Rants and Weekly Raves #216 (RAWR)

Trotwood: Hello? (tapping screen) Anyone here? Have you all drowned in the plethora of dramas? I'm completely behind. I made Jo happy last week because I added Thai dramas, but I had no time to watch any of them this week. I just have too much work to try to get done before holidays, so you won't see much from me down there. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up a bit this coming weekend since it will be a holiday for us in the US (although I always work on Black Friday).
kakashi: How is it MONDAY again? In case people think I'm just writing Fanfic smut and am not watching dramas like I should as the owner of a blog on Asian drama, wrong! I just submitted an article with Trot today. We're more than 6 weeks over the deadline, but hey! It is about Asian drama.
SakiVI: I'm on holiday and clocked over 20,000 steps on my Fitbit! My body and mind are amazed. Other than that, I'll say bye, because I need to catch up on Hide and Seek.
Panda: Hi and bye! My drama drought continues (still to finish 100Days even). I have high hopes for the Thanksgiving break though. Maybe I will finally press play on Yanxi and finish up Ashes...
JoAnne: There's no way I can keep up.  I'm just gonna watch what I watch and that's that.


The Beauty Inside 

People seem to be tiring of this but I'm still okay.  I like the gradual broadening of the theme of being open with the people you love, and trust them to be good to you.

Bad Papa 

He's gonna die, isn't he?

Where Stars Land 

He's gonna die, isn't he?

Matrimonial Chaos 

Couple swapping, sort of.  Okay.

The Woodcutter and the Fairy 

Still cartoony and cute.

Terius Behind Me (Finale) 

I watched the 9 million episodes I was behind and finished this over the weekend, and really, I couldn't be happier.  Why?  Because I manage my expectations!  As a spy drama, this is terrible, terrible, terrible.  As a story of friends and co workers who care about each other, this is exactly the right thing. Season 2 please!  I want more KIS and I'd like some KISSING, too!

The Smile has Left Your Eyes 

Oyyyyy....the other shoe has dropped for Moo Young.  Where do we go from here?  And while I no longer think the older brother is a murderer, OMG should he have come clean to his sister so she wouldn't, you know, sleep with her BROTHER?  Where do we go from here?

Happy to Die/Feel Good to Die

I had downloaded last week's shows to watch while I was away, but never got them. Jo's comment last week didn't make me anymore eager either. However, despite not having really liked Kang Ji Hwan in anything since Lie to Me, I gave it a try because I liked the premise and I really liked Baek Jin Hee in Jugglers. I watched all four eps this weekend, and it is HILARIOUS. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud more than once while watching a Kdrama episode. Baek Jin Hee should do comedy all the time; it really is her show so far. And she fulfills every fantasy I have about murdering off my bosses in the past and every fantasy I've had of telling said bosses off. This is a role I'd want to play, and she does the broad comedy as well as the pathos very well. The only other actress I can see pulling this off would be Kim Seul Gi. The tone of the show reminds me of Chief Kim, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I found out that the PD also worked on that show.

God's Quiz 5

I'll try to watch one ep after work today to comment. I'm giddy with excitement to have my crew back. Don't let me down show (cough season 4 cough).

So I'm back to post about ep 1, and I'm in. I love my favs still, and there are new people on team. We have two antagonists going on now. There is a new kid on the block who seems to be basically trying to prove that they don't need the pathologists because he can find things just by having his people put data into a machine that replicates 300 pathologists. He seems to be needlessly antagonistic (too soon to tell if this is his character or a weakness in plot development) and a serial murderer who disguises his murders as spontaneous combustion cases. If anything, I'm grateful because the episode prompted a discussion about emergency preparedness for your car  on twitter.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis 

Probably not going to get to this before posting, but I'm still watching.
gonna stick this random picture of Mark here. I found it on my laptop!

Priest (New)

I thought this didn't start until November 24? I can't believe I missed this, too!!!
What, another priest?! Is that the latest fad in dramaland? 
Whatever I was looking at said it started the 17th, but you know, these things change. I never even looked for it, when the weekend arrived. Too much else.
here's another random picture of Mark! Also found it on my laptop!


Ashes of Love 

No episode today. The girl got to watch Master of the Universe with her Dad instead. Did you guys know (a rhetorical question :) that there are youtube videos of guys just unpacking vintage MotU action figures? For hours upon hours upon hours. I watched it for a bit and it's utterly fascinating. Ask me if you want to know details. 

Rise of Phoenixes  

Restarted! So bloody gorgeous.


Not watching any, but let me say here for the record how MUCH I enjoy certain people on Twitter (I mean you, Ricky, Amanda, Caitlyn and Trot) spazzing about their Boylove Thai dramas - that seem to be proliferating of late. Especially Ricky, who never reads RAWR, but Ricky aka Oppa is the BEST. We've known him for so long (who remembers Friday Open Thread?!), he's like a real brother.
Those conversations are hilarious! They follow 9 thousand fan accounts so they can see something from every possible angle, and these guys have 'favorite fans' too so then Caitlyn becomes friends with the fans so she can get the scoop. I love the 'Okay, bed time now' photos every night, too.  And yes, Oppa is the BEST.
It's funny that you mention this because I was going to do a series review of Love By Chance not because it's really good but because the conversation around it was so fun and the drama behind the scenes is worthy of drama. But I'm too busy trying to watch God's Quiz, so I can post about that. I don't follow any fan accounts for these guys (only Weir's), but they all do, so I don't need to. 😏


The Walking Dead 

People will start to see the value of pulling together here pretty damn quick, I'd say.

Midnight, Texas

Apparently weretigers burst out of their mother's stomachs when they decide it's time to be born.  Explains why they're all single children, I guess.