Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #215

Trotwood: I haven't watched much. Several of the shows I was watching ended, and I didn't pick up many to replace. Lots of work, but I went to Day6 concert this past weekend. Those of you who are going this weekend, you're in for a major treat.
kakashi: In a massive bad mood, I'll be back when it's better. Bye.
Panda: Kakashi, I hope you feel better soon. Hugs. I have nothing to contribute this week. Still have not finished 100Days, continued with Beauty, nor started any of my million cdramas. I am still firmly in Bollywood counting down days. My babies are getting married!!!!! D-2 ^^
JoAnne: We're all still hanging on to the drama train by the tips of our fingers, apparently - some one needs to slow this thing down! In an interesting little pair of moments, Trot muses about how she and I have the same thoughts about an actor, while I am amazed that in the week where I think to myself 'gee, we never include Thai dramas here' SHE JUST GOES AND DOES IT. More proof we're a match made in Heaven, I guess?
SakiVI: Popping in late. I didn't watch much but what I did, I loved!


The Beauty Inside 

Once a secret starts to unravel, you can't control it. Our sweethearts have opened their lives up to love and to friendship but it's not just their hearts that have become vulnerable. We can only hope that new allies will help shield them from the worst of it.

Bad Papa 

I'm actually glad the two girls have progressed to more of a frenemy relationship, but somehow I just do not want Ji Cheol forgiving Min Woo for all his crap.

Where Stars Land/Fox Bride 

Same here with the dirtbag Hyung who is apparently still somehow connected to those people who took him the day Soo Yeon got in the accident.  I don't want to forgive him, but I'm thinking in this one the writer is going to force me into something.  One surprise though, all this time I thought that old guy  in the trench coat was some secret airport big wig, but turns out he's homeless and the father of the douchebag!

The Fairy and the Woodcutter (New) 

This is cute enough, I guess. It almost feels like a Saturday morning cartoon.
OMG, I love this show!  I had lines from it running through my head at random times afterwards which meant it really was funny.  Fingers and toes crossed it stays that way.  But why is her kid a weretiger?  So odd.

A Hundred Million Stars/The Smile has Left Your Eyes 

I just want everyone to leave the poor couple alone! Hasn't enough happened to them in their lives already?  Just let them live!  No sympathy for older brother at this point.

Dae Jang Geum is Watching 

Which is sad because it seems no one is watching her...
I hated watching them eat.  So, nope.

That Time When Time Stopped 

I like how Basement is slowly being drawn into the lives of the other residents. I particularly liked the gangster's story. I still don't really understand the reaper deal.

Feels Good to Die (New) 

This is a no for me.  I'm not a big Kang Ji Hwan fan - I can deal with him in a movie but a series that doesn't grab me right away, no.  Maybe in a different mood, or with less to watch.

Love Alert (New) 

This I did like and will return to. It's a relief that neither of them are obnoxious, they just have to fall in love. My big take away though is that Pie's skin is like a baby's.

I'm not watching this, but it's funny you mention his skin because I thought I was the only one who thought about his skin when watching him and think to myself that it looks like baby skin, so I laughed out loud when I read your comment.

Ms. Ma, Nemesis 

I could easily cut and paste the same comment about how I can't imagine they are going to fit in another twist and then they do. I knew the prosecutor was bad, but I did not think that she might be the actual accomplice until this latest murder. That was a quick round for the real Ms. Ma and the fake Ms. Ma and interesting how the show set us up to route for the fake one. I'm not ready for mafia boss to die; I know he's probably done horrible things, but we need him alive a little longer to get his clues. I wish Ms. Ma would find out about her husband sooner rather than later though.
So, they're hinting the daughter may be alive.  Interesting.  I was glad to be rid of the real Ms. Ma, though.  She was annoying.  And there was no explanation for why the two of them look alike.  That felt sloppy.  Anyway, this took up my Saturday time for a change instead of Hide & Seek.  Looking forward to next weekend, if I get to it. 


Ashes of Love

Almost done, still thoroughly enjoying this.


