I like this show more each week, particularly as they reveal that sweet Dr. Ki, while not behind any of the MESS these people have made of their lives, is maybe not the sweet little bundle of sunshine (okay tall lanky hot bundle of sunshine) he has forced himself to become.  For the rest of it, they are all pretty much rotten human beings and I'm enjoying the chess match.  Well not poor Hwa Sa, but after all those years in prison for a crime she didn't commit, now she IS a murderer.  That makes me feel bad, like she lost to them, somehow.

Twelve Nights 

All I really keep thinking about is how he was her room-mate's boyfriend in Age of Youth and now he's her love interest in this.  The story is fine and well-acted and all, I like watching them slowwwwly move toward each other, but it's nothing to write home about.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis 

I still enjoy this show even though the editing sometimes makes me confused and I do not understand why is Ms. Ma so mean to Joo Won even though it's so obvious she cares about the little boy. Why does she insist that they all break with him so he can move on without them in his life. They are the only people has besides his sister. I also still don't like how they are giving us nothing about why Eun Ji cares about this case at all.  Mal Koo remains my favorite character. 
They gave us a little bit, didn't they? Who is Soo Ji? I assume a murdered little sister and the killer is the common denominator. I was NOT surprised by the husband there at the end of 12, either.

Sunny Again Tomorrow

I guess we had to top last week's fight that lead to injury and amnesia, so now we have a kidnapping event gone awry. We also have Jin Hee finally (FINALLY) getting a clue (literally the person blackmailing her evil sister sends her clues) about how her sister is not as devoted as she appears and has been lying to her. Mr. Steadfast has beeged, worked in the side dish shop and has had a bucket of dirty water thrown in his face but still he is steadfast in his love for his girl.  This was painful to see, but we know they will prevail. The question is just how the writers are going to figure out the punishments. I think people will bond over Ha Nee's kidnapping. I wonder if evil blackmailer will actually feel sorry to her and not just help her to get the money now that she risked her life to save her.


An Oriental Odyssey (New) 

I got as far as the credits and life called me away but I'll be back!

Ashes of Love 

OMG, Night God's story is breaking my heart. 
I started episode 5 over because I realized I didn't remember what was happening and I like Night so much more than Phoenix because of course I'm a sucker for moody beautiful outcast.

Rise of Phoenixes 

And it's breaking my heart that I haven't been able to continue watching this... TT_______TT

Wishing You a Dreamlike Life

I watched the first episode and I like it so far, kind of a bicker-y thing but very atmospheric.