Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 - Episode 4 (Recap)

kakashi: I loves me a petty, sexy man - and so does Jin Mi, but sadly, she doesn't know what love is. A very funny episode, which just endeared everyone even more to me.
Panda: He is so petty! Loooooooooooooool
JoAnne : They're all pretty but kind of dumb.

Episode 4

Not only is Xu Feng ultra protective towards Jin Mi, he also gives Lord Puchi back all the spiritual energy Jin Mi owes him - so he will stop pestering her. Puchi catches the fire energy and says "that was so hot". Yes, I agree. Phoenix is HOT. And cute in his concern for the Grape.
I am pretty sure you two didn't use "hot" in same way K. Puchi is a troublemaker. I can smell it.
I think Panda is right on both counts.
Less cute: his mother. So the Empress is originally from the Bird Tribe and Sui He is reporting to her about promoting generals etc. Empress is pleased - and suggests Sui He should go visit Xu Feng more often AND become closer with Jin Mi, whom she doesn't see as a threat (since: low level grape sprite male) but as a way to get closer to Xu Feng. And indeed, Sui He "befriends" Jin Mi later. I'm getting a hunch this won't last, seeing how Xu Feng barely looks at Sui He but constantly wants Jin Mi close.
I strongly dislike the Empress but don't have the same feelings towards Sui He yet. I think this will change as soon as she realizes Jin Mi is female. Before then, I will just enjoy this cute semi-friendship they have going on. 
It's funny but when I watched these initial episodes (which was when they were first available) I had NO idea no one knew she was a girl - or at least, I don't remember this plot point at all?
Jin Mi sits in the garden of Qiwu Palace and talks to Rou Rou about Xu Feng's powers and her plans to get spiritual energy from him. *rubs hands* She thinks he's petty though and plans to get guidance from Moon Immortal. Goooooood idea. His three tricks are: 1) serve him with flattery (Moony reckons Phoenix won't fall for it), 2) threaten him with the fact that you saved him (but Moony thinks Phoenix will just kick her out), and 3) ... use what strong people fear the most. Hmmmm...
What could no 3 be I wonder?
What do strong people fear? Isn't it being weak? How would she make him weak?
Let the pestering begin! Trick number 1, fail. Her cookies: too sweet, too bland, too hard, too soft... he is so petty it's too funny. 
She is obviously a baaaaaaaaaaad cook. Hehehehe
But anyway doesn't he only eat flowers?
That was Ice Fantasy, JoAnne
Trick number 2 - fail. He really throws her out quite decisively.
On to number 3 - and a naked Phoenix in the water. So, per Moony's suggestion, she must win him by acting weak. The weaker she acts, he predicted, the less he'll be able to handle her. So she claims she doesn't want any spiritual energy! But she saw he can't swim before, so she was afraid he could be in danger. In this shallow pool. And hence, she's holding an umbrella to block off the water. Excellent :D
And it works! He takes her on as an office page-boy and promises to teach her a few tricks how to cultivate faster. First change she gets, Jin Mi: strange, I've gained weight, there is not fat, just up here! *pointing to her breasts* In terms of learning mantras and such... not very successful.
She is so clueless about anything it's amazing.
Sui He asks Jin Mi to help her get Xu Feng's attention - so Jin Mi turns to Moon Immortal, asking for "a friend". Assuming there is no such friend, he gives her erotica "to learn". Rather than ending up with Sui He though, they end up underneath the leg of a wobbly table (she broke it with a bad transformation spell), to be discovered by a flustered Phoenix. Falling on top of each other shenanigans ensue!
It's nighttime, meaning it's Night time. Moon Uncle is in the mood and ties some red thread around his leg - which is vain, Night God tells us, because he already has an engagement. Yes indeed, with the eldest daughter of the Water and the Wind Deity. Only... they don't have any children at all because they basically never see each other. Oh, and look at that... Night Deity wears the red thread that Jin Mi gave him around his wrist. He doesn't tell his Uncle where he got it from though.
Our love triangle is quite firmly established right now. Its not fair that he is tied down by a betrothal he had no say in and the other side hasn't fulfilled their part in the pact. These immortals...
So the Night God is signalling that he's in the mood for love with whomever gave him the thread? Awwww. I guess that means they can only accept one though, right?
Oh, Rat Immortal is trying to get the Flower Fairies to agree to an alliance. Head Fragrance Chief is quite decidedly not interested in politics - but one of the sub-chiefs (Magnolia) is ready to help avenge the former Flower Deity's death. He asks about Jin Mi! Oh no....
Magnolia is clearly reckless but I think her misguided heart meant no wrong. She is just pissed off.
This guy does look like a rat with that silly moustache.  Which is odd since rats don't have mustaches, but whatever.
Sick of Jin Mi's shenanigans and inability to learn transformation spells, Xu Feng turns her into chopsticks. "I can touch food but I can't eat it" = the biggest torture. He even uses her to hit a tambourine. Then, he turns her into lettuce and puts her in front of a rabbit. Then, she's locked up in a stool he's sitting on. Xu Feng! You're a meanie. He's really enjoying this.
Enjoying himself too much even.
I think you miss the two most important things: He uses his mouth, his hands, and his behind on her.
It's conscription day in the Heavens! Xu Feng is looking for new Generals by quizzing them on The Art of War (written by High God Mo Yuan). Actually, both he and his brother Nighty are recruiting every 30 years, but nobody ever wants to serve Nighty (since he's the son of a concubine and has no military experience). So mean. Jin Mi misunderstands all names as food, haha... but what is this? Xu Feng doesn't understand anything at all! They speak dialects. And would you believe it! Jin Mi is useful after all because she can translate! (she learnt languages through book). Xu Feng is very happy. And he hires a guy called Huo Jin.
Our girl shines! Yayyyyy. Huo Jin has a nice smile.
He looks very eager.
But what is this? After everything is over and all the soldiers and spectators have left, a lone figure rushes up the stairs and into the grand hall. She wants to be Nighty's soldier! Yes, you read right... it's a she. Her name is Kuang Lu - and despite Nighty being gruff, almost mean (he suspects she might be a spy sent by the Heavenly Empress), she wants to serve him. Yup, she's a fan.
Very determined and pretty soldier. 
Awww, yes - very pretty!
Xu Feng is indeed happy - and he tells the eager Grape about the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival. There will be zongzi and these immortal zongzi will be filled with... spiritual energy! Jin Mi goes bonkers.

In the Demon Realm, a monster is sealed in a place of magic. Somebody speaks to him - this is Qiong Qi! The monster that killed Jin Mi's friend Rou Rou.
Those eyeballs tho...
might be pretty if they were brown?


I like it! Even the monster is good looking. The humor in this drama is great. I think I particularly like the way Xu Feng is not immune to ridicule and how Jin Mi continues to be a pain in the ass and yet so extremely cute.
Very light-hearted episode and one I enjoyed very much. My MVP is Moony, I adore him. LOL. I also loved Xu Feng turning Ji Min into all those inanimate objects. At this stage does he know he is infatuated yet, do you think?
How many episodes is this? Like, two before the end. 

Kuang Lu - is she a stalker? - doesn't have good timing, because Night Deity just recently started to think quite a bit about that "boy" his brother is employing. He always smiles very fondly when he does the thinking. I'd say he's developing a crush (and knows it) whereas his brother the Phoenix has no clue about why teasing her and keeping her close is something he wants.
Ah, you just answered the question I wrote up there. My heart aches for Night Lord, and I have a feeling this is just the beginning :(
Sigh. Why do I always root for the underdog?