Mee Piang Rak

I finally started another Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan drama.  He is my first lakorn love, but his shows in the last five years or so have been dominated by him being that character who is angry and bitter and mean to the point that I'm not sure I can forgive him when he finally is turning it around. And because he cries very well, the directors, including his wife, make him cry. A LOT.  However, this show harkens back to the flavor of Kol Ruk Luang Jai, reminding us all that he can play swoonworthy and loveable. Plot centers around a heroine who runs a down on its luck detective agency who gets hired by Ken's character's sister to find out about his love life. She wants him to find "the one" and settle down because he never seems to be with any woman more than two hours. He just finds them all kind of boring and would rather go home by ( PM and watch dramas with his mom and the housekeeper. Seriously!! It's like they created a hero for drama fans. He is determined to find a woman who can make him laugh like his dad said about his mom. Of course, our heroine with all her disguises fits the bill. I'd like this show a LOT more if each ep wasn't nearly two hours long filled with subplots that are not needed.

Prom Mai Dai Likit

This show stars one of my favorite Thai pairings: Esther and Bie. It's a show that apparently has been remade several times about a millionaire who falls for a nurse, but the nurse is having none of it. His family--uncle, aunt, cousins, nieces, and nephew--are all completely horrid people except his sister. Typical lakorn shenanigans for some bits--corporate mismanagement because of greed when he's away, crazy class snobbery, cheating bitchy 2nd female lead, crazy chip on his shoulder 2nd male lead who grew up with heroine so assumes she is going to marry him. Sister's new husband cheated on her with a man in their house on their wedding night. But some twists. They have some serious discussions about abortion, healthcare for the poor, and what wealthy people should be doing with their money to help Thailand. I'm actually enjoying this one better than Ken's because the pacing is better and Esther and Bie have lots of chemistry.


The Walking Dead 

HOLY SHIT.  Everything's going along, we're seeing how things have changed over the years, I finally decide it's been about 5 years based on the fact that Michonne's got a little boy about 4 years old (Carol's hair is WAY too fucking long for that amount of time, though) and then BAM, it's the end of the episode, Eugene and Rosita are hiding from a herd of zombies and then IT HAPPENS.

OMG.  The zombies are talking.  I need Sunday NOW.

The Good Place 

This is the week Eleanor learned that in one of the iterations in The Good Place, they were in love, and she was very hopeful, but then it turned into a whole 'free will' discussion, which is fine to listen to but you've got to watch it, rehashing it here is not the thing.

The Romanoffs 

This show gets more weird every week.  I watched two episodes.  The first one, nothing happens.  Something almost happens, but in the end, nothing does.  In the second one, the people are in Mexico and it ends with a big scene in the zocalo in Mexico City with tons of figures from Mexican history walking around.  See?

Midnight, Texas 

Okie doke - Kai's wife is genuinely nice, it seems.  And she knows about that head, and apparently that's where Kai's powers come from.  Wifey is definitely feeling neglected, too, which is hard on her because she totally supports the work that he does.  Oh, another thing - he can apparently return supernatural beings to their human state?  Rev takes him up on that and leaves Midnight.  It keeps being said that he can't do anything for angels and demons, though, so that's going to end up being a big plot point.  And the restaurant laldy is definitely up to something.

Homecoming (New)

Julia Roberts on a tv show?  Granted, it's a limited run - just 10 episodes  (I'm on 6 already!) - and airing on Amazon but still.  Julia Roberts!  And it's good.  It's really good and it's deeply unsettling, all about this suspicious place in the boonies of (maybe) Florida that is set up to help soldiers decompress before entry into civilian life after the war, but SECRETLY they're running some sort of clinical trial and medicating them in their food.  It's so good, really. Watch it!

New Amsterdam (New)

I watched the first six episodes, all that are available.  My mom has been mentioning this for a couple months, which is how long it's been airing.  She was right.  I love it to pieces.  It's one of those medical dramas that's more about the people than the problems they solve, but not soap opera-y like Grey's or that other one, the spin off from Grey's.  I'm very invested.  It seems to be doing well - right around ep 5 or 6 the network added 10 more episodes to the season count (there will be 22, so expect a lengthy mid-season break.